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As the van pulled away from camp, Judy saw her mother approach Joe. She watched Joe say something, and her mother turn away from him with a slight smile on her face.

She was sure Joe had said, “Prepare yourself for bed” and that her mother was smiling in anticipation of the night of sex ahead of her.

Little did Maggie know the kind of night she was truly going to experience.

Judy felt no regrets for setting-up her mother. Her mother’s hateful words still echoed in her head, “You’re not only a cheap whore, dear—but a terrible mother, too!”

Then she thought of her husband’s reaction to her misdeed, and the menacing tone in his voice when he’d said, “After tonight, I guarantee you’ll never burn the toast again!”

She wondered if Joe would spank her mother with his hand, or use his thick, leather belt. Either way, it was going to be a spanking her mother would never forget.

The van drove into the forest of thick trees and the lights from the camp disappeared. Except for the headlights of the van, it was pitch-black inside and out.

Judy suddenly heard her daughter giggle and say, “Ooooo, Jeffy—you’re a bad, bad boy….” then more giggling.

“What are you two doing?” she asked, straining to see what the laughter was about, only to see two silhouettes in the darkness.

“Nothing, mother….” was her daughter’s reply, followed by more giggling.

Judy’s blood pressure steadily rose during the fifteen-minute drive. A constant stream of “Oooo’s and ahhhh’s” from Jenny’s mouth set her on edge.

She couldn’t see what the twins were doing, but they sounded more like boyfriend/girlfriend than brother/sister.

This is not good, thought Judy. I should really speak to them when we get home.

But when the van driver stopped in front of their small house and dropped them off, the three went inside and all Judy said was, “It’s late—get some sleep,” then she went to the master bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Judy stripped and pulled her cotton nightgown over her head. As was her custom, she wore no underwear.

She closed her eyes but falling asleep was going to prove to be difficult tonight. She thought of her mother stretched across Joe’s lap, her nightgown raised to her shoulders, the thick, leather belt coming down hard on her round buttocks.

Judy pulled the hem of her nightgown upwards until it uncovered her lower body. She parted her thighs as her hand moved over her taut belly then found the wetness between her legs. She used two fingers and slowly massaged her nether lips.

She groaned in the darkness. She could almost hear her husband’s belt spanking her mother’s soft flesh.

SMACK!! Followed by a surprised yelp of pain. SMACK!! SMACK!! Now Judy heard the groans of her mother. SMACK!! SMACK!! It sounded so real; Judy’s fingers swam in her wetness.

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! Judy stopped herself and bolted upright.

Oh my God, that noise is real…what the hell are the kids doing out there?

Judy quickly rolled out of bed, her nightgown falling back into place. SMACK!! She heard it again followed by the unmistakable sound of Jenny crying out.

She flung open the door leading to the living room, where three twin beds were separated by partitions; where her mother and the twins slept.

Her hand felt the wall for the switch. Suddenly the loudest SMACK!! of all echoed thru-out the room. Jenny cried out in the darkness.

Judy found the switch and was momentarily blinded by the sudden light. When she was able to focus, she couldn’t believe her eyes: Jeffy was sitting on the edge of his bed, and across his lap lay his naked sister.


Jenny, still lying across her brother’s lap raised her head and stared at her mother with a slight smile on her face.

“Oh, isn’t this what daddy’s doing to grandma tonight—possibly right now, as we speak?” Jenny asked with wide-eyed innocence.

Jeffy helped his sister to stand then she sat beside him on the bed. They both smiled when they saw their mother’s eyes stare directly at Jeffy’s erection.

Jenny’s small hand wrapped itself around his shaft and slowly began stroking her brother’s cock. Judy’s jaw dropped open; she absolutely couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Jeffy has a stiffy—isn’t it beautiful, mother?” Jenny teasingly asked her mother.


Jenny smiled and said, “I don’t think so, mother, if I did that then his boner would go away…as a matter-of-fact, I know it would help him stay hard if he saw you naked—take off your nightgown, mother…show Jeffy your body.”

Judy stared at her daughter in disbelief and asked: “Are you two ‘high’ on drugs? Are you completely crazy?”

“Mother,” Jenny sighed, “…this is getting tiresome—take off your nightgown now, or we’ll download the photos of you and grandpa and the whole world will get to see you sucking your daddy’s cock!”

It escort ataşehir was like a heavyweight fighter had struck her hard in the belly. She gasped for breath; her face as red as it has ever been.

