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All Natural

One of my favorite things to do was to visit my dad’s legal office in downtown Pittsburgh. Sometimes he would bring me with him in the morning but usually I would just ride the “T” and then walk a block to get to the office building. Supposedly I was there to help with some minor office work – filing, mail, that sort of thing. In reality, I preferred to flirt with the guys in the office more than anything. I’d wear short skirts, revealing tops, and do just about anything to tease and flirt. Can’t say anyone ever complained!

Needless to say, I also made it a point to take advantage of my dad’s office for some fun with him. My dad loved to fuck me while I looked out the window over the city, seeing the people far below us and wondering what they would think if they could see into his office. It was as hot for me as I knew it had to be with him.

My dad wasn’t the only one I played with at his office although nobody was aware of what I was doing with him. In fact, my first married man was one of the firm’s older partners. OK, so he did me at his house when I was babysitting and not in the office but that’s just a technicality. Over the years several more of the guys made it to my “sexual history” list. So far as they knew, my dad didn’t know anything about it and I think they got a thrill from fucking the boss’s daughter. Naturally I told my dad everything and there was even one time when he encouraged me to do a few of them as a “reward” for some extraordinary work they’d recently completed.

This summer was my first as a college graduate. For once I wasn’t simply on Summer Break, waiting for the fall school year to start. I’d been home almost two months now and still hadn’t visited my dad’s office. It seemed that as I got older, I visited his office less and less for a number of reasons. The guys started to act differently around me as I grew older and went off to college. I guess it was easier to “innocently” flirt with a sixteen or seventeen year old high school girl than with a twenty or twenty one year old college student. When I was a younger teenager, the age difference made it less “real” when I flirted with them, more like teasing than anything serious.

As I got older and into college I think it was a little more awkward for the guys. You have to remember that none of them had a clue that my dad was fucking me or that he really wouldn’t have minded if any of them did me. Had they known, I’m sure things would have been a lot more interesting! Besides the age factor, now there were secretaries and clerks younger than me so for me to “help” with the office work wasn’t “cute” anymore but instead I was threatening their jobs! Finally, now that I’m 22, it wasn’t like it was “take your daughter to work day” anymore so there was little excuse for me to visit the office for more than a few minutes.

My “office hours” may not be the same but one thing that hadn’t changed as I grew older – my dad’s sexual lust for me. From the first time he fucked me my dad has always looked for opportunities to have me. One of our most cherished “traditions” was my morning “wakeup call”. Even if I woke up earlier on my own, I would wait in my bed for my dad to get up and come into my bedroom. Sometimes he was the first to wake and these were usually my favorite mornings as he would let me sleep while he jerked off over me or tried to play with me such that I didn’t wake up. I love it when I wake up and feel his dick pressed against me, even more when he manages to actually get it inside of me without waking me right away.

Some mornings when I was really tired, I might wake up and find his cum on me from him having jerked off without me waking up at all. Normally I don’t really enjoy having him spray his sperm all over me but this was an exception. I think it was more the thought that he had jerked off watching me sleeping naked in my bed and then cumming on me than the actual cum that had dried on my face or boobs.

This morning was one of those morning when I woke up totally disoriented. You know what I mean, that feeling of not knowing what day it is or where you are. It’s like you are lost in some sort of fog, trying to clear the cobwebs from your mind as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. There was one more thing, my pussy felt incredible! It was then that I realized why – I was being fucked! It wasn’t anything wild and crazy, just this feeling of a nice warm dick in me, not even moving at the moment but rather just resting inside of me, filling my pussy and making me feel incredibly horny.

“Morning baby,” someone whispered in my ear. Of course it could only be one person – my dad.

“Oh daddy… that feels so good,” I sighed softly, squirming a bit to get a little more comfortable.

I was on my side and my dad was nestled in behind me. He had lifted my leg just enough to get his erect dick in me and so I repositioned it to be easier for him to fuck me. I was rewarded by the feeling of him thrusting it even deeper into my pussy and I could feel the warmth of his naked body pressed again mine.

“You bakırköy escort must have been tired this morning,” he chuckled softly, “Wasn’t sure you were going to wake up before I’d finished.”

