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I’d been working out of our Manchester office that day, finally meeting colleagues who I have only ever spoken to via email and phone for the past year. I’d already taken a bit of a shine to Debs. I had no idea what she looked like, nor had we talked about anything other than work, apart from “how was your weekend” sort of things. It was all about her accent.

She was from Dublin and whenever we spoke on the phone her voice would make me melt. Today I finally met her, and she looked just as good as she sounded. She was about 5ft 5, a few inches shorter than me. Light blonde hair, big blue eyes and she had the biggest smile.

We spent a few hours this afternoon working together in one of the meeting rooms in the office. Although it was very work orientated, she was flirting a fair bit. Playing with her hair, touching my arm and even my leg a few times whenever she lent in to look at my laptop.

A few of my colleagues from that office said they’d take me out for dinner that night. So 5pm came and everyone went home to freshen up, agreeing to meet at the restaurant at 7. I went to the hotel to check in. I showered and changed into jeans and t-shirt and was the first to arrive at the restaurant. It was only a 10 minute walk from the hotel and I felt like having a drink so left the car in the car park.

As I was at the bar getting a drink Debs walked in. She looked completely different. Her long blond hair was no longer tied back, and she had a very loose and very short floaty summer dress on, revealing her stunning legs. I could definitely tell she definitely didn’t have a bra, as her boobs had a natural swing and hang because of their ample size. I was having a hard time keeping eye contact and keeping my train of thought as we were talking.

We must have only been chatting for 5 minutes when a few more of our lot arrived together, so we decided to take our table. I was hoping to sit next to or opposite Debs, but John and Sally, a couple of account managers ended up doing just that. They sat next to and opposite me, trapping me on the end of our long table.

“Bollocks” I thought to myself.

When Sally and John weren’t looking I glanced over at Debs and we made eye contact. She subtly shrugged her shoulders and mimicked a tut at John and Sally who had blocked me in.

After the meal we were all outside saying goodbye and everyone was going in their separate directions. Some walking, catching lifts with each other etc. I was looking up the hotel on Google Maps on my phone, looking forward to going back to my room and having a wank with the thought of Debs in that dress. I suddenly heard her voice which made me jump.

“What are you doing?” Debs asked.

“I’m looking up my hotel. I can’t remember how to get there” I replied.

“Where are you staying?” She asked.

I told her the name.

“No shit” She said, “I live almost opposite it. If your room is at the front you might be able to see into my flat. I’ll have to keep my curtains closed otherwise you might see me getting dressed.”

I said “I’ll bear that in mind in the morning then.”

“My cab should be here any minute. Want a lift? I can’t be bothered to walk” she offered.

“Yeah, if you don’t mind” I replied.

In the cab we talked about how good the food was and before I knew it we arrived at the hotel. Debs said she’d get out as well as she was so close to her place. I offered to pay for the cab as I could claim it on my expenses.

“It’s not even 10pm, fancy at drink?” I asked.

She smiled and said “sure, just the one though, we have work in the morning” and winked at me.

We walked through the entrance and I started moving towards the right, in the direction of the bar. Debs, however, walked off to the left.

“Where are you going? The lifts are this way,” she said with a playful grin.

“The bar!” I replied.

“Haven’t you got a mini bar istanbul escort in your room?” she asked.

“Erm, yeah” I nervously croaked.

“Your room it is then” she said as she swung her arms in the direction of the lifts, “this way”.

We walked into the empty lift and stood at the back. Just as the door was about to close a hand appeared and stopped the doors from closing all the way. Someone walked in, then another 5 or 6 people joined us in the lift.

We were squashed in at the back of the lift. Her fingers were lightly touching my left hand as we stood side by side. I was starting to feel a tingle and a twitch in my cock.

As we got to my floor we squirmed our way out of the busy lift and walked in nervous silence to my room. I unlocked the door and held it open for Debs to walk through. She walked straight past me and into the bathroom and closed the door. I kicked off my shoes and I went over to the fridge which was in the far corner. I heard her come out of the bathroom and without looking back I asked what she wanted to drink.

“Oh, anything” she said.

I grabbed a small bottle of white, stood up and turned round. Debs was on the bed. On her back, propped up by her elbows. She’d taken her shoes off and her already short dress had risen up, revealing even more of her beautiful legs, all the way down to her bare feet.

