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Big Tits

You’ve been waiting for this….I can tell. You’ve been wanting me, desiring me to touch you, kiss you, please you in the way that only I am capable of doing…you need me…..Don’t worry I’m here now and I’m gonna do all of that and more…..

I watch your timid frame stand there in nervousness. You’re scared…don’t be….I’m not going to hurt you. I’m here to make your body feel things that you’ve never in your life experienced. After tonight you will know exactly what I mean. I wish you would just come to me but you don’t…guess I have to come to you then….

I smile and lick my lips as I approach you. I see your eyes on my mouth. You’re probably having all types of thoughts running through your head but don’t worry, these lips are at your service tonight.

I brush my lips against your’s, you shudder and back away from me. Where are you going baby? Don’t run……please don’t run….matter of fact, you can’t run from me baby….I wont let you. You want me and I am here to give you what you want….

Now where can we do this…..right here on this table….hope no one’s planning on using this table to eat on besides me….

I see that smile you’re trying to hide. Go ahead and hide it. Soon you’ll be moaning and saying my name involuntarily. Now sit on this table for me….open czech couples porno your legs so I can get between them…..yeah baby, just like that….I told you not to be scared. Damn you smell good….. Your neck ma, it’s callin me…

My tongue on your neck….mmh….your skin is sweet. You like that….my tongue on your neck? It feels good doesn’t it? Good…..

Loosen up baby. You know why I’m here….to please you remember…..

I’m movin down now to those perfect breast of yours….. Wait?!……what do you mean wait?…..I can’t do that baby. Just let me handle this.

I lick down between your breast….. Damn boo, your heart is pounding fast. I see you looking up at me with your teeth pressed down into your bottom lip. Slowly your tenseness is fading. I still need you to let go completely, that won’t be a problem though….

I focus back in on your chest, teasing it with my tongue, letting it slide across those round and steady rising and falling mounds. I’d kiss those two jewels standing at attention for me but you aren’t ready for that yet. I’m more captured by the pounding in your chest. I caused that and it intrigues me to know that I can get you that worked up. Aside from the wetness that I know is forming between your thighs, your heartbeat is czech estrogenolit porno the next best thing……

I have to be close to it. This shirt is getting in the way and so it’s gone. My chiseled frame is now pressed against your body, bringing us to the closeness I want us to have. But we can be closer…..My mouth hovers over that beating spot on your chest for a brief moment and then it connects. Sucking, my tongue moves on your skin in a way that can only be described as wavelike. I hear you moaning quietly in an attempt to hide from me what is obvious….you want me……

This….this isn’t going to work. You’re body in such close vicinity to mine is driving me crazy. I’m trying to hold out but for how long can I do it. It won’t be that much longer because now I need you. Those hips are calling me…I’m sorry but we have to take this farther baby. Lay back for me…..don’t be scared just do it. You want it and I need it….lay back….good girl. Now I’m gonna get you out of these clothes. I’ll leave you in your shirt so you can be comfortable but those pants….the pants have to go and those panties too. Damn baby….you’re soaked….and you smell good. Bet you taste even better…we’ll save that for later. Right now I need your body but I still need to get czech experiment porno out of the rest of my clothes….there, now nothing is in my way. I can make love to you just how you want me to….open your legs wider for me baby. It’s time for me to slip myself inside of you…..

…..shit…damn your tight….and wet….I love this feeling. You and I can stay like this forever……and….out…I move inside of you….Touch me baby. Put those soft hands on my back, rub it, scratch it if you have to. This is all for you….I need to know you like it baby….there you go baby…get into it.

I hear you moaning aloud now. You can’t help it…I told you that you wouldn’t be able to hold it in. You’re body is responding to me and it was only a matter of time before you responded vocally…….Shit…..What’s my name……Say it baby…..and again…..again….and again….I’m the one doing this to you. I’m making you moan in pleasure. Only I can do this to you….you’re mine.

….you want me to speed it up….You’re close aren’t you?…..Yea you are baby….I can feel it. Damn do I feel it…..I can make you cum…. I want you to. Cum for your man. Cover me with that sweetness…..damn you’re beautiful when you cum. Now I’m going to cum inside of you…You want that don’t you?…I know you do……I bury my face into your neck and thrust into you until I grunt and finally explode inside of you….damn girl. Do you see what you do to me?

We lay in each others arms, with your head on my chest. My mission is complete now. You got yours and I got mine. Most importantly you’re mine now……you’re mine…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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