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The music was beaming out of the speakers, the light shows were incredible, and most of all, the booze was extraordinary. Alexis went over to the bar and ordered another drink, hoping she’d get it quickly, so she could go flirt some more, on the dance floor. She knew that she was the centre of attention, that night. While most guys probably didn’t want anything better than fuck her as soon as they could, the girls fought the urge to strangle this hot chick who pulled all the attention towards her. Dressed in some blue low hip jeans, and a black wife-beater that didn’t exactly cover much, the black haired girl had a lot of succes in the most exclusive club of L.A., called Starz.

She bent over the counter, hoping to catch a glimpse from one of the bartenders, while she involuntarily showed off her cleavage to whoever was at the other side of the counter. All of a sudden, an astonishing redheaded vamp grinned at her, as she snapped her fingers in front of Alexis’ face.

“Can I do anything for you?” She smiled, as Alexis finally noticed her.

“Oh, erm – yeah. A ‘Screaming Orgasm’, if you have that.”

“One screaming orgasm, coming up.” The cute female bartender grinned.

Barely a few moments later, Alexis found a delicious cocktail in front of her. She pulled out her money out of her purse, and looked into the eyes of the girl in front of her.

“How much do I owe you?”

“This one’s from the house.” The girl winked.

Intrigued by the kindness of this –sexy- person, Alexis stood still for a moment. She cast a peek at the girls’ face, as she served another customer already. The same polite smile. She shrugged, and looked again at the mass on the dance floor, who were eagerly grinding against each other, hoping they’d end up somewhere getting laid.

For some reason, Alexis didn’t find herself pretty interested anymore in the people on the dance floor, who were trying to impress whoever was watching them. She took a large sip from the drink, and turned back to the counter. She could as well go have some fun with this bartender chick. She was bisexual, and according to her gaydar, the other girl was quite into women as well. She waved and motioned the girl to come closer. The redhead grinned and leant over the counter, as Alexis brought her lips as close as she could to the ginger haired beauty’s ear.

“When does your shift end?” She half-yelled, trying to overcome the noise.

“In about 5 minutes. Why?”

“I was thinking to go some place else, maybe you want to go too?”

“Sure. Who’s coming?”

“I was more thinking in just you and me.”

The redhead pulled away and gave Alexis a frowning look, and for one terrible moment, she thought her gaydar casino oyna had failed her – for the first time ever. Fortunately, the redhead grinned immediately, and nodded.

“Meet me in the back alley in 10.”

Without another word, she turned around and walked to another bartender, probably explaining him the situation. Alexis saw the guy smiling and then nodding, as her prey for tonight disappeared through the employers’ door. The hot brunette finished her drink, and quickly went to the bath room, making sure she looked okay. One peek from her blue eyes into the mirror, confirmed her thoughts. She looked stunning. Her black hair was stylish and jet-straight until her ears, where it lightly spiked into every possible direction. Her make-up was still perfect, just as the rest. She quickly popped a chewing gum into her mouth, and left the bath room.

She made her way to the exit, tipped the door guy, which she knew from her previous visits, and almost ran towards the back alley. No bartender to be seen. She cursed herself for acting so childishly nervous. After all, she was 21, she had has enough experience. She leaned against the brick wall on the opposite of the back door of the club, as she peeked at her watch frequently.

Exactly when she started to grow very impatient, the door got swung open, and the red haired girl appeared, looking even better than before in the bar. Her red curls cascaded to her shoulders, and she had added some make-up, clearly, causing her emerald green eyes to sparkle even more. Alexis scanned the girls’ body properly for the first time now. She was nicely curved, and her ass was absolutely marvellous. She was still half-drooling as the girl approached her and kissed her cheek lightly.

“Hi gorgeous.”

Another grin from cute bartender girl. Alexis smiled, and managed to reply the girl.

“Hey, erm… I’m Alexis, but you can call me Alex, if you want to.”

“Sure, I’m Tamara., by the way.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Another grin got flashed from the ginger haired girl, as she led the other one out of the alley. She walked to a car, and opened it from a distance. Alexis looked at the girl quite confused, as she didn’t know what was going to happen next.

“We go to my place, it’s peaceful. And such.” The redhead grinned.

Alexis got into the car, and Tamara showed her driving skills, causing them to be at her place in less than five minutes. Without saying a word, Tamara took Alexis’ hand and guided her to her apartment, on the first floor of some pretty looking building. Alexis decided it was for the best to let the other girl take the lead – temporally.

“You live nice.” Alexis stated, admiring Tamara’s classy taste of the apartment.

“Thanks. canlı casino Want a drink? Vodka perhaps? Pure, on the rocks, with orange juice?”

“Screwdriver’s fine.”

