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It is always the little things. Everything big starts off as a little thing.

So I’m Amy. This begins three days after my eighteenth birthday. I live in a small three bedroom apartment on the fourth storey of a block, with my parents and older brother, Mark. He is twenty four.

I have a boyfriend, Danny. We’ve been going out for about six months now. He’s a year younger than me. Not too serious. Yet.

We have lived here since I was two years old. Mark moved out and lived with his girlfriend, Kara, across town for three years but they split up six months ago and he moved back in with us.

While Mark was with Kara, he had a job as a trainee electrician, but since the split he has given that up and gone back to college. A complete fresh start. I am still at school.

We’ve never had much money and live in a fairly poor part of town. But we have always been a very close and loving family. Simple pleasures – that’s always been the key to our family life.

One of those pleasures has been to sit down together and watch tv. We would all curl up on the couch, sometimes under a blanket, and watch tv together.

As Mark and I grew, dad migrated to an armchair by the window. When Mark moved out, mum and I continued to sit together on the couch.Within a week of coming back home, Mark was back on the couch.

”I know I’m at home now,” he said as he took his place next to me.

We all had our places. Me at the far end, Mark in the middle and mum on his right. As we grew up we did other stuff, had friends round and so on but still two or three times a week our family tv evenings would carry on.

As kids Mark and I would often cuddle up together under the blanket. Taking turns to rest our head on each others shoulder. Cosy. And innocent. Always innocent.

The story really begins on a Thursday evening three days after my birthday. We sat down about nine pm to watch a movie. All in our usual places.

I was wearing my night stuff. A t shirt with bra and panties underneath. Mark wore a shirt and boxers. Nothing unusual there. We sat down together with mum on his far side and I rested my head on his shoulder.

After half an hour or so he put his arm round behind me, around my shoulder, his hand dangling down by my left arm. This was again something he had done many times over the years.

I don’t know how long he stayed in that position but I felt very comfortable. Then, unusually, he moved his arm a bit so his hand rested in the hollow between my shoulder and my left breast.

I felt my heart beating harder as this was a bit odd, and a bit over friendly! Again a while passed, then his hand slid down the outside of my shirt and rested gently on my breast.

My heart was really pumping now. Was he aware what he was doing? Was he awake? I glanced sideways at him and saw him looking blankly at the tv.

His hand remained like this for ages. Why didn’t I move him away? I don’t know. I really can’t explain, in the same way I couldn’t begin to explain why his hand was there in the first place.

Now, I imagine like most sisters, I had never thought of my brother as anything but a brother. And a friend, in my case. Certainly not sexually. NEVER!!

In fact I probably never even thought of him as even having a penis. Brother’s don’t, do they? I had never heard of such a thing called incest until I was sixteen.

Some friends at school were talking about it. I had to ask what it was. Sex between family members? What like husbands and wives? Oh family! Oh god how weird! Brothers and sisters? No. That’s impossible. Why? How? WHY?!?

But here was my brother, with his hand gently resting on my breast. Certainly not something I expected. Or wanted. EVER! But, in a way it felt quite good…

I almost jumped at the next thing his happened. The hand that was casually lying against my chest suddenly tightened and began to squeeze my breast through my bra and shirt. And the fingers began to rub the erect nipple poking against my clothes.

Mark, what are you doing? Do you even know? Are you aware?

Mum shifted and stood up to go to the bathroom, causing the blanket to slip down. Mark removed his hand from its current position and grabbed the blanket.

Mum came back and we all watched the rest of the movie in a completely normal fashion. Except all I could think about was what my brother had been doing.

We all went off to bed. I could barely sleep and at breakfast we sat together I kept looking at my brother but he was acting normally. Mum and dad went into the kitchen to tidy up. Alone at last.

I was going to speak to him. But say what? Confront him? Did he even remember? Was it my fault? Should I have stopped him? Why didn’t I?

When mum did the whole sex lesson thing years earlier one of her key lessons was if you don’t like something a boy is doing or trying to do, stop them.

Why didn’t I? That’s what he’ll say. Why didn’t you stop me? If you didn’t like it?So I said nothing. Went to school as normal.


I was shaking by şirinevler escort the time I got back to my bedroom. What was I doing? What was I thinking of? Well, Kara, for a start. My ex.