She was smiling at me. I walked towards her with her drink. I got to the foot of the bed.

“Stop, put the bottle down” she said.

I reached back and put it on the table behind me.

“Take your t-shirt off” Debs instructed.

I did, very slowly. Not trying to be sexy with it, but I was a bit nervous.

“Now your jeans.”

I unbuckled my belt and slid them down, my ever hardening cock becoming more visible through my briefs.

“Helllllllo” she said with her beautiful Irish accent. “What are you hiding there?” She giggled.

“You can take them off as well!” Debs demanded.

I hesitated for a moment and then did as she asked and stood there, cock bobbing up and down and growing by the second.

Debs got off the bed and stood up. She undid the strap of her dress that was tied behind her neck. She pulled each strap down in front of her revealing her tits. The dress then just fell to the floor. Now she was only wearing the tiniest white g-string. She walked up to me and we kissed, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

I put my hands on her arse cheeks and pulled her tight against me, my hard-on pressed up between our stomachs. She reached down and took my cock in her hand, lightly, between her thumb and fingers.

I leant back and looked at her boobs. I was cupping and massaging them in my hands and started going from nipple to nipple with my mouth. Although she had huge tits, her areola were small and her nipples were hard and so very suckable.

She pushed me onto the bed onto my back and climbed up between my legs. Gripping my dick in one hand, she was wanking it with the other before putting the head into her mouth. I closed my eyes and savoured the moment.

She stopped sucking and straddled my legs. She shuffled up a bit so my cock was pressed between my stomach and the crotch of her panties. She rocked back and forth a few times. Everytime she move back more precum came out if the tip, pooling on my stomach.

After a minute or so of rubbing her cunt against my cock she moved up and sat on my face. Her panties were soaked and I licked her pussy through the gusset, sucking up her juices.

I don’t know how long it had been but all of a sudden she jumped off the bed and went to her hand bag.

“Tadaaa” she said as she spun around and held up a condom.

She hurriedly removed her g-string and tore open the wrapper. I was still lying on my back, slowly stroking my cock, as she approached me, avcılar escort took my cock into her mouth again, then rolled the condom down my length and climbed on. She was so wet, I could hear her juices as she slid down my dick.

She was moving up and down, slowly at first, one hand rubbing her clit. She fell forward over me and we were kissing. I started fucking her this time. My balls were slapping against her with every quick thrust as she breathed heavily against my ear.

I flipped her over, never leaving her tight wet hole. I held her legs open by the knees, watching my cock disappear inside her, her pussy looking wetter and wetter. I brought her legs up so her ankles were either side of my head, tightening her cunt even more as I slowly slide my dick in and out of her.

“Faster, please, faster!” she said.

This went on for a few minutes when I pulled out. I felt my orgasm building but didn’t want this to end.

“Play with yourself” I said, as I removed the condom and began wanking my cock.

As she was playing with her clit, I inserted my middle finger into her hot cunt and began finger fucking. I inserted another finger and sped up.

Her body tensed. She moaned “mmmm I’m cumming, don’t stop, don’t stop”.

I didn’t. I kept going as she orgasmed. Her body convulsing. Her chest had gone red, her eyes were shut tight. It seemed as if her orgasm would never end. She pushed my hand, soaked with her juices away from her sex.

“Ahh man” she panted, “that was awesome!” as she brought my finger up to her mouth.

“I need to suck your dick, now!” she said.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I knelt beside her and she took my cock in her mouth and sucked and wanked it. I reached down for her pussy and slipped my middle finger in.

She angled my dick up and licked my shaven balls. She sucked one into her mouth then both while I continued finger fucking her.

I straddled her chest. With my cock slick with siliva, I put my it between her tits and she pushed them together as I fucked them.

This was incredible. Her soft breasts smothered my cock as I thrust back and forth. I was getting close and I told her so.

“Wank for me, I want to watch you cum on my tits.”

Literally as soon as I started wanking I started cumming. Debs started tickling my balls with her finger nails. As I shot some of it landed on her chin and lips. Most of it went all over her boobs as she pushed them together.

Panting, I leant over and licked my cum from her tits, which surprised her. I kissed her chin where some if it had also landed.

“Now, how about that drink?” Debs asked.

I walked over to the fridge with wobbly legs to get a soft drink while she went to the bathroom. She came back a minute later, had some drink, and we cuddled up together under the covers and went to sleep.

