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“Sonia! Hey come on in!” Eva Lambert exclaimed inviting her sister-in-law in her home.

Sonia walked in to the elegant home of Eva and Alex Lambert’s home. Alex was a successful lawyer, probably one of the best and Eva was a housewife just like Sonia. Their house was big with elegant lighting and fine furniture.

“What brings you here today?” Eva asked offering Sonia a seat.

“I don’t know I just came by to visit. I guess I get bored at home you know.”

Eva laughed. Her blue eyes looked pale that morning and her brown hair was pinned up. She was a year younger than Sonia and one of Sonia’s best friends. They had both attended college together and that’s where they both met the Lambert brothers Ron and Alex.

“I know what you mean. I get so bored around here too. Ever since David moved out, I really have no one to talk to. Hell I wanted to hire a maid just so I could have someone to talk to.”

Sonia scoffed. “I had that same idea too.”

“Did you want something to drink? I’ve just put on a fresh pot of coffee,” Eva offered.

Sonia nodded. “No but thank you anyway. I just had two cups this morning. Like you, I never get to see my child either. Rebecca still lives at home with us, but yet she’s never home.”

“I know David doesn’t live at home, but yet he never comes to visit like he used to. And that’s because we live in the same town. Can you imagine if he lived out of town or out of the state? He’d be nonexistent.”

Both women laughed. “Listen, I know David is a good person. I mean he let’s Rebecca stay over almost every night. I trust him with my daughter. Sometimes I think they are more like brother and sister than cousins,” Sonia stated.

Eva smiled. “Yes. I love Becca like my own daughter you know that.”

“You know she’s been such a good girl lately. I know in the past she was quite a handful but I don’t know what’s been happening lately. She seems more calm and happy. Whatever phase she’s going through, I like.”

“I know what you mean. The last time I spoke with David, which was about last week sometime, he sounded really happy. I know he’d gone through that nasty breakup with Amber, but now it seems he’s put all that behind him,” Sonia said happily.

“We do have good children,” Eva agreed.

“Indeed. So tell me, did you feel like maybe going shopping today?”

Sonia’s eyes brightened up. “I thought you’d never ask!”

“Alright then. Let me get my purse and let’s go!”

* * *

“Hey what are you doing here?” David asked as he stood up to greet Rebecca.

She looked stunning in her short blue jean skirt and a white spaghetti strap shirt. Her hair was in a ponytail and her lips were glossy.

“I just decided to come by and say hi. Is that so bad?”

He closed the blinds on the window in his office and put his arms around his cousin. “Not bad at all. You can come by anytime.”

He leaned down to plant a long wet kiss. Her lip-gloss got all over his lips. She laughed and he blushed wiping it off.

“Listen, I was thinking about us,” Rebecca began.

David stroked her hair listening to her attentively.

Rebecca hesitated at first. “Well, I think we should tell our parents about us soon. I mean like really soon.”

“I agree. I’m still thinking of how to tell them. Should we tell them over dinner or call them? I can’t think of any “right” way to tell them.”

Rebecca held her cousin tighter. “Yeah me neither. I just know I want to be with you. I am so tired of sneaking around. It feels like we are doing something forbidden, which that may be true but I don’t think it is. I love you and I want everyone to know.”

David cupped her face and kissed her lips softly. “I love you too and I know this isn’t going to be easy, but I’m willing to take the chance.”

“So when do you think we should say something?” Rebecca asked cautiously.

David pulled away from her and ran his finger through his hair. “How about tomorrow night over dinner. We could invite them out to a restaurant or maybe invite them to the apartment.”

“I think the apartment is better.”

David felt nervous but he knew he had to do this. They’d been sneaking around too long and he was tired of it. It was time their secret was out no matter how much it might hurt their parents. If they continued to keep it a secret, eventually their own relationship might get hurt. He didn’t want that. He wanted Rebecca to be seen as his lover not his cousin.

* * *

Amber smiled in a daze as she stacked up the new paperbacks in the non-fiction section. She hadn’t feel so good in months. She still recalled Gabriel’s dark brown eyes staring at her. She blushed having thinking naughty things about him. She hadn’t had thoughts like that in a long time.

The bookstore was crowded that day and it was almost time for her break. She was going to get herself a cup of coffee and finish reading yet another book like she had been for the past months.

“Amber? You got a phone call,” Terese, Amber’s co-worker announced.

“I’ll be right there,” Amber said cheerfully climbing down the ladder. She fixed zeytinburnu escort her black t-shirt that was beginning to ride up her body.


“I hope we are still on for tonight.”

