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Over the next days, mum spent quite a bit of time with Jo. Jack had only said to Jo that he needed to spend time with his mum. One day in the Bistro over coffee with mum, Jo said, “Dot, you’ve been honest with me, I feel that I must be honest with you. After Kay left for America, I met Jack, I was happy to see him, I told him that I was disappointed with Kay as I had no word from her, Jack had been taking her out for so long, she was dishonest with Jack, she had met a lawyer in Florida, the had an affair, she knew that she was going to go and live in Florida. She was having online sex with him. I heard her many times doing that with him.”

“Jack used to take Kay out for meals three or four times a week; then they would come back to my house. I got so aroused when I heard Jack fucking Kay; he has much stamina, he could keep going for hours. I know now how hard Jack works, he told me that he missed going out for meals. I told him that he soon would find someone nice to take out for supper. He asked me out for a meal. I accepted, I told him that we must be discreet, we travelled a thirty-minute drive so we wouldn’t be recognised. I did this to protect Jack’s and my name. Dot, Jack and I were lovers; I loved being with him; I had the best sex of my life with him. I, honestly, feel relieved that I’ve told you this. I’m also looking forward to being with you on Tuesday evening. I want Jack to ass fuck me as you eat my cunt then I’ll flood your mouth with my cum, I miss his ass fucks so much.”

Mum replied, “Jo, I’m so happy that you told me, it means so much to me. Jack, in all fairness, also told me, that also meant a lot to me. Jack and I are now lovers; I’m getting the best sex of my life. I wake up thinking of Jack’s magnificent cock; I fall asleep thinking of Jack’s cock. I’m also looking forward to Tuesday evening; I don’t have a problem if, after the Silks show, we go back to the apartment and share Jack, I know that Jack likes you a lot, how do you feel about that?”

Jo reached over the table then squeezed Dot’s hand; Jo had a tear in her eye when she said, “Dot, I would be the happiest woman in the world. Jack’s a unique man; if I think of his cock, it makes my cunt wet, I’m sure that if you and I share Jack, he will have no interest in straying, it also means that you and I will have so much fun.”

Mum said, “Jo, I wish that we were alone. I want to love you; I want to make you cum.”

Jo paid for the coffees, then said, “Dot, follow me.”

Jo led her to the apartment; they were in bed within seconds, the kissed and touched; they were şirinevler escort both hot. Dot loved the way Jo went down on her, sucking her massive clit as she fisted her hot, hungry cunt. They started to 69, soon they had both cum in the other’s mouth, they cum kissed, then started playing and sucking with the other’s tits, this worked too, they both came with this also. They spent over two hours in the apartment; they gave each other multiple orgasms, Dot said, “Jo, I’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent together, tomorrow night we will share Jack’s cock, I’m sure that he’ll satisfy both of us and we’ll satisfy him.”

They showered together; Dot said, “I didn’t know that this apartment existed. I’m glad that you thought of this, it could be a convenient place to come.”

Jo told her about the Insurance problem and her father setting it up as they needed someone to stay overnight here, Jack and his grandfather did that. They went back to the primary office; Jack was there alone, mum said, “I’m delighted to tell you that Jo will be staying with us tomorrow night, I’m looking forward to it.”

Jack’s face lit up, he hugged Jo and mum then said, “I’m so happy to hear this, I am looking forward to having the two most important women in my life at the same time, we’re going to have so much fun.”

Jack and mum then left, in the car mum was stroking Jack’s semi-hard cock, mum said, “Jack, Jo and I had a very open and honest chat, she was so honest, she told me that you were lovers. I was so touched, Jo then took me to the apartment, we made each other cum so many times and in so many different ways. I love the taste of Jo’s cum, I’m so happy that we’re doing this, baby, I need to be fucked hard when we get home, Jo’s made me so horny, I’ve had a few women in bed, Jo’s easily the best, I’m looking forward to tomorrow night so much, I think that all our lives will be much happier. How’s your day been darling?”

Jack put his hand over Mum’s hand that was stroking his cock then said, “I’m so horny thinking about tomorrow night, both you and Jo turn me on so much, to have both of you is going to be fun. I’m so happy that all three of us are comfortable with it.”

They got back to the Penthouse, they went into the kitchen and stripped naked, Jack lubed mums ass K-Y then bent mum over the kitchen table, he slid his lubed cock into her ass doggy style. Mum had her first vaginal orgasm two minutes later, mum said, “Baby, tomorrow night I want you to ass fuck Jo on this table like you’re doing me now, I’ll lie on the table with şirinevler elit escort my legs spread so Jo can eat my cunt, I want you to make her cum three times, so she fills my mouth with her cum then I want you to do the same with me and I’ll fill Jo’s mouth with my cum, the thought of this makes me so hot.”