I didn’t say anything in response, instead moving my hand down between my legs where I placed it over his hard dick in me, my fingers on each side of his hard shaft at the base of his dick where he was pressing it into my pussy. He started to slowly stroke himself in and out of me and I could feel his wet dick sliding between my fingers as well.

“Oh yes… fuck me daddy,” I moaned ever so softly, my body wakening a little more each second as he started to pump himself in and out more quickly.

“You know it baby… God I love fucking your sweet pussy first thing in the morning.”

“Mmmmmmm, me too. You feel SO good in me daddy.”

As he slowly fucked me his hand cupped my bare breast, supporting it and gently massaging it. My hardened nipple was between his fingers and he would squeeze and pull on it as he played with my boobs. God it felt SO damn good! As his incestuous dick slowly moved in and out of his daughter’s welcoming pussy, I started to touch my clit, rubbing it slowly with the tip of my finger, making little circles around it.

“Harder daddy,” I moaned as my finger on my clit made me jerk and my pussy gripped his dick even tighter, “Fuck me harder please.”

“Oh yeah, I think somebody’s finally waking up,” he said with a little bit of a laughter mixed in, “Well, at least her pussy is, THAT’S for sure.”

He was right, my pussy WAS wide awake now as well as feeling like it was on fire as my finger continue to toy with my clit. His thick hard shaft rubbed against the sensitive interior of my wet pussy as he stroked himself in and out of me over and over again.

Suddenly I stiffened as it felt like my entire body had been shocked or struck by lightning. I gasped as my orgasm struck me and my pussy trembled, gripping his dick and then releasing it and gripping it again.

“Oh yeah baby, cum for daddy,” he encouraged me, kissing the back of my neck and upper back as he fucked me hard and fast, making my orgasm peak even higher.

“Cum in me daddy… oh god cum in me NOW!” I begged him, wanting to feel his sperm inside of me before my orgasm subsided.

Lord only knows what he’d been doing to me before I woke up and it excited me to think about what he might have done. Had he masturbated looking at me? Had he rubbed his dick against my sleeping face and lips? How long had his dick been inside of me before I realized what was going on? Was he ready to cum yet or did he need to work on it some more? I really had no idea what the answers were to any of these questions. Thankfully, whatever had happened earlier must have made him horny enough to cum quickly now. His grip on my boob tightened and he pulled me against his nude body as he thrust his wonderful dick in me even further. He grunted and then his hips thrust hard against my ass and then he began to shoot his sperm into my pussy. Mmmmmmm, my father was cumming in me!

“That’s it daddy, cum in me,” I begged him as he filled me with warm cum, “Oh yeah, I want it all, I want it all in me daddy.”

My dad just kept grunting as he shot one load after another of his sperm into me. I loved the thought of his horny dick in me, the fleshy tip of it as far up inside of me as he could push it. I tried to imagine how it would look to see the warm sperm erupting from the tip, shooting into my pussy, trying futilely to mate with me. Of course, any other man cumming in me also a great feeling, don’t get me wrong. There’s just something special when I know the dick buried in my pussy belongs to my dad and that the sperm he is giving me comes from the same place the sperm that he gave my mom to create me. To have my own father lust for me this deeply is more erotic than anything I can truly describe.

“God I love you Kelly,” he gasped as he deposited the last of his cum inside of me, “I wanted you so bad this morning.”

I sighed and put my hand over his, pushing it against my breast saying, “I love you too daddy… I love it when you cum inside of me.”

He started to push back but I reached behind me with my hand and tried to pull him back into me.

“Stay inside of me for a while daddy… please stay in me,” I whispered as I held my legs tightly together, squeezing my pussy down on his dwindling cock, savoring this moment when I truly belonged to my father.

“Anything you want baby,” he said gently back to me, “Anything you want.”

I closed my eyes and just let the emotions inside of me swell and wash over me. To be in his arms, his spent cock still inside of me, knowing his sperm was in me… what more could a girl ask for first thing in the morning? For that matter, any time of day?

Finally he kissed my neck a few times and pulled his hand from my breast.

“Sorry baby, I really do have to get to work,” he said softly as he pulled his dick out of me.

