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We sit together outside, doing nothing as usual, just talking. The sun is just going down over the woods in the distance, and the balmy summer night sets in. I am quiet, and I close my eyes and just feel the night around us.

Your presence sends chills down my spine, having you so close I can feel your every breath is intoxicating. I cross my arms under my breasts, because otherwise they would surely be wrapping around you right now. I don’t want to push you away. I sit and listen to you, but I am lost in my own thoughts. I uncross my arms, and lean back, tilting my head toward the sky, keeping my eyes closed, and just feeling the moonlight on my face.

It’s so hard, not to simply reach for you. I get to thinking, why not? Why shouldn’t I?

Dammit, woman, if you don’t do it now, when will you?

And with that thought, I sit up suddenly and look into your eyes. I reach out a finger and place it over your lips, then my hand caresses your cheek, sliding round to hold the back of your head as I lean into you and kiss you softly.

Oh, the taste of your lips, that taste I have waited so long for. Just this one taste is enough to make sparks run through me all the way to my core. I ignite with desire for you, finally daring myself to hope that the longing inside me may finally be released. What’s more amazing is the way your arms enfold me and pull me into your lap, kissing me with the same abandon that is now creeping into my lips. I am hungry for more, to taste more, and I moan as you pull me tight against you. I melt into your embrace, your hands holding me, the feel of your body pressed against mine, oh, God, it’s almost too much. My hands run over your chest, down your sides, wanting to touch all czech amateurs porno of you at once. I reach around and work my hands underneath your shirt and up your back, needing to feel your skin, then back to caress your shoulders and down your belly, stopping to tug at your pierced nipple.

I pull away then, and sit on my knees in front of you, staring straight at your eyes. I hope you can see my need for you in mine, as I sit there breathless and a little scared. I know I could let myself go completely now. I hope you know you have me now.

You reach toward me, and pull me close again. “I love you,” you whisper into my ear, as I wrap first one, then the other leg around your waist and sit between your legs, sure to brush my pussy against your growing cock in your jeans. “I know,” I reply, and kiss you again, this time almost savagely, and I grind into you. I want to be sure you can feel my desire for you, even through our clothes. I can feel it, making my legs start to shake and my breathing quicken. The night is suddenly hotter than it has any right to be.

You’re stroking my breasts now, and as you grab my nipple, I throw my head back and arch my back, pressing against you. I reach out and start pulling your t-shirt up over your head, tossing it to the side. I lay my head against your bare chest, feeling your warmth and listening to your breaths as they come faster and faster. I kiss my way across your collarbones, then up your neck, and I lick the back of your ear, letting my tongue travel back down your neck and to your nipple. I nibble a bit, and play with the ring with my tongue, and all the while I am slowly rubbing my hands lower and lower on your body until I czech bitch porno rest them just inside your waistband.

Your hands are inside my shirt now, and unhooking my bra, and as my breasts are freed you bring one to your lips, kissing and sucking gently, until I push up into your mouth and squeal when you reward me with a rough little bite. I pull my shirt and bra off over my head and get back onto my knees, still straddling your lap as I slowly rock back and forth on your cock. You grab me and pull me down to you strongly, groaning “God, I want you,” under your breath. “Wait,” I say as I back away, adjusting and then pushing you down onto your back.

I teasingly work my way down your chest, letting my nipples graze yours as I kiss down in a line over your belly. With one hand I reach down and undo your jeans, easing them over your hips a little. I keep kissing, little slurpy kisses, all the way down until I reach your cock. I stop, look straight up at you, and run my tongue all the way up from the base to the tip, circling the head. I run my right hand up the inside of your thigh, then gently caress your balls before I firmly take you in my hand. I lower my head and my lips wrap around you, taking you into my mouth slowly until I can’t fit any more, my tongue dancing all over, learning you, finding the places that make you jump. I keep stroking up and down with hands and mouth, building up a rhythm and gauging your reactions. I so want to be just right for you.

Just when I feel you start to twitch, when your hips are bucking almost out of control, I stop and stand up.

“Now?” I ask you, and I unbutton my pants and lower them over my ass, kicking them off to the side with czech casting porno our shirts. You hold your arms out to me, and I fall to my knees over you. Pleasing you has made me so wet, so ready, I am not sure I can stand any more delay, so as I weave the fingers of one hand between yours, I push myself up with the other. Gripping your hand tightly and taking a deep shuddering breath, I lower my hips over yours.

The feel of you slowly entering me is almost more than I can take, and I have to stop just then and collect myself. I lay my forehead to yours as I rest, then my hips start to rise and fall slowly. I want to feel every inch of you inside me, and I straighten up until I feel you sink into me to the hilt. Gasping, my knees straining, I begin to fuck you in earnest, hitting you hard and grinding my clit into your pelvis. I never imagined you would feel so good, that it would be so easy for me to come, but I do, and hard, clawing at your chest and kicking my right leg beneath us.

You let me rest and relax, coming down from the orgasm of my life, before you lift me up and turn us over so I am lying on the ground, looking up at you, breathless and amazed. I feel your arms wrap tight around my body as I clutch at yours and bring you closer, so close we’re breathing in unison, so close you’re inside me again. My thighs encircle your waist as we build the pressure once again. Suddenly I can’t find myself anymore, all I know is the wave of sensation I am riding with you, and that I never want it to end. I realize my eyes are squeezed shut, and I open them, and look straight into your loving eyes looking back at me. I am over the edge again, taking you with me this time in a climax that lasts for days…

Relaxed again, and nestled together as we fell, I hear you say, “What are you thinking about with that smile on your face?”

I open my eyes shake my head, finding myself looking up at the night sky, and then glance over at you sitting there with a puzzled look.

“Just dreaming, I guess.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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