Amber blushed. It was Gabriel. “Of course we are. Why wouldn’t we be?”

“Oh I don’t know I thought last night was some sort of dream that’s all.”

Amber giggled. “You’re so silly. You just called to ask me that?”

“Well yes but I also called just to hear your voice.”

Amber’s heart fluttered. “I’m glad you called. It’s good to hear you too even with all that noise in the background.”

Gabriel smiled as he held the phone. “Sorry I’m at the shop. I guess I should have called you from the office phone.”

“No that’s fine. I was just kidding. I will see you tonight.”

Gabriel sighed blissfully. “Ok then. See you tonight. I won’t be late.”

Amber laughed. “You better not be.”

She hung up the phone and couldn’t stop smiling. Terese raised an eyebrow at her. “Amber you look too happy.”

Amber nodded. “I am. Very happy.”

She walked off as if she was walking on air. She went back to work and found herself humming to herself.

* * *

“Becca! It’s good to hear from you!” Sonia yelped holding the phone to her hear with her shoulder as she put her shopping bags down.

“Hi Mom. I’m sorry I wanted to stop by but the drive is too long and plus I don’t get to drive again for another two months. Once my record is cleared you know.”

Sonia nodded. Rebecca had gotten in trouble for driving under the influence a while back and had her license suspended. Sonia was proud of her for that but did feel good that Rebecca had behaved herself in the past few months.

“So anything new?” Sonia asked after a brief silence.

Rebecca sighed. “Yes. Listen mom, I need you and dad to come over to David’s apartment tomorrow night.”

“Oh? What’s going on?”

“Well, we have something to talk to you all about.” Rebecca almost hesitated to say.

“Are you all OK Becca? You got me worried now.”

“No, mom please don’t worry. It’s OK.” Rebecca lied.

Sonia felt concerned. She hoped neither Rebecca or her nephew were in trouble.

“Ok sweetie I’ll be sure to tell your father. I’ll call him right now and hopefully I’ll be able to get a hold of him.”

“Thanks mom,” Rebecca said weakly.

She hung up the phone and tears rolled down her face. She didn’t want to hurt her parents but then again she couldn’t go on with her life hiding her true love.

* * *

“Well David! Honey it’s good to hear your voice!” Eva exclaimed.

“Hey mom, how are things?” David asked nervously.

Eva lay back on her couch kicking her shoes off. “Well things are just fine. How are you?”

David took a deep breath. “I’m really good mom.”

Eva didn’t believe him. “Are you sure? Honey you sound kind of …..well I don’t know kind of sad?”

David felt his heart aching. “No I’m fine. Mom, I need for you and dad to come to my apartment tomorrow night.”

“Well it’s about time you invite us over. Every time we want to go you always make up an excuse for us not to go.”

“I know. I’m sorry but you really have to come over. I need to talk to you both.”

Eva raised her body up and frowned. “Ok. We’ll be there. I’ll let your father know. I do hope you’re Ok David.”

“Alright then I will see you both tomorrow night then,” David said quietly hanging up the phone.

He sat back on his chair in his office and almost felt like crying. He hated hurting anyone especially his parents. It was going to be so hard. The hardest decision he’d ever make but he knew it was for the best.

* * *

“You’re two minutes late,” Amber teased inviting Gabriel into her apartment.

Gabriel laughed. “I’m sorry, I had a hell of a time getting her. Traffic was awful even this time of night believe it or not.”

Amber shrugged. “It’s ok. Here have a seat; I’ve made some coffee if you care for some. Along with….now don’t laugh…some coffee cake that I made all by myself.”

Gabriel had to smile. “Oh? You bake?”

“Not really. I’ve made it only a few times. One of the very few things my mother taught me to make.”

Gabriel took a seat as Amber began to pour the coffee. “Tell me about your parents. You rarely talk about them.’

This was a subject Amber didn’t want to talk about but felt she needed to. “Well, what can I say, my parents are both business people, my mom owns her own catering company and my father works in advertising. They are very busy people.”

“Too busy not to have time for their own daughter?”

Amber nodded. “Yup you got that right. But it’s ok I mean they help me with my rent and other things. I have to be grateful for that at least.”

Gabriel took a sip of coffee. “Well it’s nice to have parents that’ll help you out.”

Amber brought out the coffee cake and placed it on the table. Gabriel smiled and she cut a piece placing it on a small plate. “But enough about that, here you go. Now taste it and be honest.”

Gabriel aksaray escort took a bite of the moist cake. “Hmmm, let’s see….it’s very soft, has a lot of flavor, it’s OK I guess.”

Amber playfully hit his arm.

