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College Sex

Chloe got slowly to her feet, and stood at the foot of the bench, looking down fondly at Nicky. She carefully knelt on the end of the bench, her knees either side of Nicky’s. She then lent forward, and supported herself on her forearms, so that she was looking directly into Nicky’s face. Their lips came together, and they kissed deeply, Nicky’s hands roaming over Chloe’s back and shoulders, and then slipping underneath to squeeze and caress her hanging breasts. Chloe sighed with pleasure.

She slowly lowered herself down so that their bodies came together gently. First their hairy mounds gently pressing on each other, then their soft bellies, and finally their warm full breasts squeezing together, nipple rubbing sensuously over nipple. The girls continued kissing, Nicky running her hands all over Chloe’s luscious body, and through her lovely red hair. Very slowly Chloe began to gyrate her hips round and round, so that their aroused pussies rubbed over each other, causing both girls to sigh deeply with utter pleasure.

Miss Shaw sat back and watched, adoring the view, believing it to be one of the loveliest sights she had ever witnessed — so sensual, so erotic, so loving. One hand dropped between her legs, and she gently fingered her recently abused pussy, while the other hand absently played with her own nipples.

She was starting to get lost in her own feelings, and the delightful view in front of her, when Adele’s strident voice brought her back to reality.

“Oi, Miss! Forget the lovers, you still owe me a damned good fucking…., and do you want your panties back? Or are you going without, like the slapper you are?”

Miss Shaw turned her head sharply to see the slim, tight bodied girl, still naked, sitting on the bench that surrounded the room leaning back against the lockers. She was pinching and twisting one of her small hard nipples between her fingers. As Miss Shaw looked round she spread her knees wide, and wantonly displayed her hairless cunt to her teacher. Miss Shaw gasped as she saw the end of her black thong still poking out between Adele’s swollen lips. Adele smiled dirtily and dropped her hand between her legs to flick, and rub her own clit.

“Come and get it,” she taunted.

“Oh I intend to, you dirty little girl, just you wait.”

She rolled over onto her hands and knees and slowly started to crawl towards Adele. Her movements were catlike; as though she was stalking her prey. Adele grinned as the older woman slowly approached; she loved the way her firm round ass moved from side to side as she stalked towards her, and the way her large hanging breasts swayed enticingly with every move.

Miss Shaw stopped and knelt up in front of Adele. She placed her fingers on Adele’s hips, dug her long red nails in and then slowly drew her talons down Adele’s thighs, who cried out softly in exquisite pain. When she reached her knees Miss Shaw held on to her legs and firmly pushed the palms of her hand back up her thighs, massaging and kneading the firm flesh, as though she were trying to erase her nail marks. When she reached Adele’s hips again she let her thumbs briefly graze over the top of her pubic mound before massaging upwards over her firm muscled belly. When she reached her small pert breasts she took one roughly in each hand, squeezing and massaging hard enough to make Adele gasp; she took each nipple between her finger and thumb and twisted and tugged them savagely. Adele squealed with pleasure and pain. Miss Shaw’s hands continued their travel upwards, onto her shoulders, and up the back of her neck. She ran her fingers up into Adele’s short hair, grabbed her head and pulled it towards her as she bent to kiss her roughly on the lips with a furious passion. She then made the return journey, this time with her lips; kissing her way down to the nipples, where she stopped to bite and chew each one in turn, eliciting more moans from Adele. She continued her voyage downwards, kissing and licking her flat belly, until she reached her mound once more. She roughly pushed Adele’s legs wide open and began to lick and suck ferociously on her exposed clit.

“Oh God, oh God!” moaned Adele. “Fuck me, please fuck me.”

At that moment Chloe and Nicky came over hand in hand. Chloe sat down next to Adele and lent over to kiss her, whilst squeezing and caressing her breasts. Nicky knelt next to Miss Shaw, but between Chloe’s legs and began to kiss and lick her pussy.

However she was compelled to stop and watch the erotic show unfolding next to her. The older woman bent forward and took the end of her own panties that were sticking out of Adele’s hairless hole between her teeth. She started to gently pull them out.

Adele gasped at the feeling of the rough material uncoiling and dragging down the inside of her tight wet love hole. Ever so slowly the black panties came into view, stretched between Miss Shaw’s teeth and Adele’s hot cunt that was so desperately trying to hang onto them!

