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NOTE: I have been searching for a female co-author and/or editor for awhile now.

This is fun but I want to get better at it and incorporating a female voice and perspective would be a great thing. If you, or someone you know, would be interested, please let me know!


This is one of those half-fiction/half-reality “read her signals all wrong” scenario type stories. I thought there was a connection, but like others in this area it seems, “all tease and no woman” and to think she had such potential…

It started out like all errands to the local hardware store. A smooth going, non-back-and-forth-because-I-didn’t-measure-properly job was the only thing on my mind.

That was until my stomach reminded me that I hadn’t eaten since 1:00- it’s 9:30 and now the only food available is fast food.

Perfect for binging right?

So I decide to get in line at the drive-thru at Burger King.

Waiting on the car ahead to choose “chicken or fish” and pay in pennies, it’s finally my turn.

“Jr. Whopper with cheese please” I state clearly into the order screen microphone.

“Please pull up to the second window” says the speaker voice.

I pull up to the second window and do not see anyone for a minute.

Then her.

A hot brunette (with bright very un-naturally red highlights) appears with a pixie-like face, showing an intense, lingering smile, stirs me deep where it counts. I cannot see all of her, but she seems a proportionate 5’5′ or so. I have to shift in the seat to make myself more comfortable…a definite connection

“Just 1 more minute please” she says a bit distracted by her multi-tasking and chiding with a co-worker.

“No worries, I’m not leaving without it” I say, causing her to take notice and pause.

She looks at me a but confused.

“What?!” I tease.

“Geez mister- you have a problem with us?” she responds, taken aback

“No- just YOU” I say, staring right at her.

Almost on cue, the food is ready and she starts to inventory the contents of the bag as she places the items in it.

All of a sudden, she looks around and takes something out of the bag.

“I need to get you new fries-they will take a couple minutes, can you please pull forward?”

“Not a problem” I say, not quite understanding what was going on.

I pulled up far enough for the cars behind me to be able to turn out of the lane, but short enough not to block people from gaining entrance, checking…


She suddenly appears, bag in hand.

“That was fast” I say, truly impressed.

“I didn’t want you to wait” she says with that deep intense smile.

I’m in trouble.

She hands me the bag, but instead of going back inside, lingers at the door.

“What does your license plate mean?

“My childhood nickname and I almost didn’t get it!” I responded a bit resigned.

“Why not? I’m not able to guess it- how can anybody else?” she declares, already in my defense.

I told her, about the lame DMV and community standards, and she laughs.

“Thats it?- hardly, in my family, we all have versions of shit-, I’m little shit, my cousin is full of shit…

She’s awesome- my mind wanders..

“…and I lost him to cancer- 4 weeks from diagnosis to passing”

I focus

“It’s weird how that happens, almost like giving the person permission”

She looks at me.

“yea, you’re right”

“What’s your name?” I ask, my voice a bit more timid than I would like.


“I’m Spike- the original bad boy”

“Well I have to get back now- nice to meet you Spike”

“and you too”

“I’ll see you around” she says, not quite asking nor telling

“You will indeed” I respond right away.

And with that she is back inside.

I could…not…stay…away- she bewitched me (I know, I’m such a sap for a killer smile).

And so I made trips to pick up the most inane food choices: French fries and coffee, shakes and salads, etc.. all in an effort to see her even if for just the amount of time it takes for her to pass me food.

The project on which I had been working was now well past completed (and I had no real reason to visit) but I drove to the Burger King the next week anyway.

I place my order at the menu (is it her voice?), and drive up to the window.

She is there and recognized me by my wacky order and is waiting.

I put on a real creepy smile.

She sees me and laughed instantly.

“That will be $5.60 Spike” (she remembers my name-good sign)

I hand her my credit card with a sticky note attached.

She takes it off the card while glancing around and swiped the card.

While she waits for the receipt to print, she reads it the note:

Pardon my being so forward, but

you have no idea how much I want

to kiss you so hard right now.

(my email address and phone)

She looks at me with an almost catatonic expression then a smile crept up on her face.

She takes something out of the bag, and passes the bag to me.

“Sir, your fries will be ready canlı bahis in another 10 minutes, I’m very sorry, can you wait?- please pull into a parking space directly ahead” she says with a distinct glint in her eyes.

