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(mature & incest in this installment)

Note: This story is true as best as I can remember back thirty-five years, with names and dates changes to avoid harming anyone in the story. All people are at a minimum of eighteen years of years, most are older sexy, horny ladies that have no men in the house or their husbands have forgotten to take “care of their home duties.”

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Friday morning never came for me as I slept till three in the afternoon. I had had such a “HARD” day on Thursday that my body was worn out from all the fucking the Sweley family of sex-starved ladies had subjected me to.

I woke to my mother calling me to come down and take a phone call.

When I got downstairs I found out it was Dr. Johnson reminding me to be sure to be on time tomorrow morning for my job. She told me to be prepared to stay all day, as she wanted me to assist her with some lessons in the afternoon.

I said that would be OK! As I had nothing else planned till the evening, as I had a date at 7:30 PM. with Dee Dee to go to the drive in Movie Theater.

The rest of the day I worked on taking care of our yard and the flower and vegetable garden for mother.

It was getting close to suppertime when Sherry got back from staying over night at Aunt Judy’s. She walked out to the back yard, raised her blouse to show off her small tits and motioned for me to come into the house and rest till supper was on the table.

All during supper all Sherry could talk about was how her and Aunt Judy had enjoyed the new hot tub Judy had installed since we were there last. (You got to remember that this story is taking place in the early sixties and hot tubs were not a common thing at that time) I asked her what a hot tub was and what was it used for.

Sherry told us how you would sit in it and relax your tired and sore muscles. She also told us how her and Judy did not wear any swimsuits or other clothing while in it. She said that was the suggested way of soaking, as swimsuit retains soap and other thing that will cause suds in the hot tub.

Mother said that that sounded like a nice thing to have and that we would have to go visit her again soon to try it out,

I could just visualize Aunts Judy sitting in the hot water with her big milk filled tits floating to the surface of the water.

Sherry also said that Aunt Judy was going to stop over after church on Sunday to visit for the afternoon. Mom said that would be fine as we had to stay home and wait for dad to call and let us know how the project was coming and if he would be home earlier then planned.

As they were talking all I could think about was Aunt Judy’s big milk filled tits hanging over me the last time I was at her house and how she wanted to fuck me but because of the time since the baby was born she had to wait another two weeks before enjoying sex with my monster.

Mom saw the look on my face and asked what I was smiling about. I just told her I was thinking about the last time we visited Aunt Judy’s.

Sherry looked at my crotch and then my smile and said that is what she thought I was visualizing. She moved over next to me and placed her hand on my crotch and rubbed up and down on my leg making me squirm.

Mom stood up and wiggled her body to swing her breast around under her very loose fitting blouse. I looked at her as I put my arm around my sister and pulled her close to me and kissed her.

Sherry keep rubbing my penis through my shorts till it got hard enough for the head to sticking out the bottom of the leg. Mother noticed that and reached down and pinched its purple, blood filled head with two fingers.

All I could do was sit there and enjoy these two women teasing me. Sherry slid her hand down and grabbed my big purple-headed monster and rubbed its head.

Mother stood there and removed her blouse and let her massive tits swing in front of my face. I moved my head towards her and licked one of her nipples. She stopped the swinging and let me suck on it for a while.

Sherry keep stroking my cock head and tugging at my shorts trying and move the leg up so she could get a better grip on the monster, as she called it.

Mom wiggled out of her skirt and sat on the table in front of me and put her legs on kağıthane escort my shoulders. Her now wet pussy was right there in front of my face for me to lick and suck.

I leaned forward and stuck my tongue into her love hole. I flicked my tongue up and down along the edges of it till she let out this low moan and slid her butt closer to me. I took my tongue and licked her colitis till it grow in size and looked like a small penis. I guess I had never had my face this close to her pussy before to notice now it stood up and begged to be sucked and played with.

All this time Sherry was playing the slid trombone strokes on my penis. She took her one free hand and removed her top and was rubbing her small breast all over my arm. She then stood up and getting next to mom, took one of her massive breasts into her hand and lifted it to her mouth. I tried to look up from licking to see this action. Mom just put he hand on the back of my head and keep me in tight to her pussy.

I wiggled out of my shorts and let my cock spring free and straight under the table. As neither one of them was doing anything to him I started to stroke him madly.

Sherry noticed what I was doing and told mom what I was masturbating. Mom looked down at me and told me to stand up and put my cock into her waiting pussy and not waste any time in doing so.

