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So this chapter is either over-the-top fun, or complete garbage. I can’t decide. So I’m throwing it over the wall for readers to make that judgement. If I get enough negative comments, preferably constructive, I’ll rewrite it. Actually, I’ll go back to what it was. Marilyn is a character I just dreamed up this week and ran with.

I appreciate criticism, as long as it’s actionable.

“What shit!” doesn’t really help me, accurate though it may be:)

One More Family Vacation

Chapter 2

Taking his left hand and wrapping it around his erection, I wrap my hands around his and guide them up and down his shaft, helping him jack himself off. After just a few strokes, I can feel his hand taking over as he begins to wake up, at least a little bit. That’s my cue to leave. I quickly step back into my room, but continue to watch from the door. After several more strokes, his hand clenched around his shaft, it starts to spurt high in the air, his spunk landing on his abdomen, legs, and the bed. It also fully awakens him.


“What the fuck?” I murmur, opening my eyes and looking down the length of my body, finding my hand wrapped around my now dribbling cock. “I’ve never done THAT before.”

Sarah suppresses a giggle and quietly climbs into bed, or at least tries. The bed springs squeak loudly.

“Sarah? Is that you Honey?”

Frozen for a second, Sarah quickly realizes this could be more fun with Daddy.

“Uh, yea Daddy. Do you need something?”

“Oh, no. Just didn’t hear you come in. You can stay in bed…. When did you get back?” I ask as I quickly walk to the bathroom to get a rag for cleaning myself, and the bed, off.

“Maybe ten minutes ago.”

“OH…really…I’m surprised I didn’t hear you come in,” I say hesitantly.

“I’m pretty sure you were dreaming, and it must have been a pretty good dream.”

“Oh, why do you say that?”

Hopping out of bed and walking right into the room, Sara crosses her arms below her tits and replies, “Because you were stroking your cock like a madman!” she says matter-of-factly with a smirk on her face.

I look up, my hand with a washcloth wrapped around my dick, cleaning it off.

“Christ, Sarah! Don’t you ever knock?”

“I’ve already seen everything you’ve got Daddy, including your masturbation form…I watched for several minutes…VERY nice form!” laughing hysterically.

I’m mortified.

“Please go to bed so I can clean myself up, leaving me what little dignity I’ve got left!”

“Sure, Daddy,” she giggles. “But I don’t think you’ve really got any left after tonight!

Then, after a quick kiss on my cheek and a slap on my ass, she turns around and disappears into her room. What a wild child I’ve ended up raising! I finish cleaning up and, after a fair amount of tossing and turning, fall asleep, not waking up until the sunlight begins to stream in through the small opening between the shades.

Getting up and emptying my bladder, I then put on a pair of sweats before going to check on Sara. Wandering into her room, I see her curtains already open, the tank top she was wearing last evening lying crumpled on the floor, and a thin strip of light coming out from her partially opened bathroom door. Walking over, I knock to let her know I’m there.

“Good morning, Daddy! You can come in if you want!”

Pushing open the door, she’s sitting in the same kind of tub I have in my room. It’s full of bubbles, and the jets are whirring as they continuously stir up the hot water she’s soaking in. Smiling, she grabs up a hand full of bubbles and throws them towards me, hitting me right on the front of my sweatpants.

“Ha-ha! It looks like you had a little accident, Pops!”

“I’ll show you a little accident!” reaching down through the bubbles and into the water to splash some up at her face, but in doing so my hand grazes over her chest. I can feel my fingers lightly run over her breast and flick across her stiff nipple. Immediately realizing my mistake, I jump back, completely embarrassed. “Sorry, Honey. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“It’s O.K. Daddy. No biggy, really. I promise I won’t tell Mom that you felt me up!” she laughs as she starts to rise from the tub, the bubbles running off her body, exposing her hard, wet nipples. “So, are we still going shopping today?”

“I guess I should say something to her about you lack of modesty; but I saw it all last night, you obviously don’t care, so what’s the point?”

“Besides, her dripping nips and pussy look delicious,” I comment to myself, guilt washing over me immediately at such an inappropriate thought. “So she’s an exhibitionist. There’s not much I can do to about that. But I can still act like her father, and not like any other guy ogling her assets.”

