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Chapter 02: The Next Day

I woke feeling sore and in need of a shower. I was still in my clothes and I was curled up into a foetal position on my unmade bed. The events of last night permeated my foggy brain that immediately made me painfully aware of my stretched bum and bruised pussy. I yawned and yelped at the ache in my jawbone from sucking their big cocks last night. My hand slipped between my legs and I felt the dried cum on my thighs as I stretched my legs letting my fingers burrow under the elastic of my panties to massage my hungry pussy. I felt so liberated now and as I relived the frightening abduction that morphed into the best sex session I have ever experienced, I played with my clit until I almost blacked out with the intensity of the orgasm that rolled through me. It was so powerful that I had to pull my hand away and roll back up into a ball like a hedgehog protecting its tender parts.

Enough of this I resolved to myself after a minute or two, staggering off the bed and stripping off my crumpled clothes. For a moment I paused to hold my big breasts and squeeze them like he did last night, that unseen man who with his friend had used me so well. I rubbed my big tummy that previously I was so embarrassed to show to anyone. Somehow something had clicked inside me last night and I had changed. Maybe not for the better, I had been such a slut in the end but it felt so right and empowering. And now I felt released from that tug of being inhibited and ashamed of my size. Fuck it and fuck them I said out loud to no one but myself. Then, like a complete sexual goddess I strutted to the bathroom, bouncing my tits and swinging my booty for no one to see. I smiled and then grinned at how good it felt, the cool air on my unwashed cum covered body, the pains of sex making me all the more aware of my sensuality. If those guys were waiting in the bathroom for me, I would jump them straight away, take control and fuck them until I was satiated.

But no, the shower was empty and I had to make do with my hands foaming up my body with an apricot scented body wash. I pulled at my nipples until they were erect and holding a breast I managed to suck on one of them. Oh that was so intense, sending tingles to my pussy until I had to stop. It was driving me crazy. I need a man right now. A big cock to play with and tease before pulling it towards my bruised cunt and massaging the pain away with an early morning fuck, right here, right now with the steam filling the room. My fingers found my tender clit and I barely touched it before slipping two fingers into my cunt and rudely finger fucking myself like the guys did to me last night with their lovely big hard cocks. I imagined it was the soft-spoken one inside me now as my fingers curled up inside me to really get me going into a frenzy again. I had to lean my head against the shower wall and steady myself with my free hand as I fucked myself silly while all I could see behind my closed eyes was my imagination of what his cock must look like thrusting in and out of me. It was like last night, blindfolded, lustful and thrilling. Then I came again in a rush that doubled me over and I collapsed onto the shower floor, panting and holding my fucking fingers in my sopping cunt until the contractions subsided enough for me to slowly pull them out. I sat there for a long time with the hot water running over my hair and body.

Finally I stood up again and finished washing my tangled hair and rinsing off before getting out and drying myself. The reflection I saw in the steamed up mirror was of a ravished woman, still panting and with a lost desperation in her eyes. It shocked me to connect the thought that it was me in the mirror and not someone else. What have I become I asked myself. Oh you’re now a real woman my mother’s voice sniggered in my head. Shut up Mum, I admonished back. Ok, ok, don’t get angry, it will spoil your morning she calmly replied. Go find yourself a nice boy now. Someone I can be proud of she continued. If only, I sighed out loud, surprising myself. I locked my mind shut tight so than my mother’s voice would not intrude on my thoughts. Time to get moving girl I said firmly to the face in the mirror and her serious reflection briefly smiled back at me before I abruptly turned and marched out of the bathroom which only weakened my resolve not to think about sex because my heavy breasts bounced and walking fast only reminded me of my insatiable pussy. Control girl. Control, I said over and over to myself.

