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Sometimes, all I want is a good fucking! No feelings involved, no emotional connection, no strings attached. Just pure, unadulterated, animalistic sex. I wonder what it would feel like to meet some stranger at a social gathering and have him take me somewhere quiet so he could fuck me silly!

I have this fantasy of meeting a complete stranger at some sort of club. We’d make eye contact from across the room and the immediate attraction between us would be undeniable. I’d be wearing a simple black, spaghetti strap cocktail dress.

I have perfectly rounded, firm 36C cup tits! There’s no need for me to wear a bra. I’d only be wearing a black lace thong. My 6 inch high heeled sandals would be black and strappy. They would definitely show off my perfect feet. I’d be feeling extremely sexy and very adventurous!

This sexy stranger would walk over to me in a busy nightclub. Perhaps he’d offer to buy me a drink, and I’d gladly accept. The look of desire would be evident in his eyes, the sheer intensity of his gaze would send shivers down my spine! I imagine that he’d be wearing a black pants, a black shirt, and his top 3 buttons would be undone. I would have a clear view of his muscular hairless chest, and I would probably have to sit down on my hands to prevent myself from touching him. His hair would definitely be short and spiky, but it would be soft to the touch. He’d be gorgeous of course, he’d be so sexy and deliciously naughty looking all rolled into one package!

Desire would consume me. I’d be completely intoxicated by this gorgeous stranger, like some sort of drug which instantly gets me high. Delicious tingles would course through every vein in my body. His hypnotic gaze would leave me drunk with need. Raw lust would take over every atom of my being. The raw lust would leave me breathless and panting like some bitch in heat, knowing nothing else except a desperate need for release! I wouldn’t want to know his name, and I wouldn’t want to tell him mine.

My fantasy with my gorgeous stranger…

I’m leaning into him, dancing hypnotically to the music and breathing in his masculine scent. I keep on touching his arms and leaning against his chest, making it perfectly clear that I’m attracted to him. I’m swaying my hips seductively from side to side, as I sip the drink he’s offered me. Damn, whatever it is, it definitely has the desired effect on me. As I place the glass down, I can feel the heat from the liquid travelling through my body and settling deliciously at my pussy.

I’m tipsy and I’m loving the boldness that comes with this state of mind. I dance more seductively, more purposely, letting one of my shoulder straps slip off. I feel the material sliding over my breast and I lift my head to meet his gaze. The material rubs against my nipple and the feeling is delicious. My nipple gets hard beneath the fabric and this is the only reason the material hasn’t slipped off yet. He lowers his gaze and notices that my strap has slipped off. He takes his hand and plays with the strap, not quite putting it back up my shoulder, but his fingers stroke my arm and I moan softly. I’m biting my bottom lip and he notices. He groans inwardly. It looks like it’s becoming too much for him. He suddenly grabs my arms and turns around pulling me along with him as he tries to bulldoze his way through the crowd.

We’re finally in some dark corner, away from the lights, the music and the crowd. He immediately pins me up against the wall. His body is completely against mine, his lips only inches away from my mouth. I put my hands around his neck and he kisses me deeply, passionately. I explore his mouth with my lips, with my tongue and he tastes divine. God, he bostancı escort kisses like a pro! I’m so horny, I’m so eager, I’m grinding my hips against his pelvis and I can feel his hardness against my stomach.

He slips both my straps off my shoulders and moves away to let my dress fall down, freeing my tits! He groans sexily and his hands are massaging my breasts. His thumb and forefinger play with a nipple, making it so hard. God, it feels so good! I’m whimpering delightedly and his mouth is on my breast, playing with me, sucking on my nipple, driving me crazy with pleasure. I arch my back, inviting myself to him. I need him, I need all of him, I need him all over me!

I feel hideously naughty right now and I absolutely love this feeling. The thought of being with this man is so intoxicating, it feels as if I’m on an ultimate high…

He grabs hold of my waist and squeezes it appreciatively, before continuing his delicious assault down to the hem of my dress. I’m wearing a plain satin thong, and his fingers slide underneath my hem to slide up my thigh and he slowly caresses the side of my thong. His hand slides up all the way in and settles on my hairless triangle.

He’s teasing me, and fuck, I’m loving it! I’m so wet my thong is completely soaked. He smiles when he touches the fabric and feels my wetness. His index finger dips inside my thong and he slides his finger up and down my sopping wet clit. He brings his index finger to his lips, and I watch, mesmerized. He slides his finger into his mouth, and sucks on it! Oh fuck!

