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I could hear my son masturbating in his room. Nick was eighteen and had just graduated high school. He was waiting these few summer months until he went to college. It seemed he spent a lot of time in his room with the door closed working on his cock. I could often hear him moaning and he must have been watching porn videos. I wanted to open the door more than once, but I couldn’t get the courage to do so.

My husband went on business trips at least three days a week. He wasn’t paying attention to my needs. When he was home he gave me the ten minute special. He stuck his dick in me and proceeded to cum in a few minutes time. I was horny and frustrated with our love play. One day I was walking down the hallway. I could see the door was cracked on Nick’s bedroom door. I knew I should just walk on by, but I couldn’t. I slowly opened the door and there was my son. He was naked on his back and stroking his cock.

Nick had to be at least seven inches in length. I saw his balls resting against his ass. Our eyes met and it seemed we both froze for a moment. I turned around to leave, but Nick stopped me.

“Don’t go Mom.”

If I left we could have written off the moment as an embarrassment. I turned around and came back. Nick got up from the bed and walked over to me. I was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Nick placed his hands on the outside of my shirt. I let out this low moan. I guess that was all that Nick needed. He pulled my shirt up over my head. I lost whatever control I had. I unsnapped my bra and my tits came tumbling out. I am a D cup and I love my tits played with. Nick lowered his face and started to kiss my nipples.

We both seemed to lose our self control. I pushed my chest out and beylikdüzü escort Nick placed his hands on my hips. My shorts fell to the floor. Nick lowered his head to look. My panties were all wet down my slit. Nick pushed my undies to the floor. We were both naked now. Nick reached out and put his hands onto my shoulders. I knew exactly what he wanted. I knelt down and took his hard pole in my hand. I brought his dick up to my lips and I licked the crown of his cock.

“Oh fuck, Mom!”

I started to take Nick down my throat. God, he felt so big in my mouth. His father wasn’t as long as Nick. I worked up and down his shaft until he was rock hard. Nick finally stopped me. He lifted me up to my feet and brought me over to his bed. I got onto my back and Nick climbed in between my thighs. This was the moment of truth. I could have stopped it right there, but I didn’t. Nick took hold of his cock and rubbed his mushroom up and down my gash. I was nearly insane with lust right then. I reached out and took hold of his cock.

I guided Nick’s erection to my opening and Nick pushed into me. It was like the air went out of my lungs. Nick brought his arms out on either side of me. My son pushed his rod into my drenched pussy. He slowly filled me up with his cock. God, he felt so good sliding his cock in the whole way. I could feel his balls resting against my ass. I brought my legs up and strapped them around his back. Nick started to pound my pussy with his erect member.

I think I begged him to fuck me hard. I could feel Nick practically bottoming out each time he fill me with his cock. I needed fucked badly and my son seemed to know just what to do. I think Nick took me for well beylikdüzü eve gelen escort over an hour that morning. I did something I rarely do. Nick was hitting a certain spot and it made me squirt. It was like I had to pee, but it wasn’t pissing. My juices sprayed all over Nick’s midsection. Nick got this big smile on his face as I lubricated his dick.

I felt like I was some cheap whore being used by my son’s cock. I guess I did want to be used. I was so needy for Nick’s cock. My son stroked me a few more minutes until I felt his body stiffen up. I should have had him pull out. I was on the pill, but there was no reason to take chances. I just couldn’t tell Nick to stop. He arched his back and flooded me with his baby seed. God, did he shoot some big loads into me. I think he gave me four or five large squirts of his cum.

Once I felt him erupt I had my big orgasm. We came together there in the bed. I used my muscles to drain my son’s dick. I could feel all his hot sauce hitting my walls. This was how I wanted to be fucked. I needed more than a ten minute quickie. Nick did slow down and he finally pulled his dick out. I could feel his cum running out of me and down my ass crack. Nick lowered his face and kissed my nipples one more time. That sent shivers down my back.

I told Nick to let me up and I weakly walked into the bathroom to clean up. When I got back I could barely believe my eyes. There was Nick on his back and his cock was standing straight up. He motioned for me to come over and I got onto the bed once more. I climbed up over top of my son. My pussy was directly over top of his cock. I lowered myself and took my son one more time. It went beylikdüzü masöz escort must easier this time around. I was still well lubricated with Nick’s cum still in my belly. Nick placed his hands on my ass cheeks and I worked my pussy all over his rod.

Nick took his hands off my ass and brought them to my waist. He brought his ass up and began to pump me with his long cock. I hadn’t been fucked like this in a long time. I hated to admit it to myself, but I needed Nick’s cock in me. I wanted him to take me however he wanted. He did just that. We got into a nice rhythm and Nick feed me all seven inches. We didn’t go quite a long as the first time, but Nick gave me more of his seed. I have no idea where all that cum came from, but he filled me again. After he finished I fell onto his chest.

“I have been thinking about you a long time Mom,” Nick told me.

Nick’s dad wasn’t due for another three days. Nick and I spent a good portion of that time in bed having sex. My son seemed to stay hard all day long. After awhile my pussy was getting sore, but Nick was still horny for his Mom. One of those times after we fucked Nick questioned me.

“You are on the pill, aren’t you Mom?”

I told him I was. He said I should get off the pill so he could give me his baby. My head was spinning when he told me that. It wasn’t bad enough that mother and son were fucking each other. Nick wanted me to have his baby. I didn’t know what to say. I just kept quiet. My husband did finally show up. Nick and I kept a low profile until the following week when my husband left again. For the next couple of months Nick and I were lovers. The time finally came for Nick to go off to college.

“I still want you to have my baby Mom,” he said before he left.

After my son left for school I stopped taking my birth control pills. I know how insane it must seem, but I have to have my son’s cock in me. He did talk me into doing as he asked. Nick is due back for Christmas break. I know he will be taking me with his bare cock again and I will be ready for him this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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