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Jenny was spending a Saturday evening at her parents’ house contemplating an early night. This was not the usual state of affairs but it had been a long trip and she was keen to counteract any effects from jetlag that might interfere with the wild, reunion sex she had planned. Despite not being hungry, she had eaten and had a couple of glasses of wine and now she could feel herself dropping off to sleep on the sofa. It was only 7.30. If she could just stay awake for another two hours or so, she would be able to go to bed and stand a decent chance of sleeping right through the night.

An alert on her phone disturbed her thoughts. It was set to vibrate. Her mother was suspicious of the number of messages she received and Jenny didn’t want to stimulate any further interest. Surreptitiously, she looked at the screen. She was disappointed to see that it was a private number and not from whom she had hoped would be trying to get in touch. Curiosity got the better of her though and she opened the message

“I think you should tell them you are tired and need to go home.”

Jenny considered this. She had little doubt about the identity of her mystery caller, despite the subterfuge of a private number. She was tired, it was true. Surely it would do no harm to go to bed now and wake a little earlier tomorrow?

Rising from the sofa, Jenny thanked her parents for dinner and told them she couldn’t stay awake any longer. Declining her father’s offer to accompany her on the short walk back to her house, she put on her jacket and set out for home. There was a chill in the air, a marked contrast to the warmth she had experienced for the past fortnight, and by the time she reached her front door she felt more invigorated, no longer sleepy.

Wondering whether a bath might help her feel more ready for bed, Jenny went straight upstairs and into the bathroom to turn on the tap. She checked the temperature and moved to her bedroom to undress, pausing to admire her recently acquired tan in the mirror. Her left hand moved across her body and she cupped her right breast in it, squeezing gently as she moved her middle finger to the centre and flicked her hardening nipple. She liked what she saw.

Purposefully, she returned to the bathroom and shut off the tap. Back in the bedroom, she resumed her earlier pose and gently played with her breasts as she watched and imagined what it would look like if she were to record the scene for a ‘home movie’. Without taking her eyes off her reflection, she leant back against the chest of drawers and moved her right hand to cover the downy mound at the top of her legs. Seeking confirmation of what she already knew, she pushed her fingers between her lips, past her insistent clitoris and straight into her wet and welcoming pussy. Despite her prior knowledge, she let out an involuntary gasp of pleasure as her fingers slid slowly in and out. Maintaining pressure and movement on her clit, she imagined a big, hard cock replacing her fingers. Briefly, she considered what her work colleagues might think if they were to see her now, no longer the respectable primary school teacher, but these thoughts were soon banished as she came suddenly, pushing her bottom back against the cold, hard surface of the chest, knocking over the framed photograph in the continued aftermath of that initial surge of pleasure. Finally, she closed her eyes.

She was certainly not tired now but liked the idea of continuing latin sex tapes porno her fun in the bath, so she approached the bed and turned down the duvet in readiness for later.

On the sheet was a smart, grey business type pinafore. She pulled back the duvet and examined further. Black high heeled shoes with a concealed platform, black stockings and a matching dark blue lace bra and thong set. This was the surprise she had secretly been hoping for! Smiling to herself she dressed quickly, smoothing out the stockings and pushing her feet into the new shoes. She assessed the effect in the mirror, turning both ways to check the profile before turning completely around and looking back to see what she looked like from behind. The dress was a little longer than she would have selected and her overall appearance was, she thought, demure rather than provocative but by now she was unconcerned with how she looked. She was eager for sex and adventure and couldn’t wait to see how the rest of her evening would develop.

Still standing by her side of the bed, she heard a noise from the far side, under the mirror. She watched astonished as a figure entirely covered in a hooded, white decorator’s overall revealed himself and stood up. His face was covered by a plain white mask that concealed all expression. She found the hidden identity exciting, the thought that she might be giving herself to a complete stranger.

“Have you been there the whole time?” she questioned and immediately realised the obvious nature of her question. He would have seen everything in the mirror. Everything. Raising a latex gloved finger to plastic lips he silenced her and moved round the bed displaying the handcuffs in his other hand. Without being told, she offered her wrists to him. Next he produced an airline issue eye mask and placed it over her head.

He left her standing there for around 2 minutes while Jenny fantasised about what was to follow. She felt him take both her hands in his and followed his lead as he coaxed her in one direction, then another, spinning her round a few times until she was completely disorientated, lost in her own house. She was aware of him securing something to the cuffs and then her hands were pulled upwards, coming to rest above her head. Roughly, her dress was pushed up above her hips and her new thong dragged to the floor. She knew he was kneeling in front of her, looking at her closely, drinking her in with his eyes but she needed touched now and she willed him to release her from sexual tension. Firm hands pushed her ankles apart and she felt his tongue as it probed her lips and settled on her clitoris. She came immediately, her legs giving way and momentarily she took all her weight on her cuffed hands. There was no respite. It was if he hadn’t even noticed. Urgently, persistently, his tongue continued to work and Jenny thrilled as a second and third orgasm merged to leave her whole body quivering.

Jenny was desperate to taste him, feel his kisses, to take him in her mouth. As he released her from the overhead restraint, she murmured in his ear

“Let me do you now, please,”

but there was no response as she was led to the bed, knelt down and bent over the edge. Three short, sharp slaps that made her buttocks sting, broke the silence.

“You will speak when I ask you to,” he said softly.

