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Chapter One:

I am RV’ing in Big Sur, California with my lady friend Karen. We met on a train trip going back east. We spent the night together enjoying each other’s company and vowed to meet up again. I mentioned it would be fun to spend time together in Big Sur. The RV Park is owned by a lovely lady named Ginger. She is a child of the 60s and keeps company with another flower child named Audrey. Karen is currently taking a shower after our morning coupling on the sandy beach.

I have been resting comfortably on my queen size bed for the past forty-five minutes. I shed my cargo shorts and lay naked on top waiting for Karen’s return. I woke up five minutes ago and am now leisurely stroking my cock as I relive this morning’s activity at the beach. I keep the trailer door open to allow the sunshine and warmth of the day to filter in.

Karen steps inside, returning from her shower with only a towel on her head and one wrapped around her body. It struggles to keep her lovely boobs contained as she comes over to check on me. She sees my hand clutching my semi-erect shaft and smiles. Karen releases her grip on the towel around her torso and lets it fall to the floor. Her huge tits sway back and forth as she joins me on the bed. She replaces my hand with hers and gently strokes my shaft. I lengthen to my full seven inches within her grasp.

“Mm, I love to feel your cock harden while I hold you. It’s a feeling I’ll never get tired of.”

I inquire about her shower and ask her about the facility. Karen describes the group shower and how Ginger’s parents built the showers to accommodate families living in the commune. She then pauses for several minutes trying to collect her thoughts. Finally, she continues with her story.

“Rob, I need to tell you about the past hour. When I got to the shower building, Audrey was leaving Ginger’s office and met me there. She showed me the showers and asked if she could join me.”

“Did you agree?”

“I was caught off guard by her question and didn’t know how to respond at first. I’ve never been in that position before. She wanted to know if I had ever been with another woman.”

I can feel Karen’s hesitation as she explains her whereabouts. I wrap my arm around her to let her know that all is good and that I have no reservation about her actions. Her boobs feel nice pressed into my side, so firm, yet so soft. Feeling her lithe form along my body and her hand around my shaft has my cock erect. I flex my cock to grab her attention and give her time to continue.

“Karen don’t fret about anything, we are tight, and I accept you as you are. I think I know where this conversation is headed, and if I’m right, I can’t wait to hear the details. Do you feel my cock? It is rock hard for you.”

“Thanks Rob, that makes me feel much better. I know I don’t need to justify my actions, but you did invite me to join you for the week and we just had the conversation about this week being for us.”

“So, tell me Karen, have you been with another woman before?”

“Are you sure you want me to tell you everything?”

Do you feel my hard cock? Of course, I do. I think I may want you on top of me while I listen to your escapades.”

“Well yes, as I explained to Audrey, I did have some sexual contact with girls in college. We experimented a lot in the dorms and I remember those times being a lot of fun. Our sexuality was just beginning to emerge. But I haven’t been with a woman since then, until today. I hope you don’t judge me too harshly.”

I roll to my side and press my lips against hers. I slither my tongue into her mouth and run my hands all around her full breasts. I graze her nipples with the back of my hand and they harden instantly. As I roll back, I pull her body over me so that she is lying on top. We continue to kiss and nuzzle each other. I lick her cheeks, her neck and kiss her ear.

I whisper, “Karen, I want to be inside you. I want to feel your hot pussy surround my cock.”

She responds with several moans and pushes herself up to a sitting position. We stare into each other eyes.

“So tell me Karen, what happened in the shower?”

“Well Audrey was already topless, and I was admiring her tan boobs. As you know, my tits were on display too. She undressed all the way and I caught sight of the full bush covering her pussy. She stepped into the shower and turned on all the faucets. The shower was filled with hot steamy water and I just followed her in.”

Karen grinds her labia along my hard shaft and I feel her wet juice. I tell her to lift and guide my cock between her folds. She complies, and I feel her hot cunt swallow my thick shaft. Karen settles down on me and presses her hips against mine. Our hands meet, and our fingers intertwine as I hold her body in position.

“You feel so good Karen, please continue.”

“I was standing in the middle of the shower spray, letting the water wash over me and cleaning the sand off my body. Audrey stared at my sincan escort body and said she loved my landing strip. She was staring right at my cunt. And then she remarked that she used to have a full Brazilian herself at one time and loved how smooth her lips were and that she was always masturbating.”

