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So it’s been a pretty awful winter here. Kristen, Aunt Jill, Mom and I pretty much have been staying home other than work. So for that reason alone not much has happened. That said, Denise and Lyndsey have moved into town and Kristen and I helped them move, along with some other friends from college, with a little more muscle than us. Guys are so funny, and I totally love having them as friends, but they are sort of gross to. One hadn’t showered and smelled so bad, I couldn’t even stand next to him. One funny thing was that one of the boys was carrying a bag full of their toys and even though there was no way they could have guessed what was inside it made Lyndsey turn so red, and she hid it as soon as she could. So funny.

After the fellas left, the four of us just sat around and talked. It was nice to talk to them, but also I really enjoyed watching Kristen get to know two of my best friends a little better. She has of course talked with them many times, but usually at our parties so the topic was all about sex or old times, where now it was more about where they are now in life. We had just a great day together and no sex, just friends.

Now the next weekend when they came over for dinner it was a different story, my horny mom made sure of that, LOL. So it started just as normal as could be, and I was actually sort of surprised that neither Denise nor Lyndsey had even flirted with me. I was thinking wow, maybe they are finally in love with each other and over me. But later when I was talking with Denise alone, she started telling me about how excited Lyndsey was that she was going to see me more often. I teased her and said, “Oh and you’re not.” She laughed and acted hurt, and then said, “You know I love you, but Lyndsey has never fallen out of love with you. You know that.”

I said, “I thought she was in love with you.”

Denise smiled, “I love Lyndsey so much. And yes, she loves me too, but it’s like you and your mom. Somehow she has room for more. It’s a different kind of love.”

I completely understood.

A while later when the six of us were all sitting in a room together, I found myself watching Lyndsey. Just looking at her face when she talked, and when other’s talked I couldn’t help but just peek at her often seeing her smile and how she would laugh, or react to what other’s said. Then I started looking at her breasts, seeing how they fit so snuggly in her shirt. Of all my girlfriends, she was the closest in size to mom. I had always loved making love to her body, but even more so I had always LOVED kissing her amazing lips. She was and still is the best kisser of anyone I have ever kissed.

I started to feel bad for thinking like that, knowing that I was in love with Kristen and not wanting to lead Lyndsey on. The funny thing was I also remembered how much Kristen enjoyed being with Lyndsey. It didn’t make me jealous. In fact it made me worry that she would want to share her often with me.

Well before too long we were suddenly in different rooms talking about one thing or another and I walked into the kitchen and found my mom kissing Denise. I watched them for a bit, before they noticed and my mom said, “Lucy dear, I think you might have to distract Jill for me for a while, so Denise and I can have some alone time.”

Denise smiled and with her hands squeezing my mom’s ass, she said, “Definitely.”

Well so now I had a job to do. I went and told Kristen right away, and she said, “Oh do you want me to take mom upstairs, so that way you and Lyndsey can have a little fun too?” WOW, that actually sounded so incredible.

I would have loved to, but instead I said, “Or better yet, why don’t you take Lyndsey upstairs and let me have a little one on one with Jill.”

Kristen looked so excited. “You sure?”

“I know how much you enjoyed it last time,” I said.

Kristen winked at me, and soon she had found an excuse to walk Lyndsey upstairs. That left me with Jill in the living room, and I sat on her lap. She gave me a coy smile and said, “So I take it your mother is already enjoying herself with Denise?”

“What do you think?”

She smiled and I suddenly was just so turned on. She could see it in my face and we started kissing. Jill and I talked and kissed for about a half an hour. I really love my Aunt Jill she is just the sweetest person and I care for her so much. She isn’t as sexually driven as mom, Kristen and I, but she definitely can enjoy herself. I was just about to put my hand up her shirt when I heard Denise and my mom talking. I looked and they were walking into the living room. Neither of them had any clothes on.

Denise said, “Hey Lucy, I was sort of hoping that I could steal Jill away from you.”

I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I wasn’t going to argue. Jill looked excited too. I had assumed that maybe Denise wanted my mom and Jill together, but soon the two of them were headed up stairs and my mom and I were alone.

I said, “Did you have fun?”

