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Book 5: Mouse’s Rival

Chapter 2

Melanie sensed Michael looking at her through the small crowd, from across the room, like a child spying on adults through a keyhole. It was really nothing unusual. He’d been doing it, and she’d been noticing, since they were adolescents. She’d never ascribed any lust to his less than subtle ogling. He was just her sweet, clumsy, awkward baby brother.

Yet it had always made her feel sexy. In high school, he was sadly the only boy that made her feel sexy. He never told her that she was, he never put it into words, but this was better. It was more sincere this way. His ill concealed stares were an unintentional, unconscious, unambiguous compliment.

He’d been doing it for decades now. Of course, before, she hadn’t watched him rabidly and quite effectively fuck Mouse. Before now, he’d simply been her innocent little brother.

Melanie brought the drink to her mouth again as she listened to Kate’s musical, piping voice enthusiastically describing her recent vacation to Mexico. She scolded herself for letting her attention wander away from pretty, enticing, little Kate. She had plans for Kate.

“You should have seen the bathing suits some women wore,” the little blond laughed, her captivating green eyes wide in mock wonder. “They were wild, absolutely wild. Way beyond skimpy and revealing, but they had the bodies for them. I don’t. My body’s not bad, but I’m too tiny and pale and slight. I couldn’t pull it off. You could, though.”

Kate’s eyes strayed down Mel’s body as she finished. Kate tore them away, looking suddenly across the room, clearly embarrassed by her brazenness.

Mel happily accepted the hesitant, awkwardly delivered compliment in silence. Kate certainly acted interested.

“Oh, I think you could, too,” Mel said. “You have a lot of sex appeal. We should escape the suburbs and go together, sometime, just to find out.”

Even as she said it, Melanie’s mind inexplicably wandered right back to Michael. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that he was still looking at her.

This time, Michael’s furtive gaze wasn’t merely making Melanie warm. She felt her whole body reacting in pleasant ways. The sensations made her want to make herself instantly even more attractive to him. She did what she’d often done, inhaling deeply, though not too overtly, sucking in her stomach and expanding her chest.

Mel felt she had a great body, especially for a fourty-four year old woman. At just under six feet tall, she commanded the room. She had broad shoulders and well matched hips, with a generous bust, but a trim waistline. She worked hard at keeping her stomach as flat as she reasonably could, especially after reaching forty. The result gave her a truly curvaceous, hourglass figure, the kind that made real men crazy.

In a way, she looked like a larger than life playboy model. She was a feminine amazon with an extra dose of feminine. She knew she’d been a perfect fantasy woman to some men, men that weren’t afraid of her size. She wasn’t petite or dainty or cute, but she was most definitely female.

She wished that Michael would see her that way, not just beautiful but sexy, but she knew his tastes leaned toward the cute and childishly petite, like Mouse. No, not just like Mouse, but Mouse herself.

His tastes, Mel thought to herself, in fact, leaned towards a woman like Kate, the woman in whom Melanie was now making every effort to show a flattering, flirting and almost inappropriate interest. This whole party was actually for Kate. Melanie reluctantly wrenched her mind from her sexy baby brother, to give her full attentions to the cute little blond before her.

“The weather is so nice in the Maya Riviera. Even when it’s raining. The air is warm and clean.”

The party was really just a small get together, just women Mel knew, with a few men to keep it interesting. Dan was away with Rick for the weekend, looking at colleges, so she had the house all to herself for her soiree, and for any adventure that might develop from it. At least, the plan was that an adventure would develop, a brief, pleasant episode that might naturally and easily lead into an eventual threesome with Dan.

She’d only invited Michael because she felt sorry for him. She didn’t really want the distraction, but she couldn’t stand the thought of enjoying the party, and the challenge she’d set for herself, while Michael moped around at home. He could miss Mouse here as easily as he could alone.

Maybe here he would at least socialize a bit. She knew he’d never meet anyone he was attracted to, not with Mouse on his mind and interwoven into his soul, but he could at least talk to a few women.

The party was mostly women. Attractive women.

Too, he might notice Melanie in action. He might realize that there was a side of his big sister that would shock, and perhaps excite, him. She wanted to show off in front of him. Let Michael see her seduce another woman. Let Michael learn that his older sister had her kağıthane escort wild, sexual side, too.

