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It was late but Todd couldn’t sleep. To tell the truth he was confused and all kinds of thoughts pushed and prodded him as he turned over and over in his bed. That afternoon he had been caught jerking off by his mother and she had made him do it in front of her. After he had cleaned up as she had ordered him to he had slunk back to his room. His copy of “Sex Sluts” wasn’t there anymore, his mother must have confiscated it. He had stayed in his room for two hours before hunger drove him downstairs.

His mother was peeling potatoes for supper and had his back to him. Todd hung back, unsure of what kind of reception he would get.

“You can have two cookies from the jar, no more,” his mother said without turning round.

Todd mumbled a thank you, and fished out the two largest chocolate chip cookies.

Supper was quiet as usual. After the long grace that his mother read out of one of her pamphlets, they ate without speaking. After supper Todd went into the den and watched TV while his mother did the dishes.

After a while his mother came in and sat beside him on the couch and started watching the show that had just started. It was an old version of Seinfeld, and Todd realized to his horror that it was the one all about masturbation. Being ‘Master of Your Domain.’ He wanted to change the channel but he felt that would call attention to it so he sat there squirming, his face and neck flushed as they watched it. His mother watched it intently but didn’t say a word. Thankfully, after a tense half an hour an old science fiction movie came on and his mother left the room to read a book.

As he lay in bed, Todd reflected on the fact that his mother had not mentioned a thing about that afternoon’s incident. It was as if it had never happened. Usually when Todd screwed up his mother was quick to remind him and used it for a lot of cutting comments until, inevitably, something worse took its place.

Click! Todd froze in bed as the door opened and his mother poked her head in. Thank God he hadn’t been jerking off, being caught twice in one day would have been too much.

His mother saw him looking back and her and came in the room. Todd could see that she was wearing her brown nightgown. She had had it for years and it was starting to fray around the cuffs and the hem.

His mother sat on the edge of the bed and studied his face.

Todd lay under the covers, unsure of what to say.

“What you did today was wrong.”

Todd blushed. For a while there he had hoped that his mother wasn’t going to bring it up again. He mumbled another apology.

“Do you do that often?”

Todd shook his head. He didn’t want to tell his mother he normally pulled his wire at least three times a day, sometimes even more.

His mother suddenly pulled back the covers. Todd felt the cold air gust against him. He always slept naked.

“You haven’t done it since this afternoon have you?”

“No.” Todd shook his head vehemently. He was glad that he could tell the truth for once.

His mother looked over the bed sheets around his legs and thighs and then checked the top sheet. The sheets had been changed today so they were clean, thank God, no cum stains.

“Must you do that?” his mother said as she put the top sheets down but left him still exposed.


“What you were doing this afternoon, must you do it?”

“Ah, well…”

His mother sniffed. “You’re like all the other men aren’t you. No control.”

Todd wasn’t sure what to say.

His mother sighed. “I guess you can’t fight nature. Men are animals after all.”

Todd squirmed a little, “Well, I guess so…” halkalı otele gelen escort He wasn’t sure where his mother was going with this.

“You know that self abuse is a sin.”

“I…yes…I heard something like that.”

Suddenly his mother stood up. “Wait here. Don’t move.”

She left the room with a purposeful stride. Todd lay there feeling the cool air wafting on his balls. He was wondering whether he should pull the sheet over him when his mother came back in the room carrying a bath towel and a plastic shopping bag that Todd recognized as coming from the local drug store.

His mother sat down on the edge of the bed and unfolded the towel. “Put this under you,” she said handing him the towel.

“Uh…what…” Todd was totally confused now, and a little nervous.

His mother frowned. “Don’t forget you’re in a lot of trouble young man. I don’t want to have to tell you twice.”

Todd lifted his hips up and arranged the towel beneath him. His mother straightened it up to her satisfaction. Then she reached into the bag an brought out some items onto the bed. There was a pair of latex gloves that she pulled off their cardboard holder. Todd stared in amazement as she pulled them over her hands and interlaced her fingers to get them fitted. Then she reached into the bag and pulled out a large bottle of baby oil.

“Very well. I want you to regard this as like brushing your teeth or taking medicine.”