Suddenly başakşehir escort I felt so lonely, so empty, like something had been taken from me. It was at that moment I knew what I would be doing later that day – even if he didn’t.

My dad left me in my bed, my pussy still throbbing from my orgasm and the memory of his cock in it. I felt like I had a fever as my entire body was flushed. Indeed, I was so light headed that it felt like I was about to pass out. God I wanted him to fuck me again! I wanted to feel my father’s dick slip into me, spreading my pussy apart as the mushroom head on his cock forced its way into his daughter’s waiting pussy. I wanted to feel him sliding into me, his cock stimulating my pussy the way a bow stimulates the strings of a violin as it is drawn across them. I wanted to feel it pumping in and out of me, to listen to him tell me how good my pussy felt around his dick, to hear him tell me what a great fuck I was. Of course, what I REALLY wanted more than anything else was for him to cum in me over and over again, to flood me with his sperm and groan and moan as he told me how much he loved me.

My dad stopped back in my bedroom just before he left. Instead of his naked body I loved to touch and feel against me, he was in his typical suit and tie. He kissed me and told me he would miss me. Well, he wouldn’t be missing me as much as he thought if I had anything to do with it!


After my dad left I fell back asleep until I woke about an hour later with Mother Nature making her demands known. After peeing I showered and washed my hair, paying special attention to my pussy and ass to make sure I was as clean as I could be for my dad later. I had no intention that he would actually do anything with my ass, but I still liked to keep it spotless in case he wanted to lick me. Throwing on a long nightshirt, I made my way to the kitchen where my mom was on the phone with her sister, my Aunt Linda. THAT conversation could go on all morning so I fixed myself some cereal and sat at the table, watching the morning news on the little TV we kept in the dining area of the kitchen.

By the time I finished my cereal, my mom was STILL on the phone. They seemed to be talking about one of my aunt’s recent home sales from what I could gather hearing only half the conversation. My Aunt Linda was a realtor who managed to remain a top seller even in the housing market turndown we were in at the time. Of course, she had a special offering with her home sales most other realtors didn’t – she liked to fuck her clients! My mother, ever the voyeur, was listening intently, dropping in a few questions here and there to clarify things as well as giving me a partial understanding of what was happening.

As I said earlier, this conversation could, and often did, go on for hours so I went back upstairs to get dressed. It was always an issue for me as to what to wear to my dad’s office. When I was younger it was pretty simple – a skirt as short as I dared wear in public and a blouse at least one or two sizes too small. The goal back then was to show off my legs and boobs (at least what boobs I had) as much as possible without actually revealing the goods. As I got older, I went away from the teenie-bopper, ditzy high school girl thing to more the college girl-next-door look.

Now that I’d graduated, what was appropriate? Well, I guess I should say, what was appropriately inappropriate? It WAS a professional office so I couldn’t walk in looking like a hooker. On the other hand, most of the lawyers and staff had known me since I was a little girl so coming in dressed like a nun would probably raise more eyebrows than dressing like a whore. In the end I decided to go relatively casual – designer jeans, a large belt, and a tight yellow cami that hugged my boobs like a sixteen year-old boy getting his first feel.

When I went back to the kitchen my mom was STILL on the phone. Good grief, how long could my aunt talk about getting laid by one of her clients? Actually, if my mom was grilling her the same way she use to when I came home from a hot date, then it wasn’t all that hard to believe. She would want to know all the details, and I mean all of them.

I gestured for her to take a break and my mom told my aunt to wait for a second. I explained to my mom that I was heading downtown and she instantly knew where I was off to. She just winked at me and kissed me quick and then was back on the phone with her sister again. God, it was worse than two teenage girls gossiping on the phone!

Although I could’ve driven myself downtown, I hated the traffic through tunnel and bridges, not to mention the expensive downtown parking garages. Instead, I headed down to the “T” station behind the main part of town, parked the car and hopped on the next one that came by. The “T” is actually a light rail train that shuttles around the south side of Pittsburgh. Once I made it to the end, I got on another that took me downtown, actually under the streets until bebek escort I got out and climbed the stairs to the main street level. It was about a block to my dad’s office building which was good because the heat was starting to rise already and I knew it was going to be another typical Pittsburgh July day – hot and muggy. Well, if things went the way I planned, it was going to be hot and sweaty inside as well.

