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It was midmorning, and I was getting back to my office after a busy class. Sheila, the local book representative from one of the big publishing houses, was waiting for me. As a book representative, and as a business woman, Sheila had it put together. She was efficient, business-like, fast, had quickly gotten to know me and my needs, and had sent some textbook reviewing dollars my way. As a woman, she was small, probably about 5’2″, and certainly weighed less than 100 lbs., quite a contrast from my 6’6″ and 300some lbs. Her hair was cut in a glossy black line that flew around her head and settled down in waves as she would talk.

We moved into my office, and spent a pleasant ten minutes discussing our families, the latest textbook she had to offer, and the weather. After we discussed my current textbook needs, she collected her stuff and I stood up to shake her hand.

As I held her hand, she reached over and shut my office door. Then she walked over next to the desk I was working on and sat on a corner of it, and told me that she had held a secret fantasy for a long time. Apparently one of her secret dreams was to have sex with a really big guy, someone who would dominate her physically without needing to resort to other techniques. Then she told me that she had always been too shy to act on her dream, but that she trusted me to keep it a secret and that she was hoping I would be willing to help her achieve her fantasy.

It took me a minute, but as she blushed a deep red I realized that she wanted to have sex with me. I sat down, put my hand on her thigh as she perched on my desk, and asked her to tell me more about her fantasy as I began to rub her thigh in slow, firm circles, gradually working my way further and further up her leg. She told me that it wasn’t the cock size that she was looking for (good thing, because I am just halkalı escort the average 6″), but that she wanted someone really big to fuck her, and that her fantasy was for that man to hold her as he fucked her standing up, and to be with someone she knew was physically much stronger than she was.

I stood up, brushing my hand up and over her breasts, reached down to pick her up (my left hand around her back and my right hand on her butt), and held her in the air, against me, and asked her if that was the position she imagined. She gasped “yes”, and I spun her around, holding her against my chest and running my free hand down her torso to find her crotch, and asked her if she was instead thinking of that position. She breathlessly told me it hadn’t occurred to her that someone could hold her and fuck her from behind.

I ran my hand down her body to beneath her skirt, and ran my hand up her leg to find her crotch. She was wearing white panties which felt very wet already, and she jumped as my thumb rubbed over the material and against her crotch. As I held her, my arm wrapped firmly around her torso, with my other hand I cupped her sex and rubbed slightly. Sheila convulsed and orgasmed violently, her legs kicking spasmodically and her body shaking. I could feel moisture seeping through her panties, and I rubbed my thumb firmly up and down her crotch, feeling her jump and twitch in response.

Still holding her, I carried her to the back of my office. I have a cheap twinsize mattress that I use occasionally for midday naps, and I put her down and laid the mattress down. Sheila was just standing in the corner, eyes still a bit glazed, and I looked over and told her to take her clothes off. Obediently, she complied, and piled her clothes on a nearby chair. Her taksim escort breasts bounced slightly as she took off her bra. I was pleased to see her aureoles were large and dark, and her nipples were dark and stiffly erect. It was obvious she tanned, because she had definite tan lines and her butt stood out crisply white against the darker skin of the rest of her body. Her pussy hair was dark and neatly trimmed.

I took my clothes off too. Sheila stared in obvious fascination as I peeled off my shirt, kicked my shoes off, and shucked my blue jeans. When I removed my dark blue shorts my cock sprang out, stiffly erect, and she reached for it, but I shook my head and picked her up again, placing my hands on the other sides of her torso this time so that when she was off the ground I could spin her around. I did this, so that Sheila was hanging upside down, her short black hair falling around her face, and her legs in the air. I asked her to spread them and she did, and I buried my face in her crotch as she reached for my cock. Busily, I sucked her sex, licking up and down her very wet pussy, flicking my tongue over her clit and sucking her long dark brown pussy lips completely inside my mouth. I could see the opening to her vagina, and I could feel as her muscles clenched, shoving her sex forward, and as I shoved my tongue deep inside her she climaxed again, spasming repeatedly as she clenched down around me, my nose rubbing up against her clit.

When she calmed down slightly I spun her around and set her down, then immediately picked her back up again and lifted her onto my cock. She reached down and guided me inside her, and I just held her as we both enjoyed that feeling when a woman’s hot wet sex first closes around the man she wants to fuck. Sheila gasped, and I pulled her torso away from my body, so şişli escort that as she leaned backward, still impaled on my cock, I could lick and suck at one of her nipples. Still inside her, I walked over to the mattress and lowered her to the mattress. She lay back, legs open, sex glistening, eyes closed, and sighed as I lowered myself on top of her. I placed her feet on top of my shoulders, and put my hands on top of her shoulders, and slammed into her. In this position she was feeling my drive very deeply inside her, and she was helpless to get away from me.

I held her, fucking vigorously, and watched her throw her head back and forth, her eyes closed, as she began to chant “Fuck me fuck me fuck me oh yes fuck!” On the last fuck she came again.

I pulled out, held my cock in my hand, and began slapping her sex with it, rubbing up and down her pussy lips. She jumped and began to squirt, fluid pouring out of her and running down her ass to pool on the mattress. Good thing I have a vinyl cover on it under the sheet. I flipped her over, pulled her to her knees, and mounted her again, shoving my cock in her. I could feel her hand rubbing her clit and her fingers occasionally bumping me as I fucked her. I leaned into her butt, feeling it against my stomach, and pushed until she collapsed on the bed. Now I was completely covering her, my cock still inside her, and I reached out and held her left wrist in my left hand and her right wrist in my right hand.

I nibbled her ear and growled “Can you stop me from fucking you now?”

“No,” she cried, “oh, don’t stop, you feel so big, so hot, so deep, I can feel the hair on your chest rubbing my back, oh come inside me, fill me …” and I groaned and came, flooding her with my semen, sliding my cock in and out along her slick sex until I softened and fell out.

“Wow,” she sighed. “I must be a mess, but that was incredible.” And it was. The whole room smelled of sex, and as we grabbed a towel, dried up a bit, and got dressed we smiled at each other, knowing that we had just shared a very intimate experience.

“Can we do that again sometime?” Sheila asked. I thought that indeed that was very likely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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