“Sh..sure” (this again?)

I pull forward into a space and wait.

I turn on the radio to a more calming station and start to check my email/text messages.

All at once, there is a knock on my window- and there she is.

I fumble for the window control and hit it.

The second the window clears the door frame, she leans in, grabs my head, and plants one of the most intense kisses I have had- ever.

It lasts for about 5 seconds, but when it stopped, we are both exhausted and with glazed eyes.

“Wow” is all I can say.

“Yea..” was all she can say with a dreamy look in her eyes.

She snaps out of it, gives me a bag of fries and grabs the receipt back. Turning it over, she pulls a pen from her pocket and scribbles something down then hands it back to me:

Need more of this.!

(her email address and phone)

“SWEET score!” I say in a very geeky-like voice.

“Yea right dangerous Spike dude!”

We laugh- the moment shattered but funny.

She turns around and runs back inside (it was freezing outside), and I, fully excited, drive home.

Our emailing starts and grows in frequency and in sensuality. During one such exchange, I asked for her sizes and she complied.

And so I set off to search and buy her a pair of the tightest, shiniest, black PVC leggings with a zipper that runs from the belt/snap all the way through the crotch to the back. They are so shiny, one can see ones reflection and they squeak just touching one part of the material to another. As per the list, I also get her a nice bright blue (her favorite color) fluffy soft top which shows a decent amount of cleavage, and a pair of black 5″ platform pumps.

Scheduling the time for our first date seems to take forever, but by the day of, I am way over the top nervous. I think about jerking off to relieve the tension and pressure, but decide against it.

We decided our first meeting could not be at either of our places but in public for safety reasons. So I chose, ironically, a Burger King in a city away from our own, for even more safety reasons.

I pull up a full 15 minutes early and park where I could see the entire place.

After about 20 minutes I notice a black Toyota Sentra pull up, she emerges, looks around, and goes inside.

I grab my bag of goodies for her, my phone, lock my car, and follow.

She is seated at a booth near the window and as I approach, I notice she is texting on her phone.

She looks amazing and I tell her so.

“So delicious in your uniform at night- even more delectable out of it in the daylight!” (yes, I’m amazed I put that together)

She looks up from her phone and smiles.

“Thanks!- I was just emailing you” she says, putting the phone down face down on the table.

“You must hate the food here- is there anything tolerable?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“Yea, you’re right- the food sucks, but the fries are not bad and the shakes are pretty good” she says, clearly compromising.

“Fries and shakes it is- (consider it the pre-eating course)” I tell her, with every intention of feeding her better.

As I turn to place the order, she notices the bag.

“Do you want me to take that?”

“Thank you no-not yet!” I tease.

After an eternity, I get the food, walk to the table, and pass her the bag.

“Someone’s been a busy shopper” she teases

All I can think is this can go SO wrong in SO many ways…

“…you didn’t have to get me anything- but now I know why all the questions!” she says clearly satisfied with herself.

She puts the bag next to her on the seat and while reaching in and opening the boxes inside, her eyes become wide.

“Oh my God!- is this what I think it is?!” she says as he starts to pull the pants out of the bag- the unmistakeable sound of PVC rubbing PVC is heard.

“You should put it all on” I insist, quick enough for her to stop revealing it to the young family occasionally listening and watching.

“No-not here- you insane?!” she protests.

“Why not here?- It’s the very reason why I chose this place-ironic and extra thrilling don’t you think? plus I DOUBLE DOG-DARE you!” I say with a wink and a nod.

“You’re crazy!”

“Crazy to see you in that” (I lean in and whisper) “And can you imagine the reaction?!” I tease glancing around.

She looks around with me, pausing momentarily at a young family with 2 small children, then stops and looks at me for a beat.

“I’ll do it!” (she leans in and whispers) “Fuck them and the future therapy their kids will need!”

And with that, she grabbed the bag, leans over the table and takes a long sucking drag on her shake while staring me straight in the eyes. She twirls around and heads for the bathroom.

I wait, cock growing, occasionally smiling at the family- the father of which, has a barely noticeable jealous grin bahis siteleri on his face as his wife shoots me a couple eye rolls.

Can’t wait until they get a load of what she wears emerging from the bathroom…

and I don’t have to wait too long.