I instinctively spread my legs apart. Fuck! I’m giddy with need! I need to be taken by him now. I need to be his wanton little slut! I need him to acknowledge me as his filthy, sexy whore! God! I suddenly want him to own me, to completely own me. I want to be his naughty little girl. I want him to punish me for being a horny little slut!

I’m consumed by pure, raw, animalistic lust, delicious need, and an animalistic hunger I can’t comprehend! His tongue snakes up my neck and then, his mouth is back on mine. He’s kissing me deeply, hungrily, probing the depths of my mouth, playing with my tongue as his kisses become deeper, more urgent, wilder, and more forceful! I feel his hardness against my stomach.

God! It’s delicious! Suddenly, both his hands are underneath my dress, and he slides my wet thong to the side. His fingers glide deliciously up and down my wet, swollen clit! He pauses for only a second at my entrance, before sliding his middle finger deep inside my pussy.

I’m gasping with pleasure against his mouth. He’s fucking my pussy deliciously slow, and my head leans backwards, as my hips instinctively grind against his hand in a slow, steady rhythm. He then slides his index finger into me and increases his tempo! He finger fucks my pussy like an expert. His eyes never leave mine. I’m completely riveted! I’m consumed by him.

I’m only his, his wanton slut! He owns my body, and I’ve given him total control over me.

I’m whimpering against his mouth, begging for release, begging to be his whore, begging to be taken fully by him. He loves the way I’m begging him because he keeps telling me to behave myself like a good little girl. He keeps on instructing me not to cum until he says it’s ok. I simply nod, moaning in pure ecstasy and sobbing against his mouth.

“God! I can’t help myself baby, but I need to cum now! Please let me cum for you! Please baby! I need to cum now!”

I’m sobbing uncontrollably, and he seems to be losing all control. He groans huskily,

“You’re such a fucking slut! I love what a dirty whore you are! You’re so gorgeous and so yielding! Cum for ümraniye escort bayan me baby! Cum hard for me! Show me how much you love being my whore!!”

He smiles wickedly as I build to a fever pitch crescendo, his groans getting louder as he watches the ecstacy building on my face. I’m biting my bottom lip, trying not to scream as I suddenly soar to the heavens…

My pussy vibrates and contracts violently, holding his fingers prisoner deep within. My entire body shudders, and I bury my mouth in his neck to muffle my screams. My orgasm is so hard, so intense, that for those few seconds, I’m neither here nor there! Time nor space is of any consequence. All that matters is this wonderful pleasure that is cascading through every fibre of my being!

He finally pulls his fingers out and whirls me around to face the wall, all in one swift motion. My tits make contact with the cold wall and my nipples harden instantly. The cold against my taut nipples feels so good, I revel in the feeling for a few moments. He’s already unzipped his jeans by the time I realize what’s happening and they fall in a heap around his ankles. I’m dying to know the feel of this gorgeous man’s cock and I whisper it hoarsely, my body coming alive again.

Every atom seems to have recharged and is preparing me for another round of a delicious assault. I whisper unashamedly while bending forward against the wall,

“Baby! I want your cock! Please let me feel your cock! I want to touch it please!”

I’m brazen and I don’t care! This submissive roleplay is completely new to me and I realize just how much I love being completely controlled in the bedroom. I’ve never had a fantasy like this one before, until now. But, this fantasy excites me in ways I’d never imagined. The thought of being completely dominated by a gorgeous stranger is such a turn on, I’m wet and ready for him all over again.

He still has me facing against the wall, but he grabs one of my wrists and lets it rest on the small of my back. Suddenly I feel him slide his throbbing erection against my open palm.

Oh Fuck! He’s so big. I can feel his thick shaft in my palm and I decide to close my fingers around it as he continues to slide it in and out of my hand. He’s breathing hard against my neck, groaning with pleasure. He then slides his cock out of my grasp, still holding my hand behind my back. I push my ass out towards him and he lifts my dress over my ass. He takes his rock hard cock and slides the tip over my crack!

Fuck! My ass feels wet. I realize his tip is dripping with pre-cum! I’m loving it! Oh my God! This feels so good! I need that cock to slide deep inside my aching pussy. My pussy is so wet from my earlier orgasm. But I feel a renewed hunger, a passion which consumes every part of my body.

