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What more could I want?

It’d been a month since I met Brian, a month since we started seeing each other and a month since I started spending nearly every day at his house.

Which brings us to about a month.

We move quick.

There was something else about Brian. Besides being an intellectual, kind and supportive boyfriend, he was something more behind closed (bedroom) doors. That’s when he reminded me that he was six foot three, by making me sit on the edge of the bed as he stood over me, sliding his cock into my mouth, often before I could finish a sentence. That’s when I remembered one of us was a lot stronger than the other, by the way he would grab hold of my waist and forcefully bend me over his lap, spanking me relentlessly until I had to beg for him to stop.

If you had to make me choose which of my nights was my favorite so far? It’s a toss up between the night he “accidentally” pushed himself into the wrong entrance or the night he refused to stop eating me out until I’d cum enough times for him.

But my favorite part about being with Brian, is that I know that I’m Brian’s, and Brian’s mine. Despite what our bedroom adventures might suggest about our power structure, Brian is the first guy to ever really treat me as an equal. He respects my opinions, lets me choose the safe words and I know he’ll always stay well within my limits, both sexually and in our relationship.

I guess you could say I’m falling in love with the guy.

So, what’s the problem? If fireworks are in the sky and the marching band’s playing on, why am I avoiding his phone call right now?

Because it’s Shark Week.

You know, the one week where a girl’s most likely to be eaten by a shark if thrown into the proper waters.

Because of all the blood.

I’m not really ready for this conversation, and by ready I mean “not interested in having it ever again for as long as I live”.

I’ve been cursed. During Shark Week, a lot of guys don’t want to touch their girl, and plenty of girls don’t want to be touched by their guys. Everything works out great, and girls around the world get spoiled with chocolate and extended make out sessions. Girl freakin’ power.

Not me. In my case, Shark Week was the best week to get things done. To handle things, physical things. However, since the layout of most couple’s relations during Shark Week revolve around the model above, it’s been hard…

Okay. It’s been impossible to find a guy willing to do anything besides maybe poke me with his stick on a super light day towards the end. Unfortunately, being poked with a stick is the perfect imagery. They act like they never saw it coming. Like they have no idea what’s happening to my body, but they’re slightly curious. Just not curious enough to do anything with their real fingers.

It’s been a real lifetime bummer.

But Brian’s kept calling. He’s been calling me all day.

So like a criminal on their way to the guillotine, I’ll finally answer.

“Hello?” I’ll play it off all innocent. Like I was just going through a tunnel for the past 4 hours.

“I want you to come over.” Fuck. He’s using that voice, the one he puts on where there’s a bit of a growl in it. He’s either very, very upset or very, very horny.

“I’ll come over…but…”

“But what? Did something come up?” And now he was back to his regular voice, meaning he really was concerned about me, in case something had come up.


Now I have to go over so he doesn’t think something’s really wrong and try to come over here with chicken noodle soup and a blanket.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I smiled at him through the phone, like an idiot, because that’s not how phones work. But that’s how Brian always made me feel, happy, regardless of if I look utterly insane or not.

“Okay. I’ll be waiting,” Back to his growl voice. Good. This, I could definitely work around.

All I had to do was give him a blowjob, beg for him to finish in my mouth, swallow and done. Maybe we didn’t even need to have the conversation. Maybe I’d actually get away with it.

I could handle my urges during the week myself, without being poked and prodded at.

I took a quick shower, sprayed on some perfume and changed my pad out for a new one. I didn’t want Brian to even be able to smell it on me. No questions asked.

Even my outfit was Brian-proof. I had on blue jeans and a plain, black t-shirt. Nothing about me said sex. This was serious business.

And just like that, I was at his place.

“You look beautiful.” His usual words. I smiled, this time in front of him, as I kissed him briefly before stepping into his apartment.

“Is it a movie night?” I asked, hopeful, making my way upstairs to his bedroom. I could hear him right behind me.

“What movie did you wanna’ watch?”

“Anything!” Even though he was right behind me, it still felt right to semi-yell back my response. It always felt right to semi-yell when you were at someone else’s place. When I got to the bedroom, I playfully escort kartal sprawled out on his bed. When he came in the room, he grabbed a DVD of something or another, popped it into his TV and lied down on the bed next to me. A few minutes into the movie, I could feel him repositioning himself, making sure I was lying on his chest. A few times during the film, he looked down at me, waiting for me to reply with kisses.