Kara. Russian. Thirty when I met her. I was twenty. Much more experienced. In everything, especially sex. The tales she told me. She’d done almost everything. With almost everyone! Boys at school. Teachers at school. Workmates.

She had an elder sister. They’d done it with each other. And with their cousin, both at the same time. And then their uncle. And then their brother. I joked that she left out her dad and she gave me a funny look. I didn’t want to know!

We lived together for three years. The sex was fantastic. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t fantastic enough for her and she went exploring. Other men…

So now I’m back home.

Why did I touch my sister? I don’t know. I was watching tv but not really watching it. Dreaming.

I was so embarrassed at what I’d done. Never again. A one off.

Amy had a friend round on Friday evening. Every time I heard them laugh I imagined they were laughing at me. I had a friend over on Saturday. A few drinks. Play on the x box. Take my mind off my stupid moment.

Sunday evening came around and I found myself on the couch between mum and Amy watching tv. Behave yourself.

And I did. We sat there from about eight thirty to about ten thirty. Amy even leaned against my shoulder. See, it was just a one off last Thursday. Back to normal now.

Why didn’t she stop me?

At about ten thirty the news came on. I put my arm around Amy’s shoulder and rested my hand by her arm. Normal.

It felt good the other night. Just once more. Please.

I shifted my hand across from by her elbow and gently rested it on her shirt. Against her breast. I could feel her chest rising and falling as she breathed. Getting faster.

She didn’t try to move my hand so I took a deep breath and squeezed her breast a few times. Circled with my fingertips. I could feel an erect nipple under her shirt and bra. Maybe she likes it. She hasn’t tried to stop me.

The news finished. Dad switched off the tv.

”Bedtime,” he announced.

Back in my room I couldn’t believe it had happened again.Boy, you’ve got to stop this. No more. She’s your sister. Your baby sister. Just a kid.

What was it dad said to her on her eighteenth birthday the other day?

”You’re a woman now. Not my little girl anymore.”

”I’ll always be your little girl,” she replied, tearfully.

My little sister. My kid sister.I masturbated thinking about her.


For most of the week I was in a haze. Twice now my brother Mark has felt my breast through my shirt. Why?

The next time we all sat down to watch tv was the following Friday night. Mum went out so it was just me and my brother on the couch, with dad in his armchair.

There was a movie starting at ten so just before I went into my room to change into my nightclothes. A t shirt. Panties. No bra tonight. Just being curious!Mark appeared in his shirt and boxers. We sat on the couch together. A bit warmer tonight. No blanket.

Shortly after the movie began, Mark wrapped his arm around me. It wasn’t long before his hand wandered, across to my t shirt. He placed it gently against me then seemed to pull back as if struck by a bolt of lightning.

That’s right, brother. No bra.

He regained his touch and began to squeeze my breast and toy with my nipple. He got a much better feel of me without a bra.

My breasts are not massive. Average size. Maybe a bit smaller. I’m slim. Shoulder length hair, dyed dark red. Dying my hair has been my one real moment of rebelliousness in my life so far. Glasses to read and watch tv. Not ugly. Not stunning either. Certainly not unattractive. I’m five feet six tall.

For about twenty minutes my brother examined my breast.

I wonder if he’s hard.

Mum came home, which put a stop to Mark’s game. She sat down and chatted to us. At the end of the film we all went off to bed. In bed I masturbated, thinking about my brother.

Saturday morning. At the breakfast table we all chatted. It never ceased to amaze me how people can act so normally.

”What have you got planned today, Mark?” I asked.

”Not much. Meeting up with a couple of friends. You?”

”Same really. You in this evening?” I asked.

He nodded.

That evening we sat down to watch tv. Dad had gone out for a few beers with his brother. Dad always got very drunk when he went out with his brother and would come home in a terrible state.

I chose to wear a checked shirt with buttons that just covered my ass. No bra or panties. Mark wore a shirt and some denim jeans. Mum sat with us and pulled the blanket across us all.

Within minutes Mark’s hand was over my shoulder and exploring the outside of my shirt. No hesitation these days. Again he soon learned I was not wearing a bra.

When mum got up to go to the bathroom I carefully şirinevler elit escort unhooked all the buttons on my shirt, being careful not to expose anything. Mark watched me do this and smiled at me. I kept the shirt tightly closed until mum sat down again and pulled the blanket over.

Mark’s hand returned to feeling me then slowly slipped inside my shirt.

