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After arriving back home from our little overnight getaway, my mom and I found ourselves once again buried in the day-to-day routines around the house. Going to work and going to school, doing chores, life pretty much as usual. The only difference was our feelings for each other and the effect they seemed to have on our secret life together.

At night when mom came home from the store, if dad wasn’t home yet and my brothers weren’t around, she and I would sit together at the table talking, holding hands and caressing each other as she ate her dinner. We never realized how precious our time away had been until we found that any time together at home was almost impossible. Several days after we got home, mom and I were sitting in the dining room eating alone when she spoke up and said.

You know, your dad and I have been married now for over twenty six years and he has never, ever, left me as sore as you did the other day. I mean, yes it hurts to sit down, but in a nice erotic kind of way… your dad even asked if I was alright that first day back. I just told him I pulled a muscle down there… I had to leave the room I started giggling so hard at that comment, she said…

Sorry about that mom, it’s just that after the first time, I can’t seem to get enough of you. Your soft skin, your shapely long legs, especially when you dress up, your long dark hair, I just want you so badly sometimes I can’t even think straight. I still have the pantyhose you left for me our first night together. Smiling she gently squeezed my hand and held it between her soft fingers

Well, let’s consider that our first lesson then, she said. We’ll try and pace ourselves out a little so we can be together more often now. You know, I’ve never been attacked in the shower before you maniac! At first you spooked me a little when you picked me up like that, especially when I looked into your face. It was as if you had to have me, and nothing, I mean NOTHING was going to stop you. Then you surprised me by having me finish first just before you did. No man has ever really put me first before now, and when I think about it, my heart begins to race and I want to start touching myself all over again. See what you’ve done to me?!

As the days went by she did find time to tease me with different dresses, outfits, and new heels she had bought. Her new confidence was in full bloom and instead of looking and acting like a conservative woman of forty-four, she seemed to be more like a twenty-four year old with nothing to lose. She even had commented that her boss at work had noticed it and was extremely curious about what had happened to her. I’d just answered him by saying “oh, nothing special”.

One afternoon I asked if I could borrow her car to go up to the library to do some studying after dinner. Sure, she said. In fact, why don’t we both go and I’ll look into the used book area for some of those so called “erotic romance novels” you keep talking about. We headed out at about six so that I had over two hours to get some serious study time in while mom looked around.

She kept her outfit simple with a basic summer dress that buttoned up the front from top to bottom. She had her hair up and very little make-up on, a simple pair of high heeled strappy white sandals and pantyhose that were a very light buff color. They’re day sheers, she said. I sometimes get tired of the suntan look all the time and I like something different now and then. Just like you, my special lover…

As I got into the car, mom had already climbed in and was sitting with her heels up on the center of the dash reading a book. She acted as if she did this every day, her dress hanging loosely from her legs, her heels sticking out right in my line of vision. Sitting there looking at her, smelling her sweet cologne in the air, I started to breathe fast while a light sweat of excitement broke out on my skin. I especially loved how her white heels seemed to reach out from her legs demanding to be looked upon and gazed at.

I thought you wanted to go study? She asked. I do, I do! I stammered, it’s just that how can I concentrate on studying when you look so damned hot mom? Even just a simple summer dress gets me all wound up when you wear it. Well, it is buttoned all the way up and down, isn’t it? She replied seriously. I knew she was teasing me again, I just knew it.

Getting to the library, I headed downstairs to the research section while mom looked about for what she wanted. At least that’s what I thought she was doing…

At that time of night the library was pretty empty and quiet. Except for the air conditioning system running you couldn’t hear anything else going on. I was downstairs trying to read with images of her in my head when I could hear those heels again walking slowly down the stairs. Click, Click, Click…

What is it with a woman walking in heels that makes every man stop what he’s doing, even breathing, in hopes of getting a glimpse of a sexy lady sınırsız escort who’s the source of those unmistakable sounds?

As she came into view my heart skipped a few beats!

