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I was late for classes and decided to take a short cut to the bus stop through a narrow alley that ran along the home of my good friend and ex-classmate John. The house was a one flat ranch-style building. The alley was really a time-beaten path through a cul de sac, first formed by kids of the neighborhood looking for an easy way to access the playground. Over the years it had grown into a narrow, short path that kids and other folks used as a shortcut except when it was raining, for then it would be a muddy mess.

As I entered the alleyway and was going past John’s home, movement picked up from the side of my eye made me turn my head. I saw John’s mom pull aside the blind of her window and look out. She was wrapped in a bath towel that looked perilously close to loosening from where it was tucked in above her big bubbies.

She looked out into the little flower garden before raising her head. Upon seeing me, the full, round lips that were of a noticeably darker brown than her face broke into a bright smile showing neat white teeth. She waved her hand cheerily in a girlish kind of way. I returned the wave and continued on my way nervously, cursing faith for not seeing it fit to make that damn towel fall away.

I liked Mrs. Allen, as a matter of fact I found her very attractive and had been carrying a kind of crush for her since I first saw her six years ago. I say kind of crush because I had been deliberately down-playing the feelings she aroused in me and tried to keep my imagination tame due to her being john’s mom, but I was always a bit nervous whenever I was there chatting with john and she happened to pass by or spoke to me whether in greeting or casual conversation

I found myself imagining what would have been revealed had fate intervened and caused the towel to slip from her shapely, slightly plump body, and I also wondered if this was the time of morning she usually took her bath. Thinking about that caused a reaction in my body and I had to stifle the images starting to take shape in my head. I however glanced at my watch and made a mental note of the time, hoping that she had looked away from me and hadn’t seen my meaningful glance at the watch.

The next morning I left home the same time and as I entered the alley I felt a sudden heat begin to grow in my body, no doubt created by the hopeful anticipation of having my eyes treated to a at least a glimpse of bare boobs or something.

When I reached in line with Mrs. Grace Allen’s window and turned my head, I felt like jumping for joy and shouting thanks to the sky above for the near perfect timing. There they were, just as I had hoped, before my hungry nineteen-year old eyes – a naked pair of big, round, light brown boobs with large blackish looking areolas. She was just preparing to tuck them into a pair of sheer, white bras. I stood still, my heart beating wildly, my crotch swelling and perspiration running down from under my arm.

She was facing the window, standing away from it deep enough into the room for me to get an almost full length view of her sexy body. She was wearing sheer white panties that fitted tight around her crotch, accentuating her lady bump.

The distance from her fence to the alley in which I was standing was only about four feet and then another ten feet or so to her window, so my view was perfect, especially as it was aided by the light that was on in the bedroom. Through the sheer panties I could make out the clump of dark bush above her nice lump of pleasure. When she was finished fitting the bra, she started to look up and I quickly twisted my head straight and hurried away.

All day the image of her big boobs and fat crotch haunted my thoughts and my pants was regularly host to a hardon while I was listening to the teachers. At one time when my pretty math teacher leaned over me to guide me through a math problem and I got a whiff of perfume and her soft smooth hand touched mine I felt like I was about to wet my khakis, but I managed to summon enough will power to keep the porridge in my balls.

Right on time the next morning, Friday, I was outside, just alongside the window at the exact moment she loosened her towel and tossed it away, giving me a nice profile view of her boobs with their stuck out nipples and the curves of her fleshy belly and big, round ass which I noticed was more notably broad than high. She turned and backing me walked, with bouncing, broad, fluffy, creamy bumper looking at me, to go stand in front of a vanity mirror where she appeared to be searching for some item. She picked up a comb and turning around started to walk toward the window with head down. I looked on in dizzying delight at the thick thighs and dark clump of bush between them.

So struck was I by the raw, natural, fluffy, naked image in front of me and so centered were my eyes on the black V, I didn’t realize she had looked up and was looking at me until she raised one arm and held it across her bosom, managing to hide only the nipples istanbul escort and part of the areolas from my sight. Aside from the movies and porn I’d never looked at the fully naked body of a woman before and the three sexual encounters under my belt to date had all been quickies – twice in the dark with the older females raising their skirts and pulling panties aside, and once at a picnic, between trees with the young lady lowering her shorts and bending over to give me access.

