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My firm always threw pretty lame Christmas parties but I’d been there for quite a few years now and was a manager, so I was kind of expected to attend. Besides, since I switched departments around a year ago, I had got friendlier with a couple of girls that I now worked more closely with. Plus, there was a certain amount of free alcohol, so it could be a lot worse.

The 2013 Christmas party was fairly typical, drinks, dinner, bad disco in a hotel function room etc. The rest of the team and I made the most of it by spending our time in the bar, drinking and joking around.

I wondered off to find a bathroom and seemed to walk for ages, I think I had missed the one closest to the bar. As I wondered back down a corridor, I was approached by Sophie, the other manager at my level. She had a drink in her hand and seemed to be a little unsteady on her feet as I’d been trying to chat her up all night and we had had a lot to drink. She smiled as she saw me and said “hey you.”

“Hey yourself” I replied. “What are you up to?”

“I was looking for Laurie” she said looking slightly confused.

She hesitated for a few seconds, stepped a bit closer to me and pushed a finger into my chest.

“Oh well” she slurred “I found you instead.”

“Indeed you did” I said, trying to work out how drunk she was. She paused again, leaned a bit closer, and whispered (just as loud as she had been talking) “blue.”

I smirked a little at the comment that obviously made sense to her drunken mind. “Blue what?”

She looked up at me and smiled “they’re blue.” Ah, I understood. I had asked her what colour underwear she had on about two hours ago and she had refused to tell me. Clearly a few more drinks had changed her mind.

“Ooh a like blue” I said cocking my head to the side and looking at her waist as if I was picturing her blue underwear. “Of course there’s no way for me to know if you’re telling the truth unless I see them.”

Even I knew that was a long shot, even a drunk girl doesn’t go for that, she either wants to show me her underwear or she doesn’t. She looked quizzically at me for a second before moving a bit closer to me, smiling, and whispering “I’ll show you if you buy me a double.”

“Deal” I said, grabbing her hand and marching a few feet down the hall to what looked like an old cloak room. We entered the small, narrow room to find it just contained a few boxes and a Christmas tree that they clearly no longer had use for.

She gently pushed me up against the wall and leaned in to kiss me as I wrapped my arms around her waist. Sophie was a cute girl, not stunning, but she had long silky brown hair and a nice smile with big full lips. She was a little plump and had big hips but that meant that she had a nice big backside and very big tits. She had great posture which meant she kept her back up straight and her tits sat proudly on her chest, straining to get out of her bra. When she wore a blouse to work, I would often catch a glimpse of her bra through the gaps in between the buttons. I don’t think the tops she wore were even very low cut but at the right angle, her cleavage looked huge and constantly caused me to lose my train of thought in meetings.

She was wearing her typical mid-thigh length dark skirt and dark tights with modest heels. This being a party though, she was wearing a much more revealing top than she would do in the office. It was bright red with straps over her shoulders and a very low neck line showing a lot of cleavage. I couldn’t wait to see her take it off.

After kissing for a few seconds, she reached for the straps of her top and began to slowly push them off her shoulders as if she was doing a strip tease. I watched in awe as her fantastic breasts came into view, encased in a dark blue shiny bra. She grinned up at me as if she was looking for approval so I grinned back and whispered “those are incredible.” Then I leant down and we kissed again as I brought my hands up to squeeze her big soft tits.

After a couple of minutes of making out, I reached down to the sides of her skirt and started to bunch it up in my hands at either side, pulling the hem slowly up her legs. She broke off the kiss with a wide smile and asked “what are you doing, isn’t it time for my drink?”

“That wasn’t the deal” I replied confidently, “I assumed it was a matching set.” She didn’t reply, she just kissed me again and allowed me to keep pulling her skirt up at the sides. As I reached her hips, she reached down to take over and wiggled her hips a little to pull the skirt up over her waist. I looked down to see dark hold up stockings ending at the tops of her milky white thighs, and matching dark kadıköy escort blue shiny panties stretched across her hips.