I happily obliged him.

I still had no idea what the film was about, when I could feel him starting to rub at the back of my jeans. He gently patted my ass a few times, and I knew he was warming up his spanking hand. In response, I moved so my ass was to the bed, still lying on his chest but no more spanking was possible. I almost immediately realized the error of my ways, when I felt his hand rubbing between my jeans. Now, he was looking down at me again, as he continued to rub me through the fabric.

“You’re so sexy…” He said it with a straight face, like I was wearing hooker heels and garters.

My first mistake, apparently, was assuming anything I wore would be Brian-proof. He could find me sexy in a literal trash bag.

“Bri-” I stopped to let out a small moan, feeling his hand rubbing a bit rougher now, directly against my clit. “Brian, wait.”

He stopped, his hand resting between my legs.

“Did I hurt you?” His voice was so sincerely afraid I almost wanted to just let him keep going, but I had to tell him the truth.

“I’m having my period.” I blurted it out, waiting for the usual reply. His hand would move away from the crotch of my jeans and towards my chest, and we’d never speak of it again.

Except, his hand didn’t move.

His hand didn’t move at all.

“I said I’m having my period…” I repeated myself, purely out of shock.

“I know.” He laughed softly, before asking, “Do you wanna’ keep going?”

I nodded, out of words, wondering if by “keep going” he just meant me blowing him.

But his hand went back to rubbing against me, and I let out small moan after small moan.

He bent down closer to me to give me a barely there kiss, including a gentle tug on my lower lip. Then, his hand went under the fabric.

“Brian!” I didn’t know how else to reply. I could feel his hand slipping under my panties as well, bumping against the pad as he slipped a finger inside of me.

His finger started to move, in and out, business as usual.

“So much easier.” It was all he said, as he moved his lips down to my neck, letting his teeth graze against my skin. When I tried to protest, he slipped another finger in, letting them both slide in and out of me.

“You’re so wet.” I could feel him lightly laughing against me, as he continued to work my pussy. I was done with any kind of protest, my body giving me away, regardless. My physical senses were heightened, and every move he was making felt even better than it ever had before. As he kept playing inside of me, he lifted up my t-shirt, revealing my chest, no bra and extremely erect and sensitive nipples.

“No bra?” He asked, curious, before he put his mouth down around one of my nipples, licking and sucking eagerly.

“I figured you’d be playing up here today. I didn’t think you’d…” I felt one of his fingers rub against my wall, and shivered.

“How considerate.” He’d come up for air from my chest, and I could feel him sliding his fingers out of me. When he brought them up from under the fabric of my jeans, we could both see the red, lining his skin and threatening to go under his fingernails. He didn’t react, and calmly went to his restroom. I could hear water running shortly, and then being turned off. When he came back out of the restroom, he was completely naked. He looked at me, disappointed.

“You know what comes next, princess.”

He was right. I did know what came next. I shouldn’t have had any clothes on, but I was still in shock.

“Now, you have to be punished.”

I shuddered at the word. I quickly threw off my jeans and t-shirt, leaving on my panties so my pad could have something to cling onto. He shook his head, with the same disappointed look.

“Do I ever let you keep anything on, princess?”

“But-” I was set on explaining how pads work, before he pulled out a serious looking towel from his restroom. He held it by his side, folded up.

“Take them off.” It was a command, not a suggestion.

I got off the bed, and pulled my panties down to the floor, pad visible. No one else had ever seen the Shark Week process and I didn’t know whether to feel embarrassed or liberated.

Either way, I was glad as Hell. Brian wasn’t poking me with a stick. He was hands-on, like a true scientist.

I was into it.

He walked over to me, not touching me, part of my punishment for earlier. He simply laid down the towel.

“Spread your legs for me.”

I slowly crawled onto the towel, and shyly opened my legs. If he waited long enough, I knew what he was going to see.

Instead of waiting around, Brian maltepe escort got into a familiar position himself, between my legs.

“Brian…” I started to close my legs, not wanting him to begin what I thought he was going to begin. He pushed my inner thighs back in place, his strong arms reminding me who was in charge when we were in his bed, or my bed, or any bed.