I stood up and dragged my cock over the underside of the table. When I got clear it popped up into the air and the precum flipped into Sherry face. Mom laughed and told Sherry to guide my cock into her waiting love tunnel as it was wildly swinging around. Sherry reached down and aimed me in the right direction and I slid into mom’s love hole about half the length of my fourteen-inch cock. I pulled back a little so just the head was still in her and then pushed forward and went further in then I had ever been in her. She threw her head back and screamed. I pulled back quickly and she said not to pull out but to put it back in and let it stay there of a minute so she could stretch to met its size. I did that and Sherry keep sucking on mom’s nipple and playing with her other tit.

Mother tried to tighten her muscles around me cock but I had then stretched to tight as it was. I started to slide back and forth into her. It did not take very long and I started to explode my load inside her. She had reached down and was rubbing her colitis and she climaxed just seconds after me.

The cum ran out of her and all over my balls and the floor beneath us.

I looked at mom and said that was one hell of a desert.

Sherry asked when she was to get her desert. Mom patted the table next to her and said to get up here so I could do her next.

She hoped up on the table after shedding her undies and spread her legs to expose her moist, tender little pussy. Mom leaned over and reaching over Sherry’s leg started fingered it and ran he hand up and down her leg.

I moved the chair in front of her and placed my face in her crotch. She sighed and let me lick her as mother started to play with her tits.

Sherry did not take much before she screamed out that she was cumming and fell back on the table with pleasure all over her face and mashed potatoes in her hair from landing in its dish. Mother leaned over and put her mouth on Sherry’s small nipples and licked them till sherry screamed a second time as she climaxed again. I had just stood up and placed the head of my cock against her open hole as he climaxed for that second time. She hoched forward to try to slid onto my cock but it would only go in as far as the head between her lips without some K-Y gel on it. (She was too small for me and also my cock was to dry)

I took my cock in my hand and stroked it up and down her wet puss lips and even pushed it down between her ass checks once.

Mom noticed this action, and told me not to do that, as I would “tare her a new ass hole with my monster.”

We all got to our feet and headed to the bathroom for a shower, as we thought we should clean up before retiring to the bedroom.

I sat on the toilet and watched mom and Sherry soap each other all over and could not keep from stroking my flaccid cock to readiness. Sherry looked out of the shower and told mom I was masturbating again. Mother suggested kartal escort I get in and let them do that for me.

I got in to the shower between them and mom’s hands grabbed my cock as Sherry’s hands grabbed my ass and pinched my checks, causing me to thrust my cock forward into mother stomach. She let out a scream and slipped on the wet floor and fell on her ass.

Luckily she did not hurt herself except her pride and because she did not let go of my cock had a handle to assist herself back up.

Sherry started to cry and said how sorry she was and that she did not think I would jump like that when she played with my ass.

I reached down to assist mother in getting up. She took my hand with her left hand and my cock with her right. As I lifted her up she tugged at my cock to steady herself. Her tits rubbed against my stomach as she was getting up and her nipples were rock hard and felt like pencil erasers against my rubbing my body.

I asked her if she was OK?

She looked into my eyes and said that she was and from the view she had down they’re my cock looked like it was ready for a lot more action.

She reached for the bar of soap and lathered up her hand and started stroking my semi-hard cock to its fullest extent.

I just lean back against the wall and let her work it for all it was wroth. She added more soap every few minutes till I blew a load of cum straight out of its purple head and hit her right in the pubic hair. She took her other hand and rubbed the cum all over her pussy and mound.

All the time mom was doing this Sherry was standing off to the side watching and playing stink finger with her cunt.

As I was unloading my cum, I noticed her getting weak legged and glassy eyed as she had worked herself to a fitting organism. Her little nipples were stand hard at attention and begging to be sucked.

I motioned to mom that Sherry needed some attention and she took the hint and bent over to start sucking on Sherry’s nipples.

With mom’s ass in the air, her pussy was aimed in the right position for me to enter her from the rear. I quickly rinsed the soap off my cock and I slid it in-between her legs and rubbed its head along her cunt. She slid her legs apart on the wet floor to allow better access to her cunt.

I took my cocking hand and guided it into that over sex love tunnel of my mom’s.

She pushed back against me while still sucking on Sherry’s nipples.

I worked my cock in and out of her for the longest time and counted at least three times she climaxed before I filled her full of my love juice. As I pulled out of her I felt the combined love juices flow out of her and on to my balls. She took one hand and cupped some of the juices and smeared them all over Sherry’s breast, as it was body lotion.

Sherry started rubbing the juices all over her body and even reached over and ran her hand over the length of my penis to get more for her to enjoy.

I stood back and enjoyed the scene of my mother and sister playing with each other’s bodies.

Just as I was getting ready to start playing with Sherry’s pussy the phone rang. It was dad wanting to talk to mom. That ruined the rest of the evening’s enjoyment.

