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Part 2 of the fictional adventures of my naughty little sister and I. Please send me any feedback.


I was having the most amazing dream. In it my gorgeous eighteen-year-old sister Katie had snuck into my room while our parents slept and started to suck my hard member as I slept. I could see her running her petite tongue over my shaft, swirling around the head, before plunging her hot mouth down onto my hardness. Her little hand squeezed my balls as she sucked me deeper into her hungry mouth, till the head passed into her throat and her nose pressed against my abs.

With a start I awoke. Disorientated I looked down to find a beautiful pale skinned nymph between my legs, her golden curls bobbing with the movement of her mouth onto my cock. Sensing my awakening, my little sister raised her mouth of me just long enough to whisper for me to be quiet so we didn’t wake up our parents in the next room, before moving to lick my balls and suck them into her mouth one at a time. With one final suck she released my nut before licking and nibbling her way back to the tip of my rod. After bathing the glands in saliva Katie took my cock deep into her throat in one smooth movement, holding it there before lifting up for a breath and a repeat performance. As she continued to plunge down onto me I couldn’t help but start to thrust into her young mouth in time with her strokes. Soon we reached a wonderful rhythm where my rock-hard cock was fucking my sister’s pretty face, her big boobs rocking underneath her in time with our movements. Her stifled moans stimulating me more as her throat muscles rippled around my shaft. I could feel myself getting close as Katie’s hand appeared from between her legs; it was glistening in the moonlight with her juices. Feeding it to me, she let me taste her delicious pussy as my cock disappeared into her mouth, her fingers preventing me from moaning out loud. This was too much for me as with one final thrust I exploded inside my little sister’s willing mouth. She didn’t miss a beat, as her mouth was flooded with my seed she swallowed it all with a moan of satisfaction, and then cleaned me up with her tongue.

I couldn’t believe that I was awake and not dreaming, my beautiful little sister had just sucked me off while our unsuspecting bostancı escort parents slept in the next room. With a final loving lick, Katie left my cock and made her way up my body, her hard nipples grazing their way ever higher until she could kiss me passionately, her tongue dueling mine so I could taste my salty cum. As we continued to kiss I wrapped my arm around her naked form and pulled her tight to me, her firm young breasts squashing against my chest. My other hand quested lower, over her smooth butt to her bald wet slit. Feeling me begin to rub circles around her engorged clit Katie began to moan into my mouth and gently hump my recovering prick. Sensing her need for release I began to alternate stroking my sister’s clit and plunging two fingers into her juicy hole. She definitely appreciated my actions as she was practically smothering me with her kisses; her thrusts bringing my cock back to life in record time.

Without warning I entered her soaked pussy with my reenergized member, burying it to the root in one smooth motion. Katie reacted as though electrocuted, her back arching and her thighs locking me in place so she could savor the sensation. I gave the little vixen no respite, taking hold of her butt in both hands I started to thrust into her pussy in long deep strokes. With her clit rubbing against my stomach with each movement of our bodies, and my cock filling her up, my sister was getting very close. I wet my finger with her copious juices and gently inserted it inside her tight eighteen-year-old ass as I fucked her pussy hard. Her moan of surprise and pleasure was barely contained by my mouth, and for a moment I feared our parents awakening. Such thoughts were quickly dispelled from my mind however as I added a second finger to Katie’s hot little asshole, plunging them both into her to the second knuckle. As my fingers began to work her ass in time with my hard thrusts into her pussy I whispered into my sister’s ear to cum for me. She needed no more urging, with one final thrust that buried both my fingers and cock deep inside her holes Katie came. It was necessary for me to slide two fingers from my free hand into her mouth for her to suck urgently in order to stifle her scream of ecstasy as she had a mind-blowing çeliktepe escort orgasm. I could feel the muscles of both her holes rippling over my members as she drenched my balls with her love-juice.

As she recovered, I extracted myself from her holes and held her tight. After a few quite minutes of loving embrace my little sis began to thrust again, this time stimulating my cock by running it through the cleft of her butt. With each action her wetness was spread from her gushing pussy to her butt hole, the feeling restarting her moaning. Reaching to my bedside table I extracted a tube of lubricant from the drawer. Squirting a generous portion onto my fingers I massaged it into her pucker before plunging two fingers back inside to make sure she was loose enough for my cock. Finally satisfied I coated my cock with another helping of lube, my hardness straining with the need to be inside her body again.

Throughout all this all my little sister could do was moan at the feeling of my invasion of her most private place. Bringing my mouth close to her ear I whispered, “I’m going to fuck your ass sis” before sucking on her earlobe gently. Her response was a breathless yes as she reached behind herself to grasp my cock and guide it to the entrance of her ass. With a gentle rocking motion the head eased it’s way inside, both of us groaning in appreciation. After giving her a minute to get used to the sensation I restarted our rocking motion, slowly slipping my shaft into her incredibly tight hole till my balls rested against her butt. The feeling of being completely buried in my gorgeous sisters ass was indescribable, as we both savored the sensation I brushed her golden curls from her face and kissed Katie deeply.

Looking deep into her eyes I began to move in her ass, ever so slowly pulling out till just the head remained, then sliding back in fully. As I repeated this action over and over my little sis began to match my strokes with her own, the speed increasing steadily. Before I knew it we were fucking in a beautiful rhythm, my balls slapping against her butt cheeks as I stretched her orifice and made her moan softly in ecstasy.

Sitting up, I rolled us over till I was on top on Katie, my hard cock still deep inside cihangir escort her body. Pushing her legs up till her knees rested against her breasts I started to fuck her ass with abandon. I watched as Katie reached between her legs to rub her sensitive clit, the look of wanton lust in her blue eyes all the confirmation I needed to keep up my assault on her tender butt. With my room full of the sound of our bodies joining, undercut with our stifled moans, we were past caring if our parents heard us. Relinquishing my hold on her legs I plunged two fingers into her quivering pussy and thrust them in time with my cock in her ass, my other hand finding her luscious breast and pinching her rock-hard nipple roughly. This pushed her over the edge again, with her mouth open in a silent scream my little sister came again, her ass clenching down on my cock as her body was racked by spasms of pleasure.

With a soft ‘pop’ I pulled my cock from Katie’s ass, before rolling her over onto her stomach while she lay dazed and unresisting. Placing a pillow under her hips and spreading her cheeks with my hands, I admired the sight of her dilated asshole before me in the moonlight. Without hesitation I dove in and began to lick her ravaged star. It took sis a moment to realize what I was doing, but soon she was moaning in appreciation as my tongue plunged into her well-fucked ass. When she started to thrust back at me I knew she was ready, moving onto my knees I positioned my cock and rammed into her little hole again. With my sister’s scream of pleasure muffled by my pillow I pounded her young asshole as hard as I could, my cum-filled balls slapping against her pussy with every stroke. I could not keep this up for long; soon I felt the start of my eruption. Clenching my teeth to prevent myself from making sound I buried myself in my sister’s asshole and let loose. I saw stars as my cock squirted a huge load into Katie’s bowels, I could vaguely sense her cuming again at the sensation as I fell forward on top of her.

As I returned to reality, I pulled myself from Katie’s gaping butt and rolled off her. Snuggling close my sexy little sister thanked me and told me that I could fuck her like that anytime. It was all I could do not to have my way with her again right then as she kissed me softly before rolling out of my bed and walking gingerly toward the door. I could only admire her wonderful naked form in the moonlight as she stopped at the door to whisper “goodnight big brother” before tip-toeing back to her room, a rivulet of my cum flowing from her ravaged pucker down her leg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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