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Big Tits

Connie worked as a Fluffer a few days a week. It was almost customary that she would get the crew off before calling it a day. Diana still called her for a shoot once a week and she really enjoyed modelling for her as well. When pay day came around, Connie was amazed to have almost $600 in her purse.

Since their kiss earlier in the week, Connie had not seen Trent. Although they exchanged text messages, their schedules never aligned and Connie was somewhat relieved. She had spent a lot of her down time wondering about the feelings she had developed for Trent. Connie wanted Trent. She wanted to give herself to him and please him with her body. She rationalized it as the difference between love and work; it was just business. Picking up her phone, she called him.

Connie spoke quickly, “What are you up to today?”

“Bloody dishes.” Trent laughed.

Connie giggled, “Need help?”

“Really? You want to come clean my apartment?” Trent said humorously.

“I want to spend time with you; plus, I’ve never seen your place.” Connie was serious in her tone.

Trent’s voice straightened, “Okay, I’ll come get you now than before you change your mind.”

On the drive to his apartment he reached over and took Connie’s tiny hand in his, holding it for the duration of the trip. Trent slipped around opening her door for her and taking her hand as she climbed out of the car.

Before opening the door to his apartment he looked at her, “It’s a mess. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Good lord! You weren’t kidding.” Connie blurted immediately upon entering the apartment.

The apartment was a small bachelor apartment; with the exception of the bathroom, it was effectively a big single room. One corner was a kitchen and the rest was the living room. Dishes piled high in both sinks and dirty pots littered the stove. A pile of clothes lay beside a single bed that’s sheets lay disheveled exposing the bare mattress.

“Well, I did warn you. Now you know why I haven’t invited you over.” Trent shrugged and removed debris from his couch so Connie could sit.

Connie sat for a moment then insisted it was time to do some cleaning. Trent was highly resistant to the idea but Connie’s mind was made up. An hour later, all the clothes and sheets were sorted and ready for the laundry mat. Dishes were washed and put away by Trent while Connie had swept the short grey pile carpeting as Trent didn’t own a vacuum cleaner.

Each of them grabbed a bag of laundry and dragged them down to the car. As Connie loaded one of the washing machines, Trent pressed himself behind her. His hot breath on her ear as he spoke sent shivers through her body covering her in goose bumps.

“You are a special woman Connie.” Trent wrapped his arms around her firmly squeezing from behind. “Thank you for coming to hang out with me today.”

Connie turned in his arms and kissed him quickly as she closed the washing machines lid and hit the start button. “Special enough to feed?”

Trent smiled, “Absolutely! What do you feel like eating?”

A gyro restaurant beckoned from across the street. The couple slipped through the snow piled at the side of the road and ran wantonly across the street dodging traffic. They sat in the fish bowel looking out at the street as they ate.

“Do you know what Jason does for a living?” Connie asked matter of fact.

Trent thought for a moment, “I do.”

Connie wasn’t convinced that Trent really knew, “Ever see any of his work?”

“I have.” Trent smiled and then changed the subject. “Want to go catch a show later?”

“Sure.” Connie was hoping to get a feel for whether Trent knew what she did but apparently it was not to happen. At a minimum, she hoped to get a feel for how he felt about Jason’s business.

Trent was very attentive with her, always opening doors and complimenting her. Connie could not have felt like more of a woman than when she was with him. When the laundry was done, they returned the apartment. Trent put hung clothes and stored the rest on shelves and drawers. Connie made the bed before sitting on the couch admiring their work.

“It almost looks civilized in here now.” Connie laughed.

Trent laughed, “Almost?”

“Now you just need to hang something on these empty assed walls of yours!” Connie’s voice was full of playful attitude.

Trent threw himself on the couch and play wrestled her until she was lying on her back. With her legs parted Trent lay on top of her with his hands on either side of her face. Brushing her hair gently, he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her. Trent ground himself in to her pelvis as they kissed. His hands slowly made their way up her tee and squeezed her through her bra. Even through both of their jeans, Connie could feel his hardness as they kissed. Arching her back she unclasped her bra and Trent took the opportunity to help her out of her shirt and remove the bra completely.

“Fuck me.” Trent stood staring at Connie’s breast. “They are more beautiful than I imagined.” His hands attacked them and Connie fell back on the couch.