I almost jumped as his fingers brushed my flesh then what felt like an electric shock hit me as he found my tit. My brother stroked, squeezed and tickled my breast and rolled my erect nipple between two fingers.He pushed his hand across to my right breast and did the same. Just the blanket hid this performance from our mum and Mark was very careful to keep his movements to a minimum so not to attract her attention.

Feeling bolder I reached down to Mark’s trousers and was delighted to feel a bulge pushing against his denim.


I couldn’t believe I was doing this to my sister. She’s your sister you fucking sicko! Pervert! Freak! Last night was mad enough when she had no bra and I could make out the size and shape of her tit. But this? This was something else. And mum was sitting next to me!

Amy’s shirt was unbuttoned. Her breasts were uncovered and only the blanket protected her modesty.

I carefully ran my hands over her breasts. Her erect titties. Not too small. Not big but certainly a good feel. The size of a medium apple. Round and pert. Good firm young flesh. No sagging.

My sister. My baby sister. How did we come to this? I had never thought of her sexually. She was always just a kid. Always trying to find ways to annoy me. Irritating me and then when I got angry staring at me with those big eyes, looking like she was about to cry.

Did she even have breasts? When did they appear? I don’t know. I wasn’t looking. I never looked.

Yet here they were, under my hand. I must have felt Kara’s tits a thousand times. Never once did I think about Amy’s. Yet now I’m having a good feel.

I wonder if she’s wearing panties. I wonder.


She’s not. My fingers find a flat firm stomach. A smooth area of flesh then a slit. Just the tiniest hint of a bit of stubble. A tiny hint. A slit. A warm valley of wet folds of flesh. Dampness.

You can’t go in there. She’s your sister.

Illegal. Immoral. Indecent.

Yet her hand is on my trousers, tracing the length of my cock through my jeans.I go in there. Just one finger. In there. She coughs lightly. She wriggles slightly. I’m in.

And I stay in. Moving my finger, slowly at first. Then quicker. Deeper. Brushing the walls. She pants. Sweats. Moans. Barely audible.

Don’t let mum see. Anything. Amy cums. Orgasms.

Just saying those words, thinking those words, makes me shudder.I made my sister cum.


Oh shit. I’ve cum. Cum.

I never meant this to happen. Just wanted him to feel my tits. Yet his finger is inside my pussy. And he jerked me off.

My brother. My big brother. I’m so ashamed. I’ll never be able to talk to him again. Never be able to look him in the eyes again.What can he think of me? I’m a real slut, letting him do this to me.

Hang on. He’s my big brother. What’s his hands doing on my tits? Between my legs?Just enjoy it girl. Stop worrying. It’s just a bit of fun.

He might meet a girl next week and move out again. Just have a bit of fun. If he doesn’t mind why should I?

Dad comes home. Drunk. Stumbles into the kitchen. Then into the living room. Collapses into his chair. That’s dad!

Mum complains. That’s mum. I pull my shirt across to cover myself. Mark puts his hands back where they should be.

Mum gets up, kisses us all then goes to bed. Dad is in a drunken haze. Awake but not aware. In beer land. Planet beer. Not earth.

I pull the blanket down and open my shirt, exposing my breasts to my brother.He stares, smiles, looks excited. Keen.He reaches to touch them but I stand up and head for bed.

”Goodnight Mark.”

”Night, Amy.”


I head to bed. I lay awake in bed, thinking about the evening.I feel happy. Contented. Naughty. Dirty. I feel like a slut but a happy contented slut.I want to do this again.


On Sunday we are due to go to our aunt and uncle’s house for lunch. At breakfast Amy and I get a rare moment alone.

”Did you enjoy yourself last night, big brother?” Amy purred.

”Did you?” I replied.

”I’m not saying anything,” she laughed.

”I think we need to talk at some point about this though. Not now,” I said as our parents come into the room.

”If you want to stop just say so,” she answered.

”Stop what?” asked mum.

”Oh nothing. Just asking Mark for more help with my homework, is all,” she lied.

We ate breakfast and headed off for lunch at our uncles.

They live a ten minute walk away and as well as our uncle, dad’s brother, and our aunt, there are our cousins. Lola who is thirty three, James is thirty one and the şirinevler escort latest addition to the family, Emma, who is just fifteen. A big age gap. It just happened.