Mrs. Allen stood there wide eyed and open mouthed, looking quite shocked and embarrassed. She raised a hesitant hand and with a weak smile waved at me before quickly lowering the hand to cover her crotch. I returned the wave with a shaking hand and hurried away on shaking legs.

As I walked to the bus stop I found myself excitedly thinking that the first display could have been an accident and this second one may have been a coincidence, but if it happened on a third day I’d be a fool to see it as anything other than a bait at which I was expected to bite. I couldn’t wait for Monday morning to be on my way to school and I was darn well going to be late like I was on the past three days, no matter how much my mom fumed. For the rest of that day I was again minding a hardon in class. And that night I retired early to bed and pumped my cock so hard and long that it was in a swollen, aching state when I awoke the next morning.

That morning I answered the phone and my heart skipped a beat when I heard John’s voice; I felt a tremor run through my body, for john and me, though living so close to each other hadn’t met up or communicated for more than a month. My heart got back to normalcy when he excitedly told me about the new DJ equipment his dad had sent for him from abroad. And when he invited me over to help set it up, I wasted no time; I got there in record time.

While we were hooking up his speakers and amp to the console Grace Allen came into the room and greeted me pleasantly.

“Hello stranger, how yuh doin? … I can’t remember the last day I laid eyes on you. I was wondering if the two of you had a fall out,” she said.

I instantly realized that she might be assuring me that John knew nothing about our accident, or better yet letting me know there could be secrets between us. That thought and her nearness made my young cock lurch.

“Nah, we two cool, Frankie just busy with his studies,” John exclaimed before I could say anything.

He knew how shy and socially awkward I was and was used to rescuing me. She was wearing a light olive dress that looked more like a long shirt. It had buttons all the way down the front and splits at the sides. It stopped several inches above her knees and hugged her chubby body snugly. From the prominent nips hanging low and the two loose buttons at the top which allowed a glimpse of cleavage, I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

A button was also loose below the waist and there was a wide enough sprawl caused from pull of her thick thighs and big, broad ass. Those factors combined with the way she was standing with hands on hips and legs spread gave me an eyeful of smooth creamy inner thighs and a glimpse of red lace panties that set my blood on fire. I stared at the red panties intently for a few seconds as she turned to look at john fiddling with the wires. I felt like lunging forward on knees and pressing my tongue onto the red lace.

She suddenly laughed and said.

“Oh, busy, eh … I guess now that you’re an adult you’re like overnight Casanova here, busy chasing all the young ladies in the neighborhood.”

At ‘overnight Casanova’ she motioned to John with her pointed chin and smiled dotingly at her good looking son, her round face aglow, big brown eyes shining.

“Mom, stay out of my love life, ok … I don’t get involved in yours,” John immediately spoke up, but in a lighthearted manner.

John was the type of person who could come up with a fitting response before the other speaker’s words could settle. He was smart, quick witted, bold and shamelessly outspoken and the way he said things you never knew whether he was serious or just joking, angry or not. He’d been a straight A student and just after our graduation a year ago had gone straight to University while I being less academically gifted had drifted into a technical institute.

“You don’t get into mine because I don’t have a love life. You forget I’m an old lady and married,” she said, sparing me a quick glance and thin smile.

“Forty-five ain’t exactly old and I don’t think you still married, yuh know … maybe you should go and get a love life and get off mih back a little … it would help if you get another job, working from home on a computer and not going anywhere is turning you into a crotchety old lady indeed,” John replied.

“Boy, shut yuh damn mouth, yeah … I don’t think Frankie here is interested in my age an’ marital status avcılar escort an’ any of our family business,” Grace said.

They both laughed and you could tell they were used to teasing each other good-naturedly.

When Grace turned and walked away after flashing me a sweet smile, I couldn’t help staring at the big, broad backside bouncing under the dress. She turned around and caught me staring and smiled again. I blushed and I was sure my light brown face was glowing red; my ears were certainly hot. My cock was in a demanding state.