His kartal escort hands squeezed her breasts gently and each nipple tweak sent electric shocks to her pussy. She wrapped her legs around him and gave herself to him. Trent kissed his way to her breast where he licked and suck each of them as if one would get jealous from too much attention.

Connie pushed Trent back on his knees and stood up. Grabbing the hem of his sweater she pulled it over his head. Running her hands over the thick hair of his chest she smiled down at him. Trent reached up around and squeezed her ass until she pushed him to lay back on the couch.

Fumbling with the button of his jeans, she eventually managed to get his pants undone and his zipper lowered. Climbing on him she began to grind the bulge in his pants as she fed her breasts to his hungry mouth. Undoing her own pants, she slowly pulled her zipper down. Trent’s hands slipped under them and squeezed her through her lacy boy cut panties as he continued to lick and suck her delicious tits.

Trent was hard as a rock and Connie was driving him insane. Picking her up Trent laid her gently on the freshly made bed before pulling her jeans over her hips and laying them on the floor. He stood looking at the beautiful young woman smiling back at him. Her red hair flowed across the sheets of his bed, her breasts sat beautifully on her chest and the only thing she wore was a lacy pair of baby blue panties.

Connie watched Trent smiling wildly as she lay there exposed for the first time. His face told her that he enjoyed what he was seeing. “Take your pants off too.” Connie watched hungrily as he slid his pants off.

His cock pressed the fabric of his boxers and she could tell he was quite endowed.

Sliding up on the bed, Trent climbed between her legs again and began kissing her. He could feel the heat from her pussy as he pressed his cock against her. The thin fabric of their underwear was all that separated them. Kissing her he pushed his tongue in her mouth and she happily gave herself to him. His hands squeezed her beautiful breasts and he enjoyed every minute never wanting it to end.

Connie bucked her hips pressing her clit against his throbbing cock. Reaching down she grabbed his cock through his boxers and squeezed him. Slowly stroking his cock causing him to moan in her mouth.

Climbing off her, he lay beside her and took her breast in his mouth as his hand traced its way down her flat stomach. His fingers danced at the edge of her panties sending shivers over her body. Slipping the tips under the hem, he slowly moved towards her heat, stopping just short of her pleasure button. He stared in her eyes releasing her nipple from his mouth and smiled broadly knowing he was tormenting her.

“You tease!” Connie’s eyes begged for him to release her pleasure.

Trent moved his hands over her warmth and slowly massaged in to her wetness. Teasing the opening and then sliding up and over her magic button causing her to buck wildly at his touch. Connie’s hand reached blindly for his cock. Once she found it she fumbled to release it from his underwear. Eventually Trent helped by sliding his hard cock out the opening for her eager hand.

Sucking her nipple back in his mouth, he slid two long fingers in to her and expertly pressed her g spot. Slow movements sent a pleasure she had never felt over her body. Trent could feel her body tensing on and moved his lips to hers.

“Cum for me.” Trent’s words muffled by their kiss. “Cum all over those fingers.”

Connie was close and wrapped her hands around his head pulling his lips tighter as began to buck and moan., “I’m cumming. Oh fuck…”

Connie’s pussy unleashed a blast as she bucked and fucked the fingers inside her. When she slowed and started to regain composure, Trent moved his fingers sending more shocks over her body until she begged for reprieve.

Reluctantly Trent removed his fingers from her, “How was that?”

Connie stared blissfully at him, “unbelievable!” Her hand was still on his hard cock. As her composure started to come back, she realized just how thick the cock in her hand was. “Your turn.” She pushed Trent on his back and sat up beside him.

Finally getting her first glance at his cock, she gasped, “That is a big fucking cock Trent!”

Trent didn’t speak, he just smiled watching her tiny hand moving his cock around inspecting it.

It felt like she was holding a tall pop can. The rim of the head and the shaft were the same diameter. She pointed him upwards and slowly stroked his big cock. Lowering her head she licked the underside watching his cock jerk in response. She licked the shaft up and down drooling on his big piece of meat until her hand slid easily along his length. Unable to put his cock in her mouth, she sucked at the head and ran her tongue over him.

The salty drool from his manhood never ceased and flowed like a river over her tongue. She played with his balls as she sucked at the pre-cum dripping from the slit. Both hands worked his bostancı escort cock faster hoping to make him cum.

“You want me to cum?” Trent’s voice was low and gritty.

Connie sucked at the head trying to fit it in her mouth, “Yes!”

