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This is a fantasy world of my creation, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers, etc., are not mentioned unless part of the sexual activities.

All participants in sex are over the age of 18.

This is a fantasy, don’t try it at home.

It was going to be an exciting day, I just knew it. The doctor had just been in and told Mum and me that I would be able to go home in the next few days. Part of me was disappointed that I would be losing the wealth of women to be found at the hospital but the larger part of me was happy that the medical team had adjudged me to be healthy enough to go back to the home I had not seen in months and months.

Left alone, with Mum lying on the bed beside me clad only in her panties and bra, a frosty pink colour, I told her only the part about being happy. As I did so, and since she was laying in my arms, I was contentedly rubbing her ass. If I haven’t mentioned it before, my mother has a wonderful ass. Well defined, toned, and taut, she had an ass any man would want to fondle.

Especially, it seemed, her boss. Of course, I had helped in that regard but neither of them was complaining and Mum had told me she was having the best sex of her life. She told me that while taking a break from sucking my balls. Mum was very good at what she was doing. She sucked gently bringing shivers to my skin. Looking down at her, she had her eyes closed and a small smile on her lips. Mum seemed to enjoy having her son’s balls in her mouth.

She looked so serene and inviting that I really wanted to fuck her. Right there and then. Something that I had not done as yet. Remembering though that I was expecting company, I decided I needed all the sperm I had in my testicles for that. I wanted my first episode of making love to my mother to be uninterrupted and leisurely. Today would not be the right day.

I was content to simply lay there fondling my mother’s lush ass while she contentedly sucked on my balls, warming my sperm for future use. Our pleasant mother and son bonding interlude was interrupted by the arrival of our most highly anticipated guests.

Becky and her wife, Adriana, entered the room accompanied by Adriana’s twin daughters, Athena and Arya. My eyes almost fell out of my head as I looked at the foursome standing just inside the door.

Bex and Adriana were looking hot wearing matching red sundresses with buttons running down the front. Their almost matching tits were pushing out the top of the relatively low cut dresses leaving a lot of cleavage on display. Under other circumstances, they would have had my full attention for as long as it took to get them in my bed.

But, not today, since the two daughters were also present. They were absolutely stunning wearing their schoolgirl outfits. The plain white blouses, with three buttons undone, plaid skirts that hung down enough to just barely cover their pussies, white satiny looking thigh highs, and, their only departure from the traditional uniform, four inch high heels.

I was pretty much speechless at this particular point in time. But, not my mum, “Adriana, Becky, your daughters are absolutely gorgeous. So,so very hot.”

Their mothers smiled and thanked my mother for the compliments. I gestured for my mum to get out of bed and indicated the two teenagers should join me. One climbed in on either side of me. With my arms around them and hands resting on their bums, I turned to Athena first and told her I wanted her to kiss me.

The first kiss was almost platonic in nature. Although she kissed me on the lips, there was a definite lack of passion and tongue. I gently pushed her with my mind to turn the pleasure, for me, factor to a higher level. At the same time, I moved past just resting my hands on her but to caressing it, to squeezing it, and even to pinching it. It being her bum.

Athena accepted the nudge. Her face moved close to mine again and this time she led with her tongue. She used it to lick my lips very sensuously. We exchanged kisses with my tongue joining hers in her mouth. Our tongues danced together.

Apparently Arya was feeling left out of things. I was not even taking the opportunity to play with her ass as I was doing with her sister. She grabbed me by the chin and turned my face towards her.

As I was turning, I heard rustling from the foot of the bed. Mum had moved between the other two mothers and all three were now standing at the foot of the bed paying to close attention to me and the daughters.

Indicating her further displeasure at my not turning to her directly, Arya pulled my face close enough to hers that she was able to reach my lips with her teeth. She gave me one good bite before beginning to nibble at my lips. Arya also began to wriggle her ass beneath my hand, obviously indicating she wanted some of the same treatment I was giving Athena.

“Who was I to argue?” I thought to myself as my tongue darted escort bostancı out and between Arya’s lips. We exchanged long, deep soul kisses until we were interrupted by her twin. Athena pulled my face back towards her.

