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The sound of the toilet flushing woke me. Whoever installed those things must have been deaf because they sounded like an airplane taking off. Lindsey slid into bed next to me. Her soft breasts brushed against my chest. I kissed her long and deeply.

She smiled at me and said, “Nothing like that has ever happened to me. No one has ever touched my bottom let alone licked it. You know I’ve never done anything like what you did to me.” She went on to tell me that her husband’s idea of pussy eating was to lap at her cunt (not her clit) until his saliva made her wet enough to push his cock inside. Then about 10 pumps later he was cumming. Then he just rolled off and went to sleep while she just lay there. The only orgasms she had ever had were self induced and then not very intense.

“Until a little while ago the thought of having anyone touch my bottom was disgusting. The thought of ever having sex like that never even crossed my mind. I only had one boyfriend before I was married and all we did was kiss,” she confessed.

“So what did you think about cumming with my cock up your ass?” I asked.

She winced a little at the words but said,”It hurt. No that’s not right. I was frightened. I tensed up and it hurt like hell. When I started to cum and you were suddenly in me I came hard. Then when you pulled me onto you it felt huge. If you stared to… know.” She looked at me.

“If I started fucking you?” I prompted.

“Yes. I’m not comfortable talking like this,” she said with lowered eyes.

I cupped her chin and raised her face. I looked into her eyes and said, “Honey its OK. I do talk this way and you will too. But go on,” I said thinking how amazing it was for her to have my cum in her asshole and to be so demure.

“If you had started…fucking me then it really would have hurt. What were you doing to me? It was incredible!” she exclaimed.

“I’ll do it again if you want. But right now I think you’re a little too sore for that,” I explained.

“I am. But if you wanted to…..” her voice trailed off.

“Not right now, Sweetie. Now you’re going to learn how to suck my cock.”

An hour later I was ready to get one of the gay guys from the wait staff in to show her how to suck cock. She was awful at it. It took me that long to hit upon a way for her to get the idea. Then gradually she began to figure it out. By the time I came again my cock was raw. I held her shoulders as I pumped my cum into her mouth gently thrusting an inch in and out of her mouth. She couldn’t take more than half because she was just that little. When the spasms finally stopped I pulled my cock out. She got up from her knees.

“Where are you goin?” I asked. She just shook her head.

“Stop. Open your mouth.” I told her.

She grimaced a little then open her mouth enough for me to see just how much I came. “Swallow it. Drink it, Lindsey.” I said my voice a command.

She hesitated then swallowed. She opened her mouth slightly. The air hit her tongue and the taste suddenly flooded her senses.

“I will always expect you to swallow my cum, Honey. Remember what I told you about obeying me? You’re going to have a lot of my cum inside of you. If it’s not running down your leg you will have the taste on your lips. Understand?” I asked.

The look she gave me chilled me to the bone. It was not anger, nor resentment. It was endearment. FUCK!

I phoned the kitchen for lunch. The food was enough for three people. I needed to make sure my staff wasn’t wondering where the fuck I was. Now they thought I was hosting lunch for my friends and nobody cared. The 2 bottles of champagne might have raised an eyebrow or two but again nobody really cared.

We ate, we drank we talked and smoked. She was actually 3 years my senior though I thought her no more than 19. She married her husband at 18 and started churning out babies. Suddenly her old man told her she needed a job and out the door she went. They had a nanny for the three kids and a huge house in a very ritzy neighborhood. Why she needed to work was beyond me. I guess her husband really was just an asshole.

Not wanting to use my cock again as it was still pretty raw, I made her lay back on the bed. She was an amazing site. Fine blond baby hair, clear blue eyes and an angelic face. Her lovely pink nipples were almost an inch long and set her beautiful apple sized tits off contrasting her pale skin. Her legs were athletic and firm. Her pussy was classic pink and her lips were perfect. I had never seen aliağa escort such a body in my life.

