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This story is a work of erotic fiction and is not intended for minors. Explicit descriptions of a sexual nature follow. I wrote this story awhile back when gimmie_your_load and I were exchanging stories (absolutely check out her stuff if you haven’t). Not sure why I haven’t posted it before. Comments and criticisms welcome. Character of ‘Lucia’ used with permission 😛


Our favorite fellatrix decides to tease her professor just a little to help boost her grade, but things don’t go as planned.

Lucia nervously adjusted her skirt as she stood outside her professor’s office. Relax, girl. He’s always really nice in class. I’m sure he’ll be willing to work something out with you. She wished she’s had time to do her shoulder-length brown hair properly, but in her haste to get to class on time she had just thrown it into a ponytail. She hoped her button-up shirt and short, black skirt weren’t too much. She loved how her round, firm ass looked in this skirt, but she had to remind herself that that wasn’t always appropriate. Maybe it will come in handy in this case, though, she thought with a smile.

She took a deep breath to calm herself and noticed her ample tits invading her view. Glancing around the empty hallway she unbuttoned two more buttons on her form-fitting dress shirt. Not enough to be slutty, but now there was some quite-prominent cleavage peaking out. A little insurance never hurt, Lucia thought to herself as she knocked on the door.


As she opened the door she surveyed the scene. His office wasn’t overly large but was nicely decorated, with the obligatory wall-o-books with obscure titles. Do professor’s really read all those? His desk faced the back wall, but he was seated at the small table which faced the wall to her left, working on some papers. He looked up as she entered.

“Oh, hello, Lucia. How’s it going?” her professor asked kindly. “Please, have a seat,” he said, turning toward her. Lucia set her bag down and primly seated herself next to him.

“I’m doing okay, I guess. I’m just really worried about this class, professor,” Lucia confided. Almost subconsciously, she squeezed her arms together as she said this, forcing her boobs together and out even more. She caught her professor’s eyes drift down to the front of her shirt and linger there as she took another deep breath. Easy, Luc. Don’t overdo it. “Is there anything I can do to boost my grade? I’ve been working so hard . . .” Lucia couldn’t help but put a little sultry emphasis on that last word, and her professor’s surreptitious shifting did not escape her notice. He appeared to be trying to adjust his lap without letting her see that that was what he was doing. Lucia smiled to herself, confident that her charms would get her what she wanted, as they always had.

“I know you have, Lucia, and it is paying off. You are doing much better than at the beginning of the term,” he said consolingly. “I would love to help you with the homework and go over the exams with you, but you know I can’t offer any extra work to you without offering it to the whole class,” he finished firmly, the strain of keeping his eyes off Lucia’s cleavage visible on his face. Wow, he’s a tough one.

“Please, professor? Isn’t there any work I can do?” she pleaded. At that Lucia leaned forward, making her best puppy-dog eyes, and put her hand gently on his knee. Lucia had just intended to soften him up a little by showing some cleavage and flashing her winning smile, but her efforts seemed to be having an entirely different effect! At her touch she saw the lump in his crotch expand alarmingly. Oh, my, Lucia thought to herself, gasping out loud, what has he got stuffed down there? She had always thought her professor was kind of cute; he had that lanky, goofy kind of charm that endeared the class to him. But now she found her pussy moistening as thoughts of an entirely different nature began to swirl around her head. Lucia licked her lips while her eyes remained fixed on her professor’s crotch, momentarily forgetting where she was.

This was not lost on Herr Professor, however, and a switch seemed to flip in his attitude. He stood right in front of Lucia and brazenly adjusted his rapidly-swelling package just inches from her face. Her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped as his thick meat appeared almost to uncoil into his pant leg. OhmygodOhmygodOhmygod . . . my professor has been hiding a fat cock in his pants this whole time! Lucia thought to herself, blushing furiously.

“Excuse me for just a moment, Lucia,” her professor said, as he slipped past her to the door. When he moved, Lucia shook herself and quickly wiped the trickle of drool from the corner of her mouth. Her saliva had kicked into overdrive at the hint of a meaty cock in those trousers. Get a hold of yourself, Lucia! she chided herself. He’s a respectable professor; nothing is going to happen. But just then she heard the click of the lock on the door, and her heart skipped a beat.

