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Ashley Adams

This story involves a severe whipping as well as incestuous relations and bodily functions, so those who find any of those subjects too much to handle should read no further. All characters are 18 or over.


My brother and I had long been spanked by my mother when we were naughty. It was not pleasant, and it got worse as we matured. Dennis was 18, two years younger than I was, and it’s obviously more embarrassing for his 20-year-old sister to be seen with her bottom bared for a spanking than for me to see his little naked tushee.

Since Mom decided once I was old enough to wear a bra that I would have to remove it when I was spanked, it was even more embarrassing for me since my brother got to ogle my tits while I had very little interest in seeing his little thing, although it was funny to see it get hard when he saw me so embarrassed. Even hard, it was still little.

But when I was 20 and still living at home and Dennis was 18, it started to get much worse. I was commuting to college, and he would be in the fall. Mother still treated us like children and she informed me that I was going to be disciplined for not keeping my room tidy. I guess I lost it and started to get angry and told her off big-time.

She looked me straight in the eye and just calmly said, “Susan, you have brought this on yourself. You are going to be whipped for your naughty behavior.”

I was used to being spanked. It hurt a lot but afterwards we hugged and everything was back to normal. She had never used that word—whipped—with us before, much less punished either of us with any kind of whip. I wasn’t sure what she meant. I figured it could be a belt or a strap…and then I started to get really scared. Suppose she had something like a martinet or a cat-of-nine-tails? Or a huge bullwhip?

She knew how to make it the most effective by telling us we would be punished well before it happened. I was informed by her in the words I set out earlier a day before the event.

I had real trouble getting to sleep that night. Dennis came into my room and commiserated with me. He said he was sorry that Mom always insisted that each of us be present even if only one was going to be punished.

“Sue,” he said, “it would scare me if she told me I was going to be whipped so I can understand how you feel.” He gave me a nice hug. We were growing closer.

Just so it would be easier for her, I wore simple white cotton panties and a plain white bra under my shirt and skirt that day. My shoes were slip-ons and I didn’t bother with any jewelry.

I went to the living room at the time she had specified and found Dennis there. Mom had apparently also invited my Aunt Kathryn, with whom she was close, to witness my shameful punishment. Aunt Kathryn was younger than Mom and not that much older than I was, with no children of her own, so this also embarrassed me because she tended to treat me as a younger girl.

Mom now came into the living room wearing a severe white blouse and gray flannel skirt with seamed hose and shining black low heels. She was carrying in one hand what looked like a multi-tailed implement. I was ordered to bend over the couch and remove my blouse and bra. I complied, placing them on the couch.

Then Mom came behind me and flipped up my short skirt and pinned it to stay up. She then told me to take my panties off entirely, which I did, as I felt Dennis’s and Aunt Kathy’s eyes watching between my legs, where I have a reasonable growth of hair as I do down front.

Then another surprise was sprung. Mom asked Aunt Kathy to take me across her lap and spank me, as a warmup. I duly placed myself across Kathy’s lap as she sat on an armless chair in the living room. Normally, I didn’t have any bad feelings about Aunt Kathy but I didn’t like this new thing of letting her spank me. beşiktaş escort She was younger than Mom was and not all that much older than me, so it was more humiliating to be spanked by her.

And she made it as humiliating as possible. “Susan, I’m surprised that a big girl like you has to be spanked like a little girl and then whipped to improve your behavior,” she said as if I were a child. She then started spanking me and it did start to hurt as she spanked my cheeks alternately and harder. She then really made me feel awful when she let her fingers go down between my legs and then announced that I was wet. My face was now as red as my bottom. Finally, she stopped spanking and feeling my pussy and turned me back to Mom.

Mom positioned me now at the end of the couch with a lot of room on either side for her to swing the whip. She also added one little refinement that she had previously used when she felt I had been an especially bad girl. She dabbed some Vaseline into my bottom-hole and then carefully inserted a ginger stick—raw ginger with the skin removed.

This is called figging and the ginger stick is known as a fig. A little of it sticks out so it can be removed or jostled a little to irritate your rectum. After a while the heat inside you starts to stimulate the ginger to release fluid and this stings you on the inside of your anus. It is a diabolical sort of punishment.