“Yes, just as soon as you are ready, so probably sometime this afternoon!? I think I’ll go downstairs and grab some muffins ataşehir escort bayan and juice while you finish in here, since I can be ready and out the door in a matter of minutes.”

She gives me a mocking thumbs-up and I excuse myself, leaving the door cracked open just like I found it. I stop to look in the vanity mirror that’s just outside the bathroom, watching her reflection. Turning on the shower-head, she rinses the bubbles from her body.

“Damn, my daughter’s got one tight body!” I muse. “Guy doesn’t stand a chance of ignoring that, even a father. What a menu. Too bad I can’t order off of it.”

I decide to leave her room before my cock starts to join the conversation in my head.

Returning from the hotel lobby with a disappointing assortment of muffins and juice boxes, I set them on the small corner table by the window before alerting Sara that I’m back.

“Honey! Breakfast! Get it while it’s…, well, come and get it!”

Sarah immediately walks through the partition doorway to see what I’ve brought for us to eat. Her hair is already dry and her makeup complete, but other than a pair of slip-on sandals, she’s still naked, apparently still struggling with deciding what to wear. It’s cool in the room, and her nipples stand out like thick, pink erasers.

“Thanks Daddy! I promise I’ll be ready by the time you are! I’m just trying to find something to wear that’ll be easy to change in and out of.”

“Well your current ensemble, or lack thereof, is certainly one way to go; but mall security might stop us before we make it into any of the stores. I thought I might dress to match your mood for the day, casual or beach bum; but this….this I’m not touching.”

“You just keep cracking yourself up Daddy… But seriously, I am thinking I might not wear a bra because I really don’t want to keep bothering with it all day. I’m hoping to find a swim suit and some new underwear.”

“Well if you’re not going to wear one, than neither am I. May I ask if we are still wearing underwear?”

“You really think you’re funny, don’t you, Daddy? So sad, so pathetically sad…really. But to answer your question, no, I think I’ll go commando today. Think you’re up to joining me, free-balling it?” she asks, a playful yet challenging look on her face.

“Think I’ll keep you guessing on that one, Honey,” I reply as I turn for the bathroom and a shower.

The hot, pulsing water feels very relaxing, and I try to think about my wife Jill as I soap up. Sarah keeps coming into my mind unbidden. The similarities, and differences, in their bodies are running through my brain like a perverted photo line-up. While stroking my cock, I imagine her inviting me into the changing rooms today, asking my opinion as she tries on various outfits, letting me feel the fabric and how it fits against her body. In no time at all I’m shooting my load onto the shower wall, still breathing heavily when I finally turn off the water. Stepping out of the tub, I realize that the bathroom door is cracked open just like Sarah’s was. I swear I’d shut it completely. I hope she didn’t sneak a peek at me like her perverted father did to her. I think I hear soft steps retreating back into the other room; but maybe it’s just my imagination or someone out in the hall.

Quickly dressing, and deciding FOR underwear(someone’s got to be the adult here), I walk in on her just as she’s pulling on a pair of light cotton pants, her beautiful ass cheeks sensuously disappearing from view. Her top is basically a thin-strapped mid-riff tank-top. It expands out over her chest, and then tightens back up just under her ribcage, leaving her flat, tan stomach exposed. The fabric’s thin and somewhat sheer, forming around her hard nipples, leaving very little to the imagination.

“That top’s a bit too…revealing, isn’t it?”

“Is it illegal, or just licentious?” she asks matter-of-factly

“The latter, I suppose. And what, did you swallow a thesaurus?”

“Just taking the opportunity to show you that you aren’t wasting your money on my education!” she smirks. Heading for the door, she adds” Oh, by the way, Daddy dear. Way to handle your tool in there,” gesturing towards the bathroom, “nothing like a good orgasm to get the day going, right?! Sorry you missed mine; but I was already done by the time you woke up!”

Speechless, but unfortunately less mortified with each passing incident, and more turned on at the same time, I’m excited to spend the day walking around the mall with my sexy little girl, too much so. I really need to watch myself here. Think: father, Father, FATHER!