“W-What on earth are you talking about? I n-never did anything like that!” she stammered.

The twins laughed out loud.

Jenny spoke: “See the top envelope on the table?” she asked, pointing to two manila 8-by-11envelopes. “Open it and look at the photos…it’s amazing how clearly cell phone photos appear…have you forgotten about the week we stayed at their house last year, just before grandpa died?”

OH MY GOD! screamed the voice in Judy’s head, as a violent shiver raced up her spine. She’d been sure no one knew what was going on.

“You two were so predictable—maybe you can try to explain to grandma and daddy where you went every night at 8pm…really, mother, naked and kneeling between your father’s legs with his tiny dick in your mouth? At least grandpa died a happy man!” said her daughter.

Judy’s face went from beet-red to ashen-white. She didn’t want to look at the photos. She already knew what she’d see. This was bad—worse than bad. She didn’t know what to say.

“Kids, please—you don’t understand what your grandfather did to me all those years…he was an awful man…please, let’s talk about this,” pleaded Judy.

“Off with your nightgown, mother—NOW!” shouted Jenny.

There was no way in the world she could allow ANYONE to see those photos—they would never understand in a million years.

Her trembling fingers found the hem of her nightgown and slowly lifted it up and over her head. She dropped it to the floor with a sigh of resignation.

She stared at the floor, not able to look her children in the eyes, as her son and daughter drank in her nudity.

“Come over here, mother,” she heard Jenny say.

She stood a few feet from them and Jenny said, “Closer—and stand with your legs apart!”

Judy closed her eyes as shame and embarrassment overwhelmed her. Here she was, standing naked before her children, and now they could see her wetness ‘down there.’

Her eyes remained closed when she felt fingers open the lips of her sex. She’d never felt such utter humiliation in her life. By the soft touch, she guessed it was Jenny’s hand between her legs.

Suddenly, the fingers found her clitoris and stroked it. She jumped and jerked her hips in response, but she didn’t pull away.

“Look at Jeffy’s penis, mother…tell him he has a beautiful penis.”

She was afraid to open her eyes, but she had no choice. Her gaze fixed on her sons’ hard cock.

Oh my God, yes, it’s beautiful, she thought.

“Say it, mother!” Jenny commanded.

“Oh God…J-Jeffy, your penis is beautiful….”

“Ask Jeffy if you can get on your knees and suck it, mother…go ahead—ask him!”

Judy stifled a gasp; she felt her eyes fill with tears. This was a defining moment in her life—she knew their family would never be the same again. But what choice did she have?

“Jeffy,” she said, choking back her tears. “I want to get on my knees and suck your beautiful penis, dear…please, let me suck it.”

“Yes, I would like that, mother—get on your knees and do it—do it now!” she heard her son say.

She dropped to her knees and before she could kiss his hardness, Jenny’s hand held his scrotum and presented it to her face.

“Look how big and swollen his balls are, mother, I’ve only allowed him to cum once today…I had a feeling today would be the day we included you into our games…ask him if you can lick his balls, mother…you want to lick your baby boy’s balls, don’t you mother?”

Judy choked back another sob. Her daughter was forcing her to totally humiliate herself before their eyes. She suddenly realized what sort of relationship she’d have from now on with her kids. She would have to demean herself, and submit to her own children’s sick demands.

“Yes…” she said; and to her dismay, she actually did want to kiss and lick her son’s balls. “Jeffy, let me lick your balls…please?”

“You may lick my balls, mother,” he said triumphantly. His virile, young cock throbbed and pulsated; having his pretty mother in this position excited him like never before—even when his sister begged him to let her lick his balls and suck his cock.

The musky, manly aroma rising from his crotch filled her nostrils, causing her eyelids to flutter, and her senses to swoon with delight. She breathed-in deeply thru her nose; she loved her son’s smell as much as her husbands.

Jenny still held Jeffy’s scrotum. She said, “Here mother, hold your son’s balls.”

Judy swooned one more time as she took his scrotum from Jenny, and gently held it in her hand. Her fingers delicately massaged her son’s balls. It was so wickedly delicious she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his flesh. Her tongue lapped at his salty skin, she covered his scrotum with her saliva.

Jenny stood beside her. She heard the clicking of her daughter’s kadıköy escort bayan cell phone camera.

“Jenny, please don’t do that—please?” she pleaded with her daughter.

“Don’t worry, mother…no one will see these photos—unless, you disobey us…now take his penis in your mouth, mother…suck your son’s cock!”