Todd stared at her. “Regard what… I don’t understand.”

Todd’s mother reached over and gingerly grasped the soft folds of his foreskin at the very tip of his cock and pulled his skin up taught.

“Why aren’t you erect?” she asked impatiently.

Todd looked down on the wrinkled skin of his shriveled member. If anything the cold air had made it smaller than usual.

“Maybe we shouldn’t…I mean… this is kind of weird.”

His mother glared at him and slapped his penis with her other hand.

“Ouch. That hurt.”

“I don’t want you to say things like that. This is to stop you from committing sin. It disgusts me so I just want to get it over with.”

Tom felt really uncomfortable. He wanted to pull the covers back and put his head under the sheets. “I don’t know if I can.”

His mother pulled on his foreskin and moved his penis around. “What do you normally do to get hard.”

“Gee Mum, I don’t …”

“You were hard enough this afternoon…oh, yes–you had that magazine.”

Todd lay there trying not to move.

“Well I threw the magazine out, so that won’t do. It was a disgusting, filthy thing. I’m surprised that kind of thing would affect you like that.”

Todd sighed. It had been his favorite jack off magazine, but that was another thing he wasn’t about to tell his mother.

“What was it about the magazine that got you excited?”

Todd just gaped at his mother. This whole thing was too weird to be believed. He half felt that he would wake up any moment and this would all be one of those really weird dreams that you never told anyone about.

“Do naked women get you hard?” Without waiting for his reply his mother dropped his penis and started untying her robe. Todd’s eyes widened like two blue starburst shells blossoming in the dark during a fireworks display. For some reason his teeth were chattering. His mother opened the top of her robe. She was naked underneath and Todd could see her pendulous breasts with large brown nipples.

“You can’t touch them, but you can look if that will help.” His mother took her gloved hands and put them under her breasts. halkalı rus escort She raised them up so Todd could get a good look.

“Ah.” She said as she noticed his penis give a small twitch.

She let her breasts down but kept them exposed. Then she reached out and pulled on his foreskin again. Todd felt the cool latex against his hot skin as she manipulated the skin up and down. Despite himself he could feel a familiar stirring at the very base of his cock.

“You are a disgusting animal,” she said with distaste in her voice and her face wrinkled up like she had smelt something bad. “You’re still not hard enough to get this finished,” she grumbled. “Do you use dirty words…like fuck, cunt, cock?”

Todd licked his lips. His heart was starting to throb harder and he felt more sensation at the base of his cock.

“Very well,” his mother said. “I want you to think of a woman sucking your cock. That would make her a cocksucker wouldn’t it?”

Todd nodded. He felt his penis give a real stir and swell slightly.

His mother reached for the bottle of baby oil and poured a little on the top of his cock. She put it down and then pulled his foreskin down exposing the purple tip. She worked the baby oil all over it and then closed her fist around it.

“Okay I’m going to rub you now until your milk comes out. Just try and get it over with as soon as possible… and try not to get it all over everything.”

Todd spread his legs and closed his eyes as his mother starting to moved her latex clad hand up and down his cock tip.

“I suppose you have to think about doing animal kind of things, do you?”

Todd felt his cock starting to harden under his mother rubbing. She was sliding her hand up and down and using her thumb to stimulate the front lobes of his cock.

“Well do you?”

Todd nodded. “I get turned on by that kind of stuff.”

He opened his eyes and watched as his mother’s hand slid up and down.

“Look at my breasts then,” his mother snapped. “I want you to know that I think this is disgusting, so I want you to get it over with as fast as possible.

Todd looked sideways to watch his mother’s large breast as they moved slightly with the rhythm of her hand.

“Ah I felt you get harder just then. It turns you on to look at me, does it?”

“Yes mummy” said Todd as he felt his hard cock pushing into his mother’s slick hand.

“You are a disgusting little boy. Have you ever watched me undressing?”

Todd froze in mid hip pump. A picture of his mother’s long white thigh framed by the crack of a partly open bathroom door spilled into his mind. How could his mother know about that?

His mother stopped and looked at him with a look of complete disgust on her face. Todd winced as her grip tightened. “You filthy little animal. You watched me undress didn’t you?”