My cock responds to Karen’s story and I am now throbbing inside her. I push my hips up to drill deep into her core. Karen closes her eyes and moans again.

“Ginger talked her into letting her bush grow out and is always eating her pussy. She added that Ginger makes her cum every time.”

“Geez Karen, that’s so hot. Were you getting turned on?”

“I think so. Out of nowhere, I asked Audrey if she would like to wash my back. She started scrubbing my backside and then the next thing I know, Audrey has her big boobs squished against my back and her arms wrapped around me. She used the soapy washcloth to massage my breasts and nipples before moving down to my smooth pussy lips, washing the sand and grit away. She used soap to lather up my landing strip too.

I was really worked up by this time, so I spun around to face Audrey. I took over and washed her from head to toe. I played with her boobs for the longest time, lifting them and sucking her nipples. I was a possessed woman. My hands roamed freely, and she encouraged me. I created quite a lather in her bush and then fingered her to an orgasm.

“My gawd Karen, that is totally insane.”

I grab Karen’s tits and play with them as she tells me all about her shower with Audrey. I hold her right breast with both hands and massage the flesh. I pull her close and wrap my lips around her hard-red nipple. I suckle like a baby and press my cock deeper into her cunt. Karen bites her lower lip between her moans and I encourage her to continue her story.

“After Audrey recovered from her climax, she rinsed all of the soap from her body and then dropped to her knees in front of me. She said it was her turn to pleasure me. I was so wound up, I begged her to lick my pussy. I spread my legs and she grabbed my ass to pull me close. She then used her tongue in ways I have never felt before. Her tongue was deep inside and then she started to suck on my clit. That’s when I lost it. My legs got wobbly and I was almost sitting on her face. I think I told her to eat my wet pussy. Anyway, I came really, really hard and Audrey had to hold me tight to keep me from falling down on the tile floor.”

“Wow Karen, so you had an orgasm right there in the shower with Audrey’s face pressed into your pussy?”

“Yes. And then when I was able to stand on my own, she got up and told me she was so happy that I waxed because she’s wanted to lick a smooth cunt for a long, long time. She said she loves Ginger’s pussy, but there is just so much hair. She said my smooth lips are just wonderful and that you a very lucky man. She hopes you appreciate my sweet adorable pussy.”

“Oh Karen, I do appreciate your sweet adorable pussy and I totally appreciate you. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to tell me everything you did with Audrey, so thank you for your honesty. But, I do have one problem. My cock feels like it’s going to explode. I have this crazy urge to take you from behind. Can we move to the side of the bed and do that?”

“Yes Rob, we can. I’m so horny again and I can’t get enough of this big cock.”

Karen flexes her pussy before she rolls off me and stands by the bed. I jump off the bed and get behind her. I place my hand on her shoulder and gently nudge her to bend over the bed. She spreads her legs allowing me to take her completely. Her waxed outer lips are pink and puffy, flush with her arousal. Karen’s pink inner labia hang down from within her puffy folds. I love sucking them between my lips. I grab her ass cheeks and spread them. Her tight little starfish reveals itself and her inner labia opens like a flower.

My cock is incredibly hard from listening to Karen’s shower confession. My glans is purple with desire; my balls hang low. I stroke my length several times squeezing the hard shaft. I grab Karen’s ass cheeks again and spread them wide. With one step forward, I press the tip of my cock into her swollen hole. With a second step, I push my entire length deep into her pussy. My hips press into her fleshy, mature buns. Karen grunts.

“Geez, your cock is so big. You fill me up, my pussy is so full. Rob, pound my cunt, I want it hard.”

I plant my feet firmly on the floor, grab her wide hips and push deep into her folds. Her hot gash surrounds my throbbing cock. I push and pull back with fast movements. Each time I push hard, I grind my cock deep into her pussy and flatten Karen against the mattress. I hear her gasp each time.

Her juices coat my shaft as I pull out and slide my cock along her ass crease. I move my cock over her little O-ring several times and then push back into her wet inner labia which accepts my seven inches. I push into Karen as she pushes back sincan escort bayan into me, sliding all the way to the hilt. Her sweet ass cushions my hips; my balls slap against her puffy outer lips. I hold steady and enjoy the moment.

“Your cock feels so good Rob, I think I can cum again. Keep fucking me baby.”