Nicky could see that they were saturated in Adele’s juices, but what casino oyna excited her even more was the fact that large parts of their surface were thickly smeared in Adele’s creamy white secretions. All of a sudden she felt an overwhelming desire to consume these shining contents of Adele’s beautiful pussy.

As Miss Shaw continued tugging more black lace and thick pussy cream appeared, it was so enticing. Eventually the end was reached and they fell heavily out of her pussy. Miss Shaw sat up with the panties clenched between her teeth as though she was a clever puppy who had retrieved her favourite toy! Nicky and Chloe clapped in delight. Nicky nodded at the sodden thong and opened her mouth. Miss Shaw got the message. She lifted her head higher and Nicky deftly took the free end in her mouth, hungrily sucking the moisture out. As Miss Shaw opened her mouth the thong was so heavy with pussy juice that it swung down heavily and slapped wetly between Nicky’s breasts. She giggled at the sound and the feeling.

Nicky turned and sat up between Chloe’s legs so that the bottom end of the panties hung tantalisingly above Chloe’s mouth. Chloe reached up and caught it between her teeth. The 2 girls then faced each other, eye to eye, the glistening cum covered thong stretched between them. Ever so slowly, using teeth and tongue, they each began to suck their end of the garment into their own mouths. Moving slowly, closer and closer together, they sucked and devoured Adele’s pussy juice and her wonderful secretions from the thin material. As they got closer and closer both Adele and Miss Shaw could see Adele’s creamy white cum smearing all round both their lips.

When they finally met they kissed each other noisily, licking Adele’s secretions off each other’s faces, well as best they could with Miss Shaw’s panties still shared between their mouths! Eventually a smiling Nicky reached 2 fingers between their lips and slowly extracted the cleaned garment. She tossed it over to Miss Shaw, adding, “There you go Miss, a pair of pussy laundered knickers for you, I hope you like the smell, Chloe and I certainly did!”

With that Nicky and Chloe washed each other’s faces clean, and Nicky returned to licking and fingering her new sweetheart’s furry pussy. She was long overdue her orgasm.

With the pantie show complete Adele looked lustfully at her teacher and repeated her plea, “Fuck me Miss, fuck me now!” She lay back, spread her legs wide and closed her eyes, waiting longingly for her beloved teacher to roughly thrust 2 or 3 fingers up her quivering cunt. But the expected assault never arrived.

Instead Adele heard a strange rustling and scraping sound. Out of curiosity she opened her eyes to see Miss Shaw dragging her large handbag towards her. For a moment Adele felt let down, disappointed and frustrated, but that all changed when she saw what was in the bag. Miss Shaw withdrew the largest strap-on she’d ever seen, in fact it was the only strap-on she’d ever seen, and it was fitted with a massive black cock — long, ridged, and very very thick.

“Oh my god,” she gasped. “It’s huge!”

“And it’s all for you my dear,” came the reply. “How would you like to feel this beauty thrusting deep inside you?”

“I’d love it…, but it’s too big…, my tight pussy will never take it. You’ll rip me apart!”

“Oh, you’d be surprised, I think you’ll love him, I do.”

With that Miss Shaw lifted the giant cock to her mouth and erotically sucked the huge smooth glans; all the girls watched open mouthed. Kneeling up she then took the monster from her mouth, and dropped it slowly down her body until the glistening head nestled in her pussy hair. With one fluid movement, and a groan of utter pleasure, she drove the thick black phallus deep into her own pussy.

“Oooo, it feels so good; so snug inside here, I really want to fuck myself with it…..,” she said, slowly wiggling the giant phallus backwards and forwards inside her. “But it’s all for you my naughty foul mouthed little schoolgirl,” she added almost regretfully.

She slowly pulled it out of herself and showed the girls how it was now thickly coated with her own shiny juices. She caught sight of the envious look on Chloe’s face and laughed. “Sorry Watkins, this is all for your little mate, but I’m sure your new sweetheart can help you with this.”

She promptly reached in the bag and pulled out a 10″ long, thick and heavily veined dildo.

Chloe’s eyes lit up, “Oh yes, too right,” was her reply. She looked at Nicky pleadingly, “I need that inside me now, please Nicky…, please fuck me with it, make me cum, I so need to cum …now!”

Nicky reached over, grabbed the fat cock and quickly slid it inside Chloe’s flame haired hole as she bent to lick, suck and nibble on her engorged clit.

That was just the trigger that Chloe needed; she gasped with delight as the cock slipped inside her. She threw back her head and wiggled her body from side to side as the cock slid deeper. Nicky glanced up; she loved the way her magnificent, canlı casino breasts trembled delightfully as she wriggled. Her nipples were so hard and extended they looked almost painful.

