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Big Tits

As much as I enjoy my husband, Tom’s meticulous planning, there’s nothing quite like an unplanned gangbang. I think the element of surprise and spontaneity – requiring me to extract myself by literally fucking my way out of trouble makes it all the more sexy.

This story happened in the middle east long before Covid…

“Salaam aleikoum, Miss”.

Looking back, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when it happened. If I’m going to fuck around, I should expect evidence to emerge at some point. What I did not expect however were the circumstances. I mean, there I was spending a quiet morning at the waterfront market in the middle eastern port of Djebel Ali where my husband and I were living as expats. There wasn’t much else in my plans beyond a quiet morning at the waterfront market followed by an afternoon by the pool at the club. Why I’d even taken to wearing a modest outfit (a lovely white light linen coat dress buttoned just below the neck to mid calf )-in the hope of avoiding attention.

But some girls just attract trouble.

“Sala’am Aleikoum. miss, are you a model? I am Abdul and these are my friends. Come, we buy you drink, yes? ” (groan, if I had a dollar for each time I’ve heard that line). Actually, I was and I had done some swimsuit modeling in China awhile ago (See “Veronica in China” for more sordid details) but I wasn’t going to share the sordid details with a bunch of arab sailors (on shore leave after a long cruise and horny judging by their tented trousers) – and in any case, I wasn’t in the mood.

“No thank you. I’d like to be alone”.

The brush off didn’t work quite as well as I would have wished because they just stood there – letting their eyes feast on my body because the linen dress was rapidly turning out to be a poor choice. The cut of my dress might have been sensible but the linen was fast becoming transparent and clingy in the heat and humidity – leaving very little unseen and not helped by the skimpy white bikini I was wearing under it with the intention of catching some pool time at the club after the market.

“I think maybe you are pornographic model”, he said insistently as he pushed his Iphone in my direction. And there it was, a clip of me from the torso up, pleasuring myself in a Jacuzzi, eyes shut, my fingers frantically tugging my nipples as the jets below probed the tender folds of my pussy – bringing me to a very visible climax. (My husband, Tom later reminded me that this was a clip taken years ago when I agreed to promote a middle eastern spa for business travelers (see “Veronica at the Spa”) .

“Don’t be ridiculous. She looks nothing like me”. Famous last words because this was just as the frame closed in to show my face mid orgasm.

“Maybe we let police decide. Yes?”

Police? Bugger. It was Thursday and police involvement admitted the possibility of me spending the ensuing day, friday in custody. This was the middle east after all and the Fridays were the equivalent of the weekend.

I’m not certain if my appearance in a video clip sharing site constitutes a crime in these parts but can reasonably expect religious sensibilities to be offended. In any case, I wasn’t prepared to admit the risk of Dubai’s finest detaining me at their leisure if it took their fancy. I consider myself the adventurous type and although I do have fantasies (who doesn’t?) of being handcuffed and helpless at the mercy of swarthy foreign men in uniform but not if there was no certainty of knowing when I’d get out .

Time for a change of tact.

“We don’t have to involve the police, do we? Please?” I said in a faltering voice. Silence but it was clear that the tables had turned. “There are other ways to settle this”.

“Perhaps, I could make it worth your while,” I said biting my lower lip and lowering my eyes – but the meaning wasn’t loss on them when I followed up with, “I’ll do anything you want” – and I looked pointedly at the video clip which was now showing me being fucked senseless by a crowd of strangers.

And that triggered excited jabbering among the group – in arabic but their gestures and demeanour left no doubt that they knew they had me.

I did have to learn some Arabic when I worked as a stewardess for a Middle Eastern Airline and although it’s a little rusty, I recalled enough to understand one of the louder strangers suggesting that they could just slip me a roofie and gangbang me. No, that wouldn’t do and things were rapidly spinning out of control if I wasn’t careful. I may have lost control of the situation but I still want to be fully aware of what was happening.

And so I very deliberately and slowly said the only Arabic phrase I could recall from my training as an air stewardess, “ana la ‘aqawam – which means: I am not resisting” (learned as part my training to de-escalate a hijacking – but I’ve used it in other situations!).

The sailors began to whoop and high five each other when the heard that.