After getting out of the elevator I entered the office and waved as I walked past the receptionist. She smiled at me to be courteous but other than that, didn’t seem inclined to give me the time of day. She was new and I didn’t know her. I wonder what people had told her about the boss’s daughter to make her so sullen about me without really getting to know me first? Oh well, who cared what a receptionist thought of me anyway? As I entered the main waiting area, there were several clients waiting but I just went straight through the door to where the legal offices were. In a way, the place reminded me of Boston Legal with the glass walls and all. The comparison ended there as there weren’t a bunch over over-sexed women and men chasing around after each other – too bad.

As I walked down the hall, the office decor changed when I entered the area reserved for the partners. Unlike the other conference rooms and offices, these were not glass walled and open for anyone walking by to see inside. Rank hath its privileges and the partners had the rank so their offices had solid walls and doors that locked, two things that has come in quite handy over the years, that’s for sure.

I really wasn’t paying as much attention to where I was walking as I should have so when an older gentleman stepped out of his large office reading a file, I didn’t see him until he was right on top of me and we bumped together slightly. His file dropped to the floor and after he had leaned over to pick it up, he looked up at me to see who the imbecile was that had gotten in his way. Fortunately, just as it seemed he was ready to bark and take off my head, he recognized me. The scowl disappeared and he grinned at me, more of a leer actually but I took it as a grin.

“Oh excuse me Kelly, I wasn’t watching where I was going,” he said apologetically. Then he took another look at me and smiled. “My, you’ve certainly grown up since I last saw you!”

Actually, for all practical purposes I hadn’t grown an inch for the last few years but my bust WAS a cup size bigger and I like to think a few other areas had smoothed and rounded out as well. I grinned at him as well, acting like I was shy and embarrassed by his remarks.

“Oh Mr. Connelly, I AM 22 now you know.”

“Kelly, you can call me Martin now, you’re not a kid anymore,” he corrected me. Then he added under breath in a voice so low I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to hear him or not, “THAT’S for damn sure.”

Mr. Connelly, or Martin, was one of the older lawyers in the firm, mid to late fifties I think, and one of the founding partners. He had actually hired my dad many years ago and even though my dad was now a senior partner, as they say, some partners are more equal than others and none were more equal than Martin Connelly.

“Have you seen my dad Mr. Connelly, I mean Martin?” I corrected myself as he opened his mouth to say something.

“I believe he’s in the middle of a deposition at the moment. It should be over in about an hour at the most. Do you want me to tell him you’re here?”

I shook my head vigorously. All sorts of ideas were shaping up in my mind as to what to do during the next sixty minutes or so and none of them included my dad knowing about them – at least not yet.

“Well, you can wait in his office until then, or you can stay in mine if you want,” Martin offered, I have a meeting I’m already late for.”

I politely declined the offer for his office and said I would just hang out in my dad’s until he was available. Even though I hadn’t been there in quite a while, it was like I’d just been in yesterday with everything in the same place. I headed for my dad’s office and closed the door behind me. Nobody would normally come in unannounced with the door closed but just for good measure, I locked the door as well.

My dad’s office was huge, bigger than our living room back home. Besides his monstrous desk and leather chair, it had a huge leather couch with matching arm chairs around a beautiful antique coffee table. There was even a small wet bar area. The mandatory library of legal books were there (does anyone ever actually READ them or are they just for show?). What I loved most about his office, though, was not the furnishings. What I loved was the view!. His office opened to the west, giving me a postcard view of the downtown and Point areas of Pittsburgh where the three rivers joined. Actually, two rivers joined to form the third but that’s enough geography.

I was up about twenty floors and the view today was spectacular. It was bright and sunny outside, without a hint of clouds, and the air was clearer than usual for a hot summer day. The new football and baseball stadiums were across the Allegheny River. People were just little dots below me as they scurried about like ants. There were some other buildings nearby but I didn’t think anyone in any of them was paying attention to what was going on across the street.

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