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Hello, I thought before I start to tell you my story. I would like to introduce myself my name is Beth. I thought I would let you know what I look like and so on so you will be able to picture me while you read my story.

Well I am 18 years old and I am in my last year of high school. I am 5’3 with a slender build. I have long blonde hair a bit on the curly side and my eyes are a green to hazel in colour. My breasts are 34B, nice and round, as well as firm if I may say so myself. I also a nice soft shaved pussy.

“Would you like to have an 18th birthday party?” my Mum asked during breakfast.

“That would be great but seeing I turned 18 was last Wednesday it would be a bit hard to have a party.” I said.

“Yes I agree that you have turned 18 during the middle of the week but you can still have your party this weekend if you want to.” Mum said.

“Can I?” I replied.

“Yes.” Mum said.

After Mum asking me I continued to eat my breakfast but I noticed my Dad looking at me in a strange way. I thought have I said something or done something wrong. I couldn’t think of anything that I may have said or done so I just continued with my day.

Mum asked me “How many people would you like to invite?”

“I will let you know tomorrow.” I said.

“That’s fine,” Mum said. Then she went to work.

The next day came, and we were sitting around the table having breakfast. When my Mum mentioned the party again. “Beth, have you thought about how many people you would like to invite to your party?”

I said “Yes” and handed her a list of people’s names.

While Mum was looking over the list of names, I noticed that Dad was looking at me in that way again. I thought I’d better leave the table and go get my bag and leave for school.

“Bye see you later.” I said as I was walking out the door.

While yabancı escort I was at school, I kept thinking of the way my Dad kept looking at me.

Then I realized that he had that look every time my 18th was brought up. I think he wants to do or have me do something in the sexual way.

Now home from school and Mum will still be at work until later .I think I will try to see if I am right about my Dad.

He works from home so it will be easier won’t have to wait until he comes home.

I know he is in the den at the moment doing some paper work. I will let him know I’m home and then I will have a shower.

Then I will put something nice on if you know what I mean.

While having my shower, I thought to myself ‘what can I wear that will get his attention?’

Gee that shower was good, I will just dry myself but will leave my hair wet. I will towel dry it while I am talking to him. Now for my underwear, I will wear my purple lace bra with the pants to match and my white top. My top just ends under my breast as well as my jeans with the rips in the bum area.

Here goes I am go into the den, and I am sitting on the edge of the table. I am facing him with a towel in my hand drying my hair. My hair has been sitting on my top, and it has wet it, you can see the colour of my bra through my top. I start to talk to him about different things and then I mentioned my party.

“Yes it will be good, do you know what you want for your 18th birthday?” Dad replied.

“I have an idea,” I said.

“Do you like my new jeans dad?” I asked.

“Yes they are nice they show the shape of your bum well.” Dad said.

I probed further, “Do you think so they aren’t too tight?”

His reply was just “No, they are ok.”

Then I went and sat on his lap, to give him a hug. yeni escort While there, I could tell he liked it because he was getting a hard-on.

Then I stood up and said, “Oh no!”

“What’s the matter?” Dad asked.

“My hair has wet my top and you can see my purple bra”. I showed him, and that thing that I could feel before was very hard now.

Well it is the afternoon of the day of my party and I am getting ready.

Now to see what I have in sexy underwear. If it goes, the way I want it to, I won’t be a virgin by the end of the night. I know what I can wear, I have a black lace top that I brought but haven’t worn yet. I didn’t think Mum would like me wearing it.

I am 18 now, so I can wear what I want so I will wear my black silky lace bra and pants. The clothes I will wear will be my red mini skirt with my black lace top. I better hurry and get ready; people will be here soon!

I came down stairs and Mum looked at me, or more at what I had on.

“Gee that is very hot.” Mum said.

“Thanks Mum.”

Then I saw Dad in the kitchen, so I went into the kitchen and said, “What do you think Dad?”

When he turned to answer me, his eyes were wide open but he didn’t say anything.

I went right up to him and said, “Dad do you think this top shows my firm 34B bust enough?”

“Yes they look very nice.” He said.

Well the night went well lots of family, friends and fun also lots of gifts. With the last of the guests gone, I went to Mum and Dad to give them a hug, thanking them for a great party.

I gave Dad a hug first, I went up to him and put my arms around his neck. I wanted to get closer to him, and so he would feel my breast on his chest. Dad hugged back, but he didn’t know where to put his hands. Then I hugged Mum then I said, “Mum you look tired. yenibosna escort Why don’t you go up to bed, I will clean up down here”.

“No I can’t let you do all this, but I will agree as I am so tired,” Mum said,

I replied, “Well go to bed.” Then she decided she would and left it to me.

Dad was just having the last of his drink when I took the glass away from him.

“Hey, I’m not finished yet!” He shouted.

“I know!” With that, I turned and faced him and put his hands on my bum, my arms around his neck, I pulled his lips closer to mine, and gave him the biggest kiss, tongue and all.

He pushes me away saying, “What are you doing?”

“You know what I am doing, and don’t say you don’t want it!”

I unzipped my red mini-skirt, and let it fall to the floor. Then I kissed him again, his cock was getting firm.

Then I pushed him so he was sitting on the lounge. I then removed my black lace top and threw it to him.

Now I am standing in front of him with just my black silky lace bra and pants. I knelt down and started to unbuckle his belt.

While I’m doing this, I can feel his cock getting firmer and firmer. I unzip his pants to have this cock come out, and I rub it for him until it is hard. I mean rock hard! I then undo my bra and remove my panties.

“What are you going?” Dad said.

I stood up and said, “I want to show you my soft pink untouched vagina!”

His cock was standing and waiting to do the work it wants to do.

“Touch my vagina and feel how wet it is.”

“No I won’t, you’re my little girl!” He said.

I put my hand around his hard cock, and sat on it going up and down.

He soon forgot that I was his little girl.

“You like?” I asked him.

“Ooohhh yeah.” He replied

I felt him filling me with his hot cum…mmmm.

“Dad you know when you asked me if I knew what I wanted for my 18th?”

“Yes, did you get it?” He said.

My reply was “Yes, I just did!”

I don’t know if he got what he wanted, or I got what I wanted, but we are still pleasing each other for birthdays and Christmas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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