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After dinner was over the family decided to discuss what had been going on. Eventually Jill’s parents and ours decided that things would be best if we all moved into their house together. The seven of us set there discussing our future when finally our parents decide to go to bed exhausted from their sex with Jill and each other. Shortly Jack said he to was ready for bed but first he need to get some relief.

Standing up Jill walked over to Jack before dropping to her knees and pulling out his semi hard erection. She began to kiss the head of his quickly hardening cock. Jack began to moan with pleasure as Jill began licking the opening of his cock head. She began massaging his big balls while bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. Soon Jill was licking and sucking on his big balls so I came over and began to lightly suck on my brother’s dick. Now Jack had the two of us taking turns sucking and licking on his large 8-inch dick and it wasn’t long before he told us he was about to cum. Pulling my head back Jill and I waited for my brother to squirt his juice all over our faces. Stroking his cock Jack began to buck his hip and out came his cum. The first shot landed across my lips and went all the way to my hair. His next mostly landed in Jill’s mouth, which she swallowed, and the next landed on her check and noise. He blasted a few more shots that landed on our shirts and face before finishing. I lean over etiler bdsm escort and suck the last of the cum from his softening dick swallowing his cum. Jack thanked us kissing us on the lips and headed up to bed. Jill and I licked the cum off of each other’s faces and agreed to head up and take a shower together.

Turning on the water I began to strip out of my clothes when Jill came over to me and started kissing me. Instantly my large nipples grew hard under her touch. Breaking the kiss we finished undressing and got into the shower together. Feeling the warm water caress over our bodies we just stood there enjoying the warm water. Jill bends over picking up the soap and I slap her beautiful little ass. With a wet smacking noise my hand hit Jill’s ass making her drop the soap. When she bent over again to pick it up I smacked her cute little butt again and again and again. Finally I stop and let her pick up the soap. Jill turned around and offers to wash my body for me. I turn around letting her begin with my back. Jill tuck the opportunity to return the favor by smacking my ass hard several times before she started rubbing the bar of soap on my back, ass and legs. Before she grabbed a washcloth Jill took her 32 C-cup breasts and began rubbing them up and down along my back.

Her large breast felt great on my back and I just loved feeling her hard nips rubbing against etiler elit escort me. Washing the soap off my backside Jill tells me to turn around. She then starts licking my big nipples and rubbing my crotch. We soon forget about the soap and bathing as the need for pleasure builds. We begin to kiss and slick breast begin rubbing back and forth against one another. Pushing her against the wall I begin to make my way to her nice breast. Taking on her tits I would suck one while massaging the other. I then began making my way down my cousin’s sweet body stopping to suck on her bellybutton before reaching the ultimate prize. Licking and kissing at her pussy I began to insert a couple of fingers in her still tight hole. Jill then turns around begging me to fuck her tight asshole. Happy to oblige I began licking at her little hole. She reached up and removed the showerhead and began spraying it right on her tits before she moved down to her puss. Unable to stand Jill slides down to the tub floor and just lets the showerhead spray right on her cunt causing her to have a huge orgasm.

As Jill lay there recovering I took the showerhead and began playing with myself. Spraying the water on my huge 36 DD tits I then lower the water down south. Pinching my nipples while spraying the water on my exposed lips was almost too much for me. Nearing my orgasm is when Jill leaned over etiler escort and took my tits into her hands and mouth. Her sucking my tits allowed me to move my hand down to rub my clit triggering my own orgasm. Now finished Jill and I quickly finished showering and headed off to bed. To exhausted to put on clothes Jill and I crashed onto her bed naked and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning we were awakened by our mom’s the next morning. Jill’s mom, Aunt Nikki, woke her by sucking on her big tits and rubbing her hairless teen pussy. My own mom woke me by eating out my shaved cunt. My mom then pulled out my new vibrator and started fucking my tight hole with it while licking my clit. Within five minutes my mom had me cumming all over my cousin’s bed. While my mom was fucking my tight cunt with my toy aunt Nikki was fucking Jill with her toy. My mom and I crawled over to Jill and began sucking on her large nipples until she to reached her early morning orgasm. Jill and I thanked our moms for the nice wake up gift and they told us to get dressed that breakfast was ready. It was another good day and the family couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

What we did not know was that our early morning sex session had just been observed by Jill’s next-door neighbor Luke. Luke was an average guy who was very shy. So shy that he had very few girlfriends over the years. However he did like video taping the love of his life, his next-door neighbor Jill. While playing back the video Luke still couldn’t believe his eyes. There on the tape was Jill and her hot cousin Jenny being eaten out by their mothers. After watching and re-watching the video Luke begins to plan to fuck Jill and the others.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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