“Lucia,” pendik escort he began, closing the blinds. “I have decided there is an extra-credit project that will secure you the grade you need in my course,” he said, returning to stand right in front of her. His cock had only grown fatter and longer, and now presented an impressive tent mere inches from Lucia’s agog face. “You will now take out my cock, worship it, and swallow every drop of cum I give you. You will be graded on enthusiasm as well as skill,” her professor said in a commanding tone.

Lucia looked up in shock into her professor’s eyes, still not believing that she had heard him correctly. The look of stern amusement and self-confidence drove his words home. She took another deep breath and made her decision. Enthusiasm and skill, eh? Well, this is one subject I *know* I can get an ‘A’ in! Lucia thought, mentally preparing herself for the task at hand. Eying the monster waiting for her under two thin pieces of fabric, she felt her nipples harden, pushing forcefully against the cups of her bra, and squeezed her thighs together as her pussy spasmed and began leaking in anticipation. Oh, my God! I can’t believe how much this is turning me on!

Now resolute, she looked up once again into her professor’s eyes, licking her lips in preparation, “Yes, prof-,” she started, before being interrupted.

“*ahem* Don’t you think you had better address me as ‘Sir,’ Lucia?” her professor intoned, sternly.

“Um, yes, Sir. May I take your cock out now, Sir?” she asked obediently. Holy shit! Who is this commanding stud and what did he do with my professor?? Lucia then reached up to open his pants without waiting for a reply. She couldn’t help but run her hand up his achingly hard length, marveling at how thick and hard he already was. This may not take very long, which might be a good thing if this monster is as thick as it feels. She opened his fly and reached her hand in to free his twitching member. Suddenly his hand was on hers, stopping her.

“Whoa, slow down there, Lucia,” her professor said. “I have to teach later and I don’t want to mess up these pants. Take off my shoes and socks, then remove my pants, fold them neatly, and place them on the desk,” he said, the note of command in his voice unmistakable.

“Yes, of course, Sir,” Lucia shuddered at his voice and quickly bent to obey. Once she had his shoes and socks off, she reached up and unbuttoned his pants. Wanting this to last, she hooked her fingers in the waistband of his boxers and slowly began to ease them and his pants down together, the thick root of his cock gradually being unveiled before her. At the same time he unbuttoned his dress shirt and was pulling it over his head. Lucia looked up and admired the thin but chiseled body that her professor hid under his sharp clothes. Well, Lucia, looks like you hit the professor-jackpot! I may have to schedule weekly meetings to make sure my grades stay up! She paused just as his balls were coming into view, running her hands over her professor’s taut stomach. His face was still obscured by his shirt, but at her touch a visible shudder ran through his body. Lucia smiled to herself and caressingly slid her hands back to the waistband of his pants.

She leaned in close as more and more of his thick meat was revealed. He seemed about to say something, but then thought better of it. Lucia knew what was coming and relished the anticipation. She slowed even more, drawing out the moment, inhaling his musky scent and exhaling her warm breath against his engorged genitals. When she felt the waistband snag on his flared cockhead she yanked his boxers and pants the rest of the way down in one, quick motion. Just as she hoped, his fat cock recoiled like a wound spring and jerked up to smack her in the cheek just below her eye. Lucia was unprepared for the weight and force of the blow, however, and her head rocked back, more from surprise than pain.

Recovering quickly, she was then stricken breathless as she beheld the thick, club of a cock that stood twitching before her. Holy shit! she thought. “Holy shit!” she exclaimed, in a hoarse whisper. She looked up into her professor’s eyes wonderingly, “Sir, how have you hidden this monster all this time?” With that she turned her attention back to his twitching erection, precum already forming at the tip. Eagerly she opened her mouth wide and prepared to engulf his bloated cockknob.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, Lucia?” he intoned, his voice stopping her in her tracks. She thought for a moment, then hesitantly reached for the buttons on her blouse. “My pants, Lucia,” her professor chided gently. Lucia blushed furiously and picked his pants up off of the floor.

She stood to properly fold the pants, her hands not-so-accidentally brushing the slick juncture of his cock’s shaft and head. She made eye-contact with him and proceeded to lick the precum from the back of her hand by sticking her long tongue out as far as maltepe escort she could. Mmmmm . . .God, he’s got me so wet already! “I’m sorry, Sir. Let me take care of these for you.”