I slowly slide in and out and then increase my thrusts, driving Karen closer to another orgasm. It’s been quite a day for my sweet lady. One hand grips her left hip while I slide my finger around her anal rim; I love feeling her tight muscle.

She turns her head to look at me, “Your finger feel so good on my rear. Push it in, I want your finger in my ass.”

I rub my digit back and forth over her starfish as I fuck her from behind. I push my index finger against the tight rim. My finger slides past her ring and I bury it deep in her backdoor. Karen flexes her ass and traps my finger. Her ass cheeks surround my hand. I resume pumping my cock in and out of her pink labia and can feel the shaft through the thin membrane separating her holes. I rotate my finger in her backside, twisting and pulling as my cock lunges in and out at a steady pace. Karen’s anal ring loosens as she gets used to the pressure.

She grunts over and over, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes”

The double stimulation drives us both closer to orgasm. Her girl juices lubricate my cock and drip down her thighs. I easily slide within her tight folds. I keep my finger buried deep in her backdoor as I increase my thrusts. Karen grips the bed covers and buries her face in the mattress as her climax engulfs her body.

“Rob, I’m coming again. Oh, gawd so soon, I can feel your cock, I can feel your finger. Geez, fuck me baby. Fuck your little shower wench. I promise I’ll let you fuck me in the shower this week, maybe every day. I just need to cum now. Arrrgggghhhh. Feels so good.”

Karen’s legs shake as I hold her in place with one hand on her hip and my finger buried in her asshole. She rides out another orgasm as I plow her into the mattress. Her fourth one today. Karen lays on the bed, totally spent. Her legs are jelly. I rely on the firm mattress to keep her upright and her cunt lined up with my shaft. I pull my finger from her butt and grab her hips with both hands. It’s time for me to cum too. I hold her hips tight and pound her pussy. My cock throbs as my balls tighten; a sure sign I’m about to climax.

I thrust three more times as deep as I can go and then pull out. I grab my shaft and stroke my cock quickly, back and forth. I squeeze my shaft with a vice-like grip as I pump.

“Get ready Karen, I’m going to cum on your ass. You are so hot, my little shower minx.”

“Yes Rob, cum on my ass, cum on your nasty girl’s ass. I want your cum now baby.”

I explode and jettison several strands of jizz onto Karen’s rear. Rope after rope of semen travels the length of my shaft and splashes onto Karen’s wide ass. Some thick goo covers her crease and drips down onto her puckered hole. I feel my cock pulsate as the last of my cum dribbles out. My knees wobble and I nearly black out from the intense climax. Karen’s tale of her shower lust with Audrey fires me up and provides a most satisfying orgasm.

“Geez Rob, that’s a lot of cum, I can feel it dripping all over my ass. Rub it into my skin, it’s my after-shower moisturizer.”

I comply with Karen’s request and spread my cum around her fleshy cheeks. I massage them and squeeze them which makes Karen purr. I slide my hands deep into her crease and plunge one finger into her tight sphincter again. Karen tightens her bunghole and giggles. Her skin glows as I lean over and plant small kisses all over her backside. My cum provides a sweet-smelling fragrance.

“You’re all set my dear, hop on the bed. I think we deserve a long peaceful rest.”

I help Karen straighten up and we stretch out on top of the bed. I lay on my back and Karen cuddles up, throwing a leg over me. I stroke her back as I listen to her gentle breathing. I look at the clock by the refrigerator… 3:00. Lots of time to recharge before dinner. The trailer door remains open and a warm breeze circulates inside. I wonder if anyone outside heard our passionate love making. I doubt it as the park is mostly vacant.

Karen whispers, “Rob, I knew this would be a fun week, but I don’t know if I can last the whole time. I mean, wow, I just got here this morning at 8:30 and I’ve already had four orgasms. I thought we’d would have a lot of alone time, just you and me. But already, I’ve shared you with Audrey and she and I enjoyed our own shower time. And then just now with you. What’s next?”

“Well Karen, we can always have a swap with that old couple in the hot tub.”

“Oh you! Why I ought to…”

I don’t allow her to finish her sentence as I press my lips against hers for a long, sensuous kiss. She wraps her hand around my head to keep us locked in while her tongue invades my mouth. We spend several escort sincan minutes kissing and hugging one another.

I finally get a chance to breathe, “Wow Karen, are you ready for a fifth orgasm right now.”

