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Sitting at the breakfast table, Herb noticed his daughter, Angel, in a new light. In her father’s old plaid shirt and a pair of white cotton panties, she was a sight to behold. She sat demurely and unbeknownst to her, beautifully, atop a barstool at the breakfast nook reading over her homework, double checking it.

Treated to a very provocative glimpse of the tanned and plump flesh of the 19-year-old girl’s thighs and panty-covered crotch, Herb shifted in his seat to get a better look. He had always had a thing for chubby women, and as he looked at his daughter, he felt a familiar tingling in his crotch. Angel got up to get her breakfast as her daddy tried to talk himself out of the primal attraction he’d felt in watching her. She reached on tip toes to find a bowl in the cupboard in front of her father. Little did she know the effect it was having on his cock.

“Daddy,” she almost whimpered. “Could you help me, please?”

He dropped the newspaper to the table, and in a flash, he was up behind her, reaching over her for the bowl. He savored the feeling of his penis against her plump, sexy bottom. He wondered if she noticed. She turned to face him to take the bowl. She giggled a little “thanks daddy” and fluttered away from him in search of nourishment in the form of her morning cereal.

Half an hour later, a longer than normal shower for Angel brought her daddy to the door to knock and prod her along to catch the bus. She drew the door open, looking like an angel framed in the steam, her robe still slightly open, he caught a glimpse of a perfect, small nipple. His cock twitched. “Honey, uh… get a move on or you will be late, okay?”

She mumbled something about hurrying and scurried past him. He wondered if she was teasing him on purpose. He had wondered the same thing over the past summer. She was infamous for begging daddy for the skimpiest “to die for” bikini and prancing around in it on the patio next to the pool. Her smooth skin, her long legs, her hefty breasts, so firm and full, her plump bottom, cradled in her skirts and slacks as if they were designed with her rear end in mind. She was, in his eyes, the height of sensual female perfection.

She was a beautiful young lady in his thoughts, no matter how much he tried to ignore them, she had become a favorite sexual fantasy, of the most intense kind.

An hour after she’d gotten up, Angel scampered out the door to catch her bus. Riffling through bills, Herb decided he’d rather not bother. With deciding to take a full day off from the office, he defiantly smiled and vowed to stay in his pajama bottoms and robe and lounge till at least noon. He turned the TV on and sat to see Jerry Springer and other assorted annoying programs aiming to insult his intelligence. Turning to his extensive video library, nothing there was challenging him to pop it into the VCR. He went to bostancı escort his room to lay down and read a bit.

Thoughts lingering on his daughter’s nice creamy breasts and pink little nipples, his cock was soon in charge of the morning’s events. He went to the locked cabinet and retrieved a few hardcore mags he’d picked up in town. Looking to his favorites, he laid back down, drawing his thick rod from his shorts, and started a leisurely tour of London’s most brazen whores. Slow, deep blowjobs turned into fantasies of teaching Angel to kiss the tip, to lick his sensitive balls and swallow his hot, thick, daddy cum. Why not indulge the fantasy, right?

A few minutes into this rapturous cloud, he heard the door come open, slam shut, and a very unhappy voice call the community college and reported herself as sick.

Hmmmm… was she playing hooky, he wondered. Rising from the bed, he went to her, covered but straining under his robe. “What are you doing home daddy?” She asked, looking up the steps at her father.

“What are you doing home young lady?” He asked. “Uh… I missed the bus. I didn’t know you would be home.”

He looked at her and deciding she’d already called in, he let her go to her room. “No goofing around for you then, go and study in your room. We will talk about this later.”

She looked guilty but went to her room without a sound.

Then, with an urgent turn, he was back in his room, door closed. Laying back, he viewed the silky thighs, full ripe breasts and wide spread pussies of the women in his magazine. His cock ached for release and making it linger was almost torture. A hand going to his balls, he caressed them, but felt his daughter’s, Angel’s touch in his mind. He stroked back up the shaft of his cock and imagined again, her lithe hands rubbing it for him, watching her look up from a blowjob, seeing his little girl astride his thick penis, riding him, smiling down at him, fingers on his nipples as he filled her cunt with semen. Faster, his hand raced, as he softly called out her name “Angel… good girl, stroke daddy’s cock… yesssssss oh Angel, yesssss” as he had a vivid picture of her tight teenage cunt milking his turgid, thick, throbbing cock…

He did not notice her in the doorway, watching, eyes widening at the sight of her father masturbating, calling her name out in his passion… She was about to turn and go back to her room but the floorboards in the hallway betrayed her. Before she could do anything, she heard her name called, but deliberately this time.

“Angel? Come here honey, it’s okay.”

She froze. He’d covered up with his robe. After seconds that spanned an eternity she finally went to her father’s bedside.

“What did you see honey?” he asked rather sheepishly.

She stammered, “I.. uh… I um…”

He looked at her çeliktepe escort in her embarrassment and finally spoke. “I see… well, sit here and let daddy explain if I can.” Patting the bed beside him, he motioned her to his side. She sat and wondered what was coming next.