Grabbing a taxi, we get to the mall just after it opens, and for a weekday morning it’s already surprisingly busy. It looks just like every other mall back home, with plenty of stores we both recognize. We decide to start at an upscale department store before hitting up the smaller, louder, trendier stores. Sarah escort kadıköy makes a bee-line to the young miss department, carrying an armful of dresses in a matter of minutes. We find the changing rooms, and she tells me not to move while she’s trying them all on. After maybe ten minutes, she comes out, naked. I quickly jump up, my eyes bugging out of my head.

“Daddy, can you come in and give me your opinion? I can’t decide.” Her face is the picture of innocence.

I look around quickly, seeing a few customers also staring at Sarah, most with disapproving frowns on their faces. Luckily, no staff are around to reprimand her. Turning back towards her, I usher her back into the changing room.

“What the Hell, Sarah!?” “You want to get thrown out of here? In Europe, they prefer their clothing optional at the beach, not the mall! I don’t know when you turned into such an exhibitionist; but you need to rein it in, at LEAST in public!”

“Sorry Daddy. I think last night’s events went to my head,” she says apologetically, yet giggling. “I’ll try to behave. Now let me show you the outfits.”

She changes every few minutes, removing some almost before they settle on her body for one reason or another that she chooses not to share. She lets me get a look at the ones she deems suitable, spinning around to model them before moving on. Watching her constantly dress and disrobe, seeing her tits and pussy continually appear and disappear before my eyes, causes my cock to harden. By the time she finishes, I’m at full mast, tenting my pants, which now have a noticeable wet spot where my pre-cum secreting cockhead is pushing them out. Sara gives my constrained cock an obvious stare, making sure I know that she’s noticed, and then turns away, smirking but saying nothing. She walks out of the changing room, leaving me behind to deal with my situation. After several minutes of picturing ugly old men on a nude beach, I’m able to follow her. She’s waiting at the register, a single dress in her hands. All of that, for one outfit. Women!

We then stumble upon a surf-type clothing store, and Sarah pulls me away from the men’s side so I can escort her through the women’s half. I follow my daughter while carrying her bag; and she walks around scooping up an assortment of summer-type outfits. Eventually, we make it to the back of the store where we finally end up in front of the dressing rooms. There are no separate fitting rooms for the guys and girls, the small cubicles covered by loose, sliding curtains that end about 30″ above the floor. Apparently they’re more interested in preventing theft than preserving their customers’ modesty. The attendant’s more concerned with his texting than his customer service; and after finally realizing that we’re there, he shows Sarah to the first, and most visible, fitting room. He pulls the curtain closed and moves on.

What I’m seeing makes me immediately uncomfortable. Sarah is a petite girl, only standing 5′ 4″, proportioned with a longer body and shorter legs, what I’d call a swimmer’s body. So a curtain hanging 30″ off the floor shows her legs right up to within a whisker of her pussy. I can see the crotch of her loose cotton pants easily. Looking around me, I see that my daughter’s proportions have not been lost on the other guys waiting outside the changing rooms.

She turns around a couple of times before I see her pants slide to the floor, standing still for a moment before lifting her feet to pull on a pair of shorts. As she steps out, she notices the other guys quickly looking away and grinning. Stepping towards me looking like a model in her matching top and shorts, I know my credit card is in trouble when she nods at me in approval after already deciding to buy the very first thing she tries on. Stepping back in, she fails to close the curtain fully, I’m sure on purpose. Looking around, the guys’ eyes are glued to the gap in her curtain.

She continues her fashion show, and makes more than one girl mad when they catch their boyfriends ogling my daughter. There’s a three-way mirror standing just outside the changing rooms, and she takes her time looking at herself from every angle before moving to the next outfit. With one more shirt to try on, she steps back into her booth, failing to close the curtain at all. All of us, including one of the girls trying to get her boyfriend to move his ass and redirect his eyes away from my daughter, watch her backside as she removes her clothes, puts them back on their hangers, and then slips the last garment on over her head. Instead of putting her pants back on, she just turns inside the room, and boldly steps out wearing just the shirt and nothing else, her perfect little pussy on display. The guys all look like Christmas came early, and the girlfriend looks both pissed and jealous. Sarah then, teasingly, cocks her hip before sauntering back and closing the curtain. I looked around and the girlfriend is dragging her man away, bostancı escort the other couple of guys finally looking away, probably thanking God their girlfriends were still in their changing rooms. When she finally comes out, her arms are full of ‘keepers’, and she bats her eyes at me while she waits for an answer.