“Mmm well, it looks like I do owe you a drink” I admitted, reaching around and grabbing her big firm arse with both hands. I don’t think she was expecting that and she exhaled loudly as she let me pull her body to mine. I rubbed and fondled her bum for a few seconds before she giggled into my neck. Pulling her body back a bit she reached down to where my stiffening cock was making a bulge against the front of my trousers and said “mmm I thought I could feel something, I think maybe it’s my turn.” Before she had even finished the sentence, she was undoing my belt with one hand while groping my growing bulge with the other. At the same time, I brought my hand around between us and gently slipped it between her legs.

“Ugh” she groaned, just as she worked a hand into my boxers and found my hard cock. I pressed my finger gently into the folds of her pussy through her panties and she gasped again, I could feel how wet she was and how hard she grasped my cock. She let go when I bit down on her shoulder ever so slightly, and pressed a thumb against her clit, eliciting a quiet moan from her lips. I reached both hands up now, gave her arse another rub, and then brought them round to her hips. I quickly hooked my thumbs in and pushed her panties down to the level of her stocking tops. Her sexy pale pussy came into view with a generous patch of dark pubic hair covering it.

I immediately brought my hand back up between her legs and stroked her lips again, finding them soaking wet. I carried on rubbing and then slipped a finger inside her as I whispered into her ear “you’re so wet, you want this don’t you.”

“Oh yes” she moaned as her hand found my dick again. “Touch me.”

We continued to pleasure each other for a minute as I squeezed one of her tits, causing her to moan loudly enough that I worried someone would hear us.

“I want to get you upstairs,” I said breathlessly.

“Mmm” she moaned, seeming to agree and then snapped back to reality. “No we can’t, we should get back.”

“No one cares where we are” I said, curling a finger inside her pussy and causing her to groan in pleasure.

“I want to undress you properly.”

“Ah, yes I want that,” she said, now stroking my cock a bit more firmly. “They’ll wonder where we are though.”‘

“No they won’t.” I replied, pulling my finger out of her wet pussy. I lined up two fingers between her lips and, just as I thrust them firmly back into her, I moaned “I want you.”

“Ugh, oh yes” she moaned back, “I want you too, I want this.” She said, tugging on my dick as she said it.

I thought I had her when reality hit home again. “We can’t. Not, ah, not just yet.”‘

That was it, I knew I had her where I wanted her now. “Okay, just let go of my dick then and we’ll go back” I said, knowing I had the upper hand now.

“Mmm, no it’s mine, it’s so big” she moaned, arguing with herself. “I want it, I want to taste it.”

“No” she interrupted herself, “we have to get back.” She let go of me and pulled back just an inch.

I took the opportunity to firmly spin her around and lean her against the wall, moving in to press my dick against the cheeks of her arse and lean down to kiss her neck.

“Oh fuck” she groaned.

“Maybe I should just do it right here” I said right into her ear. “Maybe I should fuck you right here.”

I bent my hips and reached down to line my cock up with her pussy and run it back and forth between her lips.

“Oh yes I want it, I want you” she moaned again, pushing her hips back into me. “We can’t though, not here.”

That was okay, I had no intention of fucking her in a cloakroom, I was going to do this properly. I pushed my dick up just a fraction so that it barely parted her lips and whispered “I’ll make you a deal. We go back for half an hour and get you that drink. Then we go up to my room and I’ll let you have it.”

“Oh fuck” she cried, looking back at me over her shoulder. “Buy me that drink and I’ll let you put it wherever you want.”

Fuck that was hot. It was so hard to pull my dick away from her wet, warm pussy right then but I managed to withdraw and then I reached down, tugged at her panties, and said “one more thing though, I’m taking these with me.”

She didn’t even question me, as I pulled away and tried to stuff my hard cock back into my trousers, she pushed her panties down to her feet and stepped out of them. She had to hold onto the shelf as she picked them up off the floor as she was üsküdar escort still a bit unsteady. She stumbled as she presented them to me and slurred “I’ll get these back later big boy.”

