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Me and my mother, who seduced who?

Hi, I’m Andy Jones, I’m your normal everyday 18 year old lad, nothing exciting going on in my life unless I was with my mates then it was a competition for bragging rights about all the girls and women we had shagged, and fucked, we all had a story to tell, but no one could ever show any kind of proof.

We knew it was all a game and I enjoyed it, although I had tried fuck a certain friends sister a few times, but hadn’t succeeded yet, I wasn’t going to brag about that because of possible reprisals, not only from Bob her brother, but his sister Sally too.

So it went on, then on this Saturday morning we were on the rugby field, I was our left winger, I’m just over 6 feet, powerfully built because I work out in the gym, you have to, to play rugby, not like those silly girly boy footballers. We were playing our arch rivals in a vital game because who ever won would almost certainly win the county championship.

We were ahead by 5 points at the time, which wasn’t really enough to relax with, then the ball came to me, I was on the wing, and I shot off for the try line 10 yards away, as I went over for a terrific team try, but I was tackled by one of their players, it was a fair tackle to be honest, but it felt like I had been hit by a train, he hit me so hard and solid high on my left thigh that I knew as soon as he hit me I was injured.

I touched down though, then the pain seared up and down my leg, I crumpled, he got to me straight away he knew he had hurt me, I curled up in a ball and moaned loudly in pain holding my thigh.

He began apologising, my team mates went at him accusing him of deliberately hurting me, he professed his innocence, and I managed through gritted teeth to tell them to leave him alone, it wasn’t intentional I said, it was a fair tackle.

So luckily for him they came to me instead, I knew my game was over, I wouldn’t be able to continue, and I was carried off, where I sat on the touchline in agony until the game finished which we did win by 11, it was wonderful. The lad who had tackled me was really upset and came to apologise, I told him it was okay, not to worry and he had done what he had to do. The next problem was for me to get home, I couldn’t ride my bicycle that was for sure, so our teacher said he would put my bike in his, car and take me home.

Getting into the car was almost impossible I could barely bend my leg, but we managed, and on arriving home he went and knocked on our door, my mum came and said hello, saw me over and behind his shoulder trying to get out of the car, she knew something was wrong and rushed out, Mothers hey?

Darling what’s happened, what have you done to him, and she turned on the teacher, nothing he said, as he took a defensive backward step, he got injured in the match, I’ve just brought him home to you, he said.

Oh, she said and apologised, I said, mum you and the teacher are going to have to help me into the house, they both got either side of me, and half carried me in, the teacher said he would call next week, take it carefully he told me, and left.

I was still covered in mud, and mum decided to get my shirt shorts socks and boots off me, it was a struggle and a bit embarrassing as she got my shorts down and off, offering me a towel to hide my modesty, you are going to have to get in the bath so we can clean you up, it took a full 10 minutes to get upstairs, she ran the bath, and got me a clean pair of shorts, so I could bathe in them.

I asked her to make it hot, as I was freezing by now, she put a towel on the edge of the bath, and after much discussion as to which was the best way for me to get in, I sat on the towel, then I raised my right leg over and into the water, mum then very gently and slowly helped me raise my injured leg over and in, using my hands on each side of the bath I lowered myself in with mums help.

My mum is a wonderful lady and I love her with all my heart, she is just approaching 34, and like most boys who have great looking mothers, and mine certainly was, my mates were always saying to me, if only! I would love to fuck your mother, that sort of thing. But it didn’t bother me; it was just banter as far as I was concerned. So I thought it was natural to have lewd thoughts about her too, although I would never have approached her in that fashion. She was 5 feet 4″ tall, well figured, full tits, short auburn hair, big green eyes, and a heart shaped mouth, but she had never married, she had got pregnant very young by a local thug when she was 15.

He had tried to claim his rights as a father, but her brothers and family, had given him a pasting, and he never showed again, but it apparently caused a bit of a war between their families, which her brothers had won, and they had ‘persuaded’ his family, who were well known local villains, to settle what was then a fairly substantial amount of money to her, to bring me up.

And I had never been bothered about meeting him.