“Of bakırköy escort course I did,” mom said. “But I don’t want Jill to feel unwanted.”

I thought that was nice.

“So I guess Lyndsey and Kristen are upstairs,” my mom asked.

“Yep,” I said staring at my mom’s sexy body.

I moved in close to her and she put her arms around me.

“I think it’s time for you to have some special loving then,” my mom said and she started rubbing my ass.

I started to kiss her and rub my hands along the sides of her massive boobs, so heavy in my hands, and so soft, but she just teased me with her lips. She took my hand and then she sat on the couch and pulled me onto her lap. She had me sitting with my back against her breasts, my head resting alongside hers. She started kissing me cheek, and she ran her hands along my thighs and my waist and then my tummy before they finally cupped my large breasts. I turned to face her and as we started to kiss she squeezed my boobs. My legs spread wider instinctively and one of her hands dropped down between my legs.

“I love you, mom,” I said after taking a breath from our long kiss. She didn’t say anything, but instead tugged lightly on my nipple with her thumb and forefinger. Wow, it felt so good as she rolled her fingers over it. She was being so gentle with me, yet so in control of my body. Her other hand was sliding between the folds of my lips, nearly going inside of me, but not quite.

We began to kiss again and she continued to touch me in the same way for a while before my hand finally covered hers and I tried to get her to enter me. Instead she put her hand over mine and helped me to rub my own clit.

In between kisses she whispered, “Make yourself cum for me.”

I began to rub myself quicker, focusing on making tiny circles over my clit, but occasionally dipping my finger in to get it wet. Her hand stayed over mine just floating above it and not providing any force at all. Her other hand would twist my nipple for a while and then just scoop up a heaping handful of my boob, either squeezing it forcefully or massaging it.

I was loving every second of this, and so happy I was with her. Then my mom said, “I bet Kristen is enjoying herself with Lyndsey.”

That was all it took, I climaxed picturing them together, my mom’s hand pressing down on mine and forcing me to continue rubbing my clit even though it had become so sensitive. I made a lot of noise before she finally eased up, and then she forced me on to my back and she began fingering me feverishly. She kept one hand on my boob still squeezing and massaging it as she kept putting more and more fingers inside of me until they were all in. I pulled up my other breast and began to suck my own nipple as I watched my mom staring at my soaked pussy. She was going so fast and so hard.

I said, “I want the dildo mom.”

She fisted me for a while longer before she pulled it out and wiped all my cum on my breasts. Then she pulled open a cabinet and started to put on one of our strap-ons. I just lay their watching her licking my breasts and tasting all my cum. She was watching me and her face looked so intense. I knew I was going to get a pounding.

Before she could enter me I attacked her breasts with my mouth. I devoured her nipples while I held her boob with both hands and then I’d suck the other the same way, so big and so soft. Until she finally slid it inside and I lost the ability to continue. I spread my legs wide and put them up high over my shoulders and just let her slam into me over and over.

I have no idea how long we went this way, but I know when she finally got tired she collapsed on me for a while. I loved having her body smashed against me and I even slid my finger into her ass a little. That got her excited and she started kissing me like she was insane with lust. It was so hot and we were so out of breath. Then she stood me up and had me leaning over the couch while she did me from behind. I was aware that after a while Denise and Aunt Jill were watching us from the balcony that overlooks the living room.

That was such a turn on and I remembered being with my mom and Candice and how sexy that had been. I wanted to do more wild things like that. I loved being watched and I loved people finding out about mom and I and how they would react to it.

She made me cum again and I moaned so long and so loud that soon Kristen and Lyndsey were up on the balcony watching us too. That’s when Jill finally said, okay girls let’s give them some privacy. Thing is I would have loved it if they had just stayed and watched, but they didn’t. I found out later that the four of them all had sex in my mom’s bed. I loved hearing about what all they did, but I was happy that mom and I had done what we did. She had continued to pound me for a while until she was finally too tired to continue, so then I rode on her for a while slowly rocking on the dildo while I sucked her nipples or başakşehir escort kissed her.

It was some of the best sex mom and I had had in a while.