The blood drained from her face as she realized there was no way out of this. Her own children were blackmailing her to become as perverted as them.

She lowered her head, opened her mouth, and moistened her lips with her tongue. When she slid her lips over her son’s bulbous cockhead, she moaned from the unexpected jolts of pleasure that coursed thru her body.

The heat she’d felt earlier in her pussy returned stronger than before. She took four-inches of cock between her lips before it struck the back of her mouth. She tasted his pre-cum and groaned into his hot flesh.

Her tongue busied itself on his throbbing hardness. She groaned again—she was vanquished—she loved the taste of her son’s hard penis. Now all she could think about was giving him pleasure.

I’m going to give my baby boy the best blowjob he’s ever had, she told herself.

She grasped the shaft of his cock in one hand, and began stroking him in time with her sucking. Her tongue never wavered, never left his hot flesh. When a deep growl of satisfaction escaped his throat, she felt proud that she could give her son so much pleasure.

Judy’s hips twisted and squirmed when she felt her daughter’s fingers stroking her lips and clit. Jenny was kneeling behind her, using her hand on her mother’s dripping cunt.

This is sooo dirty, she told herself: Sucking my own son’s cock while my daughter plays with my pussy. Oh God, it feels sooo good though!

When she felt her son’s hips begin to thrust upward, forcing more of his cock into her greedily sucking mouth, she increased the tempo of her hand as her mouth moved rapidly up-and-down his expanding pole.

Pre-cum oozed from his slit and she lapped-up every drop. Her tongue was coated with his savory juices. The taste and aroma from his crotch sent her mind reeling with indescribable pleasure.

Jenny’s skilled fingers were bringing her close to orgasm. She sucked wildly on Jeffe’s rock-hard pole of flesh. Suddenly, she felt Jeffe’s hands hold her head in place and he bucked and jerked and loudly shouted his climax had arrived.

Jenny pinched her mother’s stiff nipples and furiously stroked her elongated clitoris. Her orgasm rocked her body and mind. Jeffe’s big cock prevented her from crying-out. Indeed, she forced herself to concentrate on swallowing his sperm and semen so she wouldn’t drown or suffocate.

Her hips and torso shook violently with her climax; her tongue lapped at his cock-slit, enabling her to catch his manly ejaculations with the flat of her tongue and swallowing it directly from there.

Her body shivered and shook with spasm-after-spasm. The intensity of her orgasm caused her momentary guilt and shame. She briefly thought herself to be wicked and evil. One of the greatest orgasms of her life came with her mouth full of her son’s cock, while her daughter masturbated her.

It doesn’t get more depraved than this, she thought to herself. Maggie was right: I am a cheap slut and a terrible mother!

Jeffe’s deflated penis slid from her semen-soaked lips. Judy was gasping for air when she felt Jenny push her onto her back and immediately climb on top of her. Jenny urgently pushed apart her legs until she felt her daughter’s sopping cunt pressing against her thigh.

Like a madwoman completely out of control, Jenny mashed her pussy on her mother’s soft flesh and furiously ground her cunt up-and-down Judy’s thigh. The girl was using her mother’s thigh to masturbate.

To her surprise, Judy found herself slightly crooking her leg and pressing it into Jenny’s crotch to give her better access. Jenny frantically rubbed her pussy on her mother’s leg until she erupted with screams and shouts of her own. Judy felt her daughter’s wetness covering every inch of her thigh.

Jenny collapsed on her mother. Judy wrapped her arms around her daughter and held her close. Their eyes opened at the same time. They lovingly gazed at each other. Jenny lowered her face and kissed her mother full on the lips; a long, lingering kiss of love and devotion.

Jenny smiled at Judy then asked her: “So mother, what is daddy doing to grandma tonight?”

Judy’s face flushed scarlet; she averted her eyes from her daughter’s.

“N-Nothing—I don’t know what you’re talking about!” answered Judy.

“Mother, I saw you deliberately burn the toast…I heard daddy say you’d regret it…then you tricked grandma into staying behind…what is daddy doing to grandma tonight?”

Tears filled Judy’s eyes. “I-I didn’t mean to—well, you know, sometimes she makes me so mad….”

“Mother,” sighed Jenny, “…you belong to me and Jeffe now…we will show everyone the photos of you and grandpa, and now, we have pictures of you sucking escort bostancı your own son’s cock—do not lie to us, mother…whenever we ask you something you will tell us the truth—OR ELSE!”