Tamara went to the kitchen, quickly preparing the desired drinks. A minute later, she stood in the middle of her living room again, giving her guest her cocktail, as they seated themselves in the couch. Tamara pulled in her legs and laid comfortable on the couch, as she kept looking at the beautiful raven haired girl in front of her. She smiled and finished her drink, while Alexis drank up hers too. Tamara took her glass and put it down on the table, together with hers.

The redhead decided that it was about time there was going to be some action. She rudely sat herself astride on Alexis’ lap, threw her arms around the girls’ neck, and brushed her lips against Alexis’s a nanosecond after. She innerly yelled from pleasure, as she felt the beauty she was sitting on, lay her hands on her hips and kiss her back vigorously.

Alexis felt herself become excited as the redhead snaked her tongue into her mouth, playing with the soft hair in her neck meanwhile. The black haired girl moved her hands to the front of Tamara’s vest, and unbuttoned it in a rush, discovering the redhead wasn’t wearing anything but a bra underneath it. Alexis smiled and bit her bottom lip, as she stood up, holding the other girl closely.

Tamara wrapped her legs around her new lovers’ waist and huskily moaned as Alexis pulled her close against her own crotch. The redhead got loose out of Alexis’ embrace, and grabbed the smaller girls’ hand, pulling her into her bedroom quickly. She pushed the girl upon the bed, almost jumped on her, and tugged at the girls’ T-shirt, obviously wanting it off. Alexis immediately obeyed, while Tamara undid her trousers, closely followed by her own. They continued to strip off their clothes until they were bare naked.

For a single second, both girls breathed heavily without knowing what to do next, as Alexis suddenly grinned and rolled over Tamara, her face close to the other girls’.

“Do you trust me?”

It came out as a husky whisper, but Tamara knew that she was prepared to let this girl do whatever she wanted, as long as she’d get her pleasure from it too. She nodded briefly, and Alexis reached over to one of Tamara’s night gowns which were hanging against some cram in the wall. She pulled a scarf out of it, and climbed back upon the bed. She gently tied it around one of Tamara’s wrists, then wrapped it around the girls’ neck, and finally bended it at the girls’ other wrist, causing Tamara to be unable to move her hands much, without literally strangling herself.

The redhead already kaçak casino felt herself become wet, from all this new sensational excitement. Alexis laid herself in between the ginger haired girls’ legs, and started to caress the girls’ breasts, occasionally biting and pinching Tamara’s pink nipples, while she licked her way around them. Tamara started to whimper already, feeling terribly helpless that she couldn’t do much about the ticklish sensation that captured her body.

Alexis continued kissing her way down the other girls’ body, flicking her tongue around the girls’ belly button, and finally ending up against the girls’ thighs. She spread Tamara a bit wider open, and stroked the girls’ upper legs gently, as she teasingly blew some cold air on the girls’ wet spot. Tamara let out a husky groan, frustrated the dark haired chick was taking it slow.

Alexis grinned and put her head in between Tamara’s legs, as she started to lap the girls’ pussy as an expert, letting her slick tongue tip stroke the girls’ clitoris. Meanwhile, she moved one of her own hands to her own cunt, which was wet as well, because of the hot sight in front of her. How longer she licked Tamara, how hornier she felt herself become, and she felt herself reach orgasm, while Tamara’s stuffed moans clearly indicated the same.

The black haired girl noticed her redheaded lover was about to cum, so she crawled upon her, and laid with one leg between Tamara’s, pushing it upon her crotch as the both came. Right then, Alexis entwined her fingers with the girls’ underneath her, and all of a sudden… She pulled the girls’ hands apart.

Tamara’s eyes shot open wide, as her air supply got cut off, caused by the fact Alexis had pulled her hands, which were tied expertly, apart. The redhead felt a slight panic taking over her, as Alexis kept looking at her in a calm way. The fact she was actually choking and cumming in the same time, caused the ginger haired girl to experience the whole situation, increased with a factor of 10. She saw lil’ stars exploding right behind her eyes, and her body tried to react on the choking, bucking and spasm as much as it could. But since Alexis laid on top of her, that didn’t work out too well either.

Finally, Alexis let go of Tamara’s hands. The girl immediately sat up and started coughing, as Alexis calmly released her of her bounds. She shushed the girl and guided her down on her chest, stroking the auburn hair lightly.

“You did well. Did you like it?”

Tamara nodded, obviously worn out. Alexis kissed the feverish lips of the girl she had just fucked, and flashed her a grin.

“I might want to introduce you to some guys I know. I’m sure we would have a great time.”

She snickered once again, knowing that she’d take Tamara to meet them the day after. It’d be another hot experience, in which she’d be able to get both hot jizz-filled cocks, and the pussy of this girl. She couldn’t wait already.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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