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Mother, aunts, and grandmother all once worked as strippers.

Author’s Note:

This is a true story as told to me by Valentino that he wanted me to write and share about his mother, Elizabeth, his aunts, Victoria and Isabella, and his grandmother, Mary.

# # #

‘I hate my mother. I really, really hate her,’ thought Val while pacing his room. ‘I love her but I hate her, too. Maybe if she wasn’t such a bitch and treated me better, I wouldn’t hate her,’ he thought while clenching his fist. ‘Even though I’m a 22-year-old grown man, she treats me as if I’m a 12-year-old child. I’m sick of it. I’m just sick of the way she disrespects me.’

Valentino took a big breath while thinking about his love/hate relationship with his forty-something-year-old, demanding, and sometimes, impossibly, difficult mother.

‘Maybe, if she didn’t treat me with contempt and shuttle me off to private schools, I wouldn’t hate her as much as I do. Conversely, maybe, if she wasn’t tall, blonde, shapely, and beautiful, I wouldn’t love her in the lustfully way that I do,’ he thought. ‘I feel so torn. As much as I want to tell my mother what I really think of her, I want to have sex with her. As much as I want to tell her that I’m done with her and go live with my grandmother, I want to make passionate love to her.’

He continued pacing around his room with rage while brooding over the love/hate relationship that he had with his mother.

‘It’s as if she blames me for ruining her life by becoming pregnant with me. Yet, now that I’m an adult, able to care for myself, and able to make my own decisions, all of that misplaced hatred is in my past,’ thought Val after finally coming to terms with his controlling and demanding mother.

Then, forget about forgiving her, his vengeance was renewed when he uncovered his mother’s secrets. His dastardly plot for revenge started when he found his mother’s hidden trunk that contained her sexy, sexual secrets about her scandalous past. Hidden away in another life, more than twenty-five-years ago, part of her past and now a long, forgotten memory, his mom worked as a stripper. Looking at her now, a sophisticated lady of wealth and fashion in the way that Julia Roberts became in Pretty Woman, his mother still looked good enough to dance around a pole while removing her clothes.

Unless they recognized her from 25-years-ago, no one would ever know and/or imagine that she worked as a stripper. Yet, before she married his wealthy father, from the ages of 19-years-old to 22-years-old, his mother, Elizabeth, worked her way through college as an exotic dancer. An easy way to make some fast money while working less hours, better than waiting tables while hoping for tips, he was shocked that his mother was once a pole dancer. With strippers and prostitution going hand and glove, he wondered what else she did for money other than stripping.

With her undressing for money, did she have sex for money, too? Always sexually attracted to his mother before, now that he knew she was a stripper, a whore, and possibly a prostitute, instead of hating her, he was even more sexually attracted to her. A bittersweet relationship, he was torn between his hate for his mother and his sexual lust for her. Yet, with his agenda resurfacing of wanting to get even with her for her mistreatment of him, he wanted to belittle her and embarrass her in the way that she belittled and embarrassed him.

Something that may never happen, even though he had found naked photos of her in her trunk, he wanted to see her naked in person. Wanting her to undress for him, he wanted to watch her strip naked. Then, once she was naked, he wanted to touch and feel his mother everywhere that a son should never touch and feel his mother. Once she was naked, he wanted to have incestuous sex with her. Once she was naked, he wanted to make out with her while making tender love to her before fucking her hard and fast.

‘I love you, Mom,’ he thought with his sexual lust superseding his unrepressed hatred.

Quite the paradox, and not knowing what to do with the absurdity of his incestuous feelings, even though he hated her so very much, he loved her so very much, too. A prisoner to his mother’s sexuality and beauty, he sexually wanted his mother in the way that a son should never want his mother. He wanted her to stroke and suck his cock after he fingered and licked her pussy. He wanted to give her multiple, sexual orgasms with his fingers, his tongue, and his cock while watching and hearing her cum. He wanted to cum in her mouth and in her cunt.

# # #

He couldn’t help but wonder if his father, her ex-husband, a stuffy banker, knew his wife undressed for men a few years before he married her. Quite the scandal, especially for someone like him, a man of wealth, power, and influence, Val couldn’t help but wonder if his father married his mother because she was pregnant with him or because she was sexy and beautiful. With one reason motivating the other reason for a marriage proposal, ankara escort perhaps both reasons were why he married her. If it wasn’t illegal and if she wanted him as much as he wanted her, he’d marry his mother.