Trent stood up and shifted Connie so her head was on his pillow. Straddling her chest he put his cock between her breasts. Connie squeezed them together as best she could and Trent began to fuck her breasts. Opening her mouth she tongued and licked his big drippy head every time it popped out the top of her cleavage.

Connie watched Trent intently for signs of his pending explosion, “Give it to me. Cum on my titties.”

“I want to cum in your mouth.” Trent moaned wildly.

Connie squeezed her breasts tighter as Trent began fucking faster, “Feed me that cum baby.”

Trent screamed wildly and grasped the base of his cock before placing the swollen head at her lips, “Open.”

Connie opened her mouth and Trent unleashed a torrent of cum in her mouth. She remained with her mouth open and he jerked all his cum. When he sat back on her pelvis he looked at the sexy redhead with her mouth open and full of his cum.

“Show me you love me.” Trent smiled

Connie swallowed.

That night they went to a movie. Neither of them paid attention to the movie as they kissed and flirted with each other at the back of the theater. When they returned home, they were both beyond horny and another oral love fest took place until they both lay panting in each other’s arms.

“Have you ever fucked a woman with that monster?” Connie giggled as she played with his chest hair.

Trent’s hand slid through the silky red hair as they lay in the dark room, “A few.”

“Few?” Connie propped her chin on his chest and looked through the darkness at him. “Do tell.”

Trent laughed, “No one as tiny as you.”

“You’re never going to make love to me?” Connie said sadly.

Pulling her face to his he kissed her, “Oh I’m going to make love to you, it will just take some time.”

Connie understood that they would have to work on stretching her so he didn’t split her in two.

“Jason said he’s helping me out. So I should be able to get my cock in you.”

Connie almost choked. ‘What?”

“Yeah, Jason is a pretty big guy. Eventually you will be ready for me.” Trent was very casual.

“You know?” Connie was incredulous. “How long have you known?”

“How do you think you got the job?” Trent smiled. “He knows I’m nuts about you.”

Connie sat quietly for a moment, “You don’t mind another guy fucking me?”

“On the contrary actually, I need other guys to fuck you.” Trent returned to stroking her hair.

“You know what he has me doing for work too?” Connie finally got her question out in the open.

Trent kissed her again, “Jason and I have no secrets.”

Connie didn’t sleep well as her mind raced wildly for most of the night. She had a good job, a man who was crazy about her and he didn’t mind other guys having her. When the reality hit her, she couldn’t believe how lucky she was.

When she woke up, Trent was sitting patiently on the couch fully dressed. He was watching her and smiled immediately upon seeing her eyes open.

“Good morning beautiful.” Trent held a latte up. “I brought you some breakfast.”

Connie reached for a tee to pull over her, but Trent frowned, “You want me naked?”

Trent didn’t need to answer; he just smiled and patted the couch beside him.

For the next couple weeks, she found herself spending more time at Trent’s apartment when she wasn’t working. Even when Trent was at work, she would hang out at his place making a point of keeping it tidy and putting some food in the fridge.

At work, she became quite comfortable with the routine and thought mostly of Trent when she sucked the strange cocks. Jason continued to have his way with her at every opportunity and Trent continued to be the most loving man a girl could ask for.

The time came when Trent asked her to move in with him. Connie wanted nothing more, but clearly had to talk with Beth. The last thing she wanted to do was cause any hardship for her. At a coffee shop, the girls sat and discussed the situation. Beth was not naïve and saw the writing on the wall with the extended absences of Connie.

“So he’s the special one?” Beth smiled at her.

Connie beamed happily, “Yes. He’s one of a kind.”

“Do tell.” Beth inquired.

Connie unloaded all her secrets to her only real friend in the big city. She told Beth how her job turned in to fluffing, her boss fucking her; even the couple times Diana joined in. Beth sat wide eyed and Connie couldn’t tell if it was shock or admiration.

Beth stuttered, “Trent knows all this? And he doesn’t mind at all?” Beth sounded jealous. “You lucky little bitch.” Beth slapped at her playfully.

Connie smiled at her.

“Trent must be one confident guy.” Beth got serious. “What happens when you fall in love with one of those big cocks you suck at work?”

Connie maltepe escort couldn’t resist telling her about the heat that Trent packed. His slim frame had been no indication to what he held in store for her that first night.

Beth just listened intently, “Damn! Can I sleep with him?”

“Who?” Connie was puzzled.