She had let her hair down and it fell softly around her shoulders. As she walked in I could see she had unbuttoned the top buttons of her dress far enough to enjoy a delicious view of her creamy white cleavage. To make matters worse, her bottom buttons were unbuttoned all the way to the tops of her thighs. I love it when I get to have some imagination as to what’s underneath, but this was sheer torture, plain and simple. As she came around behind me she ran her fingertips across my shoulders and neck as she began to read from a book she had found upstairs.

Men can easily have up to three orgasms within a twenty four hour period, she read. But given the right circumstances, a man can have up to five orgasms if he’s properly stimulated. Do I stimulate you? She asked as her fingernails slid across the back of my neck. God Yes! I quietly breathed… shaking and smelling her soft cologne on the air. But mom! I really need to study right now!

Like when “I” had to get cleaned up so we could go home a few weeks back? She asked. If I remember correctly, you literally raped me in that shower! Not that I didn’t enjoy it mind you, you did properly stimulate ME, So now, it’s my turn to stimulate you my dear.

At this, she bent down and gently started running her tongue around my ear and over my neck making me shudder all over. Her hands reached around my neck and down over my shoulders into my shirt, rubbing my chest as she pressed her breast into my back from behind. Do you like my cologne? She asked. What do you think of my new high heels I bought yesterday? Are they tall enough for you, or would you rather I not wear any at all?

Trying to control myself became impossible as my instincts took over. Standing up I turned around as she began backing away, heels clicking on the marble tile loudly whispering, No! Not here! Let’s wait until we get home… Walking up to her as she backed into a bookshelf I took her into my arms and began kissing her and tearing at her dress to get it off.

Grabbing the front I pulled it open, buttons flying everywhere as she inhaled loudly. There was a big leather couch on the back wall of the research room, so, wrapping my arms around her waist and with her dress still on and wide open to me, I picked her up. While I was still kissing her, I carried her to the back and set her down on the couch. I was completely out of control at this point and really didn’t care who heard or walked in on us.

Taking my pants off and hovering above her on my hands and knees I began a full assault on her body, starting with her neck and working my way down. When we weren’t kissing like mad, she was running her hands through my hair and biting my ears and neck. She had pulled my t-shirt off, and with her breast fully aroused, she was rubbing them against my chest as I slid up and down her body. Do you like it when I wear my heels? She asked while pulling her knees up and placing her heels into the tops of my thighs, digging them in and adding to the pain of my torture. “God Yes” is all I could answer. Reaching down under her knees I pulled her legs straight up and placed them onto my shoulders, one shoe on each side of my head. The smells of her leather heels and the nylon of her pantyhose were indescribable.

Reaching down under her hips I grabbed the waistband of her pantyhose and pulled them up from under her leaving them on her thighs. Then leaning forward and pushing her legs down onto her chest, I could feel the heat of her pussy as I began to penetrate her. She was so warm, soft and wet that I began to shake from the sensations.

Oooh, that’s it hon, that’s it, take me she whispered. God this is good she kept saying as I began thrusting into her.

I had read that if you vary the depth of your penetration you can really drive a woman crazy, so at first I started shallow, only just the head of my shaft sliding in and out. Then every so often I would push in a little farther, teasing her. Aaaahh yes, go deeper hon, go deeper please! Not yet, I breathed… Please, just go all the way in, I want to feel you deep inside me she begged. But I wouldn’t… Two can play the torture game I thought.

Please, please go deep, all the way in, Please! She began pleading. Then after a few more short thrust I pushed slowly ALL the way in, grinding my hips into her and kissing her hard as she yelled out.

MMMFH…, MMMFH…, MMMFH…, MMMFH…, was all she kept saying as I thrust deeply into her, pulling out to the very tip and then pushing back and grinding into her, stifling her screams by kissing her as I continued to take her body.

As my orgasm began to build, I started sucking and biting her nylon covered ankles on my shoulders adding to the intensity. Letting go of me she flailed taksim escort her arms out, grasping at the smooth leather of the couch as she began to quietly scream, my thrusting picking up speed and intensity as her pussy began to convulse around my shaft.