So there I was, on the verge of being fucked by another group erotik film izle of strangers in a foreign land. Sure, I’d done it countless times before but as many times as I’d done it, there was always that delicious taste of fear in turning myself over to a group of men to do as they wanted – now that I have agreed to be their sexual plaything in return for their discretion. My body will be theirs to use and it was super arousing.

And the sailors certainly got a view of what was in store because the white linen dress I was wearing was unlined and had begun to become see through in the Arabian humidity. I pretended not to notice – and this only encouraged them to suggest we went somewhere less public.

I felt I really did not have a choice as the group of men firmly shepherded me into a convenient nearby building – which happened to be a workman’s Hammam. It must have been quite a sight for the workers there when they saw an English woman frogmarched through the door, chest out and her arms pinned behind her and accompanied by a crowd of arab sailors.

I remembered the cautionary tales given by other expat wives when I first arrived in Dubai to avoid placing ourselves in the company of strangers away from the public eye because that’s when things can really get out of hand.

And they did.

I barely had a moment to take in my surroundings as the workers joined the sailors around me – but saw enough to know it was appalling. The place smelt of oil and sweat; and the humidity was intolerable. Being white and unlined, both my dress and bikini had become sheer in the humidity o f the hammam, I might as well be naked because they could see every curve of my body, the outline of my hardening nipples, the curve of my bum and cleft of my pussy.

They took me to a corner which must have been the rest area because there was a table, some tin mugs and the walls were plastered with girlie calendars.

“Come closer”. Nervously, I complied as the group ogled my body made easier because my dress was by thoroughly soaked in the humid air and clung to me like wet tissue. I blushed, but only slightly because I was also secretly quite proud of my toned lean body – which was maintained through a rigorous gym routine (there wasn’t much else to do in the Middle East). I knew very well what these men wanted and so I turned to face Abdul, struggling to keep my face impassive as he and his pals looked me over – like a pack of ravenous wolves circling a deer.

I was strangely aroused to find myself once again in a position where I had no defence against being sexually used by a group of strange men. I was panting at the anticipation of abuse which I’d have to endure to stay out of trouble.

“You undress ,” ordered Abdul, his voice hoarse with lust. As aroused as I was, I was also determined to slow things down a little. I very deliberately and slowly began to unbutton the front of my dress. It was too slow for the assembled crowd because Abdul moved in and roughly tore it open before shoving his hand into the ruined neckline of my dress.

Abdul’s eyes taunted me as he took my firm tits in his hands and then pinched my taut nipples through the sheer fabric of my bikini top. I gasped as I felt his fingers close around my tender nipples. I felt a pair of anonymous hands on my back and as they pulled on the slender string of my bikini and the back fell open. The bikini was held in place only by the firmness of my boobs as they filled the sheer cups.

Things were moving a lot faster than I was used to. It was scary, yet exciting as I was roughly pushed backwards against the man holding me tight from behind and as I bumped against him, his hands greedily came from behind to grope my tits. There really wasn’t any escape as he peeled my bikini down. As I felt the soft material slip from around my breasts, I also felt someone else pull the string around my neck as the bow came undone. Any pretence of civility was dispelled when my breasts came into view (it really must have been a long cruise) – because the sailors just closed in.

As the bikini top fell to the floor, anonymous hands sought my breasts, pinching and pulling on my taut and tender nipples making me moan and writhe as countless fingers pulled at them .

I was truly defenceless to the multiple pairs of hands (too many) reaching out, squeezing my boobs, rubbing them – feeling one then the other roughly. I held my breath as those hands lingered briefly before squeezing my tits, testing their firmness gently at first before getting progressively rougher when I did not protest.

I quivered under those hands, and then closed my eyes and moaned softly as one of them then bent his head to roughly chew on one of my tits – exerting just enough pressure on the sensitive nipple with his sharp teeth to elicit a moan from me.

At the same time, I could also literally feel their fingerprints against my body as they slid their hands down to my waist. And of course the reverse was also true, with every man film izle there very aware of every curve of my body. When a pair of anonymous hands reached my hips, they slid a little towards the rear to cop a feel of my bum before journeying round to the front of my thighs and started probing my pussy.