I nibbled her toes and gradually worked my way to her pussy. When I got there finally she was soaked as was the mattress beneath her. Squirters were unheard of then so I just lick right on down. She sighed and giggled then moaned as I started working on her. I licked her pussy as deep as I could. I tongue fucked her asshole. I licked everywhere but her clit. After 10 minutes her clit was standing out from the folds of her lips. I sat up and took a mouthful of champagne. I went back down engulfing that sweet erect clit while simultaneously thrusting my long middle finger up her ass.

The effect was awesome. The bubbles, cold at first them quickly getting hot from my mouth burst all around her clit. I pumped her asshole with my finger. She grasped the sheets in her fists and screamed so loud I knew somebody had to have heard her. Her whole body convulsed and her nails ripped the sheets and she came over and over. I kept nudging her clit through the bubbles and she jerked and spasmed until she cried out for me to stop. “OMIGOD! OMIGOD! OMIGOD!” she kept saying.

She reached for my half hard cock and I stopped her. “Lindsey until you are on birth control I’m not gonna fuck you. Think you can arrange that?” I asked.

She said she’d try. I knew that probably wasn’t going to happen. How would she explain that to her old man?

“Let’s have a bath, OK?” She nodded.

We soaked and cuddled in the tub. We drank more champagne and talked. It was getting late in the afternoon and I told her she needed to go. We got out of the bath and she put on my robe while she put on her makeup. We talked and I watched her ass through the cloth. She soon saw me watching and said, “Was there something you wanted?”

I saw that she was teasing me so I said, “There is. On your knees.” I pulled the robe from her shoulders exposing her tits and pushed her to her knees. “Get me hard” I told her.

Her new found skills soon had me rock hard. I pulled out of her mouth and told her to wait right there. I got the bottle of olive oil and came back to her.

“Keep sucking Honey but rub this on my balls.” I handed it to her. She fumbled with her mouth full but managed to only spill half the bottle. “Now coat my cock, Baby”

She really got into applying the oil. Stroking me from head to body. Her face was pure interest studying my cock. It occurred to me that she probably never really saw a cock up close before.

I stood her up and bent her over the vanity. I pulled the robe up exposing her ass. I held the head of my cock against her pink puckered asshole. I leaned over her holding her tits in my hands kissing her neck. I leaned forward and her asshole struggled against me. I pushed harder and it slid between her cheeks and up. I pushed her down so her head was on the vanity. I held her hips steady and thrust. Her asshole, still sore from the mornings activity struggled then open. I leaned forward and slowly sunk all the way to the balls in her. “OMIGOD that hurts. Wait wait!” She cried. I stopped letting her get used to it. I savored every twitch, every pulse and every wrinkle of her convulsing ass. I pulled the robe down and grabbed the belt. Using it like a rein I began fucking her ass. Long slow strokes an inch at a time at first then all the way in deep and almost all the way out.

“Uh, uh uh! OMIGOD its too big!” She yelled while I kept the slow steady pace. Getting fucked in the ass for the first can hurt. Getting fucked in the ass for the second time on the same day can hurt more. Getting fucked in the ass standing for the second time ever be even worse…..if you do it wrong.

“Look in the mirror Lindsey,” I demanded. When she saw her face and saw the reaction to getting her asshole stretched I put my hand under her chin and whispered, “Open your mouth like you are sucking me.” She complied.

“That’s how big I’m stretching your asshole right now. Do you like it?”

She sort of grunted. I said, “Do you like it Lindsey?”

“It hurts. OMIGOD it hurts but don’t stop fucking me!” Then she thrust her ass back to meet my thrusts forward. I quickened the pace but not by much. I fondled her tits while deep stroking in her ass. I fucked her ass for nearly 20 minutes and through two of her orgasms. The site of her beautiful ass swallowing my cock was too much. Held her close and twisted her nipples hard. Her asshole clamped down like a vice aliağa escort bayan and I started shooting. Jet after jet of hot sticky cum pumped into her clenching ass and she came one ore time. We stayed like that until we both stopped cumming. My cock was still rock hard in her ass. I kissed her neck and caressed her tits. I straightened up and slowly pulled my cock out of her ass. It was an amazing thing to see. It slammed shut immediately.

