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All characters are consenting adults and over 21 years old.


I dipped the tofu satay into the red chili sauce and felt the burn flood my mouth. My eyes began to tear and I reached for a sip of water and then more wine.

“Sex,” Emily said when the waiter was out of hearing range.

“One of my favorite subjects,” I said as I tipped my glass back. I thought about another bottle, but decided no.

“Mine too, when I was doing it.”

Emily had sounded rather desperate when she called and asked if we could meet for lunch. Emily was 30 years old when we met that day. She is tall and thin and her dark brown hair just reached her shoulders. She looked anxious when she walked into the restaurant, but after I hugged her, her face relaxed and she smiled.

Emily is my niece, and I call her that, and she calls me her aunt, but we’re more like sisters since I am only four years older than she is. There is a large gap in age between my sister and me, eighteen years, and Emily and I have just always had a sibling relationship. I’m not that much older to be a “big sister”. Since her mother re-married to a fundamentalist, and my sister has been relegated to the role of subservient wife and home maker, when Emily has a problem, she calls me.

We sat in the small backroom of Thai Kitchen relishing the hot, pungent sauce for the crispy spring rolls and satay. It was a Thursday, and our brief lunch had turned into a two hour event as I poured the last of the second bottle of wine. We had talked and laughed and gossiped about all the girly and family things that entered our minds. I finally asked her what she had wanted to talk about. The lightness left her face and she suddenly looked five years older.


We had talked about sex before. When she had questions about becoming sexually active in high school, we talked about it. When she went on a date with a new guy, I was the first person she called when she got home.

Emily was the mother of a beautiful one year old boy. She and her husband Zach had dated for a year, lived together for another (much to the shock and horror of her mother) before marrying two years ago. Since the baby, there had been no sex.

“Oh, we tried a couple of times. It was like two newbie teenagers in the back of the car, all fumbly and confused, and what happened was not a lot of fun.” The last time had been four months ago.

“And I’m as horny as hell and I can’t get my husband to eat me or fuck me or finger me or …”

She stopped and dabbed a tear from her eyes.

I said nothing and held her hand. I asked if her husband had been checked by his doctor, he had been and was fine. They had tried a therapist for a couple of visits, but got nowhere. I asked her if she had tried masturbation, she said she had tried, and nothing really happened and she felt worse afterwards. I asked her if she had a vibrator.

She laughed a deep, sexy laugh and threw her head back. “That is so 1960’s.”

“Hey, my vibrator is my best friend. Never lets you down, always available, and never says no.”

“Nothing happened with my fingers.”

“And you won’t know until you try one.”

We agreed to get together again on the weekend. It was nearly four o’clock when we walked out of the restaurant and toward my apartment. I was glad that we had picked a place close to my home; I could walk, halkalı eve gelen escort because I certainly couldn’t drive after the wine. I hugged Emily as she got into her taxi and I told her I’d see her in two days. The walk was good, the cool fall air felt nice after eating and drinking and I took my time going home. I took an alternate route just so I could enjoy the walk.

The stars must have been lined up that day because about three blocks from home I was standing in front of a new boutique, “Amazing Lace”, which had a large sign proclaiming “Open for Business.” It was rather a bold step for the store to be located in a rather staid neighborhood in a conservative southern city. But, that is why diversity is wonderful. I opened the door and entered the store.

I wasn’t sure what I would find. I’ve bought my sex toys and lubes online. I may love sex and sensuality, but I’m rather shy in public. I’ll suck cock like a porn star and begged to be fucked hard, but outside of my bedroom, I may be mistaken for a prude. The store was a grown up version of Victoria’s Secret. There were bras and panties, thongs and g-strings, but all were different, a little more mature, edgier, and not the homogenized lingerie for the masses.

“Can I help you find something? Or just looking?” A tall dark skinned woman, perhaps Latina, maybe Indian, stepped from behind the counter and walked toward me. She welcomed me to the store, as she would her home, and placed me at ease.

I told her what I was looking for and she smiled.

“Getting another sister to join the club! I love it.”

She turned and led me to another smaller room and turned on the lights to show a display of dozens of vibrators and another one of dildos. The vibrators ran the spectrum from tiny bullets to thrusting cock shaped devices. The dildos varied from glass pieces of art to rubber cocks with balls attached.

“Oh, my, things have changed.” My vibrator is an old style massager with a small round head and a cord. You’ll never see one used in a porn video, but it has never failed me.

Siara had told me that she had personally tried every model and had her own rating system. She scored them based on fun, portability, effect, and ease of use. She showed me a chart with her rating system for each one. We talked about Emily and what I wanted to give her. She pointed to her two favorites for my needs. Both were reasonably priced and I purchased one of each. She reached for one of the dildos.

“I think I’m just getting the two vibrators.”

“This is my gift to you. For being a good aunt.”

I got home and put my purchases n the counter as I unwound from the day. I flitted around the apartment, checking mail, straightening up, feeling edgy and trying to be busy. I didn’t feel like sitting down. Then I recognized the feeling. I was horny. The wine, the shop, the new toys were all conspiring to make me really horny.

I took the package and headed to my bedroom. I stripped to my panties and bra and climbed under the covers, the electric blanket had made the space warm and cozy. I closed my eyes and ran my hands under my bra and circled my nipple with one finger, then two, then pinched it, softly at first then harder. An ache started in my breast and made its way to my pussy, where it got harder and hotter. I slipped my other halkalı grup yapan escort hand in my panties, I pulled it back out and spit on my fingers and replaced them, and nestled tem between my lips. I ran my fingers up and down, brushing against my clit on the up stroke and savoring the sensation. I took the first new vibrator and licked the tip. It was small and shaped like a larger lip stick case, and I turned the base and it started to vibrate. I increased the speed from low to high.

