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I would like to thank my editors for the hard work they have done on my story. I had BGMISFUN, do the first draft of my story. I was really happy with all the corrections he did to my story. I then had some more thoughts about my story. I contacted Shelves to read it over and make corrections. I was really happy with his editing of my story. I think if you are looking for an editor for your story that either of these are exceptionally good editors. Thank you both.

* * *

This took place by accident. My boyfriend at the time, Tadd, had been teasing me about everything. He liked to make little comments that I would later sit and wonder about. He had ways of exciting me and teasing me that I liked. That also seemed to make me just want him more.

He was always telling me what he would do to me sexually, and maybe even let others watch. It seemed to make me even more excited at the thought someone might see what could possibly be going on. I was starting to figure out ways I could get even with him. I loved to tease and tantalize him too. I was 25 years old, with brown hair, and blue eyes (crystal blue eyes was what people said). I was athletic, and in good shape, but I did not have very much on top (barely a Bcup). I was 5’8″ in height, and played college volleyball. Tadd was like 6’3″, probably 210, in good shape, 34 years old. He was a fitness nut. He traveled a lot so we were apart often. He liked to call me and we talked a lot just about anything and everything. Sex seemed to always be at the top of the list.

Tadd worked for the same company that I did. I was in the financial division, where he was in sales. We had our own mail boxes at work. We could leave notes for each other there from time to time. When I got messages from him, I had to be careful when I opened them. Sometimes there were pictures that would have embarrassed me very much if someone else had seen them. He was always finding new ones that were very shocking. They might not be gross, but shocking.

Lately he had been teasing me about tying me up somewhere and leaving me for someone to find. It had worked on my emotions. It had made me very excited thinking about it. He had started sending me pictures of some girls who were hogtied naked. I had gotten very excited seeing them. I had noticed that most of the girls in these pictures were also rather bare down there. I asked him. “Are you trying to get me to go bare down there?”

“No. I was thinking maybe you might like to try some wild design instead.” He would love for me to try something and shock him with it. His birthday was coming up, so I thought about it. I kept coming back to either trimming my pubic hair into a heart design, or going bare.

Then I was watching the Playboy Channel (we had it because it was fun to sit and watch together sometimes). We have spent some nights having sex watching it. I had just flipped on the TV, and I happened to surf by it. There was a talk show on, with three girls talking about trimming their bushes. The sexy long auburn haired hotty said she had hers designed in the shape of a heart, but the point of the heart was missing. The equally sexy blonde said hers was bare, and she stood up and proceeded to show everyone her very smooth shaved pussy. The one with the heart showed hers too. I thought it was very sexy.

The other girl, a very sexy redhead, then said, “I tried something different. Let me show you.” She took off her shorts, and her thong. She had a lightning bolt done in her pubes. It was really interesting, and so I got more intrigued. Then they asked her how she did it. “I made a stencil; I cut out the design in poster board. Then I took a magic maker (washable), and traced the design out onto my mound. I then took my boyfriend’s beard trimmer, and trimmed it out. After that I took the shaver for my legs and cleaned it up.”

The blonde said, “I think you did a very good job.” I totally agreed. I noticed she might as well have had a totally shaved pussy. The design was a good inch or more above her pussy on the mound. She was closer to bare than the one with the heart.

He was returning on his birthday and I now had an idea how I was going to surprise him. I spent some time making my stencil to get it just perfect, I also spent a lot of time touching and feeling my pussy as I did it. “When the bulls away, the cows would play,” was what my dad used to say (I think).

Tadd flew back and wanted me to pick him up at the airport. I thought maybe I should dress really sexy for the occasion. I was very careful getting ready. I wore the short black dress he loves, and my 4″ heels. I thought maybe I might just leave the rest at home. It was September, nice and warm. I wanted to surprise him. When I first walked out of the house, I was reminded what I was not wearing, as I felt the gentle breeze caress my newly exposed area. I was not in the habit of going commando – this was new to me. I slid into the driver’s istanbul escort seat of the car, and the damned dress slid up. I was thinking maybe I should go back and get my undies, as everything was so exposed with the skirt sliding up like that.