I had several classes at university and then work at the café later on. Maybe I would go to the yoga class tonight with my friend Mona. So on went a pair of large fresh scarlet panties and a 38DD bra to match over which I slipped my mauve skin-tight yoga top that accentuated my belly. Then I wriggled into the matching yoga pants that were more like tights. My generous booty really filled them. I then found a dark purple shirt blouse and a short black skirt that went over the top of the yoga gear. To finish off konyaaltı escort the ensemble I pulled on my black leather mid calf boots. Looking in the mirror I saw a sex starved girl with lust in her eyes. I looked great with my shirt unbuttoned and loose outside my hip hugging skirt. I could see my breasts contoured by the tight yoga top and the curves of my hips and bum were outlined by my tight skirt. The addition of the boots made a statement that I was available and please come knocking at this girl’s door. I tossed my long brown hair and quickly brushed it into some semblance of order. Ignoring any makeup I grabbed my laptop bag with my study notes and left the apartment, thinking how horny I still was even though I had been fucked for hours by two strangers last night and I had masturbated twice this morning. What is happening to me I giggled to myself, failing to keep my serious resolve in place.

Lectures were interesting and diverted me from my heightened sensuality although every now and again my eyes would wander around and linger on hunky guys. What am I thinking I would say to myself, they won’t be interested in me, I’m too big. They all go for those scrawny ones. Maybe if I flirted with that guy on the side of the lecture theatre. He looks like he would know what to do in bed. No, I couldn’t stand the humiliation if he rejected me. And so the day went on, repeated in various scenarios with the same want and need my body sought to fulfil but my fears and lack of self-confidence restrained me from acting on those desires.

By the time I got to my café job, I was feeling really horny again. I could feel my nipples rubbing against the lace of my bra making them swell and become all the more sensitive. It was a delicious sexual tension that I wanted to satisfy yet by not being able to do anything about it made me even hungrier for cock.

Every male customer got me thinking about exactly what was in his pants. I guessed size, thickness, colour, taste, cleanliness, hairy or shaven, soft or hard. Yum. These were such mouth-watering thoughts. This distracted me and several times I gave the incorrect change as I fantasised what it would be like to feel his lips on my cunt or me lick his engorged cock. Giving the wrong change thoroughly embarrassed me and I blushed beetroot red over my chest and neck so that his eyes would be drawn to my panting boobs. The young guys openly ogled me and grinned, making smart arse small talk that was supposed to be funny but really implied what a stupid cunt. My tummy would knot and I would have to find a way to cut him off whilst trying to recompose myself by moving quickly onto the next customer.

The older guys were gentler with me and I liked that they would umm and err and look down at the counter rather than my boobs. I knew they were sneaking a look too but their mutual embarrassment was sweet and my heart would melt in sympathy for their concern for flustered me. One of them had a twinkle in his eye and a kind smile. His hair was grey but he had that urbane sophisticated appearance that gave him a calm confidence that I so wanted for myself. I had given him a twenty-dollar note instead of ten dollars in his change. Most customers would have noticed the mistake and quickly departed with the extra money. But he drew it too my attention and handed it back to me. I was so grateful and I gushed my thanks to him nervously. He then handed me a five-dollar note and said it was a tip because he assumed I was a student and he liked to help others get ahead in life. I thanked him again and slipped the money into the tips jar behind the counter. When I turned he was walking out the door, thinking of things other than my erect nipples rubbing against the lace of my bra.

Time passed, customers emptied out of the café, dusk approached and my feet ached in my high-heeled boots. I emptied the tips jar to divide the money up with the cooks and other waitresses. We had a sharing scheme that sometimes worked in my favour and sometimes not. The five dollar note was folded and inside was an elegant card with his name and a phone number. Nothing else. It was if the rest was irrelevant. All that could possibly interest me was how to contact him. The rest would follow, was the implication. It took me by surprise. It was such an audacious conceit. Yet intriguing. Why? My heart beat faster. Why would he give me his card? What could he ever want from me? Not sex, surely? My mind wandered with potentialities. I slipped the card into my bra and finished up my chores, handing out the tips money to the others and without delay, departing.

Outside the café, I paused in a quandary. Could I be bothered going to yoga? The stretching exercises would help the aches and pains from last night but in reality I knew I wasn’t going to do it. I fumbled in my laptop bag for my phone. I pulled the card out of my bra. My heart began to pound in my chest. My arms went numb and my fingers shook as I started to dial the stranger’s number. Half way through I kültür escort stopped and put the phone away. I must be mad I thought and I began walking home.