His pants neatly folded and placed on the desk, Lucia moved to return to her seat. Her professor stopped her with his strong hands on her shoulders. “My, God, these are magnificent,” he said, now openly admiring her deep, soft cleavage. “And you weren’t even pretending to hide them were you, you little slut?” he said accusingly, looking deep into her brown eyes. She immediately blushed and looked down, partly shamed by his words, but more by their effect on her. Her already dripping pussy was spasming again. She squeezed her thighs together, feeling her soaked lace panties squish against her throbbing clit.

Her professor brought his large hands down to cup her breasts through her blouse and bra. After a few cursory squeezes he finished unbuttoning her blouse and slid it from her shoulders. She inhaled and drew her shoulders back, forcing her ample tits out even further. This caused him to stop as he looked down into the chasm of her cleavage, completely mesmerized. After a few moments of fascinated wonder, he brought his hands up behind her back to the clasp of her bra, deftly unfastening it in one smooth motion. He left her shirt around her elbows, and before she could finish extricating her limbs he grasped her bra by the straps in front and loosed her tits.

They swung out briefly, as if relishing their newfound freedom, before settling beautifully, high on Lucia’s chest. He gently ran his hands down her sides, his thumbs caressing her smooth stomach. Lucia drew in her breath sharply at his sensual touch, and the effect on her large, soft breasts was delicious. The beckoning of her breasts was too much and he attempted to cup them, but even his large hands could not encompass their generous size and they overflowed delightfully. Lucia moaned as he brought her left tit up to his mouth and engulfed the nipple, sucking and nibbling at first gently, but with increasing vigor and hunger. Her hands were still stuck behind her back, so all she could do was push her chest out toward him and revel in the electric sensations this man was sending through her body with his wonderful mouth. Truth be told, he was actually a bit rough, but this only served to heighten Lucia’s arousal.

Ceasing his oral ministrations he tweaked and pulled her nipples with his fingers, lifting her breasts up and away from her until they stretched just to the point of discomfort. He watched Lucia’s face closely, until he saw her close her eyes and bite her lip. He then pulled just a teensy bit harder, causing her to gasp in pain and pleasure. Her professor then released his grip and gently licked and nibbled alternatingly on her sore nipples. Lucia’s pussy was positively gushing now. She closed her eyes moaned as her whole body seemed on fire with sexual energy.

Seemingly satisfied for the moment, he then reached behind her and finished removing her shirt, freeing her arms from their gentle confinement. His still-erect cock rubbed against her stomach and on her skirt, leaving a slimy trail of precum in its wake. So *his* pants need to be kept clean, but my skirt can handle some precum stains, eh? Oh, who am I kidding? This is SO hot! She immediately grasped his thick tool with her right hand and cupped his heavy testicles in her left.

“Jesus! Are your balls always this swollen, too?” Lucia exclaimed in wonder. They felt like two ripe tomatoes weighing down his sac. Holy shit, I can’t wait to see what these puppies can produce! Her professor just groaned in lieu of a verbal response, as Lucia cradled his swollen testes and slowly squeezed her way up his cock. “God, my hand can’t even fit around this monster, Sir,” Lucia marveled, her attention fixed on his still-swelling tool. How on earth am I going fit this in my mouth? Mmm, with hard work and stretching . . . yum.

A thick bead of precum had formed once again at the tip, and she instinctively bent down to slurp it up. She gave his balls a firm squeeze as her tongue laved over his enormous mushroom head, and she was rewarded as another larger bead of precum practically spurted into her eager mouth. “God, you are such a dirty little slut, Lucia! Your tits hanging out for all the boys to ogle, and now slurping on your professor’s cock at the slightest provocation! I’m sure you know what to do,” he said through gritted teeth.

She shivered as his words seem to go directly to her aching pussy. As she lowered herself, she felt her professor reach behind her and grab the cushion off of the seat to place under her knees. Well, at least I’m a dirty slut who warrants some consideration, she thought, smiling to herself. Once comfortably situated, she looked up into his eyes, still gripping his thick cock toward the middle of the shaft. She gave his balls an appreciative squeeze and then, maintaining eye-contact, leaned kartal escort in to swirl her long tongue around his enormous cockhead. Her professor groaned from the intense pleasure.