We kept going back and forth, first one sister, and then the other until I started to get bored with just making out. I had become jaded in the few days I had been awake and endowed with the new power. I wanted more.

While making out with Arya, I took my hand off Athena’s ass. I moved it up her body until I reached the back of her head. The next natural move was to push her head towards my head, the little head. Athena took the hint, beginning to lick and kiss her way down my chest towards my ever hardening cock.

Before she could get it in her mouth though, I decided I wanted to see more of the sisters. I wanted to see if they were wearing the sexy lingerie I had instructed their mothers to provide them. Provide me, actually, haha.

I held both girls in place while I told Mum that I wanted her to strip the other two mothers down to the lingerie they were undoubtedly wearing for me. Mum did not hesitate, turning first to Becky. She stood on her tiptoes, pulled the younger stepmother down to her face, and the two began their own make out session. Adriana merely watched while my mother and her wife French kissed and let their hands roam all over each other’s body.

Mum did not disappoint by keeping me waiting. Very shortly, she pulled away from the buxom RN in order to start undoing the buttons keeping the front of her dress closed. It was less than a minute later I was admiring the beautiful woman in her orange lingerie.

Becky’s C cup boobs were stretching the limits of her push up bra. I could see she was excited by the goings on as her nipples were hard and poking through the fabric of her bra. Gazing over her body, my view naturally moved downwards to her also orange lace panties.

This woman was giving me lots of teasing looks at her most interesting parts. Through the lace of her panties and framed by the garters hanging down from her belt, I was able to see the shadows of her landing strip and a small wet spot just below it.

Although she was wearing four inch heels in a very similar orange, it seemed she was unable to find that shade in the stockings department at her favourite lingerie store. Instead, she was wearing white stockings.

My attention was diverted from her for a moment by the twins shifting their positions on my body. One had a hand rubbing my balls while the other was holding my cock straight up. The sisters were taking turns licking my length and kissing the knob.

Soon enough the kissing turned to cocksucking. Over the past while I had my cock sucked repeatedly by some champion cocksuckers. These two teenagers weren’t them. They were obvious novices at this endeavor. But, I was man enough to allow them to learn on my cock.

Since the girls were unable to hold my full attention, I looked back to the three mothers. Bex was still standing still, allowing my mum, to feel and caress her body. Mum leaned in to suck Bex’s nipples through the fabric of her bra. Becky stood there silently, hands behind her head so as to push her boobs out further. She was chewing on her lip obviously enjoying mum on her nipples as well as her roaming hands.

Having accomplished my goal with the RN, Mum turned to Adriana. The two mothers had obviously shopped together as they were wearing matching dresses when they walked in. The difference was mainly in the colour. Becky had been wearing, of course, an orange dress while Adriana was wearing a teal coloured dress.

With her darker, tanned skin, and long dirty blonde hair, Adriana’s dress showed her body off well. As with Becky, her tits were also threatening the hold of the buttons. Unlike Becky, her stockings matched the colour of the dress. A gorgeous shade of emerald green that matched Adriana’s eyes and even her stilettoes.

Mum did not hesitate but stepped to the side of my new Greek goddess. She wrapped her body around the taller nurse and pulled her face down for a kiss. Adriana was much more aggressive a lover than her wife, Becky. And, she displayed this by attacking Mum’s mouth with her lips.

With one hand on Mum’s ass, making sure there were zero degrees of separation between the two, Adriana bit Mum’s lower lip before sucking it between her own lips. Mum hissed her approval as she inserted her tongue in the nurse’s mouth. I don’t know where the idea came from at that particular moment but Adriana’s hand that was clenching Mum’s ass came free as Adriana slapped my mother’s ass.

This time Mum groaned her approval and pushed her ass outwards indicating her partner was free to spank her again if she so desired. Watching this little interplay gave me ideas for future contemplation.

I was also surprised at this entire turn of events. I had only anticipated Mum stripping the two women down for my viewing ümraniye escort pleasure. It seemed we had gone far past that point. Not that I was complaining, mind you.

Becky must have gotten bored just watching the goings on. Even though her hands had long since travelled to her own pussy and tits, she displayed her wanting of something more. That more included her wife and my mother.

