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Dave was new to the firm, and Julie immediately picked up on his cocky attitude and smirkish smile.

During the long lonely days, while pretending to calculate taxes, Julie’s bowed head would hide her hungry eyes. She seemed, to everyone at the firm, to be a dedicated, serious employee. But, she relished in the knowledge that they were all fooled by her conservative dress and altered personality.

Julie was delighted when the firm hired Dave. He was just the distraction she desired. His crooked grin, twinkling eyes and boyish, playful personality made him irresistible. Julie just wanted to eat him up!

One day, Dave caught Julie staring at the bulge in his slacks. Rather than blush and look away, Julie grinned, looked Dave in the eyes, and licked her lips. Dave immediately invited Julie to lunch.

Julie bravely accepted the invitation and could barely contain her excitement! Dave lingered, leaned against her office door and complimented her perfume. Dave made conversation but Julie heard not a word. She was so immensely affected by his close physical presence that she found it difficult to breathe, let alone speak.

Dave took her cue. “Meet me at the fourth floor elevator in the garage in five,” he said and walked away. Hoping she could catch a ride down with him, Julie grabbed her purse and briskly walked towards the elevators, but he was already gone.

As she stepped out of the elevator into the garage, she heard his truck start. Julie’s knees started to shake when istanbul escort Dave stopped his big truck and turned to look toward her. He opened his door and Julie stepped forward to greet him. His devilish grin told her he was up to something. She quickly backed up, but she wasn’t fast enough. Dave reached out, grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her into the truck and onto his lap.

Dave’ strong arms immediately relaxed Julie and a moan escaped her lips. He laughed and pulled her closer. Quickly losing her shyness, Julie wiggled on Dave’s lap, desperately trying to elicit a quick, playful response. She looked deep into his eyes and grinned. Angered at losing control for a moment, Dave responded by grabbing the back of her hair and pulling her to his lips. Julie’s mouth was open and waiting for his warmth even before their lips met.

Their first kiss was hard and impatient…devouring and frantic. The hunger they had felt for so long was unleashed and they could no longer control their animalistic needs.

Julie leaned back carefully so as not to hit the horn. She lifted her left leg over Dave and then propped it up on the console between the seats. Julie leaned forward and pressed her breasts against Dave’s strong chest, wanting to mold herself to him, become one with him. Dave responded by wrapping his arms tightly around her and crushing her to him while sucking the air out of her with his hot, impatient lips. Dave reached avcılar escort out to close the door. Julie then braced her right leg against the doorframe and her thighs closed in on him.

After several minutes, the kisses did not subside, but seemed to further ignite their passion and hunger. Julie pulled back first, staring into Dave’ eyes and glancing down at his swollen lips. She looked back into his eyes and noticed a smile hiding there. His arms came from around her waist. He kept looking into her eyes as his fingers made a slow trail up her sides, across her cheeks and to her lips. Julie took Dave’s finger into her mouth and uttered another moan, sucking hard. Taking his finger out and down her chin, he traced her neck down with his fingertips, barely whispering around her breasts. He then pushed his fingertips inward where they met at the top button on her blouse. He slowly undid the tiny buttons, one at a time, never letting his eyes leave hers.

Julie could hardly contain herself and involuntarily arched her back, anticipating the release of her breasts, which hungered for his full attention. Dave tucked her blouse back by her sides and reached behind her. Julie’s eyes rolled back as another deep moan dropped her mouth wide open. He grazed his hands over her bra strap but didn’t release her just yet. She pouted as if to say, “Free me now!” but before she could speak, Dave ran his hands back around and under her breasts, and then down towards her love. şirinevler escort She grinned deliriously and leaned her head back. Dave pressed the back of his hand hard against her and forcefully worked his knuckles up and down her excited prize.

Julie responded by working her hips side to side. The truck started to rock. Both of them were moaning with pleasure and enjoying each other’s sounds over the purring engine noise, which reverberated throughout the garage.

Dave was pulsing his throbbing erection as if it was inside her. Julie raised her arms and pressed her hands against the ceiling. She was panting wildly. Then, she brought her hands down around Dave’s face and kissed him madly. As he quickened his strokes, she quickly returned back to her reclined position, reached her hands for the ceiling and began riding his hand once again.

Julie quipped three quick “Oh No’s” and Dave knew he was about to fulfill her desire to burst. The thought of her cumming excited Dave and he too was on the verge.

Just then, the elevator bell dinged. Without hesitation, Dave slammed the truck into gear and buried his foot into the floorboard. Julie screamed and slid forward onto Dave’s bulging erection.

Adrenaline filled their veins and heightened their excitement. They were both beyond the point of no return. Julie leaned onto Dave’s shoulder and let out a wild cry as she burst into climax. She ground her love into Dave’s bulge. In a split second, Dave swerved up the next ramp and lay on the gas to further push Julie onto him. She ground wildly on him, screaming, biting and kissing his neck.

Dave took the turn hard and fast and then slammed on the breaks. Just as he came to a jerking stop, he arched back into the seat and joined Julie in an adrenaline-filled summit of satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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