After a lengthy discussion of birds, bees, and the assorted boys in her class, she informed her father that she knew, especially at the age of 19 about sex, and a little of how a girl could “get into trouble” as she’d put it. As the morning wore on and they became more comfortable in speaking of her sexuality as it were, her father asked if she’d ever had sex with a boy yet, and the reply was no. She seemed to resent that some of the other girls had. And, that having seen the other girls naked in gym class showers, some had bigger breasts and thick pubic hair as well. Herb laughed a little and hugged her close.

“Honey, you are smart, pretty and very, very attractive in your own right. No matter the size of your breasts, or whether or not you’ve had sex before, I love you just the same.”

She smiled and looked up at her father, this time, for her, in a whole new light. She looked down at her hands and spoke softly.

“Daddy… I… Well, I saw what you were doing earlier, and I have to admit, it made me feel funny, like when I rub my, uh, well, you know, at night, in bed sometimes, I, well, do the same thing you were doing. I wondered if maybe, well, uhhh, can we uhhh, well, you know, show each other some things? I don’t want to learn from those awful boys at collage. I want you to teach me daddy, I love you and trust you.”

She waited out his silence to see by her father’s reaction if she’d pushed this new openness in their relationship too far.

He thought about it for a minute or so, and said: “It’s okay honey. Really. We are all human and sexual release is okay. Most would say that a father and his daughter ought not share that, but if there is no harm and we both consent, I don’t see what should stop us, but only if you are totally sure.”

At this, Angel nearly jumped into his arms and kissed his cheek. Slowly, without provocation from him, her kisses lingered and she explored his handsome face with her little lips. They went to his and lingered there, till he pressed a little. Then a little more, until she could feel the electricity in the air and a little tingle in her young, but wet pussy.

Her daddy’s hands encircled her petite waist as she sidled up next to him. His tongue slipped to her lips and they opened on instinct. “He is really kissing me!” she thought. Daddy’s fingers traced the small of her back as he kissed her more like a lover than his teenage daughter.

She slithered over to his lap as he held her and laid her down at the same time. He whispered to her that he loved her. He inhaled and cihangir escort could smell her soap, her flesh. His cock was fully erect now, and he got up to undress for her. In the morning light, Angel saw her father’s smooth chest and erect nipples as he disrobed, then the sight of his cock again. It made her eyes open wide. He stood before her, holding his big, hard cock in his hand. He asked her to come to him. He undressed her slowly, savoring her, drinking her in her youthful beauty.

“Let’s get these clothes off of you my love,” he whispered. Lifting her arms, she allowed her father to take her dress from her. Next came her t-shirt. He took his time in pulling down her panties, as he knelt and tugged on the white cotton briefs. Looking to her smooth, shaven little pussy, he gasped at he beauty of it. He dropped to his knees and kissed her belly as he embraced her, kissing lower to her little belly button until he finally laid her back.

“Mmm…. your so wonderful, spread your legs for Daddy sweetheart,” she heard him say softly. His fingers were on her waist, holding her as he dipped his head to kiss her hairless little pussy lips.

Inhaling her young teenage scent, he licked at the lips of her perfect, puffy little vaginal lips. She wiggled and laughed that it tickled until he finally opened her sex with his lips and suckled on the tiny pearl of her clitoris, coaxing it from it’s tiny hood, making her wail out…”Uhhhh!!! Oh daddy!! I, I never thought!!” She squirmed as her daddy licked and licked, gently bringing her to her first man induced climax, drinking in her sweet, fresh cream. Shuddering, she lay motionless as her daddy kissed her wet little pussy over and over. Finally, he came to lay next to her.

Holding her in his arms, he led her fingers to his hard cock. He sighed deeply as he felt her rubbing it, jacking him off as she’d spied him doing earlier. He taught her wordlessly to spread the precum over the crown to wet it as she masturbated him. He even fed a little of it to her, looking on as she suckled at his finger like a hungry baby and she smiled at him.

Finally, he could hold back no longer….

“Angel, honey, do it faster” he panted as she looked at her daddy’s thick rod pulsate and throb for her. It seemed to grow even larger in her pumping fist.

“Yes sweetheart, stroke it faster, pump daddy’s cock! Yesssss… bring daddy off honeyyyyy!!! Daddy is going to cum for my baby!!! Uhhhhhh yessssss, uuuuuuuhhhhhh… God yesssssss, oh God Angel, please make Daddy cum!!”

She watched in awe as her father’s penis erupted in her hand. She saw streams and streams, of hot, thick cum land on his belly and her fingers.

Relaxing a bit, he apologized for frightening her but his words were met just with a smile. Snuggling next to her daddy, she rolled to her side and licked the warm sperm from his chest. The sight of her eating his spent cum, made his cock start twitching again.

“This is going to be a better year than the last was,” he thought as she finished and curled up next to him in his arms, and sighed that she loved her daddy.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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