The feeling of suppressed sexual energy made my skin extra sensitive and my spine tingled. I became acutely aware of my hair caressing my neck and flicking across my face. Each step felt like a lover’s breath as my long fringe sensuously licked the corner of my mouth. My tongue caught a few strands and I closed my lips around them as if they were his cock sliding into me. With a finger I pulled the errant hair out of my mouth, wet with my warm saliva, only to let the fringe brush over my face again to repeat the intense fantasy once more. I walked briskly, my generous hips swaying provocatively, my short black skirt riding up my thighs and my open blouse revealing my big soft bouncing breasts under my tight mauve yoga top. Small beads of perspiration cooled my brow and upper lip. I breathed heavily with the exertion and enjoyed the tensing of my buttocks with each purposeful stride.

I was trying to tame the sexual beast within. That something that controlled me more than I it. It was no longer a purr. More like a hungry growl, a feline huntress searching for satisfaction, something to leap upon and devour in a frenzy of cries. I wanted to toss and be tossed around, with limbs entangled and mouths open, teeth nipping at unfamiliar flesh, tongues licking as they explored the taste and contour of new found prey. I needed to fuck someone. Instead of hiding my feelings and keeping my head down, eyes to the pavement ahead as was my usual posture, I scanned ahead and across the street for likely candidates. I heard my mother’s voice in my head laughing, encouraging me onwards; telling me I was finally the little fat slut she always knew I would become. I told the voice to shut up. Please deliver me a cock someone, please, where are you, I repeated over and over in my head as I continued to stride home. Home. Now that would be silly I said to myself, there’s no-one there and I need more than my own fingers. I turned down a side street that I knew lead towards a bar that my girlfriends and I had celebrated in only a week earlier. Am I brave enough to go in alone I asked myself? Of course you are slut daughter the mocking voice of my mother whispered in my head. Slut, slut, slut, slut it said as my nervous hand grasped the door handle and I pushed into the noise of a busy bar full of students and young office workers.

I settled my big butt onto a bar stool and looked around at the crowd. Music had a couple of exhibitionist girls showing off dance moves and teasing the others with sexy moves. I so wanted to be them, confident and beautiful, slim and sexy with all the young bucks hiding their erections caused by my gyrating hips. Hips you say the little girl voice in my head mocks. We’re too fat and if we danced it would be like a jelly shaking on a plate, all uncontrollable wobbles. We’d probably fall over. I hated my younger self. She always mocked me when I felt inadequate. All I want is for one of these guys to be nice to me and maybe I can then seduce him.

No one showed any interest in me and I sat sipping the drink I ordered, feeling very exposed up at the bar on a stool. I made the drink last as long as I could but in the end I swallowed the last drops of bitter disappointment and walked to the door. As I opened it, a masculine hand covered mine over the handle and I heard him say that he would get the door, pushing himself slightly against my butt as we both burst out of the bar together. I was completely taken by surprise and once outside I stood open mouthed. His young face was a gauche grin attempting to cover his own embarrassment. He apologised profusely for perhaps frightening me as he gabbled in a torrent as if to hold me there with words. I assured him I was fine and it was nothing. Then I dared to say it. I actually said it. I told him that it actually felt like something. Something quite nice. Oh you little hussy my mother’s voice disapproved. Or did she approve? I was beginning to wonder about her voice in my head. He got my drift and laughed nervously, going on to explain in too many words that he had been watching me from the moment I came into the bar but he was too shy to approach me in front of his friends. They were merciless and if I had rejected him they would have made his life hell for at least a week.

By now I had gathered control of myself and actually saw him for the first time. About my age, obviously a student and not one of those rich ones either. Clothes bland but clean, fingernails trimmed, tallish and lean with that goofy big smile of white teeth. He was cute enough. Someone who could pass by you and you wouldn’t really notice. Yet. Yet he was sort of sexy in an inexperienced way. While these thoughts flashed in my brain, he ran out of words and started to move away as if to go. I knew the next sentence out of his mouth would have the words sorry again and goodbye or see you around. markantalya escort I cut the words off before they could be said. I stammered quickly asking if he was hungry. He paused. He reminded me so much of my own lack of confidence. What a pathetic pair. After a moment I took a breath and in a staccato burst threw at him the invitation to come and eat with me. I waited a second for a reply and when it didn’t come I wilted. Not another rejection I thought. Then I heard the magic words that made me glow inside. Yes, he would like that if it were not too much trouble. The warmth in my tummy grew and spread throughout me until I felt I could faint. Then lets go I replied, taking his arm and together we set off. I hoped he wasn’t really hungry because I knew there wasn’t anything to eat in my flat.