I reflexively got up on my toes as the hands below slid beneath my bikini bottoms and insistently sought out my pussy, rubbing, stroking and teasing me till I gave a whimper as I realized that I was going to be taken hard and fast where I stood.

Then he moved his hand to allow his fingers access to the waistband stretching the elastic waistband as he stuffed his meaty paws into my tiny bikini panties. I groaned at the anticipation as his fingertips brushed against my pussy lips – but also because someone else was nuzzling my neck, his hot breath assaulting my skin while his busy fingers worked on my breasts at the same time.

I yelped and jerked visibly as a finger penetrated my labia and buried itself inside my pussy. The gusset of my bikini stretched and flattened rhythmically as he began to drive his finger in and out of my slit… until I mewled as the first of many orgasms I was to experience that hot sultry afternoon washed over me .

I could feel the guy who was holding my arms pinned behind me pressing against me as he continued to nuzzle my neck, his hot breath on my skin and I pushed my ass back on him and wriggled a bit as I responded to his touch by putting my feet as far apart as I could and moving my ass even more toward him, he understood and began to rub my pussy. I made no protest and enjoyed his touch on my pussy and he managed to insert three fingers into me and just pushed them in and out and pinched my pussy lips and rubbed and pressed.

Being mercilessly groped and finger fucked to an audience such a turn on and it wasn’t long before my body began to writhe under his hands again as he continued his fingering, thrusting hard into me with three stiff fingers and just as I tensed ahead of another orgasm, he stopped abruptly. The next moment, I gasped as he quickly bent me forward as his cock penetrated my pussy from behind and began thrusting roughly. As he pumped into me, I moved my hips back at him to push the cock deeper into me. Once we reached a good rhythm, I could feel another orgasm building deep inside myself.

He giggled like a madman as his penis pounded my wet pussy. I shuddered as I felt his long organ fill my vagina. I kept my eyes tightly closed, as I balanced my weight on the balls of my feet as he began thrusting at me like a crazed animal – pushing back to counter each thrust in the hope of getting him to come as soon as possible. The crowd or assembled sailors and workshop crew somehow sensed this and yelled encouragement at him to fuck me into submission – making me come over and over again, helpless to stop the wave of orgasms which soon engulfed my body.

There was no mercy for me as he rammed his engorged cock deep into my now very squishy pussy. He held onto my hips as he fucked me hard, pounding deep into me with each hard thrust. Meanwhile, the crowd was content to watch for now and enjoyed the sight of my tits jiggle under me. Occasionally, a stranger would reach out to either seize my bouncing breasts to squeeze them viciously, or tug at my nipples or slap them hard, stinging the sensitive buds, laughing cruelly at my pleading eyes as he continued to manhandle me because bent over with my arms pinioned behind me, there was nothing I could do to stop the tit abuse.

When the man fucking me from behind finally came, the crowd roared its approval as he emptied his cock deep into me. My pussy was bubbling with juices, and my nipples hardened into sharp quivering pebbles as sexual hunger and arousal pinkened my chest and face as I found myself alone and encircled by the group of arab sailors who were now closing on little old me.

I might have been a little frightened because there suddenly seemed to be a lot of them – possibly more than I could handle – which was why I hatched a plan to satisfy as many of them either with blowjobs or handjobs.

I let myself be guided to my knees and soon had nasty dirty anonymous cocks rubbing against my head, rubbing against my hair and cheeks as I began sucking and licking. I raised my newly freed hands (no longer pinned behind me) instinctively, grasping the cocks of the men on either side – folding my fingers around those thick moist shafts and squeezed, then pumped back and forth as I moved my lips in time to the man thrusting in and out of my mouth and throat.

I moaned weakly, saliva now beginning to build up in my mouth , overflowing and trickling slowly my lower lip and the fat thick cock slid in and out. I shifted my mouth onto the cock in my right hand, turning slightly , shifting my left hand off the cock it had been holding to grip the one which had been in my mouth – and it was in this way that I slowly completed the circle , moaning in dazed pleasure how wet seks filmi izle and dripping each new cock was as I took it into my mouth.