Just as I was about to go back, my cell phone rang. He said the plane was already on the ground, and he would meet me at the front gate. I was three miles from the airport, so I knew I had to hurry. Off I went. Thank God, the windows were tinted, as there were trucks at the lights beside me. If they looked in they would have seen my rather bare state of being. I could, with my hands keep the dress down and covered up but I could not drive and keep the dress pulled down.

I made it to the airport, and as I pulled up to the gate for United, Tadd came walking towards the car. He liked to drive, and did not usually let me drive. He came to the driver’s side, and told me, “Scoot over babe, so I can drive.” Which was well and fine, except for that damn short dress which seem to be more like an apron, or loin cloth or whatever. I did scoot over, and I even managed to do it without showing very much, just lots of thigh.

Tadd was paying more attention to my dress than to me. He had asked, “What is the occasion for you to be so decked out.”

I said, “I just wanted to be sexy for you, and I had really been missing you.”

He was driving away from the airport. “We should go to our favorite restaurant.” He could see I had taken some time getting ready to meet him at the airport.

I said, “I would like to, but could we run by my place first? I need to get something.”

He laughed, and said, “I cannot see that you need anything whatsoever.”

I blushed and said, “Maybe a little something.”

“What could you possibly need?”

As we were driving on, I was sure he could smell my excited pussy. He let his hand slip down on my bare legs. I liked to keep them tanned and I hated to wear nylons, or panty hose. He was sliding his hand up, and all of a sudden he pulled the car over to the curb. He said, “I think I now know what you are worried about. Please. Let’s go to dinner. I love the surprise of you not wearing undies when you came to get me.”

“Okay, but you got to be nice. You got to try and help me not show everyone what I am not wearing them. We have to figure out a way that I don’t soak this dress. This is turning me on a lot.” I could feel his hand teasing my bare pussy lips. I had been turned on ever sense I styled my pussy.

He reached into the back seat, in his bag, and he had a towel he keeps in the outer pocket, his golf towel he called it. He said. “Here, try this. Maybe it will help a little.”

I slid it under my bottom, and slid my skirt back so it was okay, as I tried it. He looked down, and he said. “Let me see. Did I see something else new?”

He had noticed my bush had changed. “Show it to me.” I let my skirt slide up so he could see what I had done.

“I love it. It is really wild and so sexy. I hope you like it also. Did you do that yourself? Where did you get the idea from?”

“I think I do like it. I hope this is one lightning bolt that will strike more than once. I saw it in a show on the Playboy Channel.”

A big smile came to his face. “I didn’t think you ever watched that when I wasn’t with you.” We went to the restaurant and it was fun trying to get out of the car. I walked in hoping the back of my dress was dry, and not riding up on my butt. It was difficult to sit lady like in a chair, with a really short skirt like that, and no undies. I was wondering how many other people were trying to sneak peeks up my short skirt. I knew my legs were attracting a lot of attention. My pussy was driving me crazy, I felt like everyone was seeing my pussy. I could tell every time there was just the hint of a breeze touch my nakedness.

After dinner, I believed I had teased him to the point he was ready to take care of things. “I vote we go to your place and make our own dessert.” I slipped into the car, my dress rode up. I quit even trying to hide my pussy. We went to his apartment for an early night but sleep was the farthest thing from our minds. I was so turned on being so out in public, and just so ready. He was so ready, but he wanted to enjoy my lightning bolt some more. I had a very fine time with him admiring my handiwork. I was so glad I tried it. I was glad that instead of going bare, I had watched that show and styled it this way. Besides, it would be no problem to shave it bare if the lightning bolt had not worked as I had thought about it.

Tadd was gone for a long time for another trip. We had been having phone sex and just teasing each other a lot. It was getting close to Halloween and I knew he was going to be back a few days before it. I had been toying with the idea of something else wild and crazy. I had been leaving notes in his office avcılar escort mailbox. He had been doing the same to mine. I come across a story, where a person had written about how he challenged his lover to be a submissive lover. He had sent her a note demanding they meet at a certain place and be ready. I thought about it, and I wanted to tease Tadd even more. Tadd is not submissive but I was hoping he might do it for me. So I put an anonymous letter in his mail box.