“Sweetie, please, this is wrong…we can’t—“

“WHAT IS DADDY DOING TO GRANDMA TONIGHT?” the younger woman shouted at her mother.

Teardrops rolled down the sides of Judy’s face.

“He’s, uh, he’s punishing her….” Judy said in barely a whisper.

“With his hand or, his belt?” asked Jenny.

“I-I don’t know,” answered Judy.

“You know daddy’s moods better than anyone, mother…do you think he’s using his hand or his belt?”

“H-His belt….”

“And then what will he do?”

“He’s not well, dear—he’s sick—he’s not himself.”

“After he spanks her with his belt—what will he do to her?”

Judy fought off a sob.

“He’ll, uh, he’ll have sex with her….”

“In her pussy or her ass? Or will he make her suck it?”

Judy’s eyes flashed wide with indignation.

“How can you ask me such a thing? That is revolting!”

“Jeffe, mother-dear doesn’t seem to understand that we mean business…go ahead and post that one picture of her with grandpa’s cock in her mouth, the one you can’t see his face…everyone will know it’s not daddy’s cock by how small it is, but I’ll bet grandma will recognize it!”

Jeffe quickly stood and Judy immediately began talking.

“In her, uh ‘bottom’, said Judy.

Jenny laughed and said, “You’re such a prude, mother…you know what I want to hear—-SAY IT!”

Judy closed her eyes and with a catch in her throat said, “…he’ll spank her with his belt then he’ll fuck her in the ass.”

“Good girl, mother,” said her daughter as she stood and offered her mother her hand and helped her to her feet. “We’ll all be more comfy in your bedroom…you know, for your punishment, mother.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” she asked her daughter.

“Grandma didn’t burn the toast, mother—you did! It’s only fair you receive the same treatment tonight that she’s getting from daddy.”

“WHAT? No—no, this isn’t right!” she protested in panic. “I’m still your mother, dammit—you can’t treat me like this!”

Judy shivered when Jenny flashed her the oddest smile she’d ever seen.

“After tonight, mother, you’re going to be our bitch…and I have a strong hunch that you’re going to love it!” said Jenny.

Then, pointing at Jeffe she added, “Besides, you don’t want to disappoint your son, do you? Look how much he’s looking forward to tonight!”

Judy looked where Jenny was pointing—it was at her son’s dangling cock and balls. She became red-faced, but couldn’t look away; her baby boy’s penis was becoming erect before her eyes, it stood straight-out from his crotch.

Jenny flipped-on the light switch in the bedroom and Judy immediately protested.

“Please, sweetie, your father and I never have the lights on when we’re, uh…well, you know.”

“Get used to it, mother, Jeffe and I love seeing each other naked…and you should be proud of the way he’s staring at you, too!”

Judy had forgotten she was totally nude in front of her children, and suddenly tried to shield her breasts and crotch with her hands.

The twins broke out in laughter.

“Mother, please,” laughed Jenny. “It’s a little late for modesty, isn’t it?”

Jenny went to her parent’s closet and found her father’s old leather belt. A shiver of fear raced-up Judy’s spine when she saw it; it was the same belt her own father had used on her many times; he’d given it to Joe when they got married. It had one purpose only.

“Remember, son,” he’d said to Joe right in front of her. “A well-spanked wife is an obedient wife!”

She felt the familiar dread and panic she always felt when she knew a spanking was inevitable.

“No—no, Jeffe—I’m your mother—please, you can’t do this to me—-pleeeeezzzzz….” She pleaded with her son who took the belt from his sister, sat on the edge of the bed and pulled his mother across his lap, but when she saw his eyes she knew it was too late to reason with him. He had the same demented, lust-glazed look on his face her father and husband always got before they spanked her.

Judy desperately tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but he was just as strong as his father, and held her firmly in place.

Every nerve in her body screamed in vain when she heard the terrifying WHOOSH of the belt slicing thru the air just before it landed hard on her defenseless buttocks.


She tried her best to remain silent; she always hated herself if she began crying too soon. It was what the men wanted to hear; her begging and pleading for mercy. She never wanted to give them the satisfaction of her suffering.

“Give it to her good, Jeffe—the bitch needs to learn who’s in charge now!” she heard Jenny say.

Tears flooded her eyes, and one-by-one began rolling down her cheeks. Her daughter’s words hurt her more than the spanking itself.


It always started as gentle sniffling then gradually grew to sobbing. The heat on her soft, sensitive flesh became warmer and warmer until it felt like her buttocks were on fire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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