Karen laughs and tells me no, not right now. We both need some rest. But maybe after dinner, things might heat up again. With that we both drift off to a well-deserved afternoon siesta, naked of course with my hand clutching her perfect breast.

Chapter Two:

Karen and I sleep comfortably for several hours. I’m the first to wake around 5:30 PM and feel pressure on my cock. I look down and see Karen’s leg still on top of me with her knee pressing down directly on my erection. I flex my cock a few times and she begins to stir. She opens her eyes and smiles. She is amazingly beautiful, even with mussed-up hair and smudged makeup. Karen senses my thick cock against her knee and presses down on my shaft.

“Look whose ready for more loving. Doesn’t this ever go down? Not that I’m complaining.”

“Well Karen, I just had a two and a half-hour nap, so I guess he’s well rested and raring to go. I think a visit to the spa is in order. But, first we need some dinner to keep us energized. What do you say to barbecue chicken?”

Karen whispers, “Sounds yummy. What can I do for you?”

“Will you prepare the chicken and sauce while I get the charcoal started?”

“Of course, darling.”

Karen slides her leg down but replaces it with her hand. She grips my shaft and strokes my cock several times.

“You’re not making this any easier on me, you know. Do you want dinner or another orgasm?”

“I choose dinner for now. I know you’ll treat me to many more orgasms later. I was just wondering what kind of dreams you were having to get you this hard.”

“Well I don’t remember my dream, but having a naked sexy lady lying next to me will always affect me this way.”

“Is there one particular lady you have in mind?”

“No, just about any naked, sexy lady does it for me.”

“Oh, you!”

Karen jumps off the bed and heads to the bathroom. I get up and stuff my latest erection into my cargo shorts. Hopefully, it will diminish while I get the charcoal lit. I head out the door to do just that. As I pass the bathroom, I knock on the door.

“Chicken and sauce are in the fridge.”

It takes about twenty minutes for the coals to burn bright, so I stroll around the RV Park while I wait. It looks like two other trailers have arrived today. I’m sure Ginger had a busy day. I wonder if we’ll see Ginger and Audrey at the hot tub later on.

I walk back to my trailer and look inside. Karen is at the sink peeling the skin off the chicken. She looks so sexy wearing bright Kelly-green shorts and flip-flops. She doesn’t notice me staring at her naked tits. They bounce around as she moves about. I step into the trailer and clear my throat.

“Ahem, hello sexy. I see you are sticking to Ginger’s rule.”

“Hey handsome, do you like what you see? A lady can get used to being topless all day. It feels so liberating.”

“Well that’s one word for it.”

I stop behind Karen and wrap my arms around her. I cup each breast in my hands and lift them up. I massage her massive globes and tweak her nipples. They stiffen to my touch. Karen’s hands are busy with the chicken, so she can’t swat me away.

“Hey mister, no fair. Keep that up and you might not get dinner tonight.”

Karen twists her head and we share a sweet kiss as she finishes her preparation. I take the platter of chicken and head outside. It’s cooking time. Five minutes later, Karen walks out the door and down the steps holding a couple of wine coolers. The lady is a natural hostess.

We sit in the camp chairs as the chicken cooks. They’ll be ready to turn in twenty minutes. We clink our bottles together and toast the week ahead. Karen’s boobs shine in the late-afternoon sun. I ask if she just applied sunscreen and she says yes. She has a matching Kelly-green hat and is wearing her shades. Her total look exudes sex.

We look around the park and see couples milling about the two new RVs that arrived today. I can see them looking in our direction. I wonder what they are thinking?

“Hey Karen, I think you may have an audience. I see people looking in our direction.”

“Well I hope Ginger alerted them to the park rules. I’m not covering up the girls, I want to work on my tan.”

“You do realize it’s after six o’clock and the sun isn’t exactly at full strength?”

“Would prefer that I get my sweatshirt and cover up?”

“No way!”

I attend to the chicken while Karen sips her wine cooler. She makes no effort to conceal her tits which suits me just fine. Dinner is just about ready, and I ask Karen if she would like to eat out here on the picnic table or take everything inside the trailer. She opts for inside as the temperature is starting to cool down as evidenced by her cherry red nipples. They are erect little berries just waiting to be sucked.

Karen hands me the platter for the chicken and we head inside. Our neighbors will just have to wait for another glimpse of this fair lady. I’m surprised to see a salad and bowls of strawberries already laid out on the dinner table.

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