I opened my eyes. The room was pitch black, but in a hotel it could be midday with the curtains closed and still be dark. I reached for my phone, 6am. As I put it down it made a slight clunking sound. Debs stirred next to me, rolled over, pressed her nakedness against my back and her right hand found its way to my chest.

“Morning” she whispered in her beautiful Irish accent as she gently played with my chest hair.

“Hey” I said, “did you sleep alright?”

“Mmmmm yeah I did, thanks to you,” she said as her left hand ran down from my chest to my morning wood. “Someone’s awake” she commented as she gave me a few strokes.

I reached behind with my right hand and found the little tuft of hair she had above her pussy.

“I’m sorry, I really need a pee” she said.

“Actually me too” I replied as I threw the covers off from us and ran to the bathroom.

Debs was on the side of the bed closest to the bathroom and beat me there. She was already sitting on the toilet when I ran in. I could hear her şirinevler escort relieving herself. I was standing right in front of her, facing her, my cock at her eye level and she just stared at it.

“I thought you said you needed to pee?” she asked.

“I did, I mean I do” I replied, “but you’re there and even if you weren’t, I couldn’t aim with this thing at the moment.”

She reached out and ran a finger nail under my balls and along the shaft to the tip.

“You’re not helping” I said with a grin.

“Pee in the shower, who cares.”

The shower was wet room style one, completely open but with a glass wall on one end. I turned to my right away from Debs and just started peeing into the shower. She grabbed my cock, still hard, and was aiming it, moving the stream of pee around. We were both laughing, but there was something incredibly erotic about it. Something I had never done with someone before, especially someone who I’d basically only met the previous day.

When I’d finished, I turned the shower on and stepped in.

“Wanna to join me?” I asked.

Debs stood up from the toilet and thought about it for a moment. There was still a good couple of hours before we had to be at work, which was only a few minutes from the hotel.

“Go on then” she replied as she join me under the shower.

We put our arms around each other and embraced in a kiss that neither one of us wanted to end. Eventually I reached for one of the free shower gels and started soaping her back and shoulders. I worked my way down to her arse and then down each leg. I turned her around and did her front. Shoulders, chest, stomach, I spend a little longer soaping up pussy than other parts of her body. The sounds she was making implied she didn’t want me to stop.

Then it was her turn to wash me. As she was washing my back she got down to my arse and started soaping my cheeks and I suddenly felt her arm slide between my legs and her hand found my erection. I moaned as she stroked. As she pulled her hand back through my legs she let ran her finger all the way up between my arse cheeks and pressed against my hole. I squirmed a bit and she laughed. Then it was time to rinse.

I grabbed the second shower head, one that was on a hose and was rinsing her. As the shower head passed between her legs briefly and moved on to her stomach she grabbed it with one hand and moved it back there, letting the hot jet of water concentrate in her pussy. She let go and I kept it there while she started rubbing her clit.

I adjusted the head so it was in massage mode. The water now coming out in a powerful wave motion against her cunt. She was moaning, looking like she was close, I began sucking a nipple.

This sent her over the edge. Moaning even louder, her legs were shaking as she came. She kissed me and whispered “thank you”.

We got out of the shower and took turns drying each other. She’d noticed I still had a full erection. She cupped my balls and said “I should fix this.”

She gripped her hand around my cock and led me to the bed and pushed me onto my back. She stood at the side of the bed, one hand slowly going up and down my length, and the other gripping it tight at the base. She reached down with one hand and pressed against the area just below my balls. Putting pressure on every down stroke of her wanking hand. I knew I was close but didn’t say anything as I didn’t want her to change what she was doing.

I started moaning and moving my hips, I think she realised so she sped up. I started to cum.

Debs kept stroking me, as I came on my chest and stomach.

Still she kept going, but now with decreasing speed. Every down stroke a little bit more spunk appearing at the tip. I was panting. Debs stopped and straddled my legs. She looked me in the eye and then leant down to lick up my cum, barely breaking eye contact.

She hopped off me and put her dress on. She came back to me. I was still naked, on my back and with a nearly fully hard erection, she kissed me, reached for my cock and gave it a couple of strokes.

“See you at work” she whispered.

“Don’t forget your panties,” I said, spotting them on the floor

“You keep them” she said as she walked towards the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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