‘Mom? Will you marry me,’ he imagined saying while down on one knee and holding up his college ring to her?

Perhaps, another secret she’s keeping from his father was that he wasn’t his father. If only his Dad knew her background as a stripper, maybe he would have married someone else. If only he knew her background as a pregnant, unwed whore, maybe he would have wanted her to have an abortion. Yet, with his mother a good Catholic, even though she no longer goes to mass, and even if she prostituted herself in the way of Mary Magdalen, she never would have aborted her pregnancy and terminated her son.

Knowing his Dad in the way that he does, respecting him and fearing him at the same time, it was hard for him to believe that he’d marry a woman who was a stripper and a whore. Only, when seeing his mother now, the furthest woman from a whore, he’d never peg her for a stripper. With her even fooling him, her son, he couldn’t imagine her removing clothes for money and/or having sex for money, too. As if she was born again as a virgin, she acted as if she was a woman who’d never have sex for money.

‘Oxymoronic, I don’t think there are any strippers that are virgins,’ he thought while laughing to himself. ‘I don’t think there are any strippers who wouldn’t have sex for money.’

For shapely women to strip themselves naked while sexually teasing men for money, they’re whores. As cultured and high-class as his mother pretended to be, clearly, she was still a whore. Smelling like a rose after swirling around in shit, she was nothing but a whore who came into loads of money after his father married her and divorced her with a big, divorce settlement.

‘Whore,’ he thought!

Maybe too late to reject her, perhaps, his Dad discovered her secret, sexual life later, long after they were married. Maybe, no secret, he knew who she was all along. Who knows? Perhaps, because he discovered she had worked as a stripper was the reason why he married her and/or also, was the reason for why he divorced her, too. Maybe, he never discovered her secret and they divorced because he had a younger woman on the side, which he did. Obviously, deserving one another, as much as his mother was a selfish bitch, his father was a cheating bastard.

Perhaps, even after their divorce, it was still his mother’s secret that she continued to keep from her husband about her sexy past. Who knows? No one really knows what goes on behind closed, bedroom doors? With everyone pretending to be something and/or someone they’re not, unless educated with a PhD in psychiatry, no one really knows one’s true self. Even then, much like priests who are disgraced pedophiles, many psychiatrists openly admit that they are more mentally disturbed than their patients.

With his mother now so refined, so well-mannered, so sophisticated, so ladylike, so morally moral, and matronly modest, hard to believe, he couldn’t imagine her dancing around a pole to music while removing her clothes. Now that he knew that she worked as a stripper, he wished he was there to watch her strip naked. He wished there was an online video of her undressing. He’d love nothing more than to masturbate while watching his mother strip herself naked and imagining having sex with her.

He imagined her sitting in the back of his father’s Rolls Royce wearing a mink coat and nothing else. With her wanting for nothing and having all the money she’d ever need, it was hard for him to imagine men sticking dollar bills in her G-string while feeling her nearly, naked ass and fondling her nearly, naked breasts. It was hard for him to imagine his mother giving men lap dances while shaking her big tits in their faces. It was hard for him to believe that she’d be desperate enough for money to allow men to grope her and/or to have sex with her.

A mystery to him, having never been to a strip club, he couldn’t even imagine what she did in the VIP room. What do strippers do in the VIP room? Do strippers have sex with men? Instead of just dancing while stripping, do women prostitute themselves in the VIP room? Bad enough to think of his mother as a stripper and a whore, he couldn’t imagine her prostituting herself, too. With her so very rich now because of his Dad and their divorce settlement, he couldn’t imagine her stroking, sucking, and fucking strange men that she didn’t know for money.

# # #

An identical triplet, her sisters, Victoria and Isabella, by the evidence he found in his mother’s old trunk, worked as strippers, too. His grandmother had a thing for royalty and still does, the reason why she named two of her daughters, Elizabeth and Victoria, after English queens. She named her third daughter, Isabella, after a Spanish queen. Perhaps, overly pressured by his grandmother to choose a name for him, he was surprised his escort ankara mother didn’t name him after an English King. Even though he disliked the name Valentino, he hated Edward, George, or Henry even more.