And his tongue found my slit.

His wet tongue went between slit and clit, slow, sucking on my clit and then pushing his tongue as deep as it could go into me. Soon, he was eating me out like it was any other day. I knew how loud I was moaning now, that area of my body so much more sensitive, so less able to withhold an orgasm. I could feel myself starting to cum for him within minutes, shivering nearly violently as I did.

When I’d come, he came up for air, a smirk on his face. This was a good sign. This meant he wasn’t mad about me cumming this time, without permission. I could see the spots of red around his lips, and expected him to go back to the restroom for a quick trip.

I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking I would have some time to recover.

Instead, he pulled himself up into another familiar position. My legs were soon resting on his shoulders, as he pushed inside of me, his cock easily entering me, my pussy ridiculously wet. Brian had this effect on me. He always had a way of making me so desperately wet for his cock.

He started off steadily, his cock kept shallow within me. Just-the-tip lovemaking. I hated it. He knew I hated it. He was still trying to get me back for not being naked when I should’ve been. It was absolute torture. I knew how big Brian was, and I knew how purposefully he wasn’t pushing all of himself inside of me.

I started to make whining noises, as I held onto the bed sheets, getting more desperate with each thrust. I knew he could see me crumpling up bed sheet fabric in my hands, helpless, knowing it was not my place to speak out or against my punishment, and just having to accept it. He then went deeper, without any warning, filling me completely and as always, stretching me a little due to his size. It hurt at first, but the more focused his thrusts became, the more I could feel myself getting ready to cum again. My fingernails were in his back, dragging along a trail, leaving my mark.

Barely a minute went by, before I was begging him to let me cum. I could feel him laughing a little, indicating a “no way”. He kept going, and my fingernails dug deeper, them being the only outlet for my frustration. I was withholding against my will, and with my body being more sensitive than usual, it was so much harder to hang on.

Eventually, I got to a mental place where I was doing okay. He still felt incredible, but I knew I could hold out until he finished. I had found my sexual center, if you will, concentrating on not having an explosive orgasm by not concentrating on having an explosive orgasm. But this was the problem with being with an intelligent man. He could tell I’d found my inner peace when the nails stopped digging and my eyes closed, drifting off into nirvana. He stopped moving inside of me. I felt him lean towards me more, pushing my legs even further down towards the bed as they rested on his shoulders. He kissed my neck, as he whispered, “Wake up”. I opened my eyes, and he was smiling. I smiled back, but I should’ve known better. It was another command, and even though he was smiling at me, he had ulterior motives.

I felt his hands find my nipples, his fingers running over them in circles, teasing them and playing. I couldn’t help but moan, and I felt my walls get tighter around him. I tried to look away from him, at least try to distract myself so I wouldn’t cum before I was allowed, but he would bite my neck whenever I looked away, wanting me to keep eye contact. He started to move again, sliding in and out of me, while still playing with my chest.

And I came. I knew I wasn’t supposed to, but I couldn’t help it. I knew he could tell, as he fucked me a little harder when the tightening around his cock started. He didn’t stop anything he was doing, even after the wave of pleasure had left me. “I’m sorry…” I said it in a small voice, afraid of the punishment that waited ahead. He didn’t respond to me. Instead, he kept going, getting harsher and rougher, until my body was nearly coming off of the bed with each powerful thrust. He now held his palms against my nipples, letting his thrusts be the reason they were rubbed, as his hands moved across them each time he pounded back into me. As I was nearing my second orgasm, he finally released inside of me. I was so happy, not wanting to get the punishment for cumming twice without his permission. He pulled out of me, and I knew I was leaking everywhere, and leaking everything. I’d forgotten all about my period, until I saw his cock covered in…well, me. Even his face still had the spots of red he hadn’t cleaned up from earlier. This time, he did go to the restroom, but I knew it was the beginning of my punishment. pendik escort bayan After sex, he’d usually kiss down my whole body, use the word “beautiful” a few more times and then pull me into his arms so I had a safe place to sleep.

But I’d been bad. And bad girls don’t get nice things.

When he came back to the bedroom, his face was clean and so was his cock.

“Get on your stomach.” A command.

