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This is a story about what could happen if two flirtatious friends from work go for a walk in the park.

Ninety seconds

“I feel like a walk in the park, want to come with me?”

“Yes, I would really like that!”

“It will be quiet there; maybe we can even hold hands.”

“As long as my wife doesn’t find out.”

“No worry, I won’t make you do anything you don’t want”.

“Ha, ha! Maybe I will try to see what I can do with you!”

“You can try, but let’s stay with a hug. And leave it at that!”

“I’ll take it. And I’ll take whatever else I can get. How much time will you give me for the hug?”

“How about a minute?”

“I would like at least two!”

At the park they argued a bit about the time while they walked. In the end they agreed on ninety seconds since she did not want to get herself, or him, into any trouble. It was going to be their first real hug after all, with maybe a kiss or two. But that would have to be it.

Maybe she should never have accepted that dare while texting. When texting it all seemed so distant. They were both married after all. Yes, she liked him a lot and she was well aware he liked her. He had been clear enough in some of the other texting sessions. If she gave him more time he would cop a quick feel for sure! Not that she would really mind if she was honest with herself. If he did, maybe she would do it right back!

As they walked they realised the park was quite empty, and soon enough they were holding hands. While walking they quite openly talked about their lives, desire for affection, some of the emptiness in their marriages. And they both time and time again hinted at their mutual attraction.

“I am calling the dare” he announced after a while.

“How about behind that big tree over there.”

“Ninety seconds?”

“Yes, and that’s it!”

“I’ll see what I can do! If I go too far just say “stop”. Ok?”

“Ok! Should I worry?”

“I don’t think so.”

Once sheltered behind the tree they turned to face each other and moved closer. Solitude and attraction were doing its job while they looked at each other, too nervous to start. To calm her nerves she started gently moving her hand up and down his chest. Not to be outdone he reached out and put his hands on her hips. On the left side his hand found her warm silk skin because her shirt had become undone. For a whole indecisive minute or more they just stood there, gently touching and keeping eye contact..

To both of them it felt so natural doing this, it was lovingly normal, as if they knew one another intimately. eryaman escort bayan What neither realised was that the action of touching while so close helped synchronize their feelings and emotions. It also fanned the low flame of desire that had started while they walked holding hands. It was flaring up rapidly without their conscious brains noticing it.

What should have been a warning was the fact he had to reach into his pants pocket with his free hand to relief the pressure from his hardening member. She looked in his eyes and was happy they were going to embrace, that her work friend could hold her, touch her, hug her, and be creative. Yes, she admitted to herself that she hoped he would kiss her, but not much more. After all they were just work friends who liked to flirt a bit too much, intimate friends in a way with frequent daring word play and the occasional touching.

She had even fantasized about him a few times when playing with her vibrator. So yes, she liked the idea of being held by him, maybe kissed on her lips, or have her ears nibbled. But she was confident that would be all there was to it and 90 seconds was all she was going to give him! She was ready! Holding both his hands she nodded at him and closed her eyes.

90 seconds

Gently his lips touched hers while his arms went around her. She put her hands on his hips and pulled hi closer. Gently he probed with his tongue, he was a great kisser, so she opened her lips tentatively. Somehow rapidly the intensity of his kiss increased and she just went along. Quickly they were kissing hotly, he with great insistence, letting his hands wander. Within 8 seconds his right hand was grabbing her bum and his left hand cupping her breast. For a second or two she was shocked and surprised and wanted to protest.

But he kissed well and it has been a long time since she had felt so desired. It was lovely to be held by him. She felt an instant wave of heat roll through her body as his tongue started to seek out hers. The game was on, it promised to be an intense ninety seconds.

His hand on her breast was warm, he gently but insistently palmed her. His right hand pulled her close and she immediately felt his hard erection against her belly. He was taller than her and had to bent over somewhat to kiss her. After a few more seconds he bent a bit more and slid his hand down, lifting up her short skirt. Without stopping he slid this hand into her panties, onto her naked bum which he grabbed firmly, pulling her closer yet.

She opened her mouth in surprise intending to really a protest now, but all ankara escort that did was give him the chance to find her tongue a bit better. Her tongue reacted on its own, enjoying the game.