So fast forward. The next week I caught one of my girls making fun of me in the locker room. Now yes I have big boobs, but I seriously do my best not to show them off at school. That practice I had been very warm and as no one was around other than the squad I had worn only a sports bra and my shorts. So afterwards in the locker room, one of my more busty girls had put on another girls sports bra which was way too small for her. When I came around the corner I saw her bouncing up and down and obviously trying to look silly and pretending to be me. I couldn’t see the other girls as they were behind the lockers, but I could hear them all laughing.

It wasn’t mean, she wasn’t being hateful and I wasn’t hurt, but it did catch me off guard. I actually laughed at a few things she said. The thing is the more I watched, the more I started to just stare at her boobs and the more I started to get horny. Now I wasn’t horny for her, but I was remembering back when I was a freshman in High school and there was this older girl on my cheer squad who like me was very busty and I would try whenever I could to catch a peek of her.

I know I have a lesbian on my team this year and I wondered if she was having feelings for this girl like I had all those years ago. In my day dream, I didn’t notice right away that the girl I was watching had noticed me and was frozen staring back at me. I walked off embarrassed, but I think she thought I was hurt or mad.

She apologized to me after practice, but I told her it was funny and that I was just surprised. Then a little while later the girl who was a lesbian came out of the locker room. I wanted to say something to her, but I wasn’t sure what to say.

I finally said, “Pretty funny show, huh?”

“Yea, sorry coach,” she said. “We all think the world of you, Megan especially does. She didn’t mean to . . .”

I cut her off, “No it was funny. I laughed too, it’s no big deal. Well, Sarah must have thought they are a big deal.” I had no idea why I said that. I was trying to be funny, but I felt dumb as soon as I had said it.

She laughed. Thank goodness. We started talking and it was a great conversation and I was happy that I could just be there for her. I know how hard it is to be different from everyone else, or at least feel that way sometimes.

So driving home I was thinking of Sarah bouncing her big boobs and remembering me wanting that older girl in high school. I started thinking about what I had done with one of my ex-track runners in a car and basically just getting crazy horny. So as soon as I pulled in the drive Aunt Jill and Kristen were getting into a car. I climbed in with them and started telling them about what happened. We drove to Wal-Mart and before we got out of the car Jill has to tell me that I should never think about doing anything with any of my athletes. I of course have no desire to do so, and I stressed to her that point. I then explained why I was feeling how I was with my past memories and she listened and understood. So we all went into the store.

Kristen and I were looking at something when we heard a voice behind us say, “Well if it isn’t the wild ones.” We turned around and there was Monica. (Now just in case you don’t remember, Monica was one of our neighbors who watched Kristen and I have sex outside. She seemed interested in watching though she hadn’t seemed as interested in joining.)

“Oh hi, Monica,” I said as bubbly as I could. Kristen put her arm around me and I could tell she was wanting to get Monica excited like before.

“I just thought I’d say hi. I haven’t seen you two in a while,” Monica said.

Kristen said, “Yea, too bad, I kept expecting you to drop by and take us up on our offer.” Kristen’s hand sort of lowered over my boob. From where we were standing the only people who could have seen would have been behind Monica and no one was there, so I stuck my chest out and let her get a good grab of my boob.

Monica looked really nervous, but she also was looking at my chest, which totally turned me on. I was already so horny and I loved getting her excited for our bodies, even if she didn’t seem interested.

Then Aunt Jill walked around the corner and said, “Oh there you two are.”

Monica looked at Jill and said, “Oh hi . . . Jill right? Patty’s sister. How have you been?”

For a moment Kristen and I were like, wait what, you know each other? Monica looked as nervous as us, so we just chilled and were going to separate until Jill decides to introduce her daughter Kristen to Monica.

I could tell by the look on Monica’s face that she was blown away by this discovery. She had had no idea that Kristen and I were first cousins and her eyes were so big. I’m not sure what Jill was thinking, but she did notice the eyes. She must have completely bebek escort forgotten that we told her about what we had done outside in front of Monica. Or else maybe she was just confused about who we had done that in front of, as maybe she hadn’t even met Monica at that time. Either way we were busted. Jill seemed oblivious to why Monica suddenly seemed alarmed, and I decided to do a little acting. So when Monica was looking at me and Jill was looking at Monica, I mouthed to Monica, “Please don’t tell Jill about us.”