I actually had a small thought of concern that I was really hurting her, but that just seemed to add to the urgency of my passion as she began to shake. I could actually feel the walls of her pussy convulse around me and squeeze me as she arched her back up pushing her body into mine, forcing me over the edge as I pumped my seed into her body, over and over again until finally coming to rest on top of her.

Do you think anybody heard us? She desperately asked as our breathing began to settle down. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, I said. Well get off me then, we have to get out of here!

But I didn’t move, using my weight to hold her there I leaned down and passionately kissed her as I felt myself begin to soften and slowly slide out of her pussy. The juices of our lovemaking falling onto the soft leather cushions of the couch, God she looked amazing like that!

Pushing me up she pulled her shoes off my shoulders and as they came down she accidentally dug them into my chest, leaving two long red marks all the way down to my waist. Oh God! I’m so sorry, she said.

It’s ok mom, you’ve just found the perfect thing to get me going again, right here and right now as my arousal began to build. She hurriedly got up, looking down at her dress as she pulled her pantyhose back up over her hips. Look at what you did to my new dress! She stammered. We’ll never find all the buttons in this place!

Taking my belt off my pants I walked over to her. Pulling her dress around her I stopped for a moment to really look at her beautiful body, and then using my belt I cinched her dress closed as well as I could. As she looked down she stammered, I don’t’ think this will work… It’ll work, I said, just follow me very closely as we walk out of the Library. Once we’re outside the darkness will hide most of what people can see.

As we walked upstairs we got a few stares from several folks that were sitting and reading. I’m not really sure if it was curiosity, or the fact that they had actually heard us. Hurry up, please hurry up, is all my mom kept whispering into my back as we left. Once we got outside she decided to take a shortcut to the parking lot through the lot of trees on the side of the building. We started laughing like a couple of kids as we plodded our way through the trees and bushes. Suddenly my mom just stopped and looked down at her feet.

Oh now this is just great! She said… As I caught up to her I looked down to see her feet completely buried in wet soupy mud. They had been doing some construction work near the parking lot and after the last few days of rain, the mud was pretty sloppy and deep. My new shoes! Will you look at my new shoes?! She cried.

I was looking.., and looking.. and looking… I don’t know why, but her standing there, trapped in the mud in her heels made me instantly, viciously aroused. Quietly I said, just hang on and let me help you out so we can get out of here. Reaching down I began to run my hands along her legs down into the mud feeling the straps of her shoes. Her pantyhose were now wet and slippery on my fingertips and the more I rubbed, the crazier I got. Well, c’mon, help me out of this… I don’t want to ruin these, I haven’t even broken them in yet!

Slowly running my hands up her legs I looked up to see her giving me the questioning look of “what the devil are you up to now?” As I reached her dress I quickly ran my hands up to her hips, putting my arm around her back and leaning forward as I began forcing her back into the mud. She lost her balance and fell back, arms flailing, hitting the mud with a plopping sound and just laid there in shock.

Not wasting time explaining myself I moved up over her, quickly undoing my pants as she began to protest. No! No!, not out here where everyone can see us, no way in hell…! But we’re in the middle of a bunch of trees and bushes, I said, it’s dark and nobody will see us and we’ll be out of here before anybody can find out…

As I moved over her I leaned in close and whispered, just relax and go with it mom, please. With her feet still stuck in the mud, her knees up on each side of me, and her dress acting as a blanket beneath her I opened my belt around her waist and began pulling at her pantyhose, tearing them open trying to do this before she could wiggle free and get away. I don’t think you’ve ever looked sexier to me than right now I kept saying.

I know it’s weird, but it’s such a turn-on seeing you trapped this way and I don’t want to miss out on this I said as I pulled my shirt up. She was still protesting as I leaned forward and gently pushed myself into her for the second time that night. The mud was so slippery and tesettürlü escort wet, but she reluctantly began to get into what I was doing as I started rubbing mud all over her breast and gently pinching her nipples with my slippery fingers.