75 seconds

He broke the kiss and dropped to his knees. He slid his left hand under her skirt as well and without pause pulled down her panties. He gently lifted her left foot taking her panties off on that side. Lifting her foot splayed her legs a bit giving him access to what he wanted. Immediately he started kissing her belly, her thighs, and then her slit, sliding his tongue between her lips, tasting her intimately.

To her surprise she was not upset about his boldness. She actually liked what was happening, as if she had been waiting for it. She also felt a heat rising in her quickly, more quickly than she ever had experienced. This was happening fast.

He put his hands on her bum and massaged her cheeks as he continued to kiss and lick her slit, and occasionally sucking her clitoris gently. He pulled her hips a bit forward so she had to lean with her shoulder against the tree, which made her hips arch out even more to his ravishing. For her it was delicious being kissed like this, having her clit sucked while his tongue darted every few seconds deep inside her. She also realised that this was getting out of hand like an avalanche going down a mountain, once in motion it could not be stopped until it reached the bottom.

60 seconds

He must have undone his pants while he was kissing her because when he got up his penis stood out hard from his pulled down pants. When he rose she felt between her legs the heat of his hardness trailing up and then rubbing her thighs. To her own surprise all she felt was anticipation and eagerness.

He grabbed her naked bottom with both hands, pulled her even more forward and planted the tip of his dick straight between her now open lips. The large head of his dick spread these wide, and then slid in a bit as she moved into him in anticipation.

When he kissed her on the mouth she tasted her own saltiness. Then he broke the kiss and looked into her now open eyes as if asking for permission. Which he was.

All she could do was give a slight nod with her head and groan “Yesss! Do it!”

Without hesitation he nudged the hot tip of his dick deeper between her lips and pushed hard, sliding easily deep into her hot wetness. She could not help but seek his mouth pulling herself up with her arms around his neck. This also allowed her to move her hips more freely and move into him.

With their mouths locked and sincan escort bayan their tongues darting after each other it only took a few firm strokes from him to embed himself quickly and fully into her. Feeling the root of his penis rubbing her clitoris she knew she was being fucked, deeply fucked.

45 seconds

“Oh, this is delicious. I am riding the avalanche” was all she could think.

Her friend was inside her, was fucking her, making love to her. The feeling of being wanted, desired, loved, was so erotic she felt herself getting very, very wet, and the onset of an orgasm was forming quickly.

Holding her tight he started to move slowly in and out. It was heaven for both of them.

30 seconds

His mental clock must have told him he was running out of time because he picked up the pace, fucking her more and more forceful. For her all her barriers disappeared and all she wanted to do was to give herself over to this ride on the avalanche. He lifted her up more as he increased speed while she moved right with him on each of his strokes. With her hands around his neck she was on her tippy toes as he took her, and she took him.

Lifting herself up more and more she kissed him with total abandon. With a simple easy movement he lifted her up off the ground pulling her even closer and deeper onto him. All she could do was wrap her legs around his hips. With both of his hands on her bum he now could go deeper yet with every stroke. All she realised was that she was going to come very quickly impaled like this.

15 seconds

With her legs around his hips she had more freedom of movement too, it allowed her to move up and down as he moved within her. Within seconds, after a few more strokes, her vagina muscles started to contract. Her orgasm hit her like a tornado! Almost the same time she felt him stiffen and push deep, deep inside her before exploding, filling her with his semen. Pulsing he moved back and forth while she felt herself contracting delightfully on his hardness.

0 seconds

Slowly they came down, panting, the clock ticking on. But they were no longer paying attention now that the avalanche had reached the bottom. When he gently lowered her down she was still fully impaled as her feet touched the ground. He remained hard until she felt the last drops shooting up inside her. Her own final contractions milked these with delight.

Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at his heated face.

“Oh wow, that was great!” was all she could get out.

“I think we both needed that” was all he could come up with.

It took another 30 seconds for them to catch their breath and his penis to soften enough to slide out. As she felt their juices trickle down her thighs she started to wonder what it would have been like if she had allowed 5 minutes. Next time she was going to allow an hour!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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