Soon mum had her third orgasm, Jack kept going and gave her a fourth. He pulled out the slid inside her very wet cunt, it was squelching as he rode her, mum loved it, she loved it when Jack was in control, mum said, “Baby, there’s so much cum in my pussy, I love the sound it’s making, fuck me harder baby, I can take it, I love it when you fuck me hard and deep.”

Twenty minutes later they both came within seconds of each other, with mum’s session with Jo she was now delighted. Mum then made dinner; they were in bed early.

Tuesday flew in, Jack, mum and Jo were all busy all of the days, mum and Jo left the Centre at four as they wanted to be fresh as they would be trying on lingerie. The Silks show started at six with a Finger Buffet and wine. Mum had arranged for Jo to come to the Penthouse with an overnight bag, they had some Champagne then took a taxi to Silks. Jack had his dinner in the Bistro. Just after nine Jack’s phone beeped, the message read, “Baby, it’s been a marvellous show, I’ve bought quite a few things for Jo and myself, the buffet was excellent, and we both have drunk a lot, we both are hot and want you to take advantage of us both we get home. I’ve bought two open crotch bodysuits, one for Jo and one for me; we’re both wearing them. There gorgeous, they push our tits up and also give unrestricted access to our cunts and ass’s. I’ve told Jo that she’s going to be ass fucked on the kitchen table, with me lying on the table so that I can suck her clit and eat her cunt. Be ready for us, Jack, we both need your cock. Our taxi has just arrived, love mum.”

Jack was only wearing a towelling bathrobe, with what mum had written, his cock was now hard. Five minutes later they both arrived, they stripped to their bodysuits, their tits were looking amazing. Jack had the lube ready for them. Jack took off the bathrobe, both mum and Jo went down on him, both their tongues and fingers were working on his cock.

Mum then lay on the table so that she had access to Jo’s cunt when Jo bent over the table. As she was doing this, Jack lubed Jo’s ass and his cock. Then he bent Jo over; it was a perfect fit; mum could suck Jo’s clit and eat her cunt. Jack slid inside Jo’s ass, with one push the base of his şirinevler escort cock was hard against her ass hole, Jo said, “It feels so fucking good, I’ve missed your cock Jack, fuck me hard and deep, I need and want this.”

Jack then started to pound Jo’s tight ass, he soon had a compelling rhythm going, Jo had her first vaginal orgasm, Jack was relentless, he continued to pound Jo’s ass, mum said, “Jo, your cum tastes so sweet, I love the taste of your cum, I need more.”

The second orgasm came, Jo was shaking with this one, Jack kept going, the third orgasm was a body-shaking one, mum’s mouth was flooded with Jo’s cum, mum was swallowing Jo’s cum. Jo said, “I love that, Dot wants me to get into her position now, would you like me to lube Dot’s ass?”

Jack replied, “Yes, please, I’m sure mum will love that; I feel so comfortable when I’m with the two of you.”

Jo then lubed mum’s ass, she took her time as she was teasing mum’s huge clit as she lubed her, soon mum was ready, Jo got into the position mum had used, mum then stood in front of her, legs spread giving her access to her clit and cunt. Jack went behind his mum, with a gentle push his massive cock vanished up her ass, Jack soon was pounding his mum’s tight ass, mum said, “It’s wonderful, keep going, I’m so close, harder and deeper, baby, I can take it.”

Within the next ten minutes, mum had three massive orgasms; then Jack started to fuck her pussy doggy style. As this was happening, Jo was cum kissing with Dot and Jack, switching between the two of them, letting them share mum’s cum. Jack was riding his mum faster and deeper now, mum was so close to a big one, Jo was helping it by stroking mum’s colossal clit and sucking her hard nipples, mum shouted, “I’m cuming, baby, that was so good, now I want to watch you fuck Jo, I’m going to help you, Jack,,.”

Jack then went inside Jo’s cunt doggy style, she, like mum, was gripping his cock tightly at the base and head of each thrust. Jack was impressed with the new bodysuits; they gave him unrestricted access to both their ass’s and cunt’s, their tits were also wobbling in the bodysuits. Mum said, “Baby, you’ve got such an athletic movement, it’s so powerful and graceful, it is beautiful to watch you fuck.”

Mum then started to rub Jo’s clit and suck and play with her tits. Jack continued to pound Jo, Jack was doing all the work, but Jo was now pushing her cunt hard against the base of Jack’s cock at the pinnacle of his thrust, Jo loved it, Jo said, “Baby, your hitting my cervix, it feels so good, baby, fuck me harder and deeper, I’m a wink away from cuming.”

Jack moved up a gear; he was slamming his cock into Jo now; they both climaxed within seconds of each other. Jack pulled out, then he took mum and Jo in his arms, kissing and hugging both of them, he said, “My girls, let’s go to bed so that I can snuggle with two beautiful women.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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