We straightened ourselves up as much as we could, I stuffed her panties in my pocket, and we exited the cupboard. She returned to the bar and I waited a minute for my hard on to go down. When I decided it was soft enough to hide, I walked back into the bar and ran into Sophie, greeting her as if I wasn’t expecting her to be there. I was probably being far too obvious but hey, I’d had a lot to drink too. She let me buy her a double vodka and we mingled around for a while, chatting to the others who were just as drunk as we were. The only difference was we kept staring and smiling at each other across the bar. At one point I saw her whispering to Laura quietly, when Laura suddenly gasped and her eyes opened wide as she looked down at Sophie’s skirt. They giggled as Sophie had obviously shared a bit too much with her. I wondered how that would go down back in the office.

I don’t know how long we were there but it was long enough for Sophie to make a show of talking to several people so they would remember her being there. I was sat at the bar when she joined me and I offered her another drink. She accepted and then quietly whispered “I can’t wait any longer, I’m so wet.”

“Meet me in the hall” I whispered back, taking my drink and casually walking away.

We met just around the corner and she practically attacked me, shoving her tongue into my mouth. We could barely keep our hands off each other as we climbed a single floor to the room I had booked. I think the excitement of knowing what was coming, but delaying it, had got us both to fever pitch.

As we crashed through the door to my room, Sophie leant back against the wall and, before I had even got the door shut, she had hiked her skirt up over her hips and was rubbing her hand over the front of her pussy. As I immediately dropped to my knees, I could see that the insides of her thighs were wet and shiny, I think she was so turned on that her own wetness had been leaking down her thighs. Without hesitating, I buried my face between her legs and shoved my tongue inside her, reaching around to fondle her big round arse. “Oh fuck, yes” she shouted, loud enough to be heard through the door. She lifted one of her legs up on to my shoulder to push her pussy harder against my face as I continued to eat her out. The urgency of the situation was turning us both on and it only took a minute or two for her to scream out her first orgasm. Her pussy became so wet I felt her juices cover my mouth and chin.

As she stood back down and I knelt back, I saw that she had taken her top and bra off to reveal an amazing set of huge natural tits that rose and fell as we stared at each other, breathing heavily. As she took a sip of her drink, I reached up, pulled her skirt down straight so I could unzip it, and then pulled it down her legs. Now seeing her stood there, almost naked, my dick nearly burst out of my trousers. Her huge breasts wobbled as she turned slightly to put her glass down, she had a flat stomach and wide hips, with a big triangle of bushy pubic hair leading down to her pale pink pussy. Her thighs were now even more drenched and she still had her stockings on and her dark red heels. She looked gorgeous and slutty at the same time.

As I stood up, I pulled Sophie to me and kissed her, then playfully threw her backwards on to the bed. She let out a giggle and immediately moved her hand down and pushed a finger into her wet hole. As I stood in front of her, pulling my clothes off, she rolled over and pulled her legs up so that she was on her knees with her head to the mattress, looking back at me between her legs. She was moaning as she reached back and resumed frantically fingering her own cunt.

As I shed the last of my clothes and moved over to her, she excitedly flipped back over and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, reaching up to take hold of my swinging cock. Without any preliminaries, she shoved it in her mouth and began sucking as hard as she could. I don’t know if she was usually like this or if it was because she was drunk but it was the wettest, sloppiest blowjob I had ever had, she was really trying to force it down as far as it would go. I noticed that she was still rubbing her own pussy which must have been absolutely dripping by that point.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth, prompting a disappointed look from her, until I gently pushed her back on the bed. She scooted further up and I followed, kneeling in front of her as she tuzla escort lay back waiting for me to take the lead.

I grabbed one of her stocking clad legs and pulled it up over my shoulder while gently pushing the other one to the side so her pussy was open and exposed to me. “Mmm” she moaned in anticipation and then gasped loudly as I shoved a finger inside her. “Do you still want this then?” I asked teasingly.

