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By the look on her face, I knew what she was thinking. By the look in her eyes, I knew exactly what she was thinking. I was doing some remodeling in my home and my best friend, Kimmie, had come over to help me. The project of hanging a new track lighting system in my bedroom called for both Kimmie and I reaching over our heads while standing on ladders! All was going smoothly when I lost grip of the light track. Dodging the track set off the domino effect! I lost my balance and begin to fall backward. Kimmie, in her attempt to save me, grabbed my hand. But my momentum was too much! We fell off the ladders, landing safely on my bed!

When we landed, I was on my back. Kimmie landed to my left on her right side. Her right arm lay above my head. And her left arm was lying across my stomach! We laughed at our clumsiness as we lay there. Playfully blaming the other for what had happened. Then Kimmie reached up and tenderly caressed my cheek with her hand. I looked at her. Her face got closer to mine. I wanted to stop her. But I didn’t! She did! Kimmie asked me illegal bahis if I was all right. I answered that I was. She moved her left hand to my breast then asked that question again. Moving my face closer to hers was my answer! Our kisses started slowly. Soft, short lip connections at first! Then deep, passionate kisses within seconds! Kimmies’ mouth was hot! Her tongue explored my mouth with urgency. Her hand moved up inside my top and gently massaged my breasts. I lay there not knowing what to do. I had never been with another woman. I had never thought of Kimmie, or any other woman, sexually! I knew what to do with a man! Which is give immediate attention to his cock! But Kimmie doesn’t have one! I broke our kiss and asked her would I need to do. Kimmie told me to just lay back and enjoy the moment! With that, Kimmie got up and relieved me of my top and shorts!

I lay there naked as Kimmie removed her clothes. She then crawled over me and kissed my breasts. I closed my eyes as her mouth traveled the length of my mid-drift. My nervousness changed to anticipation illegal bahis siteleri as her lips reached my bush. I found myself spreading my legs to give her unrestricted contact my all! Kimmie softly kissed and licked her way around my heat. Building my expectations by paying more attention to my inner thighs! Goose Bumps covered my body as the sensation of Kimmie lips and hands caressing my thighs shot through my soul. I lifted my hips to try and get her mouth closer to my now excited ‘Kitty’. But Kimmie would not take the hint! She was reveling in driving me crazy. And, her oral teasing had brought me to the brink of madness! When Kimmie asked me if I were ready, I found myself begging her to continue. With my answer, Kimmie put her mouth to my ‘kitty’!

The feeling of her mouth and tongue sent me reeling! I pushed my ‘kitty’ unto her face. As rush of pleasure travel my body with intense force. Making me move and moan uncontrollably! I spread legs wide and rolled my hips upward to give Kimmies’ mouth all the room it needed to drive me absolutely bonkers! canlı bahis siteleri And it did! I called her name over and over again as I felt the impending result of her oral exploration bubbled inside of me. Kimmie grabbed me by my thighs and pressed her face against me. I grabbed her hands as I came ferociously! My mind left me as my body experienced a long, hard orgasm. When I regained my senses, Kimmie was still licking me. I was soon in the middle of another overwhelming orgasm! Time and time again Kimmie brought me to complete sexual paradise! By the time she was done, I had passed out!

When I awoke, Kimmie was lying next to me stroking my hair. I looked at her both strangely and lovingly. I didn’t know what I was feeling for her, but I knew I enjoyed what we had shared. We got dressed and finally completed our project. When Kimmie left, we kissed passionately. When my husband came home, he complimented me on my project, and noticed that I had a glow about me. I told him that I was just happy of with accomplishment. Then I attacked him! That was some of the best sex we have had in a very long time! But that’s another story! That night, as my husband slept, I reminisced of my experience with Kimmie. Then began to smile as I looked around for more projects that she could help me with!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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