So kağıthane escort she had sworn off men, although she did date from time to time, but never serious, though I knew she had, and used a dildo because I’ve seen it in one of her drawers. I would have loved for her to meet someone nice, because she deserved to be happy, not that she wasn’t, but it never happened and I just went along with my life with her.

Anyway, there I was now in the bath, her knelt on the floor beside me, my shorts were floating about in the water, I washed myself, but couldn’t bend over far enough to get to my feet and lower legs, that’s where mum entered the equation, she took the cloth and started to clean me off, she went all the way up my legs because I was still her little boy who didn’t know what a good wash was.

She was gentle with my injured leg which was nearest to her, her soapy hands were cruising up and down my thighs and legs, and I couldn’t help it, but I got fucking hard on!

I was mortified, embarrassed, and didn’t know what to do or say, she seemed oblivious to it, then my cock popped up through the waist band of my shorts, she saw it and said, Oh my Andy, have I caused that, oh I’m so sorry baby, I’ll finish up and leave you alone to take care of it, she giggled as she gazed at it.

She continued around my legs for a while longer, but she never took her eyes off my prick. And the fucking thing just got bigger, and harder, I could feel it swelling from me! There was now about 2 or 3″ sticking out, I tried to cover it, but it was hopeless, it had a life of its own now, and was going to prove it!

Andy, my mum whispered, would you like me to take care of it darling, she asked? What do you mean mum, I said. With that she showed me, she pulled my hands away from it, moved my shorts a bit lower, put some oil on her hands and got hold of it, I nearly left the bath straight upwards.

I yelped because of my leg, mum shushed me and began to work my cock up and down, I was in heaven the most important person in my life, the woman I loved above all others was wanking me off!

I shot my load in a bout 2 minutes flat, it went straight over my shoulder and hit the wall behind me, the sensation from the end of my cock just about paralysed me, I was in ecstasy.

Oh mum, I gasped, oh mum that was fantastic, please don’t let go of it, keep holding it for me, and she did, she just squeezed it, and gently moved it up and down, what a feeling, I loved wanking, Sally had wanked me off a couple of times, but nothing compared to this, nothing!

Then her other hand pushed down into my shorts and cupped my balls, and gave them a soft caress. I was getting hard again, I couldn’t control it, but mum said that’s enough for now mister, time to get out and get to bed to rest, I was more than disappointed, I said mum, please. Nope, was her reply come on out, now!

I reluctantly did as I was told, but she had to help me, and we giggled as we did, so I knew she was okay with what had just occurred and I knew I was for sure.

I dried off my upper body, mum took care of my lower half, making sure my cock and balls were well dry, don’t want any soreness there do we she murmured. No mum I said, we don’t. And she replaced my wet shorts with clean dry ones. I hobbled to my room, her shoulder under mine to assist, I got on my bed, turned on my back, mum pulled the covers over me, I had another hard on, I looked at her and begged, mum please?

She knew what I meant, and looked at me with eyes that I didn’t recognise, because now, I was looking into the eyes of a woman, not my mother. She gave a small sigh, lifted the cover up, and lay down next to me, the next thing I felt was her soft warm hand taking hold of my fully erect prick again, Oh mum I moaned, this is fabulous, I love you so much, I said.

I know you do baby, and I love you just the same honey, her hand was now roaming up and down my wanton prick, it was heaven. And she did it so slowly, then she suddenly got up and disappeared, mum I called don’t leave please, she came back 10 seconds later with a towel in her hand, I don’t want my wallpaper drenching she giggled.

She knelt down beside me and started wanking me again, with the towel ready, it took an age for me to cum again, she wiped me clean, kissed me gently on the lips, and left saying she would prepare our afternoon meal.

I now took to thinking about the events that had just taken place, we had crossed a boundary that we shouldn’t have, but we had, and as far as I was concerned there was going to be no way back, I was in for good, and hoped mum felt the same!

I knew somehow that the acid test would be later, because I was thinking deeply about what had happened, so if I was, then she would be too, she may take the view that it had happened because of the circumstances, that had led to it, I knew would find out later.

