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Maybe she wasn’t actually gay after all…

Just a little quick story to share what happened last night. Fair warning, it’s not extremely graphic, but the circumstance was too hot to not share with y’all. I’m writing this story from an airplane and want to take advantage of the in-flight wifi. I’ve been traveling on business this week to Chicago. My girlfriend’s sister lives there with her, so she offered to put me up with her. Let me provide a quick backstory here. Erica is a lesbian, and has been dating her girlfriend Jenny for months. The names have obviously been changed on the off chance anyone reads this. Lauren (my girlfriend) and her family are very open, so the fact that her sister is gay was something I knew long before I met her. Last night, Jenny had to work late so Erica and I stayed up shooting the breeze and getting to know each other. We are both in pretty good shape, and had gone to the gym together. When we got back, we took turns in the shower and then had some dinner. I bumped into her in the hallway in just my boxers. We’re both fairly comfortable with our bodies and I apologized and walked ataşehir escort bayan into the guest room. Because of her sexuality, there was no tension between us, and eventually the conversation turned to sex. She knew that I had a very active sex life with her sister, and that I was an above average lover.

The one thing I pride myself on in the bedroom is going down. Ever since my first time going down on a girl, I absolutely loved it, and had never had any complaints about my skills. Erica told me that she had heard I was “about a B+” at this, but that wasn’t good enough. “Lauren’s my big sister… I can’t have her settling for less than perfect sex! You have a great body and need to live up to it.”

I asked her for some advice, knowing that she was obviously very experienced at not only eating pussy, but knew exactly what to do. After a few minutes of graphic descriptions about how she liked her lips licked, her clit sucked, all while having fingers through her pubes. I thanked her for the advice, and told her I’d have to put it to use the next night. “No problem… I wasn’t going to send bostancı escort a mediocre lover back to my sis, was I?” We laughed and I went to bed. In the middle of the night, Erica came into the guest room and woke me up. “I can’t help but think about those lessons I gave you. Just thinking about having my pussy licked like that got me too horny for a vibrator to satisfy and Jenny’s not coming over tonight… I need you to practice on me.”

Reluctantly, I let her climb into the bed with me while she slid down her panties which were soaking wet. I gazed at her crotch and couldn’t help but compare it to her sister’s. “I know Lauren shaves, but do the best you can,” she told me.

I put to work the skills she had taught me. I varied my tongue action while I slid it around her lips. I licked her clit while I spread her labia and stuck two fingers in there. Her moaning got slower and deeper. Finally, I snapped out of my state of mind.

“We can’t be doing this… For fuck’s sake, you’re my girlfriend’s sister!”

“It’s okay… I want her to be satisfied. You’re doing a great job, and if I bostancı escort know my sister, I’m a harsher critic than she is. If you can please me, you’ll definitely please her.”

“Don’t you think it’s going to be weird for me? I can’t look at your pussy without comparing it to hers. I’ll never be able to eat her out again without thinking about this.”

“Well then don’t think about it… Just do it. I promise I won’t tell her.”

Finally, I gave in and continued going down. I mixed up my routine, leaving her body guessing. I ran my tongue through the folds of her vagina, licking her clit, fingering her hole in ways I had never thought about. Faster at first, then slow, changing the intervals as frequently as the pace itself. When she climaxed, I kept eating until she had a second orgasm… and then a third. As her body recovered and her breath normalized, she told me that that was the best she had ever had and that if I did to Lauren exactly what I had just done to her, the girl would be putty in my hands. We fell asleep, still naked, and she brought me to the airport in the morning as if nothing weird had happened.

Lauren’s picking me up at the airport in an hour. I’m going to put my new skills to work the minute we get home. I haven’t gotten off in almost a week, and have more pent up sexual energy than I have in months. I think we’re due for some hot sex 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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