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Hi everyone… I finally broke down and sent in a story. I hope everyone likes it. Be gentle, its my first one. That said, I would love to hear comments, or suggestions, or whatever. There are two people I’d like to thank for making this story possible. Celestiale, for inspiring me to write, and Belilica, who’s editing had helped me to turn this story into the readable document you see before you. Enjoy!

The bed creaks as I slide into it. Your back turned to me. I take a moment to study you and realize that you are only wearing your bra and panties. I slowly snuggle up to you and pull your hair away from your neck. A smile comes across my lips as I inhale deeply and your scent fills me. I plant a soft kiss on your bare neck, and move up slowly towards your ear. “I have a surprise for you tonight,” I whisper as my arms snake around your waist and my fingers trace gentle lines over your bare stomach. “Just relax, and let me please you…”

I reach back behind me and I pull out a black silk scarf. Kissing your neck again, I bring it up into your eyesight, and slowly fold it up. You can feel the soft material caressing your skin as I slowly trail it over your stomach and up between your breasts. You begin to object as I slide it over your eyes, and gently but firmly tie it into place. “Just let yourself go…” I tell you.

With your sight cut off, it seems all of your other senses are magnified. You can feel my hot breath on your skin, hear every creak of the bed as I istanbul escort shift, feel the smallest breeze slide over your skin. I move very carefully from behind you, and gently pull you towards me and laying on your back on the bed. I place both my hands on your stomach, and leave them there. Their heat radiates onto you, and you can feel the definite contrast of the smooth skin of my palm against the rougher calluses of my fingertips. Slowly, my hands start to move in circles, kneading the soft skin of your stomach as they journey upward. Finally, you can feel my fingers brushing against the bottom of your imprisoned breasts.

The bed creaks and you can feel my hot breath against your breasts through your bra. Then a tugging, and i unclasp it in the front, allowing it to slide away to reveal your beautiful peaks. I slowly lick and nibble on the bottom of your right breast, then moving upwards to kiss it all over, intentionally avoiding your pink nipple. It is begging for attention. You shift, pointing it upwards. Instead I slide over to your other mound, giving it the same treatment and leaving it bathed in my saliva and kisses, still leaving it’s precious peak. My tongue leaves your breasts, and you can hear the bed creak as I move away from you.

You hear what sounds like a rattling noise, then the bed creaks again as I return to you. My face is only inches away from your right nipple, bathing avcılar escort it in my hot breath. A sudden cold strikes your nipple. Your back arches up and you gasp as I begin to slide the ice cube in my hand over your hard nub. I take the ice cube off, then immediately lean over and draw your entire nipple into my warm mouth. I flick and tease it back to warmth with my tongue. I allow it to slip out gently, moist with my saliva. I plunge it back into the cold extreme and press the ice cube back to it. After a few seconds, i take it back into my mouth. At the same time, your other nipple suddenly cools down. The ice cube sliding around it slowly is a sharp contrast to the one inside my hot mouth. I can feel you shuddering against the sensations, your breath coming in short, quick pants. Little noises escape your lips as you strain against me.

The ice cube is mostly melted now, and I slide what little is left through your soft valley, up over your neck, and over your lips. You part them slightly and I slide it in. I lean down and kiss you hard, pushing my tongue into your mouth, feeling your warm tongue and the cold ice cube as it melts in our kiss. I break contact from your mouth and slide back down your body, licking both of your nipples as I pass them. I kiss your navel, and gently spread your legs with my free hand. Running my hand over the edge of your panties, I marvel at the soft feel of them, and smile as I see the wet spot growing şirinevler escort on them. I lean down, and run my tongue over your lower lips through your panties, my nose pressing against the bud of your clit as I lick you. I push aside your scant covering and trace up and down your lips with my tongue, with more urgency this time. I pull my tongue back, and you can feel something cold pressing against the entrance to your sex. The ice cube slips right in, and my tongue follows close behind it, pushing it deeper into you. My voice is hoarse, choked with my desire for you, “I need you, love…”

I pull myself up and climb on top of you. My eager cock is pressed against your slit, rubbing up and down along your opening. Then, slowly, I slide into you, feeling you so warm around me, but also feeling the melting ice cube deep within you. I pull back out, and slide in quickly, feeling your hips rising up to meet my thrusts. I lean down to nibble at your nipples, pulling at them gently with my teeth as we move together. My breath is coming shorter, I can feel my climax approaching. Your gasps tell me you are rapidly surpassing me. Your legs are wrapped around me, pulling me deep within you, holding me close. Suddenly, I feel your muscles grasp me hard and you call out your pleasure to me. I can’t hold out any longer and I let go, exploding inside of you, coating your inner walls with my hot seed. We collapse together, gasping, our bodies close together as we gently ride our mutual orgasm to its height and beyond. Slowly, I slide out of you, and take your blindfold off. After kissing you deeply I gaze into your eyes, hazy with afterglow and rest my lips on your neck. After a softer kiss I pull back, once again searching your eyes and I whisper to you softly, “Thank you…” before resting once again on your supple shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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