Now I finally was at the scary moment before the actual imposition. I wasn’t able to see the whipping implement close up, but it turned out to be sort of between a martinet and a cat-of-nine-tails kind of flogger. It had medium length leather tails, thankfully without metal ends. It was impressive enough to scare me, though.

Mom stood back a bit and delivered a stroke on my waiting bare bottom with her right arm.

The tails whistled through the air and slapped onto my waiting bottom cheeks. It stung and stung more than once. Mom kept slapping the whip onto my bottom and each time it was like I was being bitten hard by especially nasty insects. She was teasing me by gradually aiming lower, so the tails started to go through the opening between my legs.

She had ordered me, of course, to spread them quite wide as I bent over the couch. Then, one of the tails snapped right on my labia and I screamed. I looked back and Mom was smiling. She gave me another stroke and several of the tails came up between my legs, catching me in my hairy furrow. Again, I screamed as this was true torture and getting worse.

Mom struck again as I was looking back at her and I saw the smile on her face. That was the moment I understood how sadistic she was. She had aimed low and the tails swept between my legs and landed on my vulva and one must have smacked the tip of my excited clit.

This was enough to send me reeling and I let out a scream that probably could have woken up the neighborhood if anyone was there, which was unlikely because it was 4 P.M. on a work day.

The outcry did cause Mom to stop for a minute. She called Aunt Kathy over and remarked to her that she felt that because I had been so insulting to her, she would punish me in my most sensitive place.

Aunt Kathy grinned and responded, “Oh, I see, Nancy, that you’ve been aiming down between her legs. I think it is appropriate because she has behaved like a little cunt.”

Mom laughed, and Dennis didn’t dare say anything or he knew they would like nothing better than to punish him with similar severity.

Mom then announced that the punishment would resume. She aimed the multi-tailed whip down and gave me two more excruciating strokes, which featured several of the tails snapping right in my quim.

I started to feel really sore down there as well as afraid that she was going to scar me for beylikdüzü escort quite a while. I was thinking that it would be impossible to have sex with my boyfriend Brad for quite a while.

Mom now moved her attack further up on my bottom. I knew it must be red or worse by now. I felt the stings of the tails as she whipped me thoroughly and then started moving down again. She was aiming so at least one tail snapped in my quim and it hurt like hell.

Finally, she must have aimed quite low because the tails this time all made contact with my poor pussy at once, stinging me awfully in my most sensitive spots, including right on my clit. I screamed.

Mom told me to stand up and face her. Tears were streaming down my face. This was definitely the worst punishment she had ever inflicted on me. My pussy hurt like hell. It was worse than if I had taken some giant cock inside me.

“I hope you are sorry for your naughtiness, Susan,” Mom intoned.

“Yes, I am very very sorry, Mother,” I answered in our ritual exchange.

“I hope you understand that if you misbehave again, this is the kind of punishment you will receive,” she added.

Then she handed the horrible little whip to Aunt Kathy and told her she could give me a few strokes on my bottom “and in between down there if you feel she still deserves some,” my mother said coolly.

“Thank you, Nancy,” Aunt Kathy answered, acting like a ladies club chairwoman.

She took the whip and ordered me to get back over the couch and spread my legs far apart. She aimed apparently at my bottom and I took another nasty stroke on it.

Then she must have aimed lower and whipped me so the strands hit me in my open vulva which of course, included my labia, clit, and peehole, and I screeched in pain and couldn’t hold position.

Mom took the whip from Kathy, told her that would do, and told me I could stand and face them again.

I was still tearful and sniveling. Mom told me to come to her for my hug and she gave me a big one which didn’t help much this time. Then she told me to put my bra and panties back on and that I could unpin my skirt. She then handed me my shirt to put on over my white bra.

I was permitted to go, and I quickly went to my room. Dennis came by and knocked, and I decided to let him in. I was in no position to stand on ceremony or anything else, and I asked him if he would put some cream on my bottom.

I knew he would love the chance. He accepted with alacrity and I handed him the little round vial. He squeezed some on his fingertips as I lifted my skirt and lowered my panties for him. I wasn’t at all reluctant to let him see my pussy and asshole now. They hurt too much to care.