She was still wet from our first time and this just added to the excitement already building between us. I can’t believe that I’m actually enjoying this, she kept saying.

Just think of it as a game of entrapment and let’s see where it takes us, is all I said before I began to really push into her again. God She felt so hot! And with the thought of what we might look like right now, I tried my best to control myself so I could make this last as long as possible. The mud was making squishing sounds each time I would thrust into her body. The next thing I felt was her wiggling her feet free and digging her heels into my hips, mud and all. It felt so intense with the mud and passion that we just kept going and going.

Do you like the feeling of trapping me like you might be raping me? She asked between breaths. Do you want me to scratch you and bite you, just like a real victim? as she began digging her nails into my arms and biting down on my neck as I kept pounding into her body. This really got us going, understanding that it was only a game of extreme passion as she suddenly wrapped her legs around my thighs and her arms around my neck, pulling herself against me and gyrating her hips as she rubbed her clitoris against me.

I leaned down onto her and wrapped my arms up under her shoulders, pulling us together while just our hips were moving wildly against each other with my face buried in her neck smelling her hair.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, she kept repeating each time I would push into her until I heard her exhale and moan shakily against my neck as her orgasm overtook her body. As excited as I was, I couldn’t stop now as I continued to thrust deeply into her. At first she just held me close kissing and sucking on my neck. Are you almost there? she asked. Not by a long shot I answered, besides, we need to break in your new shoes.

God please hurry before someone sees us! she urgently whispered. That still didn’t change my pace very much. Then she got another idea… Pushing against my shoulders with her hands she began loudly whispering, NO, NO, No, please stop… please stop… don’t rape me, PLEASE don’t rape me. Feeling like I was physically taking her like this turned me into a real animal as I mercilessly pounded into her body with powerful thrust causing her to exhale loudly each time.

While she clawed at my arms with her nails, I leaned down and tried to kiss her. She returned the favor by biting my lip and fighting even more. This made me pull her against me and thrust wildly into her knocking her breath away, As my orgasm approached she turned her head into my neck biting me as she began to moan loudly with each thrust until her whole body convulsed under me in orgasm, sending me into my most intense orgasm yet.

I was completely and totally drained by that point. Rolling off her I looked up through the trees at the stars and made a wish that times like these would never end.

Well, don’t just lay there you bum, help me up!!!

I don’t know, you look pretty hot lying here like that, I said laughingly, I mean, in a fun sort of way… Who’d ever thought making love in the mud could actually be such a turn-on? She answered. Where do you get these crazy ideas? she asked as I pulled her up and out of the hole in the mud. MY Crazy Ideas? I asked. Whose crazy idea was it to act like she was being raped just now? She just leaned against me on shaky legs as she tried to walk out of the mud.

Now come on, she said, let’s get to the car before someone sees us and calls the cops. Looking back I could see the imprint our bodies had made and wondered if it would dry like that and still be there a few days from now..

Looking like a couple of mud wrestlers we began making our way towards the parking lot as she wrapped her mud laden dress around her body, our clothes and shoes making squishing sounds as we went. Your dad’s gonna be livid when he sees the mud in the car. We’ll have to clean this up when we get home. Maybe we’ll use the garden hose outside and rinse each other off before we go in. Kill two birds with one stone, get cleaned up, and give you a cold shower you sex nut!

Like when we cleaned up the kitchen, right mom? I asked. Shut up and kiss me before I get mad about all this… Kissing her I began to think, I guess I’ll get a zero on the test tomorrow, but considering the last two hours it’ll be well worth it.

Arriving back home, mom and I spent the better part of an hour cleaning up the car seats and then washing each other off with the garden hose in back of the house.

Good grief this water is freezing, she commented as I stood next to her and rinsed her from head to toe. She didn’t even bother taking her clothes or shoes off considering that they we’re pretty much ruined at that point. Besides, what good is a summer dress if I can’t button it up you jerk! She said, laughing and shivering at the same time. Even though it was a warm summer evening I found myself with chattering teeth from the icy cold well water.

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