Quickly glancing down as I had just realized I was still sharing my bed with two hot, teenage schoolgirls that were oblivious to anything happening in the room except for what each other’s sister was doing to my cock.

Their cocksucking was kind of mundane at this point, neither one having indulged before. But the events at the foot of the bed were still keeping me extremely hard despite the poor cocksucking. It is possible to lose your hard on even when in someone’s mouth, you know.

Anyway back to the older ladies. Standing behind Adriana, Becky was holding her breasts out for mum to squeeze as well as nibbling at the nipples poking out. Mum took a quick glance at me and decided I would prefer to see the action progress somewhat more quickly.

My mother knew how much I enjoyed watching women make out and she wasted no time going back to that place with Adriana. She had her arms fully wrapped around the nurse’s shoulders and I could see tongues making bulges in cheeks. I could also see that Becky was using some mouth action on her wife’s neck. I loved this part of the action. Group foreplay!

Without breaking her lip lock on Adriana, mum began to undo the buttons on the wife’s dress. I knew what was going on but could not actually see Adriana being unlocked from the binding clothes as mum was standing directly in front of her.

Adriana’s arms were lifted off of mum’s ass one at a time as the top of the dress was pulled down. In a moment, I saw the dress flutter to the floor. I was so hard due to the inexpert cocksucking being done to me as well as excitement at being able to see Adriana in her provocative, I was sure, lingerie.

But mum was directing this show and I allowed it to progress at her pace. She was doing too well to argue with. If I haven’t mentioned it before my mum is super hot. Just looking at her at times would make me hard. When she was playing with anyone, she was even hotter.

This morning Mum was wearing only panties and bra when the company arrived. Now, instead of moving aside so I could see Adriana clearly and dressed for sex, Mum turned around so she was facing me and still blocking my view of the highly anticipated Greek goddess behind her.

In a moment, I was surprised to see Adriana reach around my mother’s body. One hand stayed high as the near naked nurse groped my mother’s tits. The other hand went low and into Mum’s panties. This was fabulous entertainment.

Becky seemingly felt she was being ignored as she joined the groping session. She was obviously groping her wife as Adriana was pushed about. Standing behind the pair and without Adriana letting go of my mother’s tit or pussy, Mum’s bra straps slipped forward on her arms. Becky had moved this along by undoing mum’s bra straps by reaching between the pair.

Adriana reacted by removing her one hand from my mother’s breast letting the bra fall to the floor. Her hand did not stay free for long. Moments later, the wife had both of her hands on my mother’s naked tits, holding them up for my viewing pleasure.

Mum let out a small shriek when Adriana shifted her grip in order to hold Mum’s breasts up by her nipples. Knowing their weight from personal experience, I understood why supporting her breasts by her nipples caused my mother to hiss in a little discomfort. More ideas for the future.

With Adriana holding and fondling my mother’s beautiful boobs, it did not take much guesswork to imagine Becky would move in on her lower body. So there was no real surprise when the nurse slithered around Adriana and then my mother pretty much on her knees.

I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by this foreplay with my mother. Having seen her naked many a time now, I did not think I could get this aroused. Having stopped the young cocksuckers working me over, they were watching the three women as well, seemingly mesmerized by the goings on. Although I had stopped their oral action on my member, I had had the two keep my prick and balls in their hands, rubbing me gently.

Becky wasted no time kneeling before my mother. She leaned down and placed her face against my mum’s feet. This had the effect of raising her glorious, well toned ass up in the air for my viewing pleasure. Even though I had played often with Becky, I still enjoyed seeing her ass.

Mom was no longer being invaded orally by the beautiful blondish wife behind her. Instead of the deep soul kisses, Adriana was licking and kissing Mum’s neck and shoulders from her jawline on down. Mum was writhing against the body behind her.

Somewhat startling me, Mum asked kartal escort bayan me a question.

“Do you like this, Ricky? Do you like seeing your mother being ravaged by these two hot women?”

It took me a moment to locate my voice box, I was so locked into using my eyes. When words finally came out, my voice sounded raspy to me. Even cracked a little bit.