Kate paused a moment as she delicately sipped her drink. Mel watched the glass touch Kate’s small mouth, as the woman’s glossy lips puckered enticingly to suck in just a small taste of her Black Mexican. Mel took a good swig of her own rum and coke, never letting her gaze wander from Kate’s tasty little mouth.

Kate was a friend of a friend of a friend of Mouse’s. She really didn’t know what the connection was. She just knew that Mouse had given her the woman’s number. She was new in the area, less than twenty minutes away. She didn’t know anyone else, so she was looking for company, and friends. And, according to Mouse’s connections, she had appropriately similar interests.

Under Mel’s instructions, Kate wasn’t told what Mel wanted her for. Mel wanted to try her hand at seduction. It was a gamble, but life had gotten too easy for Mel. She needed the distraction. She needed something that was going to take effort, and take her mind off of other, more dangerous opportunities.

She just wanted to know that the woman might be receptive to the idea. Mel had been nervous as hell calling the woman, but Kate was so bubbly and friendly, she had made it easy.

Kate was like a blond Mouse. She was petite, slightly freckled, lively, outgoing, happy, vibrant and alluring. She had long, straight, very blonde hair. A catty woman would have thought it dyed if her eyebrows didn’t match. They weren’t quite as blonde as her hair, but could at best be called a very light brown. Mel had no doubt the woman’s pubic hairs matched, too. She had a piping, squeaky voice that would have been annoying if it weren’t such a turn on.

Melanie knew a bit about Kate by now. She was single and young, at least to Mel, in her early thirties. She’d been married, and then very quickly divorced, once. She worked tending bar in a place at the edge of town. She’d moved here recently, completely alone, just to get away from her past lives. She showed no regrets. She didn’t act like someone running from anything. Like Mouse, she was someone that was always more running to something, even if she had no idea what or where it was.

Kate made a funny comment that Mel missed by being too deep in her own thoughts, and followed it immediately with a cute, high pitched little giggle. Mel could enjoy lots of giggles like that, she thought, if she could just get Kate interested, and if Kate was open to that sort of thing.

And so far there was no reason to think that Kate, who was so like Mouse, wouldn’t be interested.

Mouse could hear the party going on in the background.

“You have to come, Mona. Come visit Michael, now.”

Mouse couldn’t believe Melanie was pushing this hard for a spontaneous, immediate visit. It just didn’t make sense. She should be keeping Mouse away.

“Are you having a party?”

“What? Yes, yes, just a little thing.”

“God, you and Dan never stop these days with the parties.”

“Dan’s not here. It’s just a little something I threw together because I was bored. Actually, there’s something else, but I don’t want to get into it now. Listen to me. Little, please, you have to trust me on this. He needs you.”

“Why are you calling me now, in the middle of a party?”

“Michael’s here. There are tons of women here, and yet he looks miserable.”

Mouse bit her lip.

“Why did you invite him?”

“I just felt sorry for him, sitting around alone. I thought it would give him something to do.”

“Or someone to meet.”

“No, Mouse. It’s not like that.”

“Anything you say, Sis,” Mouse replied in her best, sweet, childlike voice.

Mel was instantly angry.

“Mouse, stop acting like the innocent, hurt little girl. Drop the phony act. I told you, it’s not like that.”

“Anything you say, ‚’Six-Pack,'” was Mouse’s quick, nasty reply.

She immediately regretted saying it. That nickname hurt deeply, Mouse knew. Melanie hated being almost six feet tall. Since high school, she’d always been treated like one of the boys because of her height, despite her obvious curves. It was one of those painful memories for Mel, one of those things that shaped your character and your self image, no matter how much you didn’t want it to, and no matter how much you told yourself it didn’t matter.

When the nickname “Six-Pack” was thrust on her at college, it was one of the few things that seemed to rattle Mel to her core.

Mouse had never really known about it, until they’d both opened up to each other. It was the first bit of weakness that Mel had ever shown to Mouse, describing her disgust at that nickname. It was the first sign that anything, ever, had really unsettled Melanie. When her big sister had first talked about it, Mouse thought she could hear Mel crying. And it was all told to Mouse in confidence, a gesture of sisterly trust.

Mouse chewed her lip as the silence on the other kartal escort end grew. She nervously fiddled with Michael’s ring on her finger.

“I’m sorry, Mel, that was cruel of me. I’m… sorry…” she finished lamely.