“I’m kidding it’s awesome. Very good. I know I’m going to ask for seconds.”

Amber joined him over coffee and cake and they chatted more about school, life, and friends.

“You know Becky hasn’t called me yet. I wonder if she just said she’d call me just to get me to shut up.”

“I don’t think that’s the case. I mean she has school that keeps her busy.”

Amber sighed. “Well I have a job and school and yet I still manage to make time for…friends,” she said slowly looking at Gabriel.

“Yeah, {I}friends{/I},” Gabriel almost hesitated to say the “f” word.

There was an awkward silence and they both knew it was almost impossible to stay friends. There was definitely a spark between them but neither one wanted to admit it, at least not yet.

* * *

“Hey! I’m home,” Eddie said cheerfully.

Amy smiled weakly. “Hi sweetie. I’m glad you’re home. Thanks for calling me too.”

“Of course. I promised I’d call you and I did. God it’s good to come home to someone like you.”

Amy blushed and put her arms around her lover. She hated that he’d started to work late so much. Pretty soon Amy’s schedule would change to the graveyard shift and she would hardly have any time to spend with him.

“I’ve missed you. I know it sounds crazy but I have. I feel like I hardly see you anymore.”

Eddie caressed Amy’s pretty face. “We’ll I’m here now.”

He slid his hands down her waist to her buttocks giving them a gentle squeeze. Amy smiled bashfully and reached up to kiss him. Their tongues slid into each other’s mouths; gently massaging one another. Amy felt so excited as she always did with him. She could feel his cock already hard on her leg.

“Mmmm such a nice kiss. I’m so hot right now,” Amy whispered.

Eddie felt his cock throbbing. He wanted her right then and there on the living room floor or the kitchen table. It didn’t matter, he just wanted to be inside of her. He picked her up and carried her over to the kitchen table. She was wearing her green robe and her hair was down still damp from her bath. He placed her down on the kitchen table and his hands went down to undo her robe. Amy was naked underneath. She took his breath away.

Eddie softly nibbled on her earlobes and whispered, ” I love you Amy.”

Amy tossed her head back feeling his warm breath caress her neck. He placed tender kisses down her neck and on her chest. He grabbed on of her nipples between his lips and sucked on it gently. Amy moaned and spread her legs. She wanted his fingers inside of her, or better yet his cock. Eddie slid his hands between her legs and rubbed her clit. He could feel her getting wetter with each stroke of his finger. He let his finger slide inside her moist pussy. She felt so hot and wet!

“Ahhh yes! Fuck my pussy!” Amy cried out.

Eddie felt like doing something different though. He finger fucked her for a few seconds taking turns sucking on each of her nipples. He slid her body off the table a bit having her almost on the edge but he held her to keep her from falling. His finger slipped out of her pussy and he slipped it down until he felt her puckered little asshole. Amy shrieked but kept her eyes closed enjoying a few feeling.

Eddie slid his finger inside of her backside feeling the amazing constriction on his finger. She felt very warm and oh so tight! He moved his finger in and out very slowly letting her get used to it. Amy didn’t know what to expect but she knew she liked the feeling. She opened her eyes and stared into Eddie’s eyes.

“Keep doing that,” she moaned.

Eddie leaned down to kiss her hard. He was getting so turned on that she was actually letting him play with her ass. Not many girls liked that. He slipped his finger in more and Amy whimpered in pleasure.

“You like that baby?” Eddie asked in a shaky tone.

“Yes! I do! Oooh God!” Amy whined.

“Here stand up and turn around,” Eddie ordered.

Amy felt her feet touch the ground and she did as her lover instructed. She heard the sound of his zipper sliding down and knew he was pulling out his cock. Her heart raced and she felt a bit nervous. Eddie put his arms around her and kissed her back. He moved her forward making her bend over getting a great view of her firm little ass.

He spread her ass cheeks open and felt his cock twitch just looking at her tiny backside opening. He kissed her shoulders gently and moved her hair back to whisper in her ear. “Stop me if you don’t want this. You need to stop me now because if I start I will not want to stop.”

Amy nodded reaching back and kissing him. “I don’t want you to stop. I want you to do it.”

Eddie groaned and moved back a bit aiming his cock to Amy’s pink puckered opening. He inserted the head first immediately feeling her tightness. Amy gasped and cringed. It hurt but damnit she was hot and wanted to try something ataköy escort new and so naughty.

Eddie continued to struggle putting his cock in but little by little he felt every inch slowly being swallowed up. Eddie moaned loudly never having felt so much pleasure. He’d always wanted to try anal but never had the chance. Now was his chance with the woman he loved. He moved his hips back and forth letting his cock slide in and out very gently.

