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This story, though based on fact, has been written to entertain and, hopefully, turn on the reader. At the time it happened neither AIDS nor Herpes had come on the scene and the worst STD could be cured within 2 days. Things now are different and I would not encourage casual sex without a condom. As for the content of the story, if you dislike it, don’t read it. If you are underage, or have a religious or moral objection to stories of sex between consenting adults, do not read this story!

For the enlightened others, I very much hope you enjoy yourselves.

I stared at her totally unresponsive body.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck, oh God, oh shit! I’ve killed her.” I remember muttering to myself in panic.

I pinched her earlobe hard in response to a vague memory, she didn’t even twitch.

It all started earlier on that same night when I picked her up in a bar. At that time (the early eighties) if you wanted to go bar hopping in Bangkok but wanted to avoid the tourists you went to ‘Soi Cowboy.’ This was a small bar area just off Sukhumvit road between Soi 21 and Soi 23. She was a hostess in a bar which specialized in running pirated copies of the latest Hollywood movies (nothing much changes). I was young and horny, she was cute, cheerful and happy to spend the night with me. Negotiations with the bar took no time at all and we were on our canlı bahis way.

When we got back to the hotel we hopped straight from the shower into bed, the sex was energetic and thoroughly enjoyable. It’s so much better when the girl is totally enjoying it too. Once the first edge of horniness was off, and the obligatory shower was out of the way, we started to talk. Unlike most of the girls at the time her English was very good. She told me how turned on it had made her that I had eaten her pussy. I hadn’t known that the Thai Buddhists considered the head a sacred area, it suddenly dawned on me that this was the reason so few Thai girls at the time gave head. She said that was why she had pushed my head away when she got close to orgasm, it was far too dirty a thing to carry on with. I told her I would love to eat her cum and, in fact, would clean her up after I next filled her pussy.

Her eyes got wide and her pussy clenched wetly on my playing fingers. “You would do that for me?” She asked in astonishment.

“Anytime you like.” I told her quietly.

She moaned, then rolled against me and we started kissing again. Meanwhile the glimmer of an idea began to take root in my head.

After a while I worked my way down to her now soaking cleft, she moaned softly and pulled my face tightly to her by my hair. One of the most appealing things to me about Asian bahis siteleri women is the almost obsessive attention they give to personal hygiene, her pussy was sweet, clean and delicious. It was only a few minutes later that she was pushing hard on my forehead to stop me as the waves of her orgasm threatened to overwhelm her. I allowed her to push me away and knelt on the bed to allow my aching cock access to her moist heat.

I would love to be able to boast that we fucked for hours. Truth to tell, she was so enthusiastic and agile it was probably no more than around 15 minutes. She had what seemed like a couple of mini orgasms and I finally came so hard I felt I was turning myself inside out.

This time I managed to catch her before she ran for the shower. I kissed her and held her and told her to wait ’til we cooled down a little. Slowly my little play kisses turned more serious, our passions started to grow again and her urge for the shower grew more desperate.

“Oh no, Baby.” I told her. “First I have to do something for you.”

Her eyes got suddenly wide. “OH no, not that!” She cried almost in panic. “It’s too dirty!”

I smiled to myself smugly as I slid down her perfect body. I slid my arms under her legs and grabbed her wrists, she seemed almost mesmerized by what I was about to do. Holding eye contact I dipped my head slowly towards her bahis şirketleri pussy, and the combination of my cum and hers that was now drooling out. As if she finally realized what was about to happen she ripped one wrist free and tried to push me away.

“Noooo, please no!” she cried. But I was now beyond stopping.

I started with little licks of her pretty clit, it was like a marble rolled in oil, and it tasted divine. As I moved lower and started to suck our juices from her she went berserk. She was leaping around the bed like a fish out of water, pushing desperately at my head and crying wildly in Thai. I hung on grimly and stuck my tongue as far inside her as it would go. That did it, she gave two mighty shudders, almost throwing me off, then went totally limp.

That was when I thought I had killed her.

After around 5 minutes I finally thought to check her breathing, to my absolute relief she was very, very gently breathing in and out. The night that was one of the longest nights of my life, I daren’t sleep in case she stopped breathing, every few minutes I had to check. Sometime after dawn I must have finally dropped off as I woke to her kissing me enthusiastically a little later on.

She must have told the other girls in the bar as I became very popular in there for the rest of my holiday and had many offers of a free “jig-a-jig”. I didn’t take the girls up on it as I owed my girl a lot, and it would not have been fair to her. I never went back to Thailand, for various reasons. But I have never forgotten the girl I “Killed”, I wonder if she ever thinks of me?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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