“Look, I’ve got to go, I’ve got a party to host,” Melanie answered, but her voice lacked the ice that Mouse expected to hear. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Okay, bye.”

“Michael needs you.”

Before Mouse could reply, the line went dead.

Mouse closed her cell phone, totally bewildered by what had just transpired, wondering what she was missing.

* * *

Mouse looked down at the rings on her left hand, as she spun the wedding band around her finger. She sat alone, on a stool, at the bar. Tania, Jeff and Alicia, with her own latest toy in tow, were supposed to be here an hour ago. Every twenty minutes she got a text from them saying “just ten more minutes.”

Mouse fumed.

Sitting there, alone, she felt like she had a neon sign hovering over her, saying “Pick Up Here.” She’d had to move the rings to keep the guys from bugging her. Every two seconds it was another drink “from that guy over there,” or a stupid line, or a request for a dance. Good God, she thought. She hoped she’d never have to date again.

“Hi. You look bored.”

Mouse turned to glare at the guy with as much disgust as she could cram into her face. Even with the rings in plain sight, the asshole talked to her.

All expression drained from her face when she stared into his eyes. They were the most disarming eyes she’d ever seen. He was an older man, maybe forty five or even fifty. His features and expression looked young and vibrant, but were contradicted by a sea of unkempt gray hair and cute, deep, long crows feet that wrinkled as he smiled.

She looked quickly away, back down at her hands, embarrassed by her own gut reaction.

“Don’t worry about me,” he continued. “I’m harmless.”

In testimony to the statement, he flashed his own wedding band at her. Mouse was shocked at herself when the sight of it irked her.

“Can I buy you a drink?” Mouse asked.

“Me? You buy me a drink? That’s a pleasant switch. But I already have one.”

“I’ll buy your next. I could use the company. The protection. It will keep you here for a while.”

“You looked like you could use a chaperone. And I’m staying for a while, with or without a drink from you, unless you ask me to leave.”

He smiled at her the whole time. She hadn’t felt this comfortable with a guy since things had started with Michael. He brought up something pleasant inside her. She looked at his wedding band again, then considered his age, and decided she must have a self destructive streak so wide it was visible from space.

But this guy would make a great father. If she had kids, this was the kind of guy she’d pick. He might be a bit too old, but that was what she wanted, someone that would treat her like a child, sometimes, or inadvertently make her feel like a child, at least, someone she could just naturally defer to, whenever she wanted to stop being the female Lone Ranger.

She wanted someone warm, and old enough to be entirely comfortable with who he was. She wanted someone that was plain and simply self confident, without instead broadcasting arrogance to cover for their mountain of insecurities.

She wanted less testosterone and more masculinity.


“What? Oh, sorry. I’m Mona.”

Mouse instinctively, invitingly smiled at him as she said her name, then looked away, emabarrassed. She waited just one moment before continuing, without making eye contact.

“So where’s your wife?”

Mouse bit her own lower lip at the bite in the question. She hadn’t really intended to say it. It just came out.

“You’re not supposed to ask that so soon.”

“Why not?”

He paused for a long while, seemingly arguing silently with himself.

“She’s gone. Passed away last year.”

“I’m so sorry.”

She was, too. She immediately hurt for the man. She couldn’t imagine actually losing Michael that way. The pain of it would kill her.

“You still wear your ring,” Mouse said.

“Yeah. I think I always will. I miss her.”

Mouse didn’t know what to say, so she didn’t say anything.

“I’m still harmless, though. Really.”

Mouse looked down into her drink, trying to decide if she really wanted him to be harmless or not.

The party was thinning out. The night slipped closer and closer towards tomorrow. Michael had, unusually, had much too much to drink. As was his way with liquor, it mostly made him sleepy. Melanie guided him awkwardly to Doug’s empty room, let him slump onto the bed, and took his keys with her so he wouldn’t even think of driving if he awoke before dawn.

She’d never seen Michael actually drunk before. It wasn’t sexy, or masculine, or even humorous. It was just a bother, particularly tonight.

Melanie chewed her lip as she stood over küçükçekmece escort him at the edge of the bed. She should get him undressed, to make him more comfortable, she knew.

The thought of it frightened her, and she knew why.

“You need any help?” Kate’s voice drifted into the room from the edge of the top of the stairs.