“Mum, you three are so beautiful. And unbelievably hot. I couldn’t imagine anything more sexy.”

While I was saying this, Adriana raised up the hotness even more. She had moved from Mum’s neck to the tits in her hands. Still staying hidden behind Mum’s body, her neck stretched around Mum towards my mother’s big boobs. Adriana’s tongue stuck out of her mouth in order for her to lick my mother’s areolae right where her nipples began. Since she was still supporting Mum’s breasts by her pinched nipples, Adriana was able to pull them in whatever direction she wished.

Adriana’s blondish head appeared from around one side of my mother and then the other. Her tongue was always leading the way. I had not noticed until this time that my Greek goddess had a longer tongue than most.

At this point, I had pretty much forgotten the cheerleaders that had been fondling my cock and balls in their haphazard manner. They each had a hand on my cock or balls and were squeezing me lightly. More than my cock, their attention was also focused on the three mothers, theirs and mine.

Becky had decided that her oral assault on my mother should start at her feet. I don’t know if she was displaying a hidden submissive nature deep within her or not but she was totally concentrating on licking and kissing my mother’s feet. Mum was definitely enjoying it as she wriggled her toes against the kissing lips.

Watching the two wives working over Mum had me as hard as I could be. This was far better than the last episode Mum had with another woman in front of me. Knowing the two sexy women availing themselves of my mother’s body were married and lesbian seemed to excite me even more. And, this was still foreplay as far as I was concerned.

Adriana let go of one of my mum’s boobs in order to reach down, grab hold of Becky’s hair and drag her upwards. Becky moved up Mum’s body but at her own pace. She was fully committed to licking and kissing her way up to Mum’s pussy.

It must have been too slow a journey for Adriana’s taste. Her impatience shined through when Becky stopped moving upwards to lick the back of my mother’s knees. Still holding her wife by the hair, she yanked her upwards until Becky’s mouth was directly in front of Mum’s pussy.

Becky wasted no more time, immediately spearing her tongue between the folds of Mum’s labia. The onslaught was so sudden that Mum reacted by standing on her toes while emitting a little shriek. Of pleasure, of course.

Adriana’s impatience was still on display as she let go of Mum completely and forced Becky’s head tight up against my mother’s cunt. I had to wonder if the dominant wife was getting tired of waiting for her turn to be used by the other two women.

Mum’s hands joined Adriana’s on the back of Becky’s head. With both women’s firm hold on her, and mouth mashed against Mum’s clit, the woman began eating out my mother. I couldn’t see what Bex was doing to Mum because her head was in the way but I could see the results on Mum.

Mum was repeatedly arching her body upwards and making low sounds that increased in volume. She let go of Becky’s head after a while and reached up with one arm and around Adriana with the other. Mum was using this wife’s body as a support since her legs were threatening to give out.

It wasn’t too much longer before Mum announced with a series of shrieks reaching a crescendo that she was cumming. She had jerked her arms away from Adriana and was mashing her pussy against Becky’s loving tongue.

When she had come, Mum seemed completely drained of all energy and strength. She slumped before sliding right down to the floor. Obviously my mother was out of the game for a while. Perhaps a few minutes respite would be enough to recharge her batteries.

But, I was not disappointed. With Mum out of the way, both physically and mentally, I now had a clear view of Adriana. All three of us, her daughters and me, moaned out our appreciation of the bombshell standing before us.

Adriana, as mentioned, was a tall, slim, bottle blonde of Greek descent giving her an olive skin look. Her hair, usually done up, was left to fall around her shoulders this day.

She sported D cup boobs in her emerald green, as expected, shelf bra. This type of bra offered support and left much boob available to the naked eye. Even her areolae and nipples were on display. Again for my viewing pleasure.

Looking down, I saw that she was wearing emerald green, of course, bikini panties. I am sure she would have looked maddeningly hot in a thong but the fuller style of panty was hiding a little more skin, teasing the viewer. The viewer? Oh yeah, me.

Right down to her matching emerald thigh high stockings and four inch heels, this mother of two teenagers was so amazing to simply look at. My gaze kept running over her body, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.

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