Todd looked away, a hot blush stained his chest, neck and face.

“Look at me,” she snapped.

Todd turned his head back but couldn’t meet her eyes.

“Did you…?” she asked.

“Did I what?”

“Did you masturbate while you watched me?”

“Well…no, not while I watched you.”

“Then afterwards. You went back to your bedroom and jerked off. Didn’t you?”

Todd nodded. He was too overwhelmed to deny it. He knew his mother knew anyway.

“Hmmm. And when you jerked off did you think of doing things to me.”

Todd nodded again. He noticed that his mother’s hand had started to slowly move again. For some reason his cock was getting really hard.

“Did you think about coming up behind me and looking at my halkalı türbanlı escort ass?”

Todd’s was starting to pant a bit and it was hard to answer. He tried but his mother went on without it.

“Did you hope I’d turn around and unzip your pants.” His mother’s fingers were moving faster and faster on his cock. “Did you hope I’d take your cock out and get down on my knees and suck on it.”

Todd groaned. His cock was bullet hard and he was moving his hips trying to get the right thrust in his mother’s hand.

“That’s it you dirty little animal. Do your fuck stuff into my hands.”

Todd felt the heat rise in his cock and he felt the start of a pressure building up in his cock.

“Yes. Yes. That’s it.” His mother took her other hand and fingered his balls. “Try to get this disgusting act over with. I’ll make a cunt with my hands and you fuck it. Just fuck my hand cunt you little animal. Do you dirty beastly stuff in my hands.”

His mother used both her hands to rub him up and down. His skin slipped up and down with her hands and gave him delicious sensations on the tip of his shiny, oiled cock.

“Ah…ah..” he said as he felt the pressure build in his cock. “Fuck!” the word popped out. He hadn’t meant to say it but it just burst out of him.

His mother moved her hands faster. “Come on you dirty boy. Squirt your cock spit out.” She pushed her breasts towards him. “You’re not coming fast enough,” she said. “Touch my breasts if that will get this over with.”

“Fuck. Oh. Christ. Fuck.” Todd reached out wildly and grabbed his mother’s huge breasts.

“Okay. Now. Touch my tits and think of sluts sucking your cock.” She started pumping his cock up and down like she had been seized by a convulsion. Her eyes were staring right at the hole at the top as it kept popping up through her hands and then disappearing again for another stroke.

Todd could feel it coming now. He got that feeling that nothing could stop him going.

“Pump it Mummy, pump it, yes, like that. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m going to go. Oh Christ.” Todd arched his body off the bed he wasn’t to push his cock towards those lovely rubbing hands. He felt his jism boiling up inside his cock and then for an incredible moment it just stayed there building pressure until – WHAM!. Oh yes it came out. It squirted out like a Texas oil well under pressure. He sobbed in pleasure as his spunk jetted out. Big white gobs of it splattered all over his mother’s face and breasts.

“Fuck. Fuck.” he said as he squirt after squirt splashed out to run down his mother’s hands, to land on the sheets and finally a last flying drop hit his mother’s lips and hung there gleaming in the light like a pearl. His mother took a deep breath as she relaxed her hands and the drop of sperm was pulled over her lips and into her mouth. A look of surprise hit her face as she tasted his sperm in her mouth.

She looked at him in horror and than spat at his face. Her spittle mixed with his sperm landed on his lips.

Then they were both still. Todd tried to get his gasping breath and thudding heart under control. His mother was breathing hard from the exertion and staring at him in disgust.

Todd licked his lips and swallowed the mixture of spittle and sperm as his mother watched in total disgust.

“You’re filthy,” she said. “You’re a filthy animal like all men.”

Todd watched as his mother cleaned up. She took tissues and wiping the sperm off her breasts and face. Then she wiped all the spots of cum on the bed she could see. Finally she wiped Todd off. He winced as she roughly pulled his foreskin down and wiped the bare tip. When she had finished and put all the tissues into a plastic bag from the drugstore, she pulled the cover’s back over him.

“Go to sleep,” she said. “And I don’t want you doing anything disgusting.” With that she pulled her robe around her and stood up. With one last look at Todd lying in bed she turned off the light and closed the door behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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