That solved the problem for Mel. In a moment she was out in the hallway, leaving Michael lying there exactly as he was. She swayed unexpectedly and bumped into the door jamb on the way out of the room, while scolding herself for even thinking of undressing Michael. Her shoulder tingled momentarily where she’d bruised it. The pain subsided quickly enough, replaced by the pleasant tingle of the rum spinning through her own thoughts.

She beamed at Kate, while nervously fiddling with the pendant hanging between her breasts. The feel of the tips of her fingernails on the exposed flesh of her bosom was both calming and exciting. It settled her down, focusing her mind. On Kate.

“He’s fine, he’ll just sleep here tonight.”

Kate seemed a bit downcast at this, which lifted Mel’s spirits. She’d never expected to hit it off so well with Kate. She couldn’t believe they’d actually been flirting with each other. She kept telling herself it was just wishful thinking. There was no way that she could know if Kate even considered other women appealing, let alone a woman Mel’s age, let alone Mel herself. Yet it seemed to be happening.

Could Kate really be disappointed that maybe she couldn’t spend the night, because Mel’s brother was now staying in the house?

But the look only lasted a moment. Kate was quickly smiling at her.

“Well, come down then. A bunch of people are saying they have to go, and they’re looking for you.”

Kate reached out with one hand to lead Melanie downstairs. Her touch was warm and very, very gentle, almost as if she were afraid to actually hold Mel’s hand.

The whole situation was odd, Mel thought. Physical contact with unfamiliar people was normally something Mel shied away from. Now it was like a drug. She craved it.

But here was Kate, reaching out after only knowing Mel for one evening. Mel squeezed her hand tightly, feeling the alcohol taking some control as she purposely brushed one breast against Kate’s shoulder on the way down the stairs.

* * *

It didn’t take long before everyone was gone, and it was only Kate and Mel talking near the door, with Michael out cold upstairs. Melanie was trying to think of a way of guiding Kate toward the couch. She was moving too fast, she knew, but an alcohol fueled lust pushed her relentlessly.

She was also now terrified of being left alone in the house with Michael.

Mel let one hand reach out to slip through one side of Kate’s long hair, gently brushing her ear lobe on the way down.

“Do you straighten your hair, or is it natural?”

The words came out a bit slurred. Melanie fought for self control, to hide the fog she was feeling.

Kate hesitated, seemingly put off by the contact, now that they were alone. She hadn’t seemed to mind the occasional, furtive touch before now.

“I straighten it a bit. Not a lot. I tried a perm once. What a disaster that was! I looked like Shirley Temple on steroids.”

She giggled again in that high musical voice of hers, sending a thrill through Melanie. Mel had never intended to move this quickly. She’d planned on taking weeks to get to know Kate, to feel her out, to be patient and careful and always in control. Tonight was supposed to be just flirting and getting a sense of their chemistry.

But Kate was too likable, and too responsive. She was too physical, too. She touched and liked to be touched.

And Melanie was too driven by lust. Too damn horny, she thought. Too horny.

“Well, look, I have to go. Thank you so much for inviting me,” Kate said, smiling, “I’ve been so lucky to have met you. I was afraid I’d be here for months and months without any friends.”

Mel hesitated, chewing on the idea of asking her to spend the night. She wished that Kate had gotten drunk, so she’d have an excuse, but Kate was in complete control of herself. She hadn’t even finished the one drink she’d started the night with.

“Are you sure you can drive?” Mel asked, hoping, knowing it was a silly thing to say.

“Yeah. I learned long ago I can’t hold my liquor, so I don’t try. I’m fine, I barely drank anything.”

Mel made a mental note of that. Okay, fine, she’d be patient. She leaned against the door herself. She realized now, without the support, she had felt like she was swaying. She let her head rest against it, too, but her temple hit the wood a bit harder than she’d intended. It didn’t hurt, but she now felt like she was swimming in the air, and needed a raft to cling to.

She smiled at the silly image of floating on the wooden door in the midst of a rocking ocean, with Kate swimming along in the water beside her.

After a long moment, she realized Kate was just smiling at her, waiting for her to say something. Melanie had sort of blanked out for a moment. She tried to recover, to hide the awkward pause, along with her drunken haze.

“Okay, look, you have my number,” she told Kate. “If you want to meet for lunch sometime, I have an easy schedule.”

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