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Jack had just left his mum at the Airport; she was gone for seven days, that was the longest they had ever been separated. Jack’s dad had died suddenly three years ago; Jack was now in his third year of University. Jack would stay with his Gran, but he also had the use of his mum’s car, he was so happy about this. Mum was going to a Medical Congress in the south of England; it would last five days then she was spending two days with her friend who she had been at University with but now lived in the south of England, Jack would collect her from the Airport next Sunday evening.

Mum had been quite emotional as she left Jack and walked into the Departure Lounge, she had given Jack a long hug when she kissed him on the cheek. Jack felt the weight of his mum’s huge tits on his chest; they felt so good. Mum told him that she would message him when she got to her Hotel, her friend Jean, would pick her up from the Airport.

Mum had instructed Jack to take his Gran out for Sunday lunch to the Hotel close to where she lived; Gran loved to have a Sunday Roast. Jack was looking forward to seeing his Gran; she was widowed six months after mum. Gran had a similar figure to mum, both were buxom but Gran now often wore clothes that showed her figure off, she also wasn’t opposed to undoing a button or two to show her massive cleavage. Jack was keeping very friendly with Gran as she was going to change her car soon, and Jack would possibly get her old car.

Jack used his key to get into Gran’s cottage, when he was in the hallway, he said, “Hi gran, I’m here, are you here?”

“I’m in the lounge darling, I’m watching the six o’clock news, put your bag in your room then come and join me, we have duck breast tonight, and everything is prepared.”

Jack emptied his bag putting his clothes into the wardrobe; he then used the bathroom before going downstairs to the lounge. Gran was sitting on the sofa watching the News, she said, “Jack, pour yourself a glass of wine, your glass is beside the cooler on the coffee table, did your mum getaway alright?”

Jack poured a glass and topped up Gran’s glass; this was the first time that he had ever had a drink with his Gran. He sipped his wine, feeling immensely grown-up. He sat beside Gran on the sofa as she watched the News. He could smell Gran’s perfume, she smelt good. The buttons of Gran’s blouse were undone, her cleavage looked immense; it was difficult for him to look as he was sure Gran would notice. Jack said, “She got away on time. I was a little sad when she left.”

Gran squeezed Jack’s hand as she watched the end of the News then said, “It has been tough for your mum since your dad died, this is the first time she has left you, Jack, Jean is a good friend, they went to Primary school together. It will be good for your mum to spend time with her, she lost her husband too, there are many things that they can talk about. Now, come and help me set the table and get dinner in the oven.”

They went into the kitchen, as Gran squeezed past zeytinburnu escort Jack. She said, “Jack, have you grown since the last time I saw you? You look taller and more fuller.”

Gran then took him in her arms and gave him a big hug. As she kissed him on the cheek, Jack felt the weight of her enormous tits on his chest. They felt more substantial than mum’s, it was unusual, but Jack could feel Gran pushing her pussy against his leg with a gentle, circular and sexual movement when she broke the embrace, he could feel his cock harden. Jack then topped up both of their glasses and said, “I’m not any taller, but I’m doing a lot of exercises, I spend a lot of time in the gym, and I am swimming three times a week.”

Now he could look at Gran and admire her majestic cleavage; Jack then realised that he loved big tits. They had two bottles of wine over their meal which was delicious. After dinner, Jack phoned the Hotel to reserve a table for lunch tomorrow. He was worried in case they were fully booked as he should have booked earlier, they had a table, so he booked it for one. He then said, “I have booked a table for us tomorrow at one, is that good for you?”

“Darling, that’s wonderful, I’m so looking forward to it, I haven’t been out for ages. I bought a gorgeous outfit during the week; I was out shopping with Sister Helen, by the way now that she’s retired, she wants to be called Helen. She is no longer a nun, she was so lucky that her father lived so long otherwise the Order would have taken over his house, but now she has inherited it, and she has a Pension from the Local Authority for the thirty years she taught.”

“My new outfit shows my figure off very well. Helen said it suited me and made me look a lot younger. I can wear my heels with it, too; you are so tall that I can wear heels when we are out.”

Jack was still admiring Gran’s beautiful tits, he said, “Gran, I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, you will look beautiful. I will call Sister Helen, Helen now, does she still wear her nun’s habit? I can remember her when I was a child wearing it.”

Gran had known Sister Helen all her life; they had been neighbours as children. They had kept contact throughout their lives. Helen was a teacher and was in a teaching order. The convent school had been taken over by the Local Authority; the teaching nuns were all gone, there were no replacements as nuns and priests were losing their appeal. Gran said, “She stopped wearing it when she retired, she’s modern in her clothes now, she’s coming on Friday for dinner so you will see her then.”

At ten, Jack excused himself; he went upstairs to his bedroom. There were two bedrooms, a bathroom and a study on the first floor of Gran’s cottage. Jack used the bathroom then went to his bedroom. He checked his mail; there was a message from mum, it read, “Jack, thanks for the lift to the Airport, had a good Flight and Jean had picked me up and brought me to the Hotel. The conference aksaray escort will start tomorrow, it will be boring, but I must attend two of these conferences every year. Jean is staying in the Hotel too; she’s on the floor above me. I’ve got a bigger room. We had a lot to drink tonight, but it was good. Jean wanted to go to a disco, but I’m a little old for discos. How are you and Gran getting on? Did you book a table for tomorrow? I’m lying on top of my bed watching television; there’s nothing good on. Write when you can. Love mum xx.”