She turned and collapsed in my arms. I stroked her back and kissed her. I gently massaged her ass cheeks enjoying the feeling of those wonderful things in my hands. She whimpered a little and I kissed her.

She kissed me hard then gathered her clothes. She kissed me one more time then walked out the door. ************************************************

The following day was fairly busy and I didn’t get a chance to speak to Lindsey until late morning. When I saw her earlier in the day she just kept avoiding eye contact. She caught me talking to one of the other managers and waited until we were done.

“How are you today?” I asked her. As we walked down the hall

“I think I’m in trouble with my husband.” She said.

“Why is that?” I asked stopping.

“He wanted to know why I was eating dinner standing up and didn’t want to sit outside with him near the pool last night” she said with a twinkle her eye. “My ass was sooooooo sore,” she laughed.

“That reminds me. Nothing we do, nothing you learn can be shared with him. When you blow him you do it his way. When he fucks you….”

“Yeah I know,” she interrupted. “Let him slobber all over me and shoot before I’m even ready! No fucking thank you”

I looked at her. Nearly one full minute went by. She squirmed uncomfortable standing there.

“We’ll talk about this later. I’ve got a meeting with some purveyors right now.” I said leaving her there.

A short while later my managers met me after my meeting.

“We gotta talk to you about Lindsey,” the bar manager said.

My heart stopped. “What’s the problem?” I asked.

“She’s a pain in the ass! She re-arranged everything which is great. But she’s like a fucking Nazi. Ever since you made her the admin around here its like she has set rules and everybody better follow them.” the Sous Chef stated.

“So she’s making you guys do what you’re supposed to be doing?” I asked.

“Well yeah but you know how we are. Why usually follow the guidelines…”

“When you have time?” I finished.

Everyone just looked at me.

“OK guys I’ll get Lindsey off your back. Other than that how’s she doing?”

“Great! That was one of the best ideas you ever had. Hell she even took over half of my work,” said the bar manager.

“I’m glad to hear it. Actually I have to find her anyway. Anyone know where she is?”

“Last I saw she was doing wine inventory.”

Wine inventory was a fucking nightmare. We had nearly 3/4 million in bottles. The only good thing about all that counting was that the room was really quiet with muted lighting.

“Shit,” I said for their benefit to a few laughs. I didn’t want anyone thinking that I was anythign but professional with her.

“Be careful. That little woman will kick even your ass if you mess up her bottles,” laughed the men.

Lindsey was already busy counting. Her clipboard and rolling cart with the calculator was next to her. She didn’t looked up when I came in. She said over her shoulder, “I’m counting what do you want?”

“You…. on your knees with my balls in your hands and my cock in your throat,” I said quietly.

She spun around immediately and dropped to her knees. In the most expert use of hands she had my cock out and in her mouth. Her tongue ran under the rapidly hardening head coaxing me to full throb. Her hands massaged my nuts gently.

“Lindsey you learned pretty well. That feels great. Lick my balls.” I groaned at her.

She lifted my cock out of the way and lapped at my full testicles like a cat with a bowl of milk.

I put my hands gently on her snow maned hair and she pulled my cock back into her mouth. She grabbed my root firmly and began bobbing her head taking as much of the hard meat into her mouth. She managed to swallow about half of it before hitting her throat. Not too bad. Suddenly I felt this really weird but wonderful sensation and I realized she was swallowing with my cock in her mouth. The back of her throat squeezed the head of my cock! It escort aliağa was amazing. She started bobbing again and soon had me ready to shoot.