She walks out from the small hallway crossing over the entrance, through the large line area in front of the registers- a goddess in high heels, super tight glossy pants and feminine blouse.

Upon seeing me and my reaction, she starts walking like a model, and does a twirl for all to see.

I do believe she actually stops people in their tracks.

Order takers stop taking orders-customers stop placing orders-

The guy cleaning up drops his cleanup rag into the garbage hole accidentally-

The father of the voyeur family has his mouth open and was catatonic- the wife looks MAD-

All I can do is smile and try to conceal my growing erection as best as I can.

As she walks over, I must appear catatonic as well. She giggles and spins around again just before sitting down, the combination of the clicking of her heels on the tile floor and the squeaking of her thighs in the PVC creates its desired effect.

Just before she sits down, I stop her.

“Wait!- if you never wore PVC, you have to be careful, it has a tendency to stick to everything so be careful- you can’t just slide over!” I caution

“Thanks!” she says not sitting down completely until she shifts to be directly in front of me.

As she sits down, all my senses are acute. I hear the contact of her pants against the seat and the sound of her thighs sticking together.

She leans in.

“I feel so damn sexy in these- I see what you mean!” she says with almost a whisper.

“You look so damn sexy in them!” I say with the same level of whisper, while looking around.

“You had the desired effect I think” I said with a partial giggle.

“You’re right about that as well”

At this point I notice the family is back talking normally with the Father stealing glances and the wife catching him from time to time.

We enjoy ourselves, eating and talking about what we want to do for the evening.

After awhile we notice two Burger King employees walking our way.

One is older and has a different badge than the other, younger, pimply-faced youth.

They approach nervously and the older employee talks:

“Sir, Miss, we’ve had a number of guests express concern over the manner of dress of the young lady” he speaks in a low robotic tone.

The young employee looks very uncomfortable.

Stephanie and I are dumbfounded.

Stephanie speaks first, but I notice a glint of devil before she does.

“And just what is it that I am wearing that upsets you?” she challenges calmly.

“Well Miss, your pants are a bit risqué and quite revealing” the older employee blushes

Stephanie gets up and while rubbing her hands all over her legs and ass she asks

“Why this?!” accentuating her response with a bit of ass wiggle and spank in front of the young employee.

The family father loses his shit and the wife gets up and grabs the kids.

The younger employee is trying very hard to hide his growing hard-on underneath his clipboard.

“Miss, I’m afraid we’re going to have to ask you to leave, you’re disturbing the other customers” he says getting a bit insistent.

I reach over the table for her hand.

“Maybe we should go dear” I suggest in a calming voice.

She grabs my hand.

“Yes, we don’t want to cause a scene!” she says while looking around.

We grab our stuff and get up out of our seats.

The Manager and younger employee move out of the way.

We throw our trash away and walk out the door. As we pass through the outer doors, She pulls my hand into her body, pulling me to her. We kiss quickly. It’s nice.

We get to my car and get in.

The second we close the doors, I lean over and pull her into an intense kiss.

All one can hear is breathing, wet sounds of our kissing, PVC to PVC squeak, and occasionally PVC against leather.

She pulls away, breathless.

“I don’t know if it’s these pants or not, but that whole thing was SO fucking hot!” she sighs, fanning herself.

Then she smooths her legs.

“Sure your outfit is hot, but YOU make the outfit- YOU are sex!”

She pulls me into another kiss, this time jamming her tongue into my mouth playing with mine, moaning.

My hands run over her slick legs and grasp her ass, pulling her into me.

Gasping for air.

Realizing we are still in the parking lot of the Burger King with the Manager, young employee, (and some guests) now staring at us through the window- we have to leave- NOW.

“Oh shit!- anywhere but here right?” she realizes the same thing.

“Lets go somewhere we can spend some time” I suggest, truly not meaning exactly how it sounds.

“What about my car? she worries.

“I’ll drive you to it, then you follow me?”

“Sounds like a plan” she asks as she reaches across into my lap over to rub my leg, inching over bahis şirketleri to my…

“I cannot drive too far this way!” I stop her just short of her advancing.

“I want to wait, but I am sooo turned on right now-damn it!” she hisses.

Luckily, I had made reservations with a hotel not too far away just in case.

