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“The crowd is much younger here,” my wife said with a negative tone as we entered the Nashville bar.

“Yeah, but that’s not keeping the guys from checking you out, plus the music is good,” I replied as we searched for a table.

It was a Friday night, so the place was going to get crowded. We claimed a two seat high top. Lucky for us, it was in the zone covered by an attractive waitress nearly our age. Like my wife, she was short and had large breast. Her tight jeans complimented her round ass. Her hair, makeup and boots suggested she was not a struggling waitress. She had a beautiful smile. Despite her obvious experience, she seemed a little out of place.

My wife Liz, who’s never met a stranger, complimented everything about her. Kim, our waitress returned the compliments. It was “honey this” and “sugar that.” I waited patiently to order a beer while watching what appeared to be a reunion of two old friends.

Kim finally took our order, spun and swayed her ass enthusiastically on her way to the bar. Liz caught me starring and said, “like what you see?” I couldn’t deny it, so I just smiled and nodded. I was a little surprised when she said, “me too, she’s yummy.”

When she returned with our drinks, Kim placed her hand on my shoulder and thanked me for my patience. She smiled and gave Liz a wink. She didn’t have to ask how Liz’ drink was because she was raving about it after one sip. Kim said, “Sugar, you just let me know when you need another one and I’ll take care of you.”

The way she emphasized the later half of that statement was intriguing.

We enjoyed the music and crowd watching over our first drink. A few more middle aged couples had come in, but the crowd was still mostly younger. Watching them was comical. The single guys were trolling for something to take home and most of the young ladies were with girlfriends and there for free drinks. Some things never change. The drinks were good, but it was the service that made us stay.

Kim came by to check on us and told us she’d be taking a quick smoke break soon, in case we needed anything right away. I ordered another beer and Liz asked if she could grab a smoke with her. Kim smiled big escort ankara and said, “absolutely Sugar.” I got my beer and was told to enjoy the scenery as they left.

The scenery was good, but not any better than the two fine ladies that had just left.

They returned and asked me if I saw anything I liked while they were gone?

I replied honestly, “yes, but the two sexiest women in the place just walked up.” Kim blushed and called me a charmer. She told Liz she’d better hang onto me, winked and walked off shaking her fine ass again.

In the brief time that the ladies chatted, Liz got Kim’s full story. She worked her way through college in bars around Nashville. She eventually met her husband who was a successful business owner. He had died a few years ago. Her daughter was in college and she was getting stir crazy from being home alone. Her neighbors, who owned the bar, asked her to consider being their week night floor manager. She accepted saying it kept her busy and helped her stay fit. A little extra money helped too.

Due to labor shortages, Kim had to cover tables more than she’d expected. I respected her commitment and work ethic. With everything else she had going for her, I knew we needed to get better aquatinted.

Liz was giddy about meeting her. She said she was fun, genuine and they had lots in common.

I asked other than their fashion sense what they had in common?

“We both think you’re handsome,” she said with a wink.

We stayed until closing since our hotel was across the street. Liz had drank enough to be really frisky and I was looking forward to getting her naked. Kim stopped by to check on us and asked if we were ok to drive. She also asked if we’d like to exchange numbers. Of course we did and thanked her for her concern but explained we only had to walk across the street.

Liz asked Kim if she’d like to keep the party going awhile? Kim asked what she had in mind?

I spoke up and said, “we can serve you a drink in our room or on the pool deck.”

“Sounds wonderful”, she replied. “I’ll meet y’all on the pool deck as soon as I close.”

We returned to the room and grabbed our cooler. Kim wasn’t long ankara escortlar and was ready for a drink. It was much easier to talk without the loud music. We got far better acquainted and discovered we shared lots of interest. Kim slammed a few shots of peach vodka, saying she had to catch up. I told her if she had many more she’d have to stay with us. She winked and poured another one. She drank it, stood and said lead the way.

Once inside the room, I pulled Liz in for a long kiss. Without a word said, I turned and pulled Kim in for one.

She said, “Mmm, you’re a good kisser. Is she?”

I told her to find out. She took Liz by the hands and slowly pulled her close. They gingerly kissed, but within seconds it turned passionate. They firmly embraced one another and their hands started roaming. They sat on the bed, then laid on there sides as they made out. Damn it was hot!

Liz was usually submissive but not tonight. She took the lead by removing Kim’s top and unbuckling her belt. As Kim pushed her jeans down, Liz stood and removed her own clothes.

Kim had thick thighs and a plump ass. Her tits were fantastic. Liz sat up on the edge of the bed and sucked her nipples while rubbing her globes. I undressed and walked up behind Kim. I cupped her ass and leaned in to kiss her neck. She reached back and felt for my cock. She grabbed it and moaned softly.

Kim said, “it’s been awhile for me guys and I’ve never been with a couple.”

“No worries, your with friends,” I replied.

She said, “I’m not worried, just a little nervous.”

We proceeded with very little conversation. Liz kept kissing her breast and started rubbing her pussy. I rubbed her ass and reached around to cup her breast. She enjoyed the hands roaming over her body, but wanted to do more for us. She crawled onto the bed and began making out with Liz again. I spooned behind my wife and started rubbing my cock against her wet pussy. Kim was curious but tentative. She loved kissing Liz, rubbing her tits, but hadn’t touched her pussy. Liz rubbed Kim’s and she eventually returned the favor.

Liz responded with low moans. Kim’s confidence grew and she gently inserted sincan kaliteli escortlar her fingers. More moans from Liz confirmed her pleasure. Kim slid down and kissed her clit as she increased her finger speed. Liz grabbed her head, pressing it firmly into her, as she shuttered thru her first orgasm.

I was still lying behind Liz, so I pushed my cock toward Kim’s face. She licked it and Liz’ pussy, really getting into it.

I got off the bed and moved behind Kim and sucked on her tight slit. She was extremely wet. She continued playing with my wife like a new toy. I rubbed my dick on her pussy and she moaned her approval. I entered her with a slow steady motion, eliciting another deep groan. I gripped her ass and pounded at a steady pace. Kim had not slowed her assault on that pussy. Liz finally pushed away quivering saying she was too sensitive. She was panting and about to squirt, but didn’t want to shock her new friend.

I pulled Liz to the edge of the bed, got between her legs and slammed my cock into her. She likes it fast so I fucked her hard until her legs began to tremble. I pulled out and smacked her clit with the head of my dick and she squirted. Kim was amazed. Liz pulled back to the center of the bed, panting while smiling.

Kim said “wow” and sat up on the bed. She ran her hands over my wife’s legs. I stepped in front of Kim and ran my hands up her thighs. I pushed her legs open and plunged my cock back into her pussy.

Liz rubbed her and said “enjoy girlfriend.” I was close but wanted to make sure Kim came first. I slowed my pace and focused on her gorgeous tits. I sucked her nipples, which really turned her on. She grabbed my neck and pulled me in for a lustful kiss. We kept kissing as I increased my pace. I was fighting the urge to cum as she broke our kiss.

She yelled, “oh fuck” and came hard.

I pulled out and blasted my load all over her chest. She giggled and said, “y’all really know what you are doing.”

After cleaning up, I assumed Kim would drive home. Instead we all got in the king sized bed together and fell asleep naked. That was very nice and in some odd way helped consummate our friendship more than the sex.

I was the first to wake the next morning and snuck out to get good coffee. I returned to find the girls cuddled together still asleep. What a sexy sight. I drank my coffee just looking at them, letting them sleep and wondering if Liz had found a true friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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