With mother and daughters so close, it was hard for him to believe that his grandmother was unaware that her daughters removed their clothes for money. He figured his grandmother knew that her daughters worked as strippers and were all whores. He could only imagine the fun his mother and aunts had during spring break. With sex not a big deal to them, they must have been wild with alcohol, drugs, and sex.

With his grandmother, Mary, named after Mary, the Queen of Scots, still a GILF even at her sixty-something-year-old age, a grandmother he’d like to fuck, he found topless and naked photos of her, too, in his mother’s old trunk. Like mother like daughters, she worked as a stripper in New York back in the 70’s. Like mother like daughters, something that’s so disturbing as it was sexually exciting, it was hard for him to believe that his MILF of a mother, his sexy aunts, and his beloved grandmother once were all strippers and whores.

Now, that he knew their sexy, hidden secrets, not only would he love to see his mother naked but also, he’d love to have sex with her, too. Not only would he love to see his aunts naked but also, he’d love to have sex with them, too. If his grandmother was as much of a whore as her three daughters were, he’d love to see her naked and have incestuous sex with her, too. One at a time or all three in the same bed, he’d love to have incestuous sex with all of them.

‘Grandma. Here’s twenty-dollars for a lap dance,’ he imagined saying to his grandmother.

With her still having a wicked, good body, having a good sense of humor, and not taking anything seriously, he imagined her laughing.

‘Twenty-dollars,’ he imagined her saying while looking at him as if was nuts. I’d never give anyone a lap dance, not even my grandson for twenty-dollars. Even way back when I was stripping, I charged one-hundred dollars to sit on a man’s erect cock. Many men found it worth the money to have me bounce up and down while grinding my ass against their stiff pricks. Many men found it worth the money to allow them to have their wicked, sexual way with my naked breasts and huge nipples,’ he imagined her saying.

# # #

Yet, how hot would that be to not only have incestuous sex with his mother but also with his aunts and with his grandmother, too? A sexual fantasy come true, since he found his mother’s secret trunk with those salacious photos of her, her sisters, and her mother, he had been masturbating over their topless and naked photos of them night and day. He had been masturbating over the imagined thoughts of having illicit sex with his mother. He had been masturbating while imagining having forbidden sex with his aunts and having nasty sex with his grandmother, too.

Surprising them and, perhaps, even shocking them, he imagined calling his mother, his aunts, and his grandmother up to his room to show them his latest, home improvement. He wondered what they’d say. He wondered what they’d do. He wondered if they’d revert to their old, sexual and exhibitionist way of life.

‘Why do you have a pole in your room, Valentino,” he imagined his mother innocently asking him as if she didn’t know?

Hoping they’d take the hint and dance around the pole while undressing, hopefully, old habits die hard. He’d love nothing more than to watch his mother, his aunts, and his grandmother removing their clothes while dancing around a pole. He’d love to see his mother, his aunts, and his grandmother topless before seeing them naked. His sexual fantasy was to have forbidden sex with all four of them.

‘Why do I have a pole in my room? Um, it’s good exercise,’ he imagined thinking quick and saying. ‘Would you like to try it,’ he imagined asking them while hoping that they all would?

Something that would never happen but something that sexually excited him to imagine that it would, he imagined his uptight, bitch of a mother and stuck-up aunts hanging onto the pole while upside-down with their legs spread wide open. With all of them wearing short skirts, he imagined seeing their panty clad asses and pussies. Only, with his mother and aunts now so very modestly moral, as if they were born again as sexual prudes, he had never seen as much as their bra straps. It mystified him how women can go from stripping themselves naked to never showing him anything.

Now, on the other hand, his grandmother would and has shown him nearly everything. Definitely, without a doubt, if he had a pole in his room, she’d dance around it while removing her clothes and stripping herself naked. He’d love to see his grandmother topless. He’d love to see his grandmother naked. He’d love to touch and feel her everywhere a grandson should never touch and feel his grandmother while tossing money at her.

‘Turn around, Grandma, and bend at the waist. I, um, just wanna ankara escort bayan see somethin’, he imagined saying to his grandmother.

He imagined her laughing with glee.