“Dammit but you are a cock-hungry slut, aren’t you, Lucia? Do you want some cum, girl?”

Her lips smacked loudly as she sloppily kissed his weeping cock right on the tip. “*smack* Mm, yes, Sir.”

“‘Yes, Sir,’ what, Lucia?”

“I want some cum?”

“Come on now, say it like you mean it. Are you sure you want an ‘A’?”

Lucia suddenly stretched her mouth wide and engulfed his entire, fat head in one go. Her teeth rested just behind the flared crest, as she applied some strong suction and swirled her tongue as best she could around the knob stretching her mouth to the limit. Her professor clenched his teeth and inhaled sharply in a paroxysm of pleasure. She sloppily popped his cockhead out of her mouth and exclaimed, “Sir, I am a cock-hungry slut. I am a dirty whore and I want all of your thick, hot cum!”

“Well, you’re going to have work harder than that if you want your reward. Show me what a dirty little whore you are for my cock, Lucia.” Once again her professor’s words shocked her, but she was too lost in a haze of pleasure and servitude to care. This man was turning her on something fierce, and his fat cock presented her favorite kind of challenge, and also promised her favorite, sloppy reward.

As she prepared to loose her bounty of skills against this thick, beautiful club of a cock, she couldn’t help but marvel at this turn of events. Not ten minutes ago she was a normal college student, worrying about impressing her professor. Now he was standing over her completely naked, calling her filthy names, getting ready to pound her throat with his fat cock, and she was totally getting off on it!

With that thought she released his balls and brought her left hand down to her lap. Sure enough, her black lace panties were completely soaked through. She shuddered as her finger made contact with her pussy, and then pressed insistently against her clit. At the same time she used her right hand to bend his swollen cock to point directly at her face and, looking up lovingly into his eyes, she once again almost dislocated her jaw to get his cockhead into her mouth. She continued pushing, her tongue working the underside of his cock urgently, until she felt his fat knob reach the back of her throat. At that same moment she slipped her fingers into her panties and trapped her clit between her index and middle fingers and began to rub more urgently. A small orgasm rocked her almost instantly, and her moans of pleasure caused her professor’s cock to swell even more, and he threw his head back and groaned in unmitigated pleasure.

Through quick, short breaths she heard her professor groan, “That’s right, you dirty little minx. Play with that pussy. Rub that clit while you choke on my cock!” As if in announcement, he then brought his hands down and gripped the sides of her head. Lucia was just getting into a rhythm and her eyes widened as he simultaneously thrust his hips forward and pulled her head down. His cock sluiced through her sloppy mouth until his thick head impacted the back of her throat, causing her to gag violently. She coughed around the thick meat obstructing her mouth and great gouts of saliva drooled down around his cock. Her eyes watered instantly and began to leave streaks down her face. Her professor shot a concerned look at her, but she blinked away the tears, swallowed, and smiled up at him reassuringly.

Lucia then brought both of her hands to grip his cock firmly around the base. Her right she pressed against his pelvis, while with her left she began a corkscrew motion jerking up and down on the part of his shaft not in her mouth. Her copious saliva provided excellent lube, and this momentarily distracted Herr Professor from his face-fucking endeavors. Lucia caught her breath and renewed her efforts on his thick meat.

She pulled back until just the head was in her mouth, attempting to swirl her tongue round and round the head with what little room remained. She slowed her jerking, but used both hands to really squeeze down on his rock-hard shaft. She also twisted her head and massaged his cock with her lips as she began an ever-more-insistent bobbing motion, taking more of him into her mouth on each down-stroke.

She coordinated her mouth and hands masterfully, and looked up at her professor. He briefly made eye-contact with her, but the sweet, wanton look in her eyes, coupled with her unbelievably skilled ministrations quickly caused him to clamp his jaw and eyes shut and groan in pleasure.

She could already feel his fat balls drawing up tight against him, signaling to her that her reward was imminent. She briefly considered backing off and teasing him a bit, but her jaw was already getting sore, and truth be told she was hungry for his cum. With renewed determination she brought his cockhead to the back of her throat and began an insistent pushing while at the same time trying to swallow. Despite her best efforts, though, she wasn’t able to force his thick head into her throat. She groaned in frustration, and then felt his hands on her head again.

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