I thought it was best to make it look like she didn’t know. The rest of the conversation was awkward, but seemed to get better as it went and soon we were walking away. When we got to the checkout I said I had forgotten something and rushed off to find Monica. I found her not far away as I had been watching which direction she went and I said, “Oh wow, thanks so much for not telling my Aunt Jill she would never understand.”

Monica said, “Lucy . . . You are even more wild than I imagined.” She sort of seemed lost for words.

“You can’t imagine how hard it is to find a lesbian around here to be with, I’m sorry I put you in this situation, but we really appreciate what you did and I hope you can keep our secret.” She seemed to be fine with it, or at least the shock was wearing off, but in my crazy horny state I said, “I’ll do anything you want if you promise to keep our secret. Anything!”

She looked at my breasts again and said, “I’ll keep your secret.”

I leaned in close to her and said, “You are so sweet. Thanks so much. I owe you. And I mean it, anything.” When I said anything I brushed one of my fingers down her tummy. She took a super deep breath and her mouth opened up and stayed open. I walked off with the biggest smile on my face.

I could not wait to tell Kristen, but I didn’t until I was alone with her at the house.

I was so crazy horny all night, but I never even had sex. I was just wrapped up in the idea of doing something crazy. The next day after work I drove straight to Lyndsey and Denise’s place after practice. Denise answered the door. I gave her a hug and a kiss, but when I saw Lyndsey I just gave her a hug. I started talking to them about my concerns slash desires for what was going on with Monica. Denise told me to go for it, but Lyndsey said I would be smart not to push that any further.

I ended up driving home just as confused as I had been and just as horny. I went into my neighborhood a different way, just so I could drive by Monica’s house, but didn’t see her. I went that way every day for a week before on a mild day I saw Monica pulling into her drive way. I pulled in right behind her without a second thought.

When I was already out of the car I noticed that Monica was not the only one in the car. Her daughter jumped out and she knew me from school so she walked up to me first. I felt so awkward. She chatted with me for a while and Monica looked like she was going to freak out. So I made up some dumb excuse for stopping and I started to go back to my car, but then Monica sort of doubled back and came out to my car. I have no idea what excuse she used, but when she came up to the car she said, “Lucy, you can’t come over here. It’s okay I am not going to tell anyone. You don’t have to worry.”

“That’s not why I stopped by,” I said.

Monica looked at me and didn’t say anything. “What do you mean?” she said acting dumb.

“If we were alone I’d show you,” I said.

She freaked. It was almost funny, but as I wasn’t sure what my next step would be it was also disappointing. Okay so two more weeks passed before I finally had the opportunity to be crazy. In that time Denise and Lyndsey came over once more and again I sort of avoided having sex with Lyndsey to the point where I was afraid it was obvious, so I explained why to Kristen.

But then Kristen and I ran into Monica again. We were at the mall which is like forty minutes from our home and sure enough we saw Monica, and a couple of her friends shopping (one of which was Erin). Kristen and I followed them around like a couple of spies, and it was a while before I finally let her know I was there. We were in Macy’s and Monica went into a dressing room. Kristen and I darted after her and before she could shut the door we pushed our way in with her. Her friends weren’t anywhere around. She looked alarmed even though she saw us before we ever got near her. Now we were standing face to face behind a locked door.

“What are you doing Lucy?” she said with huge eyes.

I didn’t answer. I just smiled and pulled my shirt up, bra and all. Kristen and I didn’t have a plan, but Kristen was quick to reach over and cup my boob. Monica looked scared, but her eyes were fixed on my chest, and soon Kristen hed lifted my nipple up to her lips and she began to lick me at first and then suck on my nipple. I was holding my shirt up with both hands but I let go with my left hand and started to massage my other breast, and I said, “I have one more that needs attention.”

Monica didn’t rush in, but she didn’t tell us to stop either. She simply said, “You’re going to get caught.”

Kristen said, “We like being watched.”

“Do you two sneak around the house behind your mothers’ backs?” Monica asked.

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