Nicky started to gently slide the dildo in and out, as she continued to suck and flick her clit. Chloe loved this. She reached down and grabbed a handful of Nicky’s hair in each hand and ground Nicky’s face into her throbbing pussy. “That’s beautiful…., suck my clit, nibble it please…. Oh that’s so good.” Nicky could feel her body start to tense up and begin to writhe as the orgasm started to build.

“Oh my darling, my lover, that is wonderful…, fuck me harder, please.” The dildo was huge, and Nicky, being unused to Sapphic love really didn’t want to hurt her, however as she increased the speed and depth of her thrusts Chloe responded beautifully! She began to pant and groan, and writhe uncontrollably on the bench. Her constant murmuring alternated between breathless endearments to her new lover, and insistent demands to be fucked harder. Nicky started to pump her pussy more vigorously with the dildo. She couldn’t get enough; the harder she fucked her the more she wanted. She was thrashing from side to side as Nicky now started to pump her ferociously. “It’s, it’s…, I’m cumming…, so near, so near, so fucking near!” muttered Chloe, caught right on the brink of orgasm, her body virtually vibrating with passion. Nicky’s hand on the big dildo was a blur as she plunged it in and out. However Chloe seemed to remain hovering on the brink until Nicky sucked really hard on her clit, clamped it between her teeth, and then flicked it viciously with her tongue. That was what she needed. With a huge scream of passion her orgasm hit like an express train. She bucked and thrashed under her, slamming her pussy into Nicky’s hand and face. Nicky was quite scared by the intensity of it all, but kept pumping and sucking as long as she could, so Chloe could keep riding the wave after wave of spasms that were racking her body. She was absolutely covered in Chloe’s sweet juices which were copiously leaking out around the dildo, but had no intention of slowing down until her lover’s passion was completely sated. Eventually Chloe began to relax and so Nicky slowed her stimulation accordingly, bringing her down slowly.

Finally Chloe slumped back onto the bench with a deep sigh of contentment on her face. “My darling, that was so wonderful, you were fabulous.”

Nicky beamed with pride, her heart filled with love for this beautiful girl. As she lay in repose on the bench Nicky gently extracted the huge dildo. It was covered in her juices, and it was with great delight that she let Chloe watch her lick and suck it clean. She then looked down; the neatly trimmed bush of fine red hair between her thighs was now matted and sodden, love juice was still seeping from her now red and abused pussy. Nicky bent down and tenderly licked her clean, flicking her tongue gently up her hole and licking her still swollen pussy lips; she then used her nails to carefully groom and untangle her pussy hair. When she was happy that she had returned her lover’s pussy back to its former beauty she sat back with a sigh of satisfaction. She looked up to see Chloe staring at her with an amused smile on her lips.

“Am I tidy enough now?” she asked with a grin.

“As beautiful as ever!” was the reply.

“You are gorgeous!” Chloe said suddenly. “Come here.” And she opened her arms. Nicky slipped onto the bench, and into her waiting embrace. They kissed deeply and lovingly, stroking each other’s hair, and face.

“I think I’m falling in love with you,” said Chloe simply.

“I know I am with you,” said Nicky. “I can’t explain it, but it seems like we’ve been this close for ever, not just the last couple of hours. It’s weird.”

“Nice weird though?”

“Oh, very, very nice weird!”

They both laughed, and snuggled together, both feeling that there was nowhere in the world they would rather be than here at this moment. They sat in contented silence, both girls utterly satisfied, and filled with the warm glow of love. Idly Nicky looked over her shoulder and realised she was sitting opposite that damned mirror again! However this time she did not see a plain chubby girl full of self-loathing, but instead a happy, beautiful, naked girl with attractive womanly curves, her skin glowing as she lay in the arms of her new lover.

“I think my cure is complete,” she murmured to herself happily. And in a childish gesture of defiance she stuck her tongue out at her reflection. “So there! Bye bye old frumpy Nicky!”

As they lay in each other’s arm their attention was unavoidably drawn to what could only be described as the animalistic coupling that was now going on between Adele and her games teacher.

After Miss Shaw had passed the dildo to Nicky she had quickly slipped into the harness of the monster strap-on. Adele had sat back on the bench and spread her legs as wide as possible as Miss Shaw had approached slowly on her knees, kaçak casino the huge black cock standing out from her pubis like a lance. Adele eyed the approaching phallus with a mixture of desire, and mounting fear. It was huge, she felt she was going to be ripped apart, but equally knew she wanted to feel it filling and stretching her near virgin pussy.