As I looked at the clock I noticed that it was eight thirty and I was to pick up Dee Dee at seven.

I called her and tried to explain that I was not feeling well and all BUT she hung up the phone on me and I guess I should have expected that from her as I had stood her up for our movie date.

Saturday morning was one of rushing around to get ready to get to work at Dr. Johnson’s office. I got to her office just a little after nine and was greeted with a big smile from her nurse and told to go in to Hazels office as she was with a patient and would be with me in a couple of minutes.

As I was waiting in Hazel’s office I noticed a movie camera and other items in the corner. I was going to check them out just as Hazel walked in the door. She came over to me and hugged me and kissed me on the lips with a kiss that would blow you away. My dick started to rise with that and she noticed.

She reached out and with a firm grip stroked it and guided it down my right pant leg. She them walked over to her desk and opened a folded that had my name on küçükçekmece escort it.

She looked it over and said that she had gotten very good reports from the ladies that I had serviced / done work for over the last week.

She them asked her nurse Shelia to come in and sit next to me. As she did Hazel slowly unbuttoned her blouse and told Shelia to do the same.

I noticed that Shelia did not have a bra on as she removed her top. She had smaller breast then Sherry but her nipples were as puffy as I had even seen. The looked like small balloons with teats on the ends of them. Hazel had gotten her blouse and bra off, as I was looking Shelia over. Hazel walked around her desk and sat on the front of it directly in front of us. She told Shelia to loosen my pants and open my fly. When Shelia did this she gasped and looked over at Hazel and said that she had never seen a cock that large and big in girth.

Hazel suggested that she take hold of it and work me up to full hardness so she could see what was going to be needed to be relieved before the class started.

I looked at Hazel and thought, WHAT CLASS.

Shelia started to fondle my cock as Hazel explained that at around ten this morning there would be about eight younger ladies (I later saw they were all my sisters age as the class started) coming to have a class on how to “handle the monster” that they would be enjoying over the next two weeks. Hazel explained that the ladies I had been with had told their daughter and nieces about me. They all wanted to see and enjoy the proper way of having sex for the first time in most of their cases.

About this time Shelia positioned her mouth on the head of my penis and I slowly raised my hips to push it into her mouth. Hazel told me to sit still and let Shelia work and suggested that I play with her nipples.

I slid my hand over her chest and lightly pinched her right nipple. I felt so puffy and firm. As I was doing this Hazel started to rub her massive tits and slid her other hand under her skirt. I played the game of licking my lips and sticking my tongue out as to be licking her pussy. She raised her skirt and I saw no panties but a fully moist swollen set of cunt lips. Hazel slid her middle three fingers into her cunt and worked them in and out. This just made me hornier and my cock grow bigger with the thought of the last time I plunged my cock into her.

Shelia was trying to get at least half the length of my cock into her throat when I let go with a load of cum that caused her a gag and let my cock slid out of her mouth. I squirt large ropes of cum all over the floor and Hazel’s legs.

Shelia took my cock into her hands and continued to stroke it as I was releasing my load all over everything in from of me.

When I was done Hazel told Shelia to please go get all of us some towel and warm wash clothes.

When she returned I pulled her close to me and stated to suck on her nipples. Hazel took the warm clothes and wiped my cock and her pussy dry and them started to remove Shelia skirt. Shelia allowed Hazel to remove her skirt and panties so I could finger her hairy young cunt. Shelia squealed and spread her legs to allow me better access to her. Hazel stood near by and watched as I worked Shelia to her first climax of the day.

I worked my middle finger in between her lips and felt her wet tunnel. She pushed her body up to meet my finger. As I was working my finger into her deeper she let out this cry and fell backwards into the chair.

I got down on my knees in front of her and spread her leg s apart and placing my face in her crotch, licked her juices out of her tender cunt. She looked up at Hazel and said that was the first time that anybody had licked her cunt. I stuck my tongue into her and caused her to release and other load into my mouth. Dr. Johnson looked at her and said,” NO one has ever eaten your pussy before and you are now what? 27 years old.”

Shelia looked back at Hazel and said, ” I have sucked cock on guys, but no one has ever returned the kindness to me.”

About the time this was all happening Hazels other weekend nurse Dawn, came into the office and started to say that the other were gals here for the class. But when she saw what was going on, she closed the door and reached out wrapping her hand around my semi hard cock and started to work it up and down it full length.

Hazel suggested that we go into the other room that the class was going to be in and Dawn could be the first to “demonstrate” me to the class.

That will be in the next chapter as it took all day for the classes lessons.

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