Jenny allowed herself to be pulled back up on to her feet and felt her lezbiyen porno handcuffs being removed. She stood compliantly whilst he unzipped her dress and removed it. She was curious as to why he replaced her thong but wasn’t in a mood to question his wishes. With a minimum of fuss she let him help her into what appeared to be a coat and stood still as he buttoned it up, enjoying the sensation of the silk lining against her skin. He moved in close,

“We are now going downstairs,” he breathed.

Trying to move her hands in front of her to assist her progress, Jenny was surprised to find that the sleeves of the coat had somehow been fastened to the body and she remained securely restrained. She would have to rely entirely upon him to negotiate the stairs safely. She put all her trust in him and slowly, precariously atop her high heels, they arrived intact at the front door. At this point, he seemed to put glasses over her blindfold and then he placed speaker buds in her ears. She was a little frightened when it became evident they were not going into the living room but despite her reticence, there was no choice but to follow as he led her out of the front door.

When they reached the pavement, he had to encourage her to walk forward and put his arm around her waist to guide her safely to the nearby car. Protecting the top of her head with his hand, he helped her in to the low seat waiting for her, swivelling her ankles round to face the front. She leant back and kept going. The seat was fully reclined. In a moment, she heard him getting in the driver’s side and smelled his scent as he leant across and fastened her seat belt. Soft music filled her head as whatever device was attached to her was switched on. The engine fired up and she gave up trying to anticipate his next move as they pulled away from the kerb.

For twenty minutes, she listened to music and heard the sound of traffic mixed with acceleration and deceleration noises from the car she was in. She had begun to relax a little, even started to doze off again when she realised that they were slowing down and stopping. Without any preamble she felt him unfasten the bottom buttons of her coat and push his hand inside the dainty lace V of her thong. There was no delicacy in his approach but she loved the aggressive almost violent manner in which he was bringing her to certain climax. Suddenly, he stopped. She felt him unfasten her seat belt, pull her upper body across the handbrake and push her head down into his lap. Blindly, she took his cock into her mouth and gave a sharp intake of breath as he pushed his fingers back inside her. He was hard in her mouth. She kept her mouth wet and worked her neck muscles to move up and down his shaft. Helplessly, she came and with a fleeting embarrassing thought, felt sure her little thong must be soaking by now. In her head she urged him to come, increasing her tempo, moaning a little as she encouraged him to shoot in her mouth. In frustration, she struggled against the coat as she felt him withdraw and fasten her back in the seat.

A further twenty minutes later, she realised that the car was coming to a halt on a gravel surface. It pulled up abruptly and the driver got out. She heard her door being opened and moved to allow him to unfasten her seat belt and help her out. He removed her headphones. She had no idea where she was.

“I want some photographs,” he said gruffly, and she felt her heels liseli porno sinking in the gravel as he guided her along the driveway. Unfastening her coat and pushing it back over her shoulders, she was aware of him then moving around her and pausing to use his camera. Next the coat was stripped from her entirely. Her hands were now free but she still felt under his complete control and she made no attempt to remove the blindfold. He took one of her hands and thrust it into her thong. She felt her slickness and teased her clitoris as he took more photographs. He unfastened her bra and removed it, pushing her other hand down to join in stimulating her pussy. The cold night air was evident on her nipples and she felt a heightened sense of excitement as her arms pushed her breasts together. As wantonness overcame her she pulled her best poses and rubbed herself vigorously, continuing to stroke as a lengthy orgasm consumed her.

Desperate now to feel him inside her, she was led over to what she presumed was the door of a building and felt her hands being pressed against its cold exterior. He then pulled her feet back till she was bent to almost 90 degrees at the waist and pulled her thong down to her knees, revealing her white cheeks, showing up against her tanned legs in the moonlight. He seemed less preoccupied with photography now and she pushed back against him enthusiastically as he pumped his fingers into her, slapping her exposed bottom with each thrust.

Any pretence at calm was now gone as he pulled her away from the door across a further expanse of gravel. Her heels sunk further into the ground as they moved onto a grassy area. The measured care of earlier was abandoned as she was pushed down onto her knees in front of him. His erection slapped against her cheek and she dared to reach up, grip it and direct it into her mouth. She could feel it throbbing, pulsing blood through it as she worked the base with her hand and sucked the head and upper section. She shoved her other hand between her thighs and rubbed frantically, quickly achieving a noisy orgasm that was somewhat stifled by the cock in her mouth. She loved having his cock in her mouth, loved tasting his cum but it had been a fortnight and she wanted to feel him pushing his penis into her and clenching her muscles round him as he came.

She lay back in the wet grass and shivered as the chill hit her. She spread her legs and pulled her knees upwards. He needed no further encouragement. Jenny loved the sensation as he entered her and sought to establish a rhythm quickly as he pushed deep inside, at first matching his steady strokes and then increasing the tempo as his thrusts became more insistent and frenzied. With a final primitive lunge, he drove into her and she felt the heat spread between her legs as he released himself, emptying his cum into her.

It was too cold to lie on the grass and although she missed the dead weight of him, spent, pinning her down, she was glad when he stood up and helped her into her coat again. Her sleeves were now free and she pushed her hands into the pockets to discover her discarded underwear. He removed her blindfold but her eyes struggled to adjust in the darkness and she was unable to make out his features. At the foot of the drive there was a car with headlights on. He set off towards it, directing her half a pace ahead of him.

At the car, he opened the rear door and assisted her as she climbed in. He went round to the driver’s door and gave the man behind the wheel her address and the necessary fare.

As the taxi moved off and Jenny sat naked under her coat, she knew that tomorrow he would not acknowledge that this had ever happened. Sometimes, even she wondered if it had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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