“That is so good Honey. Are you ready for a mouthful?” I asked. She looked up at me with that look again and smiled around my cock. My back arched and the cum boiled up from my balls. She took me back to her throat and did that swallowing thing again. Every time I shot she squeezed again. I pumped cum directly down her throat. She kept swallowing until I was done. She kissed and sucked the head gently getting all the leftover semen from me.

“I really like the way you taste. Its kind of sweet. I could get used to this,” she said looking at me and then at my cock in her hand. “I brought some rubbers”, she said looking at me hopefully.

“Do exactly as I tell you now. Hold my balls and gently squeeze. Keep increasing the pressure until I tell you to stop,” she complied. “OK like that,” I said when she had a good firm grip. More cum appeared from the head.

“Lick that off. Now hold my cock at the base with your thumb and run it all the way up to the tip.” She did that and more cum appeared.

“Now repeat that motion and suck me like you do your husband but SLOWLY”. Soon she had milked all the cum out of me.

I lifted her up and kissed her. I could taste my cum on her tongue. I unbuttoned her short and her panties soon joined them on the floor. I picked her up and sat her on the cart. She lay back and I shoved my cock roughly into her strangely tight cunt. How could any woman be so tight after pushing three kids out of there?

I pumped long hard fast strokes into her little body. She bucked under me and started to moan. I clamped my hand over her mouth and jack hammered her. She was so tight my dick grew numb like I knew it would. I fucked her through two orgasm then slowed down to a gentle pace. I uncovered her mouth and put my hands on her hips just gently thrusting in and out.

“Are you going to cum?” she asked me.

“Not any time soon, Honey. We’re OK for a little bit.”

“Great!” she said. “I’ve been dying to feel you in my pussy.”

I pushed deep inside her and began stroking her clit. She moaned appreciatively and began quivering feeling the orgasm building. I ran my hands over her hips and around to her ass. I took her cheeks in my hands enjoying the feel and using them as leverage to pump her deeply. When I felt her pussy begin to convulse I put my finger in her mouth.

“Make it wet.” I said. She licked and sucked it. I pulled it from her mouth and thrust it into her asshole while thrusting deep inside of her. She gasped at the sudden intrusion and came again. This time her pussy juice flooded my pubic hair and dripped from my balls. I slowly pumped her pussy with my cock and her ass with my finger.

“Oh oh! That is making my ass burn. No don’t take it out I like it. Oh that burns!” she said over and over as she rode the orgasm to its end.

Curious to see what her asshole looked like I turned her over on the cart. Her lovely white cheeks yawned open yearning for attention. She wiggled as I pulled her cheeks apart. Her lovely pink pucker was just as delicious looking as it was the day before. I gave it a tentative lick and she purred her approval. Soon I was feasting on her asshole. She squeezed hard every time my tongue thrust into her. We continued the game of her holding onto my tongue with her ass muscle for a few minutes. If we kept this up I would soon be buried deep in it and I didn’t have that kind of time just then. I gave her ass a swat and stood up.

“Put your shirts back on Sweetie. I’ve got to get out of here.”

“But your cock is still hard,” she pouted.

“We’ll have to save it. Someone could walk in here any second.” I said putting my pants back on.

She complied but you could tell she wanted more. That’s just the way I wanted her. Wanting more and ready to do whatever I wanted.

“I’ll be at the Nightclub tonight with my husband.” she said.

“Which one?” I asked not really caring.

“No I mean the Night Club. The one here.”

“Lindsey you can’t come on the premises when you aren’t working. You know that,” I warned her.

“Chris rented it for the night,” she said referring to her husband.

None of this was good news. I really didn’t need any drama here where I lived and worked. No problem. There were several things I could do that would keep my ass out of the way while they all partied.

“Have fun, Sweetie,” I said.

“You’ll be there tonight?”

“Not if I can help it. Lindsey I really don’t want to meet your husband. I don’t get the impression he’s a good guy. I’d hate for something to happen. I have to work here, remember?” I asked.

“OK. I guess I’ll see you then,” she said as I left the wine room.

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