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Zoey was an unattractive girl, to say the least. She was skinny, maybe 5 foot 5, and 105 lbs, and I can’t think of a nicer way to put it, but she was, well, ugly. I’m not going to go into much detail, because I don’t want to turn anyone off, but let’s just say I once received nude pictures of this girl, immediately lost my wood, and deleted them. Please feel free to imagine all these things are happening to a seriously hot girl, I just want you to understand why she would let someone treat her so poorly. Zoey knew she was unattractive, and would fuck anyone, but barely anyone would fuck her, so she was pretty desperate. The idea of having someone I could do anything to turned me on a lot, so one lonely night I called her and asked her to come over. We had exchanged dirty talk online, so she knew exactly what she was coming over for, but I don’t think she knew what I had in mind.

As soon as Zoey walked in the door I grabbed her hair and pushed her to the floor. I started to unzip my pants until she pushed my hands away, and undid them herself. She put her hand around my prick and looked up at me almost hungrily. I grabbed her hair again and pushed her toward my dick. She stuffed it in her mouth and bobbed on it with joy in her eyes. I then used her hair to force her up and down at my pleasure, she gagged once or twice on it, but kept going like a pro. She seemed to be loving this, so I pulled her submissive cuckolds porno face off my cock and put the tip against her lips. She seemed confused, and started to suck on it, but I kept her at a distance. I started jerking off right in her face, sometimes my hand would even smack her face. She looked a little put-out, but still eager.

I hadn’t said a single word to her yet, and we were both still fully dressed, so I pulled her to her feet and pulled her shirt off. She had no bra on, and I started sucking at her nipples as hard as I could. I have kind of an oral fixation, and I can tend to get a little overexcited in my sucking. I was groping at her ass and thighs while I kissed and licked. I sucked her neck and shoulders and left her covered in hickeys and bruises, then I pushed her onto the bed and took my pants off. She started to take hers off also, but I got on top of her while her pants were at her knees. I sat with my knees over her shoulders and leaned over. She gobbled my cock up and I started really fucking her face, missionary style. I had never treated someone like this before, just dominating them, it was turning me on so much that I was about to come right there. I stopped fucking her face to keep from coming, and pulled her pants off the rest of the way. I put on a condom to dull the sensation and keep from blowing my load a little sex parties porno longer.

I pulled Zoey’s pants and underwear down around her ankles, lifted her feet in the air, and started to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could, her feet on my shoulders. She seemed to enjoy this, and after a few minutes she started to moan and groan. I was getting a little bored though, so I pushed her legs back further, so her knees were almost touching her shoulders, her ass and pussy up in the air as if she was presenting them to me to fuck. The position didn’t seem to be very comfortable to her, but she looked excited by it. I wanted to get deep inside of her, and while I’m an average 6 and a half inches or so, Zo is a small girl. I leaned in to every thrust, and with every thrust came a look of shock and pain on her face. She tried to cover it as well as she could, but after a few minutes her eyes were watering a little.

I knew it wouldn’t be long, now, because the sight of Zoey’s tears was pushing me over the edge. I asked, “are you ready to get your ass fucked?” and she nodded, I think she looked forward to it as a break from me pounding her so deeply. I pulled my cock out of her pussy one last time, and slipped the condom off quickly (I don’t think she noticed). My dick was only lubricated by what little precum had seeped out into the condom, and I just shoved spankbang porno it into her little asshole as hard and fast as I could. This time she actually yelled out in pain. As I started to fuck her ass I pushed her knees down even further until they were around her head. Now she was completely rolled up into a ball and visibly crying. After about 15 or 20 thrusts, her face was covered in sweat and tears, her makeup was running, and she was shuddering. This was all I could take. I pulled out of her ass and squatted over her. Her knees were still over her head, and I was pinning them down with my thighs. I think this was even more uncomfortable for her, but she was probably just glad to have me out of her ass.

I had barely grabbed my dick when it started to explode, 3 or 4 really good loads right in her face. The first one covered her lips, the second went to her forehead, one of them even pooled in her eye. It felt so good, and Zo was licking the cum off her lips. She was trying to lick my cock, too, but her arms were pinned, so I pushed it down into her mouth and she licked and sucked on it for a while. I don’t know if she realized she was taking it straight from her ass to her mouth, but she seemed to love it, still.

As Zo was cleaning up (she was a fucking mess), I was feeling guilty about taking advantage of her just because she’s insecure, and I’ve since let Zoey use me as a boy-toy, and I’ve been nicer to her in general. I even explained that I was just turned on by the idea of completely manhandling someone, and she was cool with that, and has since let me do it again a few times (but it wasn’t the same without the ‘shock and awe’ of the first time). She really would let me do whatever I wanted to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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