We make it there in half the normal time.

I pull into the parking lot, and she pulls into the parking space next to me. We stop and stare at each other for a minute smiling.

I get out and walk, painfully, up to her door.

She’s not moving, stares forward, and rolls down the window.

“Hey Spike, you didn’t think this part through too well” she says mockingly.

“Whatever do you mean buttercup?” I chide.

She looks around- “How am I going to walk through the hotel wearing these- they’ll think I’m a hooker!”

I look around like checking if the coast is clear, then lean in to be inches away and say with a straight face- “But you are my sexy fucktoy hooker are you not?” I asked staring at her.

She changes from a kidding to dreamy look. “I’m all yours”

“Yes you are, and your coat will cover almost all of you- so no worries” I said reassuringly.

She starts smoothing her legs- “I can’t stop feeling myself in them-it’s crazy sexy!”

“Hey, don’t waste it all!” I whine as I pull her face into mine and kiss her deeply and intensely. She responds by reciprocating, whimpering and moaning while grinding her squeaking legs and thighs together

We pull apart- her eyes are half closed..

“Let me check in- I’ll be back!”


And with that I leave (trying my best to walk like I didn’t have a lead pipe in my pants).

I ask for a room away from everything and what checkout time is.

As I return, she was already out of and leaning against her car. Her long overcoat covered most of her- as I had predicted.

“See, you feel less self-conscious now?” trying to comfort her.

“You don’t care” she says with a wicked smile.

“Actually, you’re right, I don’t care if everyone sees you and wants you-you’re all mine!” I say playing the game.

We walk hand-in-hand into the hotel, through the hallway, and await the elevator.

Her thighs squeak in the otherwise quiet carpeted hallway as we make our way to the elevator.

The second the elevator arrives, we get in. As the doors close, she moves in front of me, reaches around her head pulling me in to kiss her neck while she grinds her slippery smooth ass against my painfully erect cock.

She stops, turns around, and as her eyes go a bit wild- she grabs my cock and starts rubbing it from the base to tracing around the head with her finger tips.

“Your mine too-don’t forget” she hisses

“I have no problem with that” I stammer, a bit surprised with her aggressiveness.

The elevator opens and (thankfully) she walks in front of me in silence until we reach our room.

Fumbling with the direction of the keycard we get in- the second the self-closing door closes and latches, I pull her into me, cupping her face, drawing her into a deep and passionate kiss.

Moving my hands to her cool, slippery-smooth ass, as we continue, I grind my hardened cock into her PVC covered crotch.

She lifts her leg and I hold on to it as we drive our crotches further into each other.

She reaches down between us, finds my growing cock, massages its length, trailing her fingers around the defined head.

“You can’t imagine how wet I am right now!” she says through her teeth.

I reach down between her legs and rub the smooth plastic now defining her pussy lips and find the hard little nub of her clit

It felt like fire.

“Oh, but I can..” I pant.

I start rubbing between her lips, making sure my knuckle massages her clit at the same time.

Her breathing is more labored.

I reach up to her right breast and start massaging and tweaking her nipple, twisting, flicking.

“Ohhhh..that feels amazing!” she starts to shake.

After about a solid 5-10 minutes of deep kissing, her rubbing my cock, while I massage her pussy and nipples, she stops breathing, becomes rigid, and screams..


…and puts her arms around me, she’s a rag doll.

We move over to the couch awkwardly, until I sit down, with her wrapped around me.

“I need your cock!” she exclaims, while getting to her knees, PVC pants squeaking as she does.

She undoes my belt and zipper and with one fell swoop, grabs both my pants and underwear, and yanks them down to my ankles.

My poor cock which has been hard now for almost 30 minutes without relief, springs up and almost hits her, dripping copious amounts of pre-cum.

“Oh my God- yummy!!” she exclaims as she grabs the base and sucks me down in one plunge.

I get nervous because although I am not huge, it has been rare that a woman has taken me all the way in without teeth, awkward bending, etc.. pain.

But not so with her.

All I feel is the slick, hot, wetness of her throat.

She starts to bob up and down, increasing her suction, following with her hand stroking the shaft.

“(gulp)- I love your cock!!” she slurps coming up and off, sucking in air, her lips, mouth, and hands wet with her saliva and my pre-cum.

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