Hi Love,
You are to prepare yourself to be my personal slave for Saturday night, Halloween. You are to shave your body totally bare. You are to put a nice coating of lotion on your whole body to make yourself as silky as can be. I am sure this might not happen, but I wanted to put it in here anyway. You will find a key card in this note. It is for the Luxor Hotel room 1516. You may want to wear old cloths that you don’t have an attachment to. You will enter the room, where you will find a pair of scissors, and a bag. First take off all your cloths, and cut them into tiny pieces and put them in the trash. Then you will take the bag to the nice big four posted bed. You will notice that it is just a mattress with no covering on it. There you are to open the bag and pour out the contents. You will find four sets of locking cuffs, a blindfold, and a walkman with earphones. You will also find a set of nipple clamps, and a marking pen. You are to put my initials on your naked area where your pubes used to be. It is to be about 4″ in height. You are to tie your feet spread eagled with the cuffs to the two posts at the foot of the bed. Put the cuffs on the two posts up at the head. You are to attach the nipple clamps to your nipples. Remember to put the blindfold on. Then put on the earphones and start the music. You will not be able to tell when I get there. Then fasten your wrists in the cuffs and wait for me. You will wonder how it can take so long, or is it going fast. Your only sense that is left is your nose. You may be able to tell with it when I am near you then. I know you are going to feel so at my mercy. I think you will like it, as it could be a lot of fun.

Your Lover

PS. See you soon.

Now I had thought up something I was sure would surprise him, and I put it in his mailbox. I knew it was dated for Saturday, and I thought about what else I was going to do to him. I knew I would not do anything painful. I would actually take clothes for him with me, but they were to stay in the car. I could always go back to get them, and I was really getting excited about being in control.

I was getting more and more excited, and we had not had a chance to talk. He had to fly out on Thursday night for a customer with a problem. I was at home Friday night, and I had not heard from him. I was getting worried since he was supposed to fly in Saturday morning.

When I checked my phone, I found it was not working. I was going to use my cell phone, but it was dead also, and the charger was at his place. I had forgotten it and so I was going to go and use a payphone. The one downstairs in the lobby I remembered had the cord missing when I walked by. I guess I would just go and meet him at the hotel. I hoped I did not pay for the room for nothing. I figured if nothing else, I would meet him there and let him tie me up. I had just thought I might surprise him with what I had been thinking.

Oh damn, I put the key card in the door, and I slipped inside the room, and I noticed he was there, but as I moved closer, I about died. There on the bed, it was not him, unless he had a sex change. There was a female, with a nice body. She had breasts I would liked to have had. She had reddish blond hair on her head. She was very naked, and she was tied like I left instruction for him to be.

I crept closer, I see she had put a nice big M on her very naked mound, I was shocked. But who the hell was M, and I was trying to figure out who she was. Oh damn, what the hell, I was wondering if Tadd was playing a trick on me. Oh damn, why was she here? Now what do I do? Try to imagine, walking in thinking you were going to find a naked boyfriend, and finding a naked woman instead. I couldn’t figure out who she was, or why she was there.

Worse yet, what to do with her? I had rented the room in my name, so I can’t just leave and hope it went away. What to do? Oh Damn. Why me? Damn. I wished I had required a gag. I was so afraid that if I took her blindfold off, she would scream. Maybe I can take her earphones off, but when I speak to her she would scream. Oh Damn.

I looked at her body, she was young and very sexy. I noticed the clamps on her nipples. I bet those were going to be some sore nipples. I looked at her pussy, she was very wet, there was white mucus inside the lips of her bare pussy. She had done a great job of shaving her pussy. It looked so smooth and soft. I had never had the opportunity to look at another girl’s pussy şirinevler escort this close before. I wanted to touch it, it was so sexy looking.

“Mark, are you there? These clamps are destroying my nipples. Please. Let me loose.” I listen to her talk trying to keep her from knowing I was there.