I slid it between my pussy lips and rubbed the shaking cylinder against me, touching my clit, and then pushing away. I eventually rested the tip on my clit and pinched my nipples, first one, then the other, eventually twisting each one between my fingers. The effects were quick. The ache grew in my pussy, deepening, swelling to include my pelvis, my legs got numb and then a shot of warmth rushed through my body, flushing my chest and face and taking my breath away as if I sprinted fifty yards. I slumped into the bed, my muscles weak, the vibrator shaking as it rested against the sheet. I turned it off. And I dozed for a few minutes in a dreamless sleep wrapped in my warm bed.

When I woke, I kept my eyes closed enjoying the feeling or being wrapped in the warmth of my bed. But I had an ache, deep in my pussy, different then when I cum. I wanted to be filled. It had been a while since I had been fucked, too long, and I yearned to be fucked right then, to fill me, to make me cum. I reached in the bag and took out the new dildo, a gift from Siara. I coated it in the lube which smelled and tasted like lime and coconut and chili peppers. I took it and rubbed it against my lips, up and down my hole, slowly pushing it deeper into me with each pass. An inch, then two, my cunt stretching to take it in, my juices mixing with the lube, igniting the warmth of the peppers, another inch, in and out with each pass. After a few glorious minutes, my new toy was in me, filling me up, stretching me wonderfully.

I took the bullet and placed it on my clit, the speed set at low, and I slid the dildo in and out of me, slowly at first, then gradually faster. I closed my eyes, imagining my lover’s hands on my hips, lifting me off the bed, I thrusted upwards, pushing the dildo deeper inside, and flicking the speed of the vibrator to high. After a few moments I dropped the vibrator and held the clear dildo with both hands, thrusting my pelvis up against it, my thumb brushing my clit with each push in. I felt my cunt muscles tighten, squeezing the dildo, trying to milk it, trying to push it out. I closed my eyes tight, picturing a cock sliding in and out of my cunt, fast and hard, I started to rub my clit, my fingers a blur against it as I tried to cum, I wanted to cum. It hit me hard, different than in the past, a slow tingle in me feet that felt like a roll of surf, gathering speed and strength as it got to my knees and thighs, pressing against my pussy and then exploding into a giant wave of liquid warmth into my belly chest and neck. I grabbed the dildo with both hands, savoring the sensation in my cunt as the waves of my orgasm subsided. I removed it and closed my eyes and drifted to sleep savoring the warmth deep in my cunt.

Emily was right on time Saturday. She handed me a bouquet of flowers and hugged me as she walked into the foyer. She halkalı masöz escort looked up beat, in better spirits than she had been Thursday. We sat at the dining room table and sipped a nice pinot grigio as we ate our grilled pimento cheese sandwiches. The conversation was light; we talked about our jobs and her baby. When I brought out the cobbler, I slid two small wrapped packages across the table to her. Her eyes danced as she lifted the first and gave it a shake.

“Open it, Silly. You’re not guessing on this one.”

She unwrapped the box and folded the paper as if she was going to use it again. She was puzzles by the unmarked white box and opened it. She looked at the contents for a moment and then started to laugh.

“A toy for me? How wonderful.” She opened the second one and looked at it. She was puzzled. “How do they work?”

“Wonderfully well.”

“Well, yeah, but I mean, well, how? How do I use them?”

“Oh dear girl,” I said and laughed. “Part A here,” I took the vibrator in my hand, “Gets turned on and rests on Part C (for clit) here,” I said as I pointed to my crotch. A few minutes later, ecstasy.

“Can I try them? Will you show me what to do?”

I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down, exposing her red boy shorts. She lie on the bed and wiggled until she got comfortable. I told her to turn on the bullet vibrator and she placed it against her clit.

“Ooh, that’s nice,” she said. “Yeah, that feels real good.”

She moved her hips back and forth, trying to get a rhythm with the vibrator. Her eyes were closed, and she would shiver every few seconds, like a small surge shot through her body. I could smell her sex, thick and musky, different from my own, but still there and I was getting turned on. I reached down and massaged her breasts though her shirt, pinching where I though her nipples would be.

“Ooh, that’s nice. Touch them for me. Pinch my nipples.”

I slid my hands under her shirt, and pushed up her bra. Her breasts were larger since the baby. I felt her nipples, large and thick, almost as big as my pinkie, and I rolled them between my fingers, pinching them at times, flicking them between my fingers.

“Ooh, oh, oh, ooh, that feels good. Keep doing it. Please, please, I need it. I need to cum.”

Her pleasure became my singular focus at that instance. I played with her breasts, squeezing her nipples, my mouth was dry and my pussy wet as she writhed under my hands, her pussy thrusting in the air, trying to push against the metal bullet at her pussy. I don’t know what happened to me, but I watched this woman in ecstasy, writhing on my bed, my hands on her breasts and I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. Neither of us expected it to happen, but she kissed back, and her tongue probed mine and my mouth as she turned up the speed of the vibratory.

I’ve never seen myself cum. I haven’t recorded myself, but I know what it feels like. Watching Emily at that instant, I suddenly knew what I looked like at the moment of ecstasy. Her eyes shut tight, her breathing got fast and her body got stiff as I watched her orgasm roll over her like fog across the field. While I’m quiet, she made noise.

“Holy fucking shit, ooh, oh, oh, oh yes, that’s it, oh yes!” She fell into the bed, her body limp, her hands falling away from her. After a moment, a smile crossed her lips.

“It has been too fucking long!” She started to laugh. “I don’t remember the last time I felt that good.”

She looked at me and smiled.

“Please hold me.”

She scooted over on the queen bed. I lay down and pressed my body against her. I wrapped my arm around her and rested my hand against her bare belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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