Amy bit her lower lips trying to get used to the pain. It felt so different and yet so nasty. She whimpered again and Eddie moved closer to her putting his arms around her waist. “Are you OK?” He asked letting his cock just sit inside her asshole.

Amy smiled. “Yes I’m fine. I just have to get used to it. Don’t stop.”

Eddie began once again moving in and out of her slowly picking up his speed once he felt her get just a bit loose. He moved his hand down between her legs and put two fingers inside her pussy. Amy shrilled having the feel of double penetration.

“Hmmmmgghhh ooooh yes!”

“You feel so fuckin’ good! Oh Amy I know I’m going to cum fast!”

Amy felt her nipples harden and moaned. Eddie’s fingers were sliding in and out of her drenched pussy so fast making her quiver. Eddie’s cock was being squeezed so tight that it was almost hard for him to go fast. He kept pumping her though, feeling his balls swell up ready to shoot his spunk out.

“Can I cum in you baby?” He asked her kissing her earlobe.

Amy could barely speak. She nodded and felt her knees begin to weaken. Eddie put his free hand on her breast. He pinched and pulled on her sensitive nipples. Amy felt as if he had ten hands to please her with. It was all so hot. The feeling of his hand on her tits, his fingers inside her wet pussy and his cock up her ass. She couldn’t take it any more. She cried out her orgasm.

“Mmmgghhhhh I’m c-cumming! Oooohhhh yessss!”

Eddie felt her little body tremble in delight and he pinched one of her nipples as she came. Her pussy clasped his fingers while she climaxed. His fingers were drenched with her honey. He began to pump her faster and before he knew it, a powerful spurt of cum shot out of his cock.

“Amy! I’m cumming too! Oh fuck!”

Amy felt her lover’s cum shooting inside her forbidden hole. She almost jumped at first feeling his shoot his sperm out. She had never been more excited in her entire life than at that moment. He was panting and so was Amy. He held her tight putting his arms around her chest and letting his heart beat slow down. Amy could feel his cock softening inside of her.

“My goodness! That was incredible!” Eddie said breathlessly.

Amy laughed softly. “Yes it was. Oh my God! Eddie you’re so wonderful.”

He slipped out of her and turned her around. He leaned down to kiss her. “We need to do that more often.”

She looked up at him and touched his handsome face. “Yes we do.”

Eddie moved back and began to put his pants back up. Amy frowned and cleared her throat making him look up at her. “What do you think you’re doing?” She asked.

Eddie looked puzzled. “I’m putting my pants back on.”

She looked at him wickedly. “No you’re not. We’re going to shower together, after all I could use another shower,” she giggled, ” and then you have to make love to me. I need you to fuck my pussy.”

Eddie felt his cock harden again. He had to do as she said. After all she was everything to him.

* * *

Amber could faintly hear the television. She opened her eyes and realized she was leaning on Gabriel’s chest. He was fast asleep. The rubbed her eyes and realized it was almost 4 o’clock that morning. An infomercial was on TV. She moved slowly trying not to wake him up but he eventually woke up.

“Hmm what?” He moaned.

She giggled. “You silly boy. We fell asleep.”

He yawed and stretched out his arms. Amber kept her head on his chest. It felt so good to be this close to a guy again. Gabriel loved the way she leaned on his chest.

“I better get going,” he said nervously. Although deep down he didn’t want to leave.

Amber raised her head up and stared at him. He looked into her eyes and touched her face. His finger began to trace around her pouty lips. Amber closed her eyes and Gabriel leaned down to kiss her. His kiss was sweet and very wet. She parted her lips letting his tongue slither into her mouth. They shared a long sexy and romantic kiss. Amber wanted to desperately beg him to stay and be with her that night but she knew she had to take things slow. She pulled away almost gasping for air.

“Wow!” She exclaimed.

Gabriel blushed. “Yeah. Wow!”

“That was really nice,” Amber said softly.

“It was,” Gabriel agreed feeling his cock getting erect.

“You better go. I mean you have to work and so do I.”

Gabriel hesitated to move even an inch away from her but he had to. He wanted to take things slow as well. Though if she would ask him to stay and make love to her he would.

“Yeah I’m gonna go. I’ll call you later is that OK?”

Amber nodded. He stood up and stretched again. He had a really nice body from what she could tell. She walked him out and gave him a soft peck on the lips as a good-bye kiss. She watched him drive away and sighed. She went back to her bedroom and changed into a nightshirt. She lay on her bed and still felt Gabriel’s kiss lingering on her lips.

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