Then I remembered I saw an adult book store down the block from the hotel. I would go and get a gag. Then put it on her, I know that is my only chance, as I couldn’t have her screaming. I wonder what the penalty and jail time is for this. Why me?

I left the room, and I was very scared, and not thinking straight. I headed down to the store. I wore that damn black dress again. Yes, just the heels, nothing else. I was going to an adult book store to buy a gag. How stupid could I be? I was practically naked in that short dress and heels.

I walked in the store, and I swore every eye there was on me. The guy behind the counter asked me if he could help me. I was about to tell him what I wanted, but just then three young women came in. They were telling him he should be ashamed of himself for selling that filth. I was getting more nervous. I thought they were going to have the cops arrive any minute, and then they would take us all to jail.

Then there would be my poor naked friend still tied to the bed in the hotel next door. The women left and the store clerk came back and asked if he could help me, again. I was more relaxed now. I said. “I want to buy a gag as a gift for a friend. It is to be a funny gift. She was always sticking her foot in her mouth.” I laughed, and so did he.

He showed me a nice ball gag and asked if it would work, I said. “I think so.” I knew he could smell my pussy, I could feel juice starting to run down my leg. I purchased it and walked back to the hotel. The breeze was caressing my nakedness. I really needed to cum. I was wondering where Tadd was? Who was that girl up there? Maybe he would be there waiting for me.

I got into the elevator and was just about to go to the room. I realized I had laid that fucking key card on the sink when I went into the room. I was locked out of the room. I went back down to the lobby and asked the front desk for another key as I had left mine in the room.

They said they would have security meet me at the room and open it for me. Oh Damn. Security. What else could go wrong? I was on pins and needles as I took the elevator back to the room. I was soon met by the biggest man I think I ever encountered. He said. “I am with hotel security. I need to see your ID.” He called down to make sure I was the one registered in the room. He then unlocked the door, and asked if I wanted him to check the room.

“No. I was just here and had locked myself out by accident.” I slipped in the room, and he was gone. I sighed a feeling of relief, and I had to take a few extra breaths of relief.

I went to the bed, and noticed her. I noticed she was thrashing around, probably wondering what she had gotten herself into. I noticed her nipples were very red. I knew those damn clamps must have been on too long. I was really causing her discomfort. I grabbed the gag, but how do you use it. It was not exactly sure, like I had ever tried one before. I thought I better try it on myself first, and so I did. I was also curious as to how much it muffled my screams, and I tried, it worked very well. I then decided to try and put it on her. I did, she was shocked, and she tried to scream and bite. As she did the gag slipped in her mouth and I fastened it behind her head.

I then took the earphones off of her, and I said. “Look, I know this is not the voice you are expecting to hear.” She did as I expected, she screamed into the gag. It kept her from being very loud though. “Please. Let me explain. I think you must have gotten my letter by mistake.”

I took her blindfold off, and I saw tears come to her eyes. I said. “I am going to release you, but you have to bear with me, you were not the person I was expecting to be in this bed when I got here either. I was expecting my boyfriend to be here. I will take your gag off. Promise you will not scream when I do. Wait, let me take those clamps off first, I bet those are some very sore nipples aren’t they.”

I released the clamps, and realized it was a very good thing that I had not taken the gag off yet, as I reached for the gag, I saw that she was crying, and I was so sorry for what I had done. I also noticed that she now looked more familiar. I untied the gag, and she begged. “Please untie the rest of me.”

I went to my purse and was going to get the keys for the cuffs. I realized I had left them on the dresser at home. I could not believe I did that. I said, “I’m so sorry.” I was in a hurry and I guess I forgot the keys.”

She started to cry even more, I said. “I know it’s bad, but I will go get them. Can I do something before I leave?”

“Could you at least cover me up?” Then I remembered. I had taken all the bedding and towels and put them in a suitcase and put them in the trunk of my car. I had been planning this, and wanting to really tease my boyfriend.

“There is nothing for me to give you.”

“Could I have your underwear at least?”

I blushed. “I am not wearing anything under this dress.”

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