Emma is great though. So funny. Cute as well, if I can say that about her. Cute but not in a sexy way. If she ever realized how attractive she is she would have the world at her feet. That’s all in the future though.

After lunch, Amy went round to her friend Jenny’s house. She arrived back home about nine thirty, at which point the rest of us were watching tv. Mum and I were in our nightclothes. For me that was just a pair of boxers. Hot evening.

”Good evening young lady. Nice of you to join us, ” said mum, not really joking.

”Sorry mum. Got chatting.”

Our parents. Dad is chilled, laid back. Probably an ex hippy. If he’d been around in the sixties he would definitely have been into all that free love dancing nude at rock festivals stuff. Mum is serious. Strict. Keeps us all under control. The opposite of dad.

I think Amy and I had already worked out that if we were going to ever get caught groping under the blanket, it would be better if dad caught us not mum. Dad would equal embarrassment. Mum would equal death. Death by torture, pain and humiliation. In any order.

Not that Amy seemed to care.

I say that because having gone to her room for ten minutes, to get into her night clothes, she appeared at the living room door wearing a light green lacy bra and panties combo. Nothing else.

I didn’t know where to look. Dad just smiled. Mum looked pissed.

”Haven’t you forgotten something, dear? Clothes?” she growled.

”Mum, it’s so hot. Anyway I do wear this to bed sometimes.”

”I think you look lovely baby,” smiled dad.

”Thanks dad.”

She sat down next to me. I still didn’t know where to look. Well I did, but I didn’t want mum to see me looking. Amy pulled the blanket over us and settled back against my arm.

I waited some time before I wrapped my arm around her and rested my hand against her bra. Under the blanket’s protection I began my usual act of squeezing her breast before slipping my hand inside and touching her titty.

Not daring to do anymore I continued gently toying with her breast for ages. Mum eventually sat up and announced she was going to bed. I just had time to pull my hand out of Amy’s bra before mum slipped the blanket off and stood up. My hand was still casually hanging near my sister’s breast. Closer than is normal in most families I imagine!

After mum had gone to bed I tried to pull the blanket back over us but Amy stopped me. I was disappointed, thinking she didn’t want me to play anymore but she soon lifted my arm back around her.

Watching dad in case he turned around I began touching her again. I even pushed the bra cup down, fulling exposing her breast before sliding my hand towards her panties. She just smiled at me then slipped her hand towards my shorts.

Her hand found its way inside my fly and began stroking my cock.The first time she has ever touched my cock. I feel so horny. This is so wrong! Dad’s just over there.

Dad turns to us and asks if we want anything from the kitchen.

”I’m going to grab a beer,” he says.

”I’ll have one too please,” I reply, as he walks past us, not really looking at us.

Once he’s out of the room, Amy pulls the blanket over us, then unhooks her bra. I stare at her in disbelief.

After dad has sat down again we continue to jack each other off. Amy slips her panties to her knees to allow me better access. She moans a couple of times as she gets close to orgasm.

”Ok Amy? That was a funny noise,” says dad.

”Just tired. Bed soon I think.”

I sense her orgasm followed shortly by my own as my sperm shoots over her hand and into my shorts.

She wipes her hand over my stomach, cleaning it of my seed then pulls her panties up. We sit quietly, satisfied, for a further ten minutes or so.

At one point she casually pulls the blanket down, exposing her tits, only pulling it back up when dad declares he is going to bed. Once he is out the room she stands up and puts her bra back on.

”I never realized my little sister was such a pervert,” I joked.

”Makes me feel better knowing you are too.”

”Nothing perverted about masturbating,” I replied.

”With your sister?” she smiled.

With that we headed off to our bedrooms.


On Monday I sat at the breakfast table, chatting to my parents and my big brother. Mark and I kept exchanging glances and smiling.

”What’s the matter with you two?” asked dad.

”Oh nothing. Just some joke,” Mark answered.

”By the way I think it’s really lovely that you’re going to help your sister with her homework. Good for you,” mum added.

”What subject?” asked dad.

”Oh science,” Mark responded.

After school I climbed onto the bus home and heard my name being called. I looked around and saw Mark. His college is further across town than my school and on the same bus route. He doesn’t often come home so early, preferring to study in the college library at the end of the day.

We chatted about our day as we sat together on the bus, avoiding any talk of our ‘new game’. We got home about four pm, knowing mum usually got in about five thirty and dad about six.

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