I was rubbing my sore leg, it did feel better kartal escort than it had, so I was glad about that, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk on it properly for a day or so, I heard mum coming upstairs, are you decent she called, and laughed before she entered my room, yep, I had shouted back.

She came in with a tray, and she had changed clothes, she was wearing a night dress and gown, it was only tea time I thought, what’s going on, I said to myself.

She set the tray in my lap, be right back she said, and disappeared, she returned with a tray of her own, and sat on the bed with me to eat, I was famished and wolfed mine down in no time, Pig, mum called me, I need my strength mum I said, hopefully with a knowing tone in my voice. Hmmmmmm she murmured.

I helped her finish hers too, she laughed at me, I suppose you do need lots of sustenance she said, you are a big fella now, and I hadn’t realise how big. I just looked at her; I didn’t know what to say, or how to move things along. But mum did, she said to me, Andy, no one must ever know what happened today, I could go to prison you know, it’s illegal.

I know mum, it’s been the worst and best day of my life, how do you mean she asked, well I said, I’ve been really injured, but this has happened and I’m on top of the world because of it! And I swear on my heart no one will ever know from me!

Good, Im glad about that, she said, then without another word, she picked up the trays and left my room, and left me hanging too.

Mum I called after her, what? I heard her say as she was going down the stairs, I couldn’t think of anything to say now! I just flopped back down on my bed, and hoped she would come back to me., she didn’t.

She didn’t come back up for over 3 hours; I was listening to the radio when she suddenly reappeared. Oh mum, where have you been I almost whimpered? Just letting you cool down a bit, she said. But I don’t want to cool down mum, I want you, please?

I know you do baby, but I have had think about things haven’t I? Yes I said quietly, but please come and sit with me. I was thinking that if I could get her on my bed, I would have a chance of convincing her that she wanted this as much as I did.

She sat next to me, I sat up and put my arms around her, I said to her, I love you so much mum, and now I love you as a man would love a woman too, you’re not just my mum now you know, things have changed, I want you mum, I really do. I laid back down, taking her with me, she allowed me to do this, the covers were below my waist, but no lower, she lay with her head on my chest, and I whispered to her, mum please?

She pulled the covers higher up me, then stood up and took off her dressing gown and got back into bed with me She had to know what I wanted, and after a while her hand went down under the covers to my waiting prick, I was back in heaven, oh mum I groaned, please don’t ever stop, tell me you will never stop.

I won’t baby, I want it all too, that’s why I never came back up, I wanted you to think and decide what it was you wanted, but I did too, and I decided that I want this too my darling.

Mum I will love and honour you forever, I promise before God I will. I snuffled my face into her hair, I had known her for just over 18 years, and I had never known her at all, this beautiful woman was new to me.

She said Andy, I have never given myself to anyone since I went with your father, yes, I’ve had sex, but I have never ever given myself to another man since, and I know I would never have ever again, until this day.

I don’t want to be hurt again, and I will not be, so you had better have a good think and be sure as to where you want to go, and where you want to be darling. Mum, I’m already where I want to be, well almost I said, she sniggered, and said, yes I was guessing that.

Her hand tightened around my cock, I moaned again, please mum, don’t make me wait any longer, I said. A second later she disappeared under the sheets, her hand on my cock moving up and down, then it started heating up, what’s that I wondered, I lifted the covers up slightly, her head was bobbing up and down, I was getting my very first blow job! No wonder my prick was feeling so hot.

My head crashed back down on to the pillow, my hips took off and pushed upwards, my body was on auto pilot, I was involuntarily trying to shove my prick further into her red hot mouth, the wanking and the sucking, made me come right there, right then! I didn’t know about swallowing men’s cum like that, I briefly thought to myself, where is it all, then I realised where it had gone, down my mum’s throat, what an erotic feeling that was for me. My mum was teaching me how to make love, and I was more than a very willing pupil.

She eased herself up beside me and whispered, how are you feeling my baby. Mum I muttered you are the nicest, softest, sweetest, lovingest woman, mother, a boy could have; I can die with the love I have küçükçekmece escort for you. We rested then, or I did, I was worn out, this was all new to me, and it would take some getting used to.