John had told me some time back that from bits of conversation he’d overheard between his mother and her mother and sisters, he felt that his dad had hooked up with another woman overseas, which is why he hadn’t been back home in close to four years. Things between them seemed to be over save for a divorce.

Monday morning came and I drove my mom crazy as I took my own time getting ready for school, waiting for ‘the right time’ to be off. All weekend I’d been thinking about Grace’s big sexy, naked body, even jerking off to mental images of it several times Saturday and Sunday during the day and then again at night before falling asleep.

At exactly eight thirty I entered the alley and sure enough, to my delight, when I looked towards the bedroom window there she was, my lady crush – big, creamy brown, naked and lovely, standing sideways to the window as she squeezed jergens lotion from a bottle and began rubbing her arms and then her delicious breasts without giving so much as a single glance through her open window. And when her hands ran over her soft belly and then moved down to her groin and hips, I felt an enormous pressure in my pants and I just knew that had it not been for me emptying seed all weekend I would have come in my pants.

As I mentioned before I’m kinda shy and not the boldest of guys; I sometimes need to be nudged into action, but at that moment, taking into consideration all that had happened over the past few days, I didn’t need any more prompting than I’d already received from my friend’s cute mom – especially with what I was now getting. Though hating to leave the hot bit of exhibitionism that was pleasuring my eyes and anxious body, I quickly turned around, walked out of the alley and went around to Grace’s front door, hoping that no inquisitive or gossipy eyes were looking on and making notes.

I pressed the doorbell twice. Grace opened her front door wearing a wickedly short, shiny, grey, silk wrap knotted loosely around her fleshy waist. She also wore a big, pleased smile.

“Hi Frankie, good morning,” she said, breezily.

She looked furtively up the street and at the two nearest houses with sharp eyes and without moving her head too much.

“Good morning Mrs. Allen, I’m here to collect something from John.”

I knew John was not at home, because I’d called him on his cellphone fifteen minutes ago and he was already on campus sixteen miles away.

Grace gave another quick look around and smiling sweetly moved aside and motioned me in.

“Come in, please,” she said and quickly closing the door, led me to a chair.

When I was seated she said.

“John isn’t home yuh know, but maybe I can help. What is it you have to collect from him?”

I had to think quickly, because this hadn’t been in my plan while on the way here, I’d only thought that if I see her naked again I would then come up with a plan for a later date.

“A transistor,” I said.

“What … one of those … ancient lil radios?”

“No, not a transistor radio … it’s an electric component,” I replied.

I went on to describe for her what a transistor looked like.

“Ok, I’ll go see if I find it, but I think something that tiny might be hard to locate in that junk yard of a bedroom John has.” She said, laughing.

She added, “Can I get yuh something to drink while yuh waiting, honey?”

“Thanks, but no thanks, Mrs. Allen. I don’t drink.”

“I’d hope not … you’re only nineteen … I think,” She said.

I nodded confirmation.

“Don’t get me wrong … you are an adult, and every inch a man, but alcohol isn’t good for one so young. And if yuh let it become a habit it will lead to you eventually becoming less of a man … if yuh know what I mean … and we don’t want dat, right?” she said laughing.

She looked me over from head to toe, then her eyes held mine for an extended moment.

“I was thinking of juice or soda,” she said placing her hands on her hips.

“Thanks, Mrs. Allen, juice would be fine.”

“Good, I’ve got plenty of that,” she said in a meaningful way, and turning around, walked off.

She looked back and said, “You can call me Grace … I mean … at times like these … when it’s just you and me.”

As that sunk in I realized without a doubt that we both had the same thing in mind, and was glad that I had made the bold move to knock on her door. My cock puffed up and şirinevler escort straightened out a little bit more.

Grace walked away, her big ass bouncing delightfully under the silk wrap, only barely covered by the hem. I took in the intoxicating sight of the backs of her fleshy thighs that were mostly smooth – there being just a few hints of cellulite – feeling pleased with myself for being in this position where within minutes I’d be moving my thrusting hips between those thighs.