She had only been with a boy once, before she had decided that girls were really for her. It had been a drunken fumble after a school disco. His cock had been nice and hard, but could never have been described as huge. He’d only been inside her for about 30 seconds before spilling his load, and that had been enough. Adele had felt like her tiny pussy was being torn then, how would she cope with this?

Miss Shaw now knelt before her, the end of the black cock just inches from her tiny hole. The older woman reached out her hand, rubbed Adele’s clit and then slowly pushed 2 fingers into her pussy. She wiggled them around to get them nicely coated with cunt juices, and then pulled them out to transfer the natural lube to the end of the strap-on.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

Adele nodded her head nervously; she was actually quite terrified, but would never say. Miss Shaw placed the glistening fat head of the cock between her lips and pushed gently. Immediately Adele could feel the entrance to her vagina being stretched open, wider and wider. It started to hurt and she held up her hand. Miss Shaw patiently stopped and waited. Thankfully her body seemed to quickly adapt to the intrusion and the pain subsided. “Carry on,” she whispered. Miss Shaw pushed again slowly, the head now over halfway in. Adele felt she was stretching to the limit, and it was starting to sting. She bit her lip, and tears welled up in her eyes.

“Stop?” said Miss Shaw.

She shook her head and murmured, “Just slow.”

Miss Shaw pushed again, and after a moment more pain, the head slipped inside her, and with blessed relief the entrance to her vagina contracted around the slightly slimmer shaft. Adele let out a sigh of relief.

“Want me to carry on?”

“Oh yes please, it feels good now it’s in; it’s so big though!”

Inch by inch Miss Shaw slipped the thick black rod deeper and deeper into Adele’s tight cunt. Eyes closed Adele could feel it slipping further and further inside of her, stretching her walls like they’d never been stretched before. “How much can I take?” she thought to herself. She felt as though it would reach her womb, and then just keep on going. She felt so full. It wasn’t painful now, or unpleasant, just a strange, and quite erotic sensation. She suddenly realised that Miss Shaw had stopped pushing.

“More! I can take more,” she said.

Miss Shaw laughed and said “That’s the lot, you’ve got it all now, you dirty mare!”

Adele opened her eyes and looked down. She was amazed to see that she had taken the entire length. Her teacher’s crotch was hard against her own, the black pole had disappeared. She was truly impaled!

“God, that’s amazing; never thought I’d do it!” Feeling more confident now and more like her usual cheeky self, she winked at Miss Shaw and said “Get on with it bitch! I thought you were supposed to give me a good fucking!”

The teacher pulled away slowly, but for a moment nothing happened, then with a delicious wet slurping sound the cock slipped back a couple of inches. Both women giggled.

“Good God!” said Miss Shaw, “That is a tight fit.”

Slowly and gently the older woman pushed the cock in and out of Adele’s tight hole. To Adele the feeling was exquisite. To feel every bump and lump on the cock’s surface rubbing up and down on the inside of her pussy was just awesome. From fear and trepidation at the size, Adele’s feeling now swung to delight and passion. It was such an erotic feeling to have this stiff pole sliding up and down inside her.

With every thrust it got easier. Her juices were lubricating it nicely, her pussy was expanding and getting used to the size.

“I think I could take it faster now,” she said. “No! I want it faster and harder now! Oh God, I really really want it!”

Miss Shaw picked up her pace, but the petite Adele could barely stay on the bench; she was being physically pushed backward and forward by the repeated thrusts, and had to cling on to the bench with both hands, which rather distracted from the feelings. Miss Shaw saw the problem.

“Lean forward, put your arms under my armpits, and hold onto my shoulders. It gives us a good firm pivot point, and I can thrust harder and faster…., which is I guess what you want now,” she added with a smile.

Adele did as suggested and found herself in a much better position. She held onto Miss Shaw’s shoulder, and nuzzled her neck with her lips and teeth. Miss Shaw put her hands on her waist and held her firm as she built a nice steady rhythm — in, out, in out… It was beautiful feeling for Adele; she could relax and concentrate on the deliciously erotic feel of the cock pumping in and out of her wanton cunt. As an added bonus, on every thrust forward her teacher’s large firm breasts pummelled her own tiny buds, their nipples banging together to add that extra element of arousal.

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