He proceeded to rub the cream all over my bottom and into my ass crack.

“Do you want me to rub some you know where, Sue?” he asked in a small voice as if he was afraid to ask or not to ask.

“You can rub some on my pussy lips, sweetie,” I answered, “but please be very gentle and especially when you touch my clit. She really hurt me.”

“She scares me,” he said plaintively. “And Aunt Kathy is one bitch on wheels to have hit you there when you were already in pain.”

Soon I felt his fingers very lightly rubbing cream on my labia and clit.

“Should I…go inside, Sue?” he then asked.

“Yes, darling,” I said calmly. “She hit me there, so I need it.”

Dennis made me feel a lot better very quickly. We both decided to get out and have dinner somewhere together. I felt better as we conversed because we both came to the conclusion that it was time for us to move out of the house for good. We made plans and started looking for the right place.

Soon we were able to move and we quietly moved out of the house, leaving Mom a note saying we had beyoğlu escort gotten our own place.

Each of us had been lucky enough to get our own inheritance when Dad had passed away. I used mine to finance the place we leased and figured we could stay there for six months without invading our principal. By then, I planned to finish college and be working.

We each had our own room and lived that way for propriety’s sake. But most nights, even though I had my boyfriend and Dennis dated quite a lot, we slept in the same bed.

That first night there, we curled up together and I let Dennis slowly peel my panties down and I reached over and fondled his cock which rose to the occasion. I liked being in the same bed with him and I rolled over on my back and spread my legs so he could lick my split. Then I would take his charming tool into my mouth and savor his taste.

He seemed pleased when I assumed the superior position and clambered on him and with my hand inserted him into me. I was having it off with my brother and loving every moment of it! And Dennis was proving to be a marvelous lover. The fact that each of us had had plenty of sex with others and still were involved in various relationships made our bed-sharing fun all the warmer.

As time went on, I had very little contact with Mom, or with Aunt Kathy for that matter. I came by to pick up the rest of my stuff, as did Dennis, and we said that it just made sense for us to live near campus. Mom seemed to have precious little feeling for either of us, nor us for her, so our move was accepted on all sides.

It was a long time, though, before I got over that horrible whipping I got from Mom. In view of the way she had bruised my lady bits, I was amazed that I was able to enjoy having sex with Dennis and with Brad, my boyfriend. But it turned out that I was still young enough to benefit from my body’s resilience.

I was afraid to go to my ob/gyn because I feared she would insist on reporting Mom to the authorities for what she did. I kept applying cream down there and Dennis was delighted to help me get it into all the right places. I told him he knew the contours of my cunt better than I did.

As it turned out, our sharing both the place and a bed was a great learning experience for us both. Dennis told me he learned how to really please a woman from his licking my quim and bringing me off that way. He said it was wonderful training for him in acquiring his ability to hold off cumming until his female partner was ready to cum too.

We became rather blasé about being nude in front of one another. It became sort an accepted thing for us to walk into the bathroom when one of us was on the toilet, or in Dennis’s case, when he was standing in front of it and peeing. I began inviting him with a grin to change my tampon and he became willing to fuck me when I was having my period, too.

Some people might think it is gross and crude to be there when someone else is having a bowel movement, but even that didn’t bother us. Since we each took turns doing the laundry, we became more conscious of wiping ourselves off after we did

. Dennis admitted that he had never sweated having skidmarks in his briefs and I confessed that I was often a sloppy wiper.

I continued to see Brad and decided there was no need for him to know about my relationship with my brother. Dennis told me that his girl friends were similarly uninformed about my role in his life.

I graduated that spring with honors. Since I had been actively looking for a good starting position, I accepted an offer from a company with a great reputation and where I already knew some people. Some had even known my father, which didn’t hurt at all, because he had been popular in our community.

Dennis is still in school and doing well. He told me he wants to go to either business or law school and I told him we could probably manage it in terms of our joint account. We agreed that we’ll have to make some changes if and when we decide to get married and want houses and kids and all that. Until then, living together is a great way to conserve our funds and enjoy life.

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