I fell asleep for an hour or so, but when I woke up I knew I had to make mum happy now, it was my turn! Her head was on my shoulder again, and I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was looking at me.

I put my hand on her boob, and started to squeeze it, she moaned softly, I was doing it right, then my fingers found a nipple, I squeezed that too, and rolled it between my fingers, more moans and movement from mum.

I turned towards her, got my arm around her and kissed her for the first time, as a man would kiss his woman, his wife, I thought, Wow.

I began to pull her nightie up and off, my shorts had disappeared somewhere, her hand was holding my prick, I went for her pussy, not really knowing what to expect, the response was a gasp, and a moan into my mouth has her pussy grabbed at my fingers, she was all wet and hot, so I figured I was doing okay.

I pushed her onto her back and climbed over her, I was desperate to get my cock into her and was pushing and thrusting all over the place! She laughed at me, and told me to slow down a bit; we have all night if we want okay?

So then she rolled me onto my back instead, and lifted herself over me, took my cock in her soft hand and guided my prick to her pussy and slid herself down over me, I wasn’t able to really join into the celebrations because of my leg, but I was right in the middle of them, dead centre. There I was laid on my back, quite unable to throw myself around on the bed, but bollocks I thought, let’s go with it, mum rode me like a jockey, I accepted the inevitable end, I came into her mightily, and she came onto me in an explosion that I only heard in my young body.

She kind of collapsed onto me, I loved her, kissed her hair, held her tight, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up in the middle of the night! She was no longer on top of me, but laid beside me, head on my shoulder, arm over my chest, leg over mine, and softly snoring! I laughed very quietly to myself about that.

I gently nudged her awake, accidentally of course, she chastised me, but I told her I was awake down there, indicating my prick!

She lifted the covers, and said, oh my, yes you are darling, her head dipped suddenly and her mouth engulfed my rising cock again in one fell swoop, my second BJ from her was a mind shattering thing, my brain was scrambled, I shot my load in no uncertain fashion, which she took all the way down.

I went back to sleep, I didn’t want to disturb her, and as morning broke she moved to me, I opened my eyes, and there she was looking at me. Oh Andy she said, what have we done, what have I done?

Mum, what you have done and given me is the love that I knew I was waiting for, but didn’t know where it would come from, or who would give it to me, God has blessed me this day with you!

She suggested we went to her bed, and I got up with some difficulty, and followed her there, and I have never left it since, I made love to my mum in the accepted sense of love making, by fucking her in the missionary position a day later, and to have her feet, legs and arms over and around me was not only so gratifying because it was not only a term of her love for me, but a signal of our love that was now cemented for all time.

One thing she did say to me, and it made me laugh because I hadn’t thought about it was, no bum touching okay! Yes mum I said, but I got that 5 or 6 weeks later, it took me a while to convince her that it would be okay, and a normal act between two people who loved each other. I had started to wiggle my finger and tickle my way around her little brown hole, I was a confident lover now, and I knew my way around her body, but every time we made love it was like the very first time every time.

I was able to probe it now, and it was a natural progression, from tickling it, I was in it, then it was a full finger, she was enjoying it now, she had taken to lying face down for me, I would kneel at her side and get my full middle finger in, and she was moaning in arousal for me.

Then came the day I got it properly, I had put a bottle of oil on the bedside cabinet, she saw it and asked why was it there, I gave her a look that said it was time, she looked at me for a long moment, nodded her head, rolled over on the bed and lay face down.

I got her to get up on her knees, I put oil on my finger and inserted it into her arse, rubbed oil onto my fully erect prick, and pointed it to her little bum hole, and started to push it in, she moved and growled, I stopped for a moment, then continued, she was moaning now, part in arousal, part in pain I knew that, so I was as gentle as I could be, but I got it all in eventually, and began a slow in and out movement, we were fully joined now, after a while she moaned over her shoulder, harder Andy, harder, fuck me good and hard baby, I want it

I had her screaming like a loony, hand in her mouth as I fucked it wholesale, and now it is a part of our life, we have loved each other unconditionally ever since for all these years now, my heart was hers forever, and hers was mine.

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