“Just get what you want,” I say in a defeated voice, not even vaguely aware of what the damage might be.

I pull out my credit card and, without looking at the total, scribble my name on the receipt. Sarah hands me the overstuffed bag and I follow her back into the mall.

The next store is much like the last, except that it’s strictly for women, and there’s an entire wall filled with nothing but swimsuits. Sarah rushes over, pulls off a matching top and bottom, and is already in the dressing rooms before I’m able to catch up. She comes out wearing a white, barely-there translucent bikini.

“I saw this in a magazine and it’s totally hot! Can I please, please, pretty please get it?”

“Are you actually gonna wear it?” I ask, alluding to the previous evening’s pool attire.

“Of course I’ll wear it! I’ll even wear it this afternoon at the pool, I promise!”

“OK “, is what I say out loud, but “Only if no one else is around” is what I’m really thinking. I cram another charge receipt into my wallet and we continue on our way.

A few stores down, Sarah finds a Victoria’s Secret, and she walks in without any kind of warning ahead of time. I keep my eyes on the floor as I follow her around, not noticing what items she’s picking out before heading off to try them on. I stand there alone and uncomfortable, before being approached by one of the young, attractive clerks.

“Are you Dave?” she ask, already certain that I am. I’m the only guy in the place. “Sarah asked if you could join her in her dressing room so she can show you something. Please follow me.”

I walk down the row of dressing rooms; and the clerk points out Sarah’s before turning to leave. I wait until she’s out of my sight to knock on the door, and she peeks out to make sure I’m alone before opening it further. She stands there in a lacey white, totally sheer bra, with matching sheer underwear. Her rock-hard nipples are completely visible through the taught fabric. The skin-tight panties are enveloped in the folds of her pussy, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. She raises her arms to lift up her long, dark hair with both hands, and then tilts her head while flashing me her brilliant smile.

“What’s with the sudden modesty? You certainly didn’t mind who saw you at that surfer shop.”

“I don’t know. This is just so sexy, I feel more exposed than when I’m naked! It really accentuates my naughty bits,” she giggles. Anyway, it’s a set, and it’s pretty expensive; but I really don’t have any nice underwear. I promise I’ll do anything you want if I can get these!”

Her sparkling smile then turns into a wicked grin.

I don’t know what she has in mind, but it doesn’t really matter anyway. “Get two sets”, I offer. “One for show and one to go is what I always say!”

She gives me a hug and kiss right there, but I can’t appreciate it, wondering if anyone’s watching our less than familial spectacle. I leave the dressing rooms and take my place back in the store, but I don’t feel at ease until Sarah returns to join me. I’m determined not to make eye contact with the staff while we check out. As we make our way back through the mall, I’m relieved to hear Sara suggest that we cut our shopping trip short and go swim for a couple of hours while the sun’s still shining over the pool. I agree, and point the way back to the taxi stand.

Walking out of the mall and towards the taxi stand, I’m startled by the sound of a revved engine and the screech of tires off to my left. Looking for the source, I watch a deep blue Mercedes S600 tearing its way up to the end of the taxi queue, slamming on the brakes, and stopping just inches short of the beater taxi mini-van in front of it. The door opens and a gorgeous Greek beauty stands up out of the car. She’s got deep olive skin, tons of almost black hair, and a chest that reminds me of Jill. What’s really intriguing is her outfit: short shorts, a faded Captain America T-shirt that’s straining to contain her ample, obviously unrestrained breasts, and a black chauffeur’s cap, which she is still trying to get seated on her head with one hand as she waves at us with the other.

“Need a ride?!” she yells, a huge smile on her face.

I stare back, confused, but grab Sarah’s arm and lead her towards the odd woman, curious.

She sees my face, frowns, and then pops back into the car and pulls down the passenger side visor. As I get closer, I can see a livery license affixed to the visor.

“I take it you’re for hire?” I inquire.

“Yes, Sir. And a much nicer ride than any of these others,” she smirks and quickly lowers her face for a moment, apparently enjoying her own inside joke.

It is a very nice ride, so why not? I’ve already spent a ton on clothes for Sarah. What’s the cost of a limo ride after that?

“Pop the trunk. I’ve got some bags to stash,” I request.

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