Beth rolled her eyes, “Trent of course. Would you let him do me?”

Connie laughed, “If he wanted to I would. You clearly have no idea what you would be in for.” The reality was, Trent only wanted Connie and he had made that very clear to her.

A week later, Connie was officially living with Trent.

Connie climbed in to bed fully naked and pressed herself against Trent. Her hand fondled his heavy manhood until she felt it begin to stir. She nuzzled her lips to his neck and kissed her way to his mouth bringing him from his sleep, “Please put it in me.”

Trent’s eyes opened wider, “You think it’s time baby?”

“I think we need to try.” Connie slid her leg over his hips straddling his cock. Her pussy rested on the shaft and she felt it growing beneath her.

Connie leaned forward and slid his semi hard cock at the opening of her pussy. She slowly coated his rapidly swelling head with her juices before pushing her entrance over the big head. She screamed loudly and Trent put his hand over her mouth.

“Don’t move!” Connie begged. “God don’t move. It’s so fucking big.” She kneeled paralyzed with the head of his cock stretching her wider than ever thought possible. The pain raced through her and she began deep breathing trying to adjust to her man’s cock. Slowly she lifted herself up leaving the tip at her opening.

Trent let out a guttural moan, “You are so fucking tight babe.”

Connie moved slowly up and down fucking herself with the head, “I feel like a fucking virgin again.”

“Put the head back in and I’ll stroke myself” Trent slowly began to squeeze his cock.

Connie lowered herself pushing his head back in, “Jesus, it feels even bigger!” She felt her pussy stretching as his head popped in to her.

Connie stilled and Trent stroked his cock. His big hand reached up and pulled her face to his. When he kissed her his cock pushed slightly deeper causing her to gasp and bite at his lip. Kissing, Connie lifted herself up and slowly fucked a half inch of his cock while moaning wildly in his mouth.

Trent could not believe the tightness on his cock and was in heaven. As he stroked himself he slowly moved his hips causing Connie to moan louder. His cock was now fucking her with a good inch and he had no intentions of stopping.

“You can take more baby. Why don’t you suck it and get it really wet.” Trent’s grip on her hair was firm.

Connie pulled herself off him and felt empty as she sucked his cock head, drooling and licking his cock until it was fully covered with her saliva.

Trent pulled her pussy to his lips and licked her stretched hole. As he licked and tongued her slippery hole, his fingers probed her stretching her pussy to prepare her for his cock. Connie sucked at the head and stroked him wildly.

Connie licked down his shaft until her tongue ran over one of his big balls. Using her hand she pushed it to her mouth licking it and sucking it in to her mouth. Trent’s moans of pleasure told her clearly that she needed to do that more often.

Trent had three fingers deep in her tight pussy and continued to probe and stretch her until he had to have his fat cock back in her, “Let’s try to put this in you again.”

Connie spun around quickly until his cock was at her opening. Trent grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her lips to his. Their tongues danced as he held his cock at her tight opening and she slowly sat down on it taking the big head back in to her. Her eyes shot open wide as he began moving his hips.

Perfectly still she sat up biting her lip as her lover slowly worked his massive tool in to her pussy. Trent put his hands on her hips and kept his eyes and lips locked on hers. His big tool was now fucking a couple inches in and out of her. Every thrust made Connie gasp as he stretched her open.

When Trent stilled, Connie took control and wiggled her hips adjusting to his girth. Her pussy was soaking wet and she knew she was not quitting until she had this big cock deep in her. Sliding up she sat down and pushed more of him in to her. The extra inch made her scream out and her pussy exploded on his cock.

Trent began moving his hips fucking his big stick in and out of her. Connie worked on taking more of him and every orgasm she had allowed him to push deeper. In the throes of a squirting orgasm, Trent pushed his big cock deep in to Connie causing her eyes to roll back in her head. With the majority of his cock in her, he began longer stroked guiding his petite girl up and down his big cock.

Her tight pussy squeezed and milked his big cock trying to rob him of his treasures, “You are gonna make me cum baby.”

Connie leaned down and locked her lips with his, “Cum.”

Trent didn’t need any more coaxing and began thrusting faster in to her tight pussy until his cock exploded in torrent that made him scream out for the neighbours to hear. Her tight pussy clenched and milked his big pole feeling like an endless orgasm. He could feel his cum running down his balls and knew there was no room for it in her tiny little pussy.

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