He bites my earlobe gently as he groans and whispers,

“I’m going to fill your tight cunt with my hard, throbbing cock!”

My only response to this is a moan of delight. He continues in a sexy husky tone,

“I love what a gorgeous slut you are!”

Fuck! I can feel how big and hard he is, and I find myself begging him to fuck me! He doesn’t let me wait very long, and I close my eyes in total bliss as I feel his tip coating my entrance with his pre-cum. I’m practically sobbing with pleasure as I manage to say,

“Oh God baby! That feels so good!”

I’m breathing hard, my tits are sliding up and down against the cold stone wall. This adds more pleasure to my already sensitive nipples.

His tip is at my entrance, and my pussy eagerly pushes down on his thick, long shaft and I gasp when I realize how big his cock is for my pussy. He groans wickedly kartal escort and says softly,

“This is such a delicious tight, little cunt! I’m going to pound this pussy so hard, so deep! You’re my beautiful little slut!”

His huge cock opens me up, my pussy lips swallow his thick cock completely! I’m whimpering like a bitch in heat, begging this gorgeous stranger to fuck me. I keep sobbing,

“Baby! Fuck this pussy! Fuck this pussy! Oh God yes! I need it so bad! Pound me hard! Tear this pussy up! I need it baby! I need it so bad!”

I’m sobbing from the sheer intensity of the deep pounding his gorgeous cock is giving me! He holds my hand tightly behind my back and pulls me up against him, cupping my chin and I lose it because he’s holding me firmly in place and I can’t move.

I’m at his total mercy! His rhythm picks up speed and suddenly I’m getting fucked so hard, I’m making incoherent sounds, and my eyes roll backwards. I feel like I’m going to pass out from this delicious pleasure.

He’s fucking me so hard, I can feel those gorgeous balls slapping against my pussy lips and suddenly, my clit spasms as I cum on him! He loves it and he’s groaning like a man who has lost total control. God! He sounds so hot, I want to cum again! My pussy is still soaked from my orgasm and he groans with sheer delight, slowly pushing his huge cock deeper inside of me.

God! His huge cock fills me up entirely and I sigh in complete ecstacy! I’m singing him praise! I’m telling him to pound me harder, rougher, deeper!

He doesn’t need any more encouraging and his one hand pulls my hair back as his other hand snakes around to stroke my already sensitive, swollen clit.

He begins to fuck me again, slow and deep at first, then faster, harder, holding my head back, keeping me firmly in place. His cock is pounding my pussy so hard and so deep, I feel it reverberate in my stomach.

God! I’m whimpering like a wanton slut, begging for more! This makes him get wilder, rougher! He’s stroking my clit so fast, I’m cumming again and again!

The feel of his hard, massive cock driving deep and hard into my pussy is so tantalizingly good, I need more…I beg for more…Then I feel it…

That building up hotness deep within me! The only orgasm that will truly be satisfying, and I beg him not to stop…

I beg him to make me cum hard…

He’s slamming into me so hard and so deep and so deliciously fast, I feel his sweat dripping onto my ass from his soaking wet hair!

Oh god! I love getting fucked so wildly by this nameless man…

I need him to fill me with his hot, thick essence. I crave it like a drug addict craves his next hit…

He suddenly jerks violently, driving his cock hard and deep one final time, and I feel his cock vibrating deep within me as hot cum spews from his tip…

The feel of his sweet hotness is my undoing! I buckle beneath him as my pussy contracts violently around his cock, my orgasm completely taking over!

My vision blurs, pins and needles cover my face, neck, and scalp! My ears are ringing, completely muffling out my screams as I’m engulfed by pure ecstacy!!

Finally, I float back to earth, his cock is still buried deep inside of me…

My cum is dripping onto his balls, and down my thighs, leaving a dark pool between my legs. We’re both breathing heavily, clinging onto each other, drenched in sweat…

Finally, he slides out of me. I turn around to face him and he smiles…

He pulls my dress back up and slides my straps back up onto my shoulders. He smoothes my hair, kisses me tentatively and apologizes for ruining my thong.

I laugh and continue to watch him as he puts his jeans back on, rakes his hands through his soaked hair trying to smoothen it. He kisses me one last time, and turns to walk away…

Leaving me completely satisfied, gloriously filthy, and feeling like such a wanton slut!!

I fucking love it…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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