She returned and handed me the drink and a peek of mahogany nipple when she leaned over to place a little coaster on the low table. She twirled around and headed for john’s room. Less than five minutes later she returned.

“I think I’m gonna need yuh help, yuh know what a mess his usually room is, “she said.

I got up and followed Grace to john’s room, thinking only of getting her onto the bed and getting between those mesmerizing thighs.

After we’d been working our way through the mess in John’s room for about three minutes, Grace looking for the nonexistent transistor, me looking over her ripe, juicy body, she bent over to look behind a huge oblong wooden box along a wall, after managing with a lot of effort to pull it slightly away from the wall. I knew that it was filled with mostly books.

She leaned over with hands on top of the box, twisting her head to look between the three or four inch space between the box and the wall. Her legs were spread wide, her back arched and ass high, allowing me a prime look at her fat lady bump peeking out from between thick thighs. The pussy was covered by shiny, silver-grey silk thong panty, obviously of the same material as the wrap she was wearing. I could see a bit of hair peeking out at the sides of the little mound. My cock lurched.

I recognized this move of hers as the ultimate bait that I was supposed to snap at – she couldn’t be that naïve to not know what she was doing, bending over like that. That plump lump of woman meat trapped in silver grey silk was the most alluring sight I’d ever laid eyes on. I took a deep breath and strode across the floor. Without hesitation I stretched my hand out and grabbed the silver fuck sponge. She loudly drew air through her teeth into her mouth and I felt and saw her clench the ample buttock cheeks as if trying to trap the hand that took the bait.

I cupped the succulent meatball in a tight grip and began massaging it, causing her to jump and jerk like a startled cat. She let out a loud hiss and turning her head around to look at me, but still bent over, she cried out.

“Frankie, oh mih gawd, what are you doing, you can’t do that.”

I wanted to laugh – was she for real – telling me I couldn’t fondle the pussy that she had literally thrown into my face. How long was she going to keep up the pretense? Surely she couldn’t have only been interested in teasing me up to a point and then show me the door.

I did not respond, I just kept squeezing the hairy ball in my palm while my free hand fumbled with the button and zip of my chinos. I used each foot to slip off the shoe on the other, and eventually dropped the trousers and managed with a little annoyance to step out of them while still kneading the damp crotch. Despite her protestation, she made no attempt to straighten up or shift her ass away from my hand’s invasion. I quickly replaced one hand with the other and passed the first hand under my nose, sniffing the rich, musky aroma, before sucking on my fingers.

“Frankie, this is wrong … you … can’t touch me … like this,” she cried out.

She was trying to dissuade me with words only, but the loud hissing sounds she was also making and her remaining in position served as encouragement, so I continued squeezing and stroking the now dripping wet pussy with one hand while gently jerking my hard cock with the other, my eyes fastened onto the ass that I’d completely exposed by flipping the wrap up her back.

The unfamiliar, pleasurable feel of wet pussy in my hand and the sight of thick, creamy backside sent tremors of excitement through my young, horny body, making me so hot I felt slightly dizzy. I slipped a middle finger into the pussy hole and stabbed it repeatedly with deep quick strokes, making her hiss even louder. She made an attempt at straightening up, but I pushed her firmly back down with my hand on her back, letting my forefinger join the middle finger in probing her depths.

“Frankie we can’t do this, I am John’s mother … your friend’s mother … I am old enough to be your mother … you can’t have me.” she said

I suddenly felt a far cry from the shy person I’d always been, sending my fingers deep as she was talking, and even allowing my thumb to press hard against the wrinkled petal, barely parting it, causing her to buck hard.

“Then why show me what I can’t have?” I asked.

“I was only having fun, only playing with yuh. Sometimes I like to tease just to ease de loneliness. I don’t usually let it go this far.”

“Well it reach this far Grace, so yuh gonna play with this and have fun with this,” I said, poking my cock against her buttocks.

She abruptly stood up, wrenching her pussy away.

“I can’t do this Frankie … I won’t … this is not right … I’m married” she said looking as if she wanted to cry.

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