Jack was about to reply, but then he heard Gran in the bathroom. His bedroom light was off; he was using his smartphone to type, he replied, “I’m glad everything went well, I was a little sad when you left, but you should relax and enjoy yourself while you are away. I don’t know if discos are your thing, mum, I don’t like them much. You’re still a beautiful woman; you should be out meeting people, you might find the man of your dreams, has Jean a boyfriend? I’ve booked a table for lunch tomorrow with Gran. Write when you can. Love Jack xx.”

Jack sent the message; he had heard Gran come out of the bathroom a minute ago, all was now quiet in the cottage. Jack lay in his bed, thinking about mum and Gran’s massive tits, they had felt so good when they had been resting on his chest. He was just about to fall asleep when he heard a gentle buzzing sound; he wondered what it could be. He checked his phone in case it was coming from there, it wasn’t, but mum had replied.

He quietly got out of bed; he tiptoed to his door, which was slightly open. He put his head into the landing, Gran’s door was open, the sound was coming from her bedroom. All the lights were off; Jack was so sure that the buzzing was getting stronger. He listened for several minutes then heard Gran moaning with pleasure, she was masturbating with a vibrator, her breathing was more rapid then Jack listened to her cum, she was noisy with her orgasm. The buzzing stopped. Jack quietly went back to his room; he was hard.

Jack couldn’t believe what had just happened; he had heard his gran cum, this excited Jack, there was something very sensual about his grandmother, he was now looking forward to tomorrow’s lunch. Her door had been open, she had drunk a lot but wasn’t drunk. Why didn’t she close her bedroom door? Did she want him to hear her? Jack thought that time would tell; tomorrow, he would be very attentive to Gran.

He read mum’s message; it read, “Jack, thanks for the compliment, I’m not going to find my dream man and definitely not going to find him in a disco. Jean is much more active than me, she’s on a couple of online dating sites, a couple of years ago I tried them, but they are not for me. I found that they were either married men or weirdos looking for sex.”

“Gran had me when she was twenty-one, I’m now forty-six, Gran is sixty-seven. Neither Gran nor I feel old. Jack, you’re twenty-one next year, I wish that I was twenty-one again knowing ataköy escort what I know now. I’m glad that you’re taking Gran out tomorrow, be nice to her, she’s changing her car soon, I suggested that she gives you her old one, she didn’t say anything, but I think that she’ll do it. I should be sleeping now, but I can’t sleep. How was your dinner? Love mum xx.”

Jack replied, it kept it short, and to the point, his message read, “Mum, I’m glad dating sites are not for you, you’re much cuddlier than Jean, I prefer cuddlier women. I’m looking forward to lunch with Gran tomorrow; I’ll keep on her good side, any tips that you can give me on doing that? The dinner was excellent, you and Gran are the same, you both are wonderful in the kitchen. Love Jack xx.”

Jack was just about to fall asleep when his phone beeped; he had a long message from mum, it read, “Dear Jack, I love to cuddle too, I miss cuddling so much, it’s years since I last had a good cuddle. Thank you for the compliment, Gran, and I are both good in the kitchen as both enjoy cooking so much. I learned so much from Gran. Good question about how best to treat Gran, I know that you always show respect for her, she appreciates that. Gran was a beautiful woman when she was younger; she is still beautiful for her age. You must pay attention to how she is looking and feeling. You are confident; I know that she likes that in a man, she’s a bit like me, we both have no time for men that think they are some kind of ladies’ man, that type does nothing for either of us.”

“Spend time with Gran, compliment her, tell her how nice she looks. She still has a magnificent body, tell her how nice she looks. She may wear younger clothes; she’s taking a risk when she does this, always compliment her then if you think something could be improved then say it subtly. Always praise Gran’s efforts, she puts a lot of thought into everything that she does.”

“I don’t know how to say this, but I’ll say it, Gran and I both have huge tits, we’re both very self-conscious about this, we both try and play them down, don’t get me wrong we have them, and we are comfortable with them, but both of us appreciate a little reassurance that we are not a couple of freaks with big tits. If the opportunity arises, then compliment Gran on her’s, tell her that they look gorgeous and things like that. I’m embarrassed about writing this to you, but we are both adults. Jack, I’ll go now. Write when you can. Love mum xx.”

Jack read the message slowly; he knew that it must have been trying for his mum to write, Jack then replied, “Mum, thank you for taking the time to explain things so thoughtfully to me. I have a confession to make, I don’t have a lot of experience with big tits, but I honestly love big tits. I once heard that any more than a mouthful was a waste, someone also said that women with big tits were lazier in bed, but I don’t have enough experience to make any comment. I hope that your conference goes well tomorrow. Love Jack xx.”

Mum replied a few minutes later, “Jack, I must disagree with you in regards to women with big tits being lazy in bed, that’s not true, and I should know. Having a mouthful in your mouth and a handful in your hand, giving your partner pleasure is a lovely way to go about things. Tomorrow will be an easy day. Love mum xx.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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