‘I know what you want to see, Val. You want to see Grandma’s naked ass and the back of her naked pussy,’ he imagined her saying.

Staying true to her nature, once a whore, always a whore, definitely, his grandmother is a whore. Always sexually teasing him with up-skirt peeks of her panties and down-blouse views of her cleavage and bra, she deliberately flashed him every time he was alone with her. Whenever she knew he was coming for a visit on a hot, summer day, she’d sunbathe by her pool topless. Filling his horny eyes with her big, naked tits, he had seen her naked breasts numerous times. She even allowed him to cop a few, cheap feels of her big, naked tits when hugging her.

“Oh, Val. By that big bulge in your bathing suit, I can see you’re a breast man,” said his grandmother poking fun at his erection while squeezing his cock through his bathing suit. “I can tell that you like Grandma’s big tits,” she said stepping back from him with her arms by her side. She turned one way before turning the other way to give me a good, long look of her naked breasts and her big, erect nipples.

Then, continuing to sexually tease him, she cupped her breasts in her palms while sliding her slow hands across her nipples. She fingered her erect nipples while staring up at him as if daring him to feel her tits and finger her nipples. She had huge nipples and he so wanted to finger them and suck them but this was his grandmother and not some whore, even though she surely was a whore. As if daring him to finger and suck her big tits, he watched her lift her breasts to her mouth to suck them, first one and then the other.

With him horny and her sexually aroused, after a few drinks, they played Marco Polo in the pool. With her not stopping him, pretending his gropes were accidental because his eyes were closed, he touched and felt his grandmother everywhere a grandson should never touch and feel his grandmother. Reciprocating his touches and feels with her closed eyes touches and feels, she touched and felt her grandson everywhere a grandmother should never touch and feel her grandson. As if they were dating instead of related by blood, they did everything but have full-blown, incestuous sex.

Then, while wearing just as small, hand towel that barely covered her still shapely and sexy naked ass, she allowed him to rub suntan lotion all over her nearly, naked body. In the way she looked at him with sexual arousal and lust, he looked at her with sexual excitement and horniness. If ever he put sexual moves on his grandmother, he wondered if she’d have sex with him. No doubt, with her so free, so open, and such a whore, she’d willingly surrender her GILF of a sexy and shapely body to him.

# # #

As the story goes, for some odd reason, his Mom had an image of Rudolph Valentino when she was in labor birthing him, the reason why she named him Valentino she said. Rudolph Valentino? Seriously? Go figure. Instead of craving pickles and ice cream, she was thinking of sexy Italians. Figuring his mother was lying and making up stories, surmising that his theory was correct, perhaps, the first name of his real father, a man he never met and she didn’t marry, was Valentino.

Yet, he was glad that she didn’t name him Rudolph. He had enough trouble with the neighborhood kids calling him Romeo until they finally settled on Val. In the way of Val Kilmer, Val is cool. On the other hand, in the way of Rudolph the red nose reindeer, Rudolph was not. Then, again, the kids could have called him Rudy, which wasn’t such a bad name.

Much like most triplets, his mother and her two sisters not only looked alike but also, they talked, sounded, and laughed alike. He couldn’t tell one from the other when seeing them from the back or hearing them from a distance. He couldn’t tell one from the other when hearing their voices and not seeing their pretty faces. Harmonizing in perfect key, they would have made a great singing act, only his mother and her sisters didn’t sing. They danced around a pole to music while removing their clothes and stripping themselves naked.

According to the flyer that he found in her trunk, his mother and aunts had a striptease act descriptively called, Three-of-a-Kind. Overlooking them before, concentrating more on their topless and naked photos, he found their diaries, too. As if it served as their little, black books, they kept records of all the men they had sex with and what each man sexually liked to do. Not taking count, suffice to write, there were pages and pages of various men in all four books.

With each man having a special preference and each woman having a special skill, his grandmother loved doing everything with everyone. From oral sex, to anal sex, to bondage, she especially loved playing the Dominatrix. Unless he read it for himself, never would he have expected his grandmother was such a whore. Sure, she flashed him and sexually teased him but, thinking nothing of it, he loved his grandmother and could never think ill or her. If he thought anything, he thought she was just as lonely as he was horny.

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