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Anna woke up to the remembrance of a wonderful night. She stretched luxuriously and smiled to herself. With a contented sigh she stood up. The warm morning sun breached the glass barrier that was between them and softly illuminated her pale skin. It painted beautiful shadows on her body and gently warmed her. It caught in her hair and the scattered light painted each strand a delicate gold color. Her warm amber eyes reflected some of the gold. Without realizing it Anna unconsciously became a canvas and the sun’s rays a paintbrush held by a master hand. She slowly, cat-like walked to her bathroom and took a shower. The warmth of the water brought to mind the warmth she had experienced just a few hours before. Closing her eyes she remembered.

… Ring Ring….Bring…Ring Ring…Br… “Hello,” the groggy voice was Anna’s. She glanced at her clock radio and thought to herself, “Who in the world would call now?”

“Hi Anna its Levi.” A warm soft southern drawl assaulted her senses and Anna immediately woke up.

“Levi? Oh my gosh. How are you?” Anna smiled to herself. Every time she heard his voice her body responded to it. To her his voice was like warm, melted butter on freshly popped popcorn. They chatted for a bit and Anna could not help but begin to touch herself. She ran her fingers lightly across her stomach, grazing the nails against her skin. Lazily her index finger dipped into her belly button that graced a pretty mofos porno stomach. The finger with its oval light pink nail then traced its way up to her breasts and finally rested in her mouth. She sucked a little and then moved her hand back down to her breasts. Very carefully she touched her nipples and felt them spring to life. The sensation felt so wonderful that she moaned.

“Is everything ok Anna?” Levi’s concerned voice filtered into her mind. Surprised she said yes a little to quickly. Anna was mortified and hoped that he did not know what she had been doing, but Levi did know. If she could have seen him she would have caught sight of his devastating smile and eyes that twinkled with a plan. He wanted to hear this woman moan again and he was going to make it happen.

“Anna, don’t stop. Please continue and tell me what you are doing.”

Anna was startled again, but a slow smile spread across her face. She and Levi had cybered once, but nothing else had ever happened. She thought to herself that she would love to make him cum, and she took him up on his request. Telling him everything she was doing she spread her legs and placed a pillow under her hips. Her hands massaged her thighs and flowed up in twin paths over her curves to her breasts. She cupped and kneaded them. On the other end of the phone, Anna could hear Levi’s breathing become heavy and she smiled to herself.

She continued touching naughty america porno herself. Her smooth slightly rounded stomach felt good to her hands and she used her nails to cause sensations to rip through her body. Anna began to moan and she felt her juices begin to flow. Her thighs parted and Anna let a single finger dip into her well. It was full of smooth fluids and she gasped as she began to stroke herself. Her pussy felt like warm silk to her sensitive fingertips and she basked in the joy of touching her soft folds. Soon though the simple joy of touching transferred to the joy of being touched. Anna concentrated on what her finger felt like to her pussy and began to feel herself tighten. Smiling she breathed out to Levi. “Levi honey, I am going to touch my pretty clit. Oh its so hard. Don’t you wish you could see it? It’s very pretty.” That last part had been a stroke of genius on her part. She had placed a small mirrored compact between her legs, and found that she was very turned on watching what she was doing to herself.

Levi moaned and listened to the devastating things that Anna was saying. He knew he wanted her and his hands began to stroke his hard cock. It felt so good. His hand began to pump up and down and he sighed as he listened to Anna’s soft voice moaning and describing in great detail what she was doing. He began to pump faster, but slowed a bit realizing that he wanted to public agent porno cum with her. He silently prayed that she would place her fingers in her cunt and gasped with pleasure when her sweet voice came across the wires, “Levi I have my index finger in me… oh honey it feels so good.

Wiggling around as deep as it will go. Oh I am so wet. Dripping. Mmmm it tastes so good. Honey with my finger in me like this I can place another in my ass would you like that sweetie? Hmm do you want me to fuck my ass and my cunt with my fingers?”

Levi gasped. Imagining Anna on her back with her fingers shoved into her ass and cunt almost blew his mind. He hoped Anna was going to cum soon, because he knew he couldn’t take much more. His hand pumped up and down over his cock and in the back of his mind he was surprised how hard he was. Anna could hear Levi gasping and moaning. She could her his bed springs working as he fucked his hand. Her body began to tighten and she thrust once then twice more. She came suddenly loud and long. Levi heard her wild cry and he too came spurting long trails of sticky semen over his stomach and bed. A few minutes went by and Anna thought to herself how wonderful that had been.

She lay on her bed her fingers pumping in and out of her sopping cunt while Levi on the other end of the phone played with his limp penis… Anna came back to the present with a sigh. Her mind began to work, and in the space of a few minutes she knew that very soon she was going to call Levi, and invite him to come over. Anna smiled a slow smile as she looked into the small compact she had used just a few hours previously.

“That way he can actually see me,” she thought to herself.

The End?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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