I did so, flipping myself over as quickly as I could to get ass up for Brian. Even though I knew what was coming, I accepted it. I had cum when I wasn’t allowed to, and this is what happened when I disobeyed him. He came over to the bed, got on the other side of me and I could feel him rubbing my ass with his hand, prepping.

“First, you keep all of your clothes on.”

I didn’t say anything, as his hand kept rubbing.

“Second, you cum without asking.”

He sounded like an officer, listing off my offenses.

“Do you know what that means?”

I nodded my head, reluctantly. He’d stopped rubbing and the room was completely silent but for us breathing. Seconds passed, and I thought he’d reconsidered the punishment. Maybe this time he’d just let everything go…

“Fuck!” I screamed out, feeling the first slap against my ass. Nothing could’ve prepared me for it. The sting remained, as he slapped my ass again. Just as hard. This continued for ten more times, my eyes starting to water with the very last hit. He was putting so much force into it, even though it was only ten, I knew it would hurt to sit down anytime soon.

I whimpered, when he’d finally stopped.

“Get on your side.”

I turned back over, now being able to look into his eyes, as he lied down beside me. He kissed me, as his hand ran along my side, his fingertips exploring my skin.

When the kiss ended, I could feel him sighing into my mouth and couldn’t help but to smile. This was one of my favorite moments after we’d made love. There was something about being able to almost taste the satisfaction on his breath…

Now, he was looking at me, and one of his hands had found its way to my cheek, brushing away a post-spanking tear that clung to it.

“Why didn’t you want me to know you were on your period?” He asked, calm.

“Because most guys don’t wanna’ deal with it.” I shrugged. “I’m used to playing solo for a week. Or with my mouth on him.”

“Do you think I’m most guys?” I could tell he was a bit hurt, and I quickly shook my head from side to side.

“You’re nothing like anyone I’ve ever been with. I think you might actually love me.” I started to panic as soon as I’d let the L word escape from my mouth. We hadn’t used it before, and if my period didn’t make him uncomfortable in bed, this probably would.

Instead, he kissed me on my forehead, as his fingers kept exploring my sides. “I own you.” He kissed my forehead again. “And I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I kissed him on the lips, ecstatic. “And I’m owned by you.”

“Is your body more sensitive now?” He’d changed the subject, like we’d said the L word a million times before. Or maybe it’s because we already knew we loved each other, probably from Day 1.

“Yes. I usually…play…by myself a lot more often.” I coughed after the sentence, not sure how to punctuate it.

“I thought so. I’ve never felt your body respond so fast to me before.” He was pleased. “And the homemade lubrication feels amazing.”

Homemade lubrication. He just called it “homemade lubrication.”

I loved this man so much.

“You’re not allowed to play alone anymore, not during this time. You may play by yourself at any other time of the month, just not this one.” He kissed my shoulder. “This time, you’re all mine.”

“Are you sure?” I backtracked. “I mean, not just on light days?”

“I want all of you, all the time. I don’t want you to even consider that there’s ever a day I won’t want you. Especially not because of something so natural.” He kissed my shoulder again. “Don’t ever feel like I don’t love you enough to want to eat you out.”

That was the most romantic thing anyone’s ever said to me.

“Brian?” I called his name, sheepish.

“Yes, princess?”

“Can I put my panties back on now?” I loved how much he appreciated my body, but also didn’t feel like bleeding all over myself or his bed sheets.

“Only if you let me watch.”

I stood off of the bed, reaching down for the small purse I’d brought to his house with me. I pulled out a new pad, and opened it in front of him. When I found my panties, I switched out old for new, taking the old, along with the wet towel I’d been on top of, to the restroom. As I came back, I saw him placing the new pad into my panties, like a proper gentleman.

“Thank you, sir.” I slipped the panties back on, and slid next to him in bed.

“I can’t remember the last time you called me ‘sir'”. He wrapped an arm around me, as I could tell he was thinking about something.

“I’ve been much too lenient with what you can call me.” He began to rub my ass, softly. “We’ll have to work on that.”

“Yes, sir.” I said it into his chest, as I was already beginning to nod off. He’d overwhelmed me, emotionally and physically. That was another difference with Brian. He made me tired in the best possible ways.

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