“Yes, yes I want it now” she almost screamed.

“What do you want?” I asked pressing a thumb over her clit.

“Oh fuck, I want your dick. Fuck me, please!”

With that, I lined my cock up and shoved, hard. I slipped in fairly easily, she was tight but she had the hottest, wettest pussy I’d ever seen so my cock slid several inches into her. She practically screamed in pleasure as I rammed into her, and she continued to scream as I fucked her vigorously. She threw her head back and ran her hands through her hair as I varied the rhythm of my thrusting and, thanks to having drunk so much, I lasted even longer than I expected to.

Eventually though, I could feel my orgasm approaching so, just as I reached the edge, I pulled out and rested the head of my dick in the dark hair above her pussy. I stroked my shaft and watched as spurt after spurt of my thick cum matted her pubic hair and coated her stomach. She moaned and rubbed her hand over her stomach, massaging it into her skin.

I dropped down next to her and we resumed kissing and touching each other (albeit a little less urgently now). Almost immediately, Sophie started to grind her hips against my hand and squeeze my dick a little harder. Then she moved quickly down to her knees on the end of the bed and looked up at me with a grin before taking my dick into her mouth again and sucking on it. I quickly got hard again, and the stiffer I got, the more she sped up, bobbing up and down on my pole and making it even wetter than before. When it was fully hard, she moved slowly back up to my face, as if she was going to kiss me again but then dropped down on her back next to me. She looked down and squeezed her huge tits together as she said “I want your dick right here.”‘

I didn’t need to be given that opportunity twice. I jumped up and flipped over to straddle her, moving up to her chest. She let go of her boobs slightly, creating a gap between them and I lowered my body down to hers and pushed my dick into the valley between her tits. She pushed them back together, closing the soft flesh around me, and I gently started to thrust back and forth, moving my wet dick up and down her chest.

As I started to speed up and thrust my hips a little harder, I realised Sophie seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was. She had a wide, naughty smile on her face, and giggled every time I thrust hard enough for the tip of my dick to touch her chin. As I got a bit more confident in this position, I reached one arm back and began to gently play with her pussy. I was rewarded with a loud moan from Sophie as I stuck a finger in her sopping hole.

“Oh yes” she moaned “put it back inside me.”

I moved off her chest and she scrambled up the bed and flipped over on to her hands and knees, presenting her big arse and sopping wet pussy. Not wasting any time, I got behind her, lined my dick up with her pussy, and rammed it in. She was even wetter than before so I had no trouble slamming all the way in, causing wet squishing sounds as my hips met her arse. As I pounded away at her, she screamed and grabbed the head board with one hand while reaching down to rub her clit with the other. I pounded her through two more orgasms in quick succession before I felt my own approaching again.

I knew exactly how I wanted to do this so I pulled out and quickly flipped her onto her back. I held her legs together, up over one of my shoulders, and slammed back into her. My body pounded against her legs as I pushed my dick deep into her a few more times until I couldn’t hold off any longer. I pulled out and continued to hold her legs over my head as I stroked my cock. I came so hard, I spurted a huge load that splashed all over the backs of her thighs and her engorged pussy lips that were poking through. When I finished spurting my load, I put her legs down so she was lying on her side, and lay down next to her. She just signed contentedly.

We lay there for a few minutes before she got up to go to the bathroom. She looked such a mess, stumbling away in just her stockings with my cum dripping down the bottom of her arse cheeks and the backs of her legs. We finished our drinks and she stayed the night in my room instead of getting a taxi home. In the morning I drove her home so she wouldn’t have to do the walk of shame. She had a pretty bad headache but seemed quite happy, and told me she had really enjoyed last night. As she got out of my car, she gave me a wink and said she was looking forward to the next office party.

It was only after she had gone I realised she didn’t even ask for her panties back.

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