On the way back to the flat, panic rose to overwhelm the sensuous glow inside of me. I had never invited a man to my flat. I really didn’t know what to do. At least your bed sheets are clean my mother’s voice sniggered in my head. And then all too soon, without any idea of what to do, we were there and I was fumbling my key into the door lock. Inside I put my laptop bag down and turned to him. He started to tell me his name and then it was clear in my mind what I was going to do. Shush I told him and reached up and kissed his mouth that was about to say something. He was nervous but after a few moments he began to kiss me back. I went weak at the knees. Not from the kiss but from the knowledge I had a conquest in my flat, alone with me and I was surely going to get fucked by him. I didn’t want to seduce him; I wanted him to take me. I was curious as to how he would go about it. He felt me sag at the knees and held me tight. He was surprisingly strong for such a skinny guy. All muscle and bone. No fat. Not like me. Then he sort of dance walked me along to my bedroom door, still kissing me at the same time. I watched his eyes searching with our lips locked together. He walked me backwards to the bed and we collapsed on it with me under him.

His jeans constrained his cock and he reached down to readjust it so it could engorge freely. I laughed and rolled him over saying that I would help. I undid his belt and jeans and pulled them down his long skinny hairy legs. Then the boxer shorts came off to reveal a really long skinny cock that was so stiff it stood up throbbing. I took off my blouse and slid out of my skirt, all the while watching that hot cock attached to him. He began to sit up to strip me but for once I took command and said no. It’s faster me doing it I gasped as my tights and yoga top came off. Without a pause I quickly took off my bra and then told him he could pull my panties off me.

I lay down and he got up on his knees and did just that, freeing my roiling pussy that was ready for his cock. Fuck me please. I need it in me now. Just fuck me I pleaded. For a moment he paused as if he wasn’t sure or maybe he was just nervous. Then he climbed on me, a bit clumsily but he got there. I wanted him to do it all, to take me as I lay there, willing, wanton, hungry for his cock. He put a hand down by my pussy and holding his cock he guided into my cunt. At first my lips stopped him and I lifted my legs with feet in the air, bringing my knees to my breasts. And I felt this delicious sensation as what felt like a 2 foot long cock slide slowly into me. It was wonderful.

Once fully into me he collapsed on my breasts overwhelmed himself by the feeling of my tight pussy squeezing his long cock. I focussed, trying to throttle the lovely cock in my cunt. He gasped and moved a little. Go on, fuck me with your big long cock I dared him. He looked a little shocked that I talked dirty to him but he got the message and pulled out until just the head was in my pussy. The delicious tease of it all. My cunt flaps stretched on his tool as he paused, eyes glazed in the wonder of being on top of a sex crazed heavy young woman. I saw in that look that he couldn’t quite believe his luck. My hands grabbed his buttocks and I thrust up with my hips as I pulled him back into me. I was in a desperate mood, I needed his cum in me quick. I had no interest in gentle, slow, passionate, lets get to know each other lovemaking. I wanted him to destroy me with his cock by banging me as hard and fast as he could.

He began to move into a gentle rhythm, trying to do his best to pleasure me in that sweet, nervous way that flashed the thought that maybe he was a virgin. No way my mother scolded, telling me I was so judgmental. My internal voice told my mum to shut the fuck up. He was breathing in my ear, lying on me and using his hips to fuck me slowly. This is no good I thought. Hey, I won’t break I whispered to him. I started to rotate my hips and push up against his incoming cock. I opened my legs wide and placed my sweating feet on the bed with my knees bent. This gave me the purchase I needed and I started to buck him. Come on cowboy I challenged him as my bronco hips threatened to throw him off me. He pushed up on his elbows in surprise but before he could speak I taunted him with a big grin and told him to enjoy himself and let go. Fuck this mare. Stick that stallion cock where it belongs. Fuck me until I’m raw I gasped between breaths.

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