Before I could protest, one of the men suddenly sank to his knees behind me and I moaned as I felt his thick shaft pushing against my buttocks, sliding between my thighs search for my opening. The man whose cock was in my mouth took a step back, pulling me by my hair and I bent forward as the man behind roughly pushed his hard fat cockhead into my rectum.

I groaned around the cock in my mouth as the man behind me pushed firmly up into my bottom. I was tight but my muscles gradually relaxed as he worked his cock up high into my belly. It felt so good inside me and I groaned with further arousal as his hands reached around to roughly assault my breasts.

The feel of his rough calloused hands cruelly twisting my nipples made me sob with pain and lust – and I unconsciously sucked harder at the throbbing cock in my hot mouth making it climax almost immediately but before I could take its contents in my mouth, I was pulled back, leaving the jerking cock as it sprayed its hot load in thick ropes across my chest and abdomen.

The man behind me had other ideas as he pulled me back completely sitting on the floor taking me with him so that I was straddling his groin. I sank back on my heels moaning as I sank back onto his fat shaft as he pulled my body back and began to rhythmically thrust up into me.

Another of the men knelt in front of me , fingering my clit while 2 other also sank to their knees on either side of me to chew and suck on my breasts and nipples. The man beneath pulled back on my hair, forcing my head back and me to arch my back as another man stepped forward to thrust his wet cock into my mouth, upside down, and straight down into my throat.

I was only acting on sexual instinct by now, and spread my knees as I rode up and down the big cock which was embedded in my bum.

The act of spreading my knees must have signaled an invitation because I was dimly aware of a brief struggle between a few men who wanted to have claim to my pussy.

The knowledge that men were fighting over my body only turned me on further and made the moment more arousing when an anonymous fat thick cock slid into my cunt, I could not see who it was but it did not matter.

Now I was dually impaled but the cocks were much more comfortable against my velvety flesh , and still with arched back, offering my boobs to the crowd, my aching nipples becoming more coated with cum and saliva as they were roughly sucked and licked .

Both the men sandwiching my limp exhausted body chose that moment to enter me in one quick shove, their dark bodies pressing against my warm flesh as their huge cocks violated my pussy. I wasn’t prepared and I groaned with pain as I dug my nails into my lover’s back.

Without too much decorum, they began to piston their cocks as they fucked me, withdrawing from my suddenly stretched vagina, then just as quickly shoved himself back inside. I grunted, eyes popping, and tried frantically to pull away. But I couldn’t because they had me pinned in and helplessly at their mercy and immobile between their hard muscular bodies. I pushed at the ground, but my feet slipped in the dirt, but couldn’t find purchase.

The one on top of me took advantage of my predicament and pounded his cock into my limp body the without mercy. Again and again, harder each time.

I squeezed my hands into fists and arched my back sucking in the hot humid Arabian air as I tried desperately to ride him out. Already the pain was fading, but the overwhelming pleasure that came with being so completely filled amounted to almost the same thing. My Arabian lover continued to mechanically pound into my shuddering body, my breasts jiggling wildly, and I tensed as the first tingles of yet another orgasm bloomed in my belly.

Sensing this, the man reacted by holding me down and pumping me even faster.

I gasped and gushed all over him. My pussy juices ran down his cock and trickled down the insides of my thighs. A second orgasm followed, then a third, and then a fourth. I couldn’t stop moaning: I had never been fucked like this before. Never!

His fingers dug into my flesh and left deep bruises, but I was too occupied with coming to do anything but scream.

I screamed, and came again as he pistoned his cock into me.

Seeing that I was coming, the cock in my mouth pulled free to allow me to give a full cry to my gurgling, gasping, moaning pleasure. I was gasping and crying out again as my body responded as they roughly manhandled me like a fuck doll.

Hands pulled me forward as I groaned dazedly, gasping and whimpering as my body shifted around the fat cocks inside my body and I was once again straddling a grinning stranger while the crowd stood back to enjoy the spectacle, clapping in rhythm as I fucked myself on his erect cock like a girl possessed towards another earth shattering orgasm.

As I came, my head was pulled to the side and before I could protest, another thick cock slid into my mouth while my arms